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Alpha: Assassin
Alpha looked up as she wiped down a table in her quiet cafe, a warm smile lighting up her face as the young woman entered. The green haired android let her pick out a seat then walked over, "Welcome to Cafe Alpha."
"Miss Alpha, I've heard so much about you," she answered pleasantly, long red hair falling into her eyes.
Alpha felt her eyes widen just slightly in surprise at that phrase, then her expression returned to it's usual smile. Walking over to the counter she asked over her shoulder, "Is there anything special I can get you?"
"I heard you have a good blend from Yokohama," she answered, reaching up to push her hair away from her face.
Alpha returned in a few moments with the coffee, setting the steaming cup down. "I hope you enjoy your coffee," she said with a bit of volume just in case anyone was listening to them. "Now or later?" she asked much more softly.
"Now if you can," was the woman's quiet answer, her intense green eyes looking up to meet Alpha's own.
Efficiently Alpha escorted the other customer outside, put the closed sign up then she locked the door before leading the redhead out of the cafe and into the house just behind it. "We should be secure here," she said as she shut and locked the door behind them, "unless you were followed here."
"No, I wasn't," she said firmly. She offered her hand politely and introduced herself, "My name is Nao Misaki, ma'am."
"Nao," Alpha sat down at the kitchen table, waving her to a seat. She gave her a intent look, "You gave and responded to the code phrases as normal... but I thought I told the organization I wasn't doing any more work for them."
Nao gave her a skeptical look, "You're content just running a cafe?"
"Yes I am," Alpha looked up to meet Nao's eyes as she softly said, "it's quiet, peaceful and it doesn't hurt other people."
Nao looked away, her expression oddly unreadable as she looked around the house. "Your owner Kirika trained you," she finally said seriously, "and after she left you took over her role with the organization."
"I felt I had an obligation to do so," Alpha agreed with her promptly then continued, "but that time is done."
"This is important, Miss Alpha..." Nao started.
"They're all important to the organization," Alpha reminded her with a quiet intensity as she added, "and it's just Alpha, please."
"Alpha," Nao nodded, "there is a crimelord in Yokohama, the leader of gangs and a killer. He bought off witnesses at his trial and killed a man to escape justice."
"That's a terrible thing," Alpha acknowledged, trying to seem as hard and cold as possible, "but there are a lot of terrible things in the world."
A slight smile teased Nao's lips, "He and his people are extorting and threatening businesses, too, and I understand they've targeted a certain delivery company."
Alpha flinched, her eyes closing for a moment. She opened them to glare at Nao with honest anger, "That was low."
"I'm sorry," Nao said, but the regret didn't show in her eyes.
Alpha looked off into the distance, her eyes narrowing slightly as she came to a decision. "I'll need all your files on him," she said to Nao grimly, "and a recent photo, of course. What time frame are we talking about?"
Nao reached into a bag she was carrying and passed over the papers smoothly as she said, "As soon as possible, please. He's arrogant with his latest victory, and that sort of man is dangerous to the people around him."
"Understood," Alpha said, opening the brown paper, spreading out the type written sheets and studying them intently. She barely noticed as Nao excused herself, the lady slipping away into the evening twilight.
Not long after a scooter left Cafe Alpha, the casually dressed young woman smiling to her few neighbors, taking the long trip to Yokohama. As Alpha drove through the night her thoughts were occupied by the files she had read, already constructing strategies and considering various possibilities with a cool kind of efficiency.
The hotel Alpha checked into the next afternoon was a bit run down but still comfortable, the two owner's remembering her from previous visits. She handled any curiosity about why she was there by explaining she was on a shopping expedition, the perfect excuse considering how far out into the countryside she lived. She went into her room and set her bag on the bed before locking the door behind her, then she got ready for work.
Alpha retrieved her kit from the bag then sat down at the battered desk, laying out a old cloth over it neatly. With calm efficiency she took her pistol apart, treating the last gift from Owner with care while cleaning each one of the pieces then she reassembled it before loading the bullets with a soft click. She changed clothes to a simple suit, sliding the gun into a concealed shoulder holster, then with a false version of her usual smile she headed out.
The target had several places he frequented every day, and calmly Alpha checked each one of them out. Bars, restaurants and other places she went into calmly, eyes scanning the crowds until finally she found him. His bodyguards were sadly obvious, both big, muscular men in black who glared at any who came near, the target himself a somewhat skinny, almost weasily looking figure.
Alpha shadowed him once they moved on, old skills coming back to her with surprising ease as they moved through the city checking out his various businesses. They reached his home once night was falling once again and Alpha carefully circled the home, studying it from all angles. Waiting until it was fully dark Alpha made her move, drawing on information in the files to make her way inside.
A dog barked off in the distance as Alpha made her way over the fence, soundlessly hitting the grass. She cut across the lawn to the back window, her eyes narrowing as she searched for security devices. A glass cutter severed the pane then she slipped her hand inside to unlock it. Ghost-like she padded down the hall, following the layout she had memorized earlier. Her eyes easily pierced the darkness as she reached the master bedroom, opening the door cautiously to look inside.
The sound of snoring surprised her, somehow. Alpha wouldn't have expected a crime lord like this to snore so loudly, his thin nose pointing straight up over his wide open mouth. Silently she drew her gun then screwed the small silencer on, pointing it at his head as she felt just a moment of hesitation and doubt.
"I'm sorry," Alpha murmured to him as she fired, the soft sound of the gun instantly followed by an eerie silence.
Early in the next morning Alpha finished up her shopping, bowing respectfully to the old woman who ran the general store. "Thank you very much," she said, clutching the bag of precious coffee to her chest.
"You're welcome," the older woman laughed, murmuring to herself softly as Alpha walked off, "Such a nice girl."
Alpha packed up her stuff then climbed on board, starting up the scooter's engine while wishing she hadn't heard that last comment She shook herself, forcing the memories of last night's events away as she headed off.
The trip home was long, longer than usual because Alpha didn't take the direct route. Over barely open paths and through hidden ways she rode, letting the wind and sun wash away the lingering feelings a job like this always left in her. It may have been necessary or even just, but unlike Owner she would never enjoy this sort of thing.
"Hey Alpha, back so soon?" Ojisan waved from where the little old man sat comfortably by the gas pumps.
"I got my errands done sooner than I thought," Alpha answered him as she zipped on by, "see you later!"
The Cafe was just as Alpha had left it, only a note left sitting on the door. Alpha took it down smiling as she recognized Sensei's handwriting. "Sorry I missed you," she could almost imagine Sensei's voice, "maybe you could come by for a visit?"
"I will," Alpha murmured to herself softly.
Unlocking the door to her house Alpha unloaded the supplies first into the kitchen and cafe, then headed into the bedroom. Sliding open the bottom drawer of her dresser Alpha took the gun, silencer and bullets out of her bag and set them inside, pushing it shut firmly and in the process closing off that part of her life.
'At least until the next time they need me,' Alpha thought as she undressed, walking into the shower to clean herself off. Dressing neatly she walked over to her Cafe, unlocking the door and setting up for business once more.
"Welcome to Cafe Alpha," she smiled as a customer walked in.
Notes: This was inspired by the idea of how Alpha might have turned out if Owner had been a very different sort of person. Kirika is named after one of the leads from Noir, a very cool anime series about two female assassins.