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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Seifa felt quite proud in seeing his dorm get a good start.  I will admit that Locke’s victory over Deras Gata is rather impressive. he thought.  Personally, I was assuming that our dorm would be on the losing end of this, but at least it’s good to know that I am wrong for a change.
“And so it begins, the campaign of the Dinosaur King kicks off with the defeat of the unworthy.” Locke boasts.  “Tell me that my victory wasn’t great.”
“It was average.” Shena said.
“Average?!  Why you…”
“Shake it off, fool, and remember that this was the first duel of the tournament.  And honestly, you were stupid to let all of your power come out at this time.”
“You’re just mad because I ruled…”
“You gave your deck away, fool.  But at least one thing went well for you… ‘Scarfneck’ hasn’t changed her expression since you whomped her man.”
Locke was shocked, so shocked that he looked over to Pashmina and saw her stunned gaze towards him.  Such a state of awe, I have wowed her in the debut of my new deck. he thought.  But unlike what Shena has said, there is more to my deck than what you have just seen.
“And now, the next dorms will be decided.” Roland states.  Moments later, one of the six colored balls pops out in the tray.  “The first dorm participating in the next duel is Necrophade Black.”
Kai whispers to Hiei, “Let’s me take this duel, and show the rest of these chumps how it really works.”
“I’ll think about it.” Hiei whispers back.  “You shouldn’t have to trounce a weak dorm, after all.”

The second ball pops out in the tray.  “Facing the Black dorm will be Obelisk Blue.” Roland continues.  “Dorm leaders, select your duelists.”
Excellent. Hiei thought.  Kai, have at it.
Kai had made his way down from the stands, over the guard rail and into the arena.  He then took his queue and activated his duel disk.  “Well, that’s one side down.” Roland said with a sweatdrop.
Kai has a maniacal laugh.  “Let’s not waste any more time, Duelist Ham, so bring one of those blue asses down here for me to thoroughly kick.” he said.
“Hmf, cocky much?” asked Sirius.
“Predictable is more like it.” Duelist Ham answers.  He then looks over his shoulder, “Hey Goldilox, you’re up first.”
Goldilox, who the hell is that? thought Kai.
Kai soon found out that “Goldilox” was actually family, and her presence in blue was a shocker to all of the Necrophade and Forbidden duelists.  “Mom?” Petal questioned under her breath.
“No way, she went to Blue?” asked Boss.
“This isn’t gonna sit well with Hiei.”
Jam’s grin was clam-happy as he chuckled to himself.  “It’s the second duel of the tournament, and we already have a showstopper.” he said.
“Um, who is that girl?” Senki asked.
“That’s Hitomi, she’s Petal’s mom and Hiei’s sister… younger, I presume.”
“A rivalry between cousins?  Nice.”

Hitomi and Kai stand across from each other in the arena.  “Start explaining yourself, because one is due.” Kai demands.
“I don’t have to explain a damn thing to you.” Hitomi retorts.
Kai balls his paw into a fist.  “Because we are family, I will tolerate a correction of that previous statement, now explain yourself!  What the hell are you doing in Obelisk Blue?”
“Dueling opponents, and that’s all you’ll get out of me.” Hitomi answers.
Kai is now enraged.  “Since you don’t want to give an answer willingly, then I will take the pleasure in the opportunity to beat one out of you… with emphasis on ‘beat’.”
“Fine by me, let’s duel!”

It didn’t take long for the two cousins to draw their cards and ready their decks.  Roland was caught a bit off guard, but he still managed to do a quick coin flip.  “The first move goes to Obelisk Blue!” he calls out.
“Damn straight.” Hitomi says as she draws her card.  “I’ll start things off with Medusa Worm…” Hitomi’s worm appears from out of the ground on her side of the field (500/600).  “Next up, I play the spell card Tribute Doll.  And with it, I offer my Medusa Worm and special summon Sanga of the Thunder in attack mode.”  Offering aside, out comes the god of thunder, Sanga (2600/2200).
“Tch, I see you’re still faithful to that old ass Gate Guardian.” Kai smirks.  “Do yourself a favor and get some new cards, because that old shit needs to be retired in your card book.”
“The officials in Obelisk Blue told me the same thing, only to be felled by it upon my enterance exams.” Hitomi said.  “I’ll place one card face down and end my turn.”
Kai draws.  “You will toss and turn in your nightmares before that old bastard of a monster can befall me.” he says.  “I’ll begin with the ritual spell Contract with the Abyss.”

A giant hole opens up before Kai and purple colored light emanates from it.  “I will now offer the Ritual Raven in my hand as tribute for my upcoming monster.  Now to those of you who are new, Contract with the Abyss is a ritual spell that works for any dark attribute monster, granted I have enough for the summoning costs.  And my Ritual Raven counts as the full cost to ritual summon said attribute monster.”
“Man, and you wanna rip on me about using old cards?” Hitomi questions.  “Well go ahead, ritual summon your Masked Beast and go on about gloating like your predictable ass always seems to do.”
“Wrong.  Unlike you, I actually use an all purpose spell in different ways.  There will be no Masked Beast being summoned this time, so instead, I will bring for Garlandolf, King of Destruction!”
The Purple light shot out of the pit and up rose Garlandolf.  He then steps forward and the pit behind him disappears (2500/1400).
“That’s not bad.” Hitomi admits.  “He won’t get the job done, but not a bad start.”
“There’s a reason why Garlandolf is the King of Destruction, girl.  You see, when he’s summoned, Garlandolf destroys every other monster on the field with DEF equal to or lower than his ATK strength.”
“Heke?  You’re kidding!”
“Garlandolf, nuke ‘em.”

Garlandolf locks his fingers together and then slams his hands into the ground, creating a massive shockwave that stirs up a lot of dust into the air.  When the dust settles, Hitomi’s Sanga is gone.  “Aw man…” she trails off.
“And as an added bonus of pain, Garlandolf gains 100 ATK for each monster destroyed in this manner (2500>2600).  Now to add insult to injury, I play Mystical Space Typhoon on your face down card.”  Kai’s storm destroys Hitomi’s card.  “And because I’m in the mood for salting your wounds, I’ll back the kind up with the Goblin Elite Attack Force (2200/1500).  The first strike of battle goes to the king…” and Garlandolf rushes towards Hitomi.  “Fist of Destruction!”

Garlandolf punches Hitomi square in the gut, causing her to fall to her knees <5400>.  “Ow, that one left a mark.” Boss said.
“Oh…” Hitomi groaned.  Seconds later, she regained her composure and stood to her feet.
“Elite Goblins, attack!” Kai orders.
Oh yeah, I forgot about them. Hitomi thought, and then took a second direct attack, causing her to double over <3200>.
Kai sets the last card in his hand face down and then placed Goblin Elite Attack Force into defense mode.  “This is how you deal with people in Duel Monsters:  Identify the target; neutralize the target; set up your support; and then you dish out the big hurt.” he explains.  “When you’re done soaking up the first wave of moves, take your turn.  And keep in mind that your beating has only just begun.”
Hitomi draws.  “I play Vorse Raider (1900/1200).”
“Well now, you actually played a decent low level monster for a change.” Kai taunts.  “What’s next, you gonna cut my king down to size with Shrink?’
“That’s a good Idea, I should do that.” Hitomi answers in a mocking tone.  “Oh that’s right, I don’t have that car in my hand…”
“Too bad.”
“But I do have the spell, Blind Spot Strike.  This spell lets me take the 1500 DEF of your Elite Goblins and add it to the ATK of my Vorse Raider (1900>3400 ATK).  Vorse Raider, destroy the King of Destruction.”

Kai Smirks as the Vorse Raider rushes in for the attack.  “I reveal my Hate Buster trap card… painfully in that sense.” he says.
“How sad, it’s painful for you to use a trap card…” Hitomi shot.
“The pain comes your way.  Now it’s true that my Garlandolf gests destroyed due to this trap card, but it also takes your Vorse Raider as well.”  Both monsters are destroyed.  “And to further salt your wounds, the original ATK of Vorse Raider is payment due from your life points.”
“Just great”. Hitomi groaned <1300>.
“Are you done beating yourself up, because beating you in this duel is my job this duel?” Kai asked.
“Just make your move.” Hitomi answered.
“Gladly.” Kai says while taking his draw.  “This goes face down and that’s all for now.”
Hitomi draws.  “Look at this, it’s my Shield Crush spell.” she says.  “So long, Goblins.”  A beam is fired at Kai’s Goblin Elite Attack Force.

“That’s a good move by Hitomi.” Boss said.
“Too bad that won’t work.” Cappy adds.
“Why do you say that?”
“Knowing Kai, it’s time for some Fao play.”
“Foul play?” Boss asked.
“Not ‘foul play’, Fao, F-A-O.”
The chat was interrupted by a boom that kicked up a lot of smoke.  When the smoke cleared, the Goblin Elite Attack force was still on the field.  “Figured as much,” Hitomi said.  “I knew that was the trap you played.”
“Of course you did,” Kai smirks, “and you should know that Final Attack Orders kept my Force from being destroyed.”
“I will set one card face down and end my turn.”
Kai draws.  This duel is mine, but I won’t rush to victory so soon, not when I can torment her anyway. he thought, and took a look at the card in his hand.  “Hmm, I could go for the kill, but I’ll set this down and end my turn.”
Hitomi sighs, “I reveal my Scapegoat.” And the four tokens appear in attack mode (0/0 x4).
“Tch, so you’re reduced to battle with Scapegoats now?  Normally, I would laugh at this, but I have seen cards that make token battling rather formidable.  So show me your card faith.”
Hitomi draws.  “Just what I needed.” she said.
“You need a lot more than just one card.” Kai shot.
“So true, and Card of Demise comes in handy.” Hitomi says, “It lets me draw until I have five cards in my hand, so long as I discard my entire hand in five turns.”

I guess Hitomi can upgrade her cards. Kai thought.
“Fist and foremost, I will deal with your Goblin Elite Attack Force, using my Exiled Force.” and Hitomi’s troops appear on the field (1000/1000).  “They won’t stay long, as I will offer them to take your forces away.”  Both forces do battle and both are destroyed.  Next up is my Double Summon spell card, followed by Panther Warrior (2000/1600).”
“Well now, I thought that I wouldn’t be taking damage this duel…”
“I’m getting to that, as my next card is Double Attack spell.  And by discarding Kazejin in my hand, who’se level is higher than my Panther Warrior, it’ll be taking two strikes at your life points.  Of course, PW needs an offering to battle, and my Scapegoats will do just that.”
The first Scapegoat turns into a blue energy wisp and is absorbed into The Panther Warrior’s sabre, then the Panther Warrior takes his first slash at Kai.  Kai stands there and takes the blow <6000>.  This action is soon repeated and Kai takes a second blow <4000>.  “Is it my turn yet?” Kai taunts.
“Cocky much, apparently…” Hitomi says, “either way, I’m done for now.”
Kai draws.  “I normally don’t do this, but since we’re family, I will give you a solid.  Would you like your beating now, or should I make your suffer more?”
“If you have the ability to prolong my suffering, then by all means, draw it out as long as possible.” Hitomi answers while rolling her eyes.
“As you wish.” Kai says.
I wish he gave me a solid like that. Boss and Cappy thought.

Kai continues.  “I activate my face down Reckless Greed.  This lets me draw two cards, but I have to skip my next two draw phases.”  Kai draws two more cards, “I can’t believe it, it’s my Grinder Golem.  I will special summon it to your side of the field (3000/300), and that gives me two Grinder Tokens to use (0/0 x2).”
“I knew you were bluffing, Kai, you’re just too damn cocky.” Hitomi said.  “I’ve seen this play before and I already know what you play on doing.  You combine this move with the spell card Owner’s Seal, which returns the Grinder Golem to you.”
“That’s a good plan, but as you have just said, it’s predictable.  Instead, I have another spell to use, it’s called Token Thanksgiving.”
Token Thanksgiving… you truly have become a bastard, Kai. Kurucha thought.
“Hah, he played her dumb ass for a fool.” Sparkle chimed.

“Token Thanksgiving destroys all monster tokens on the field, giving me 800 life points per token, and almost erasing all of the damage I took last turn.” Kai explains.  Seconds later, Kai’s Grinder tokens and Hitomi’s Sheep tokens are turned into dust, and then glittering sparkles rain down above Kai’s head as he gives a sadistic smile <7200>.
“Jam, can he do that?” asked Senki.
“Can he, he just did.” Muri answered.
Kai laughs and says, “That’s all I will do this turn.”
An awkward silence hits the arena.  It seems that many duelists are baffled at what just happened in this move.  That must be quite the card in your hand, Kai. Pegasus thought.
What a sloppy move. Sirius thought.  Who gives themselves a major life point boost, gives their opponent a powerful monster and leaves himself wide open to attack?!  Not even a strategist like Kai would make such a stupid ass move, so what gives?
To the untrained eye, this would look like a stupid move… but given the duelist, there must be something up his sleeve.
Duelist Ham thought.  Just what exactly is the question.
I hope my dorm is paying attention, because this is clearly a bluff.
Jam thought.

Hitomi had no idea what to think.  Okay, Kai never leaves himself open in a duel, even in situations like this. she wonders.  So why now does he leave himself open to attack like this?  This has to be a trap… but with 1300 life points, I can’t ignore this setup.  But… it makes no sense.  Hitomi draws.  “I will set one card face down and end my turn.”
“I can’t draw yet, so I’ll simply hold my ground.  It’s your turn.” Kai explains.
Hitomi draws.  Perfect, it’s Soul Release.  I will need this card later, and I can’t keep it in light of Card of Demise.  “I’ll set another card face down and end my turn.”
“Tch, figures.  You get a wide open shot at me for two turns and you waste it.  I can’t even draw and you still do nothing.  How did you even get into Obelisk Blue with such lackluster tactics?  Obviously, you have learned nothing from me…”
“I duel my way, not yours, Kai.  Now are you done making your move?”
“Go right ahead, not that it matters now.  I already know what you plan on doing and I will say it now, your efforts will go down the drain.”
“I disagree.” and Hitomi draws.  “Perfect, here’s Suijin, but in the meantime…  Grinder Golem, attack Kai directly.”

Grinder Golem charges toward Kai.  “Now the coward chooses to fight.  It’s too bad my Battle Fader will end this contest before it even gets underway.”  Kai’s monster is special summoned to the field (0/0), and then swings its pendulum body, causing the bell on the end to ring and end the battle phase.
Hitomi growls under her breath.  “I knew it wasn’t that easy.” she said.
“Clearly you didn’t know,” Kai said, “for if you had, you would be doing damage on this turn and the turn before it… and you could’ve made things a bit easier for you.  However, you are right about one thing; even when I look completely vunerable, I NEVER leave myself wide open.  You truly are the thirsty mule that was left by lakeside… for shame.”
“Since I can’t damage you, I will simply strengthen my offenses.” Hitomi said.  “I’ll tribute both of our monsters and in return, I summon Suijin to the field.”  Hitomi’s newly summoned monster appears on the field (2500/2400).

“I know it’s an old card, but seeing Suijin in play has always been so exciting.” Hamtaro said.
“It’s still one of the more powerful high level aqua-type monsters in the game, and that 2500 ATK points is nothing to shake a stick to.” Maxwell adds.
“Bo, what’s the deal with those monsters?” Ivy asks.
“Kazejin, Sangaa and Suijin are three elemental Gods, that when combined, form the Gate Guardian.” Prince Bo explains.  “When Duel Monsters was young, Gate Guardian was the game’s most powerful card outside of fusion.  In order for young duelists to fell the Guardian, they needed to have at least two equip magic boosts… or an Axe of Despair on your monster, or you had few other options: Bend over and take it, steal it, or nuke the field.”
“Or use a Man-Eater Bug.” Mikuru adds.
Prince Bo continues.  “Due to its immense power, even a weakened Guardian demolished players, including some of the major powerhouses of that time.  One of which is old Blue-Eyes.”

“All right, Kai, let’s see what you can do on your turn.” Hitomi says.
“Gladly.” Kai says as he draws.  “Well, well, well, I’ve drawn my Pot of Duality.  First I take the top three cards of my hand, choose one and shuffle the other two into my deck.  The middle one is a good choice, so I’ll keep that one.” and Kai shuffles the other two cards into his deck.  “Battle Fader has served its purpose, so I will tribute it and summon The End of Anubis in its place (2500/0).  My turn is now over, but now you have two problems.”
“Well, what’s the second problem?” Hitomi asked.
“The second problem is that this turn is what… four turns after you’ve activated Card of Demise, so you will be dumping into the graveyard soon.”
You ass, that is actually my first problem. Hitomi thought, then drew.  The second problem is that End of Anubis he just summoned.  With that on the field, any card that target the grave are negated, and that means my Soul Release won’t work.  Hitomi looks at her hand as sees that she has drawn Return from the Different Dimension.  “Suijin, attack The End of Anubis.”

With this attack, both monsters are destroyed.  Such a desperate ploy on her behalf, and it is one that won’t work in her favor. Hiei thought.
Hitomi continues.  “Next, I activate my face down Soul Release and banish five cards in my graveyard.  Then I will set one card face down and end my turn.”
Kai laughs, “I see you are still relying on faith when playing your duels.” he says.  “I see that all of the strategies that I have taught you have gone down the shitter.”
“There’s a lot more to my plan than you think.” Hitomi retorts.
“Yeah right,” Kai then draws, “this card goes face down and that’s all for me.  So let’s see if your faith holds up.  However, it’ll have to wait two turns, as this is the turn where you discard your hand.”
He’s right on that regard. Hitomi thought.  Once I draw, I will only get to see the card before I discard it to the grave.  As long as I don’t draw the Gate Guardian here, I still have a shot at winning this duel.  Hitomit draws, sees her card, and then sends it to the graveyard.  “My turn is over.”
Kai draws.  “I can’t use this, so it’s your turn.” he says.
Hitomi draws, and she drew her Gate Guardian.  “Perrrrfect!  I activate my face down Return from the Different Dimension.  Granted, it costs half of my life points to play <650>, but it lets me special summon banished monsters to the field.  You know them well as Suijin, Sangaa of the Thunder, and Kazejin (2400/2200).”

“Awesome, Hitomi managed to summon all of them.” Cappy happily notes.
“Time to bust out the Gate Guardian, Hitomi.” Sandy says.
“Wrong, Sandy,” Boss steps in, “did you forget about Kai’s face down card?  If that’s a Mirror Force, Hitomi is gonna be the one who eats it.”

“Brother, look at Kai’s face.” Sirius points out to Duelist Ham.
“I see it.” Duelist Ham notices.
“Even when placed against the pieces of the Gate Guardian, he’s still keeping a stone-cold look on his face.  It’s like he’s waiting for the attack to counter it.”
“Not exactly,” Eva says, “Fifty seeds says Kai takes every last point of damage without playing his trap card.”
“I’ll gladly take your seeds, because there’s no way Kai is going to take all of that punishment with a face down in the wings.” Sirius says.
“Sweet.” Eva and Sirius shake paws.

“Rrrrribbit, this looks really bad for Kai.” Warts says.
“Please.  They may be family, but Kai is clearly toying with Hitomi.” Muri voices her opinion.
Very good, Muri.  I’ll be buying you a booster pack later. Jam thought.
“Look at Hitomi relishing this moment.” Senki said.  “She truly is Kai’s kin, as cockiness really does run through those veins like a freight train on the track.”
“That’s an interesting analogy.” Flora says.

Hitomi laughs, “Okay, relishing time is over.” she says.  “Attack him, show the force of the Trinity!” and all three of Hitomi’s monsters attack.  The combined powers of thunder, wind, and water spiral towards Kai.
“Kai can’t take all three blasts, he’ll lose the duel.” Petal says.
“Control yourself, there’s still the face down card.” Hiei assures Petal.

But to the belief of the spectators, Kai took the blow.  The combined blast from the three monsters knocked him backwards and for a loop, but Kai managed to land on his feet, even though he had skid backwards some ways.  “No way, he took that open chest!” Boss shouts.
“I will give you credit,” Kai says while returning to where he originally stood.  “Hitomi actually had the stones to blast me, and instead of screwing up the opportunity, she took it.  This’ll make my next move even more interesting.”
“You took 7500 damage from that blow,” Hitomi says, “so there is no next turn for you.”
“The Kuriboh in my hand says otherwise.” and Kai discards his Kuriboh.  “At first, I never really saw the merit of having such a miniscule monster in my deck.  However, in light of the Xyz monsters that require low levels, I figured that it would be wise to side it.  After all, I’m using it to block Sangaa’s damage since you had your monsters hit me, so I’m still very much in this <2300>.  Now that the combat is over, what else are you going to do?”
“You idiot, I already told you.” Hitomi said.  “It’s time you felt the force of the Trinity.  Sangaa, Suijin, Kazejin, combine your power and bring forth the mighty Gate Guardian!”

In a flash of yellow, blue and green light, Hitomi’s three monsters forged themselves into one monstrosity of a creature, the Gate Guardian (3750/3400).  Hitomi laughs as it appears on her side of the field, as it is her best card.  “How fitting it will be to relieve you of your remaining life points, and by using the very monster you mocked.  Destroying you will be sweet, Kai.”
“Tch, keep having nightmares, Hitomi.” Kai said.
“Figures.” Hitomi shrugs.  “In the face of a powerful beast like this, and you still wanna act all macho.  Why don’t you admit that you didn’t see it coming?”
“Because I actually did see it coming, you dumbass.” Kai answered.
“With Sangaa out of the way, I wondered how you would pull off this Guardian.  And when I saw you bury Kazejin with Double Attack, I figured that you would use the graveyard.  I mean, why else would I have summoned The End of Anubis against you?  Sure, Anubis has 2500 points of offense, to match your Suijin, but it negates effects that target the grave.  I also knew you would eventually have to be rid of Anubis, and planned that you would destroy him.

“In all honesty, I actually let you pull off the Gate Guardian, yet I could’ve stopped you at any time, and I still can.”
“Please, you have nothing.”
“Actually I have my face down card, which I will activate now.  I simply wanted to see the look on your face when you played your ace in the hole, only for it to be denied by my Solemn Judgment trap card.  The ultimate equalizer to your predictable strategy lies within this counter trap, and all it costs me is half of my life points <1150>.”  Kai gives a maniacal laugh.  “I thank you for wittling down my life, so I didn’t have to pay a lot.  Now then, are there any last words you would like to say before your Guardian is disposed of?”
“Just two:  Counter Counter!”
“Good move.” Roland notes.

A ray of light falls from the sky towards the Gate Guardian, but it hits a barrier that shows the symbol of a counter trap card on it.  “As one of the game’s best errored secrets of Duel Monsters, Counter Counter does exactly what its name implies; it counters counter trap card.  And unlike the common day duelists, mine is an original 1st Edition Tac-Ev print, the one that lists it as a normal trap instead of a counter trap that the fixed versions have it now.  Of course, I have others in safe keeping, so the misprint still has little worth for my card book.” Hitomi explains.  Kai gives Hitomi a mean leer as she continues.  “There it is, there’s the face of a duelist whose strategy was broken.  I knew I could finally make your ‘solid rock’ face show discomfort, and all it took was to simply thwart your ideals.  By the way, my turn’s over.”
“You have thwarted nothing.” Kai says as he draws.  “For now, I will place this monster on the defense and end my turn.”
Hitomi draws, “Look at you running scared… Gate Guardian, attack!” and Hitomi’s monster attacks.
“You dumbass!” Sirius yells.
What’s the runt bitching about now?  Obviously, he didn’t hear how I told Kai that I duel my own way… Hitomi thought.
The attack lands, revealing Kai’s monster, and he soon laughs.  “I figured that you would screw up, but to make a rookie mistake like this?  How shameful… then again, you couldn’t have known about this monster (0/0).  It’s called Grave Squirmer, and when it falls in battle and goes to the graveyard, it can destroy one card on the field.”
“You mean…”
“Grave Squirmer, destroy the Gate Guardian!”

Hitomi watched as the Gate Guardian was mummified, as did the rest of the spectators.  No one could’ve believed that such an immense monster could be turned into a mummy, yet it was happening before their eyes.  Everyone except Obelisk Blue’s dorm was shocked to see it happen.  Serves your dumb ass right, Hitomi. Sirius thought.  If you were smart, you would’ve flipped that card up, and after it was revealed, then you attack it.
Moments later, the Mummified Gate Guardian was pulled apart and its halves were pulled into the ground, and then Grave Squirmer was no more.  “What a shame, and I thought she was going to win this duel.” Senki said.
“Not me, I knew Kai was toying with her.” Muri said.
“I can’t believe that Duelist Ham has a straight face when he should be mad.” Sora notices.
“He ain’t mad, rrrrrribbit.” Warts said.

“Well, at least I got to see the Gate Guardian…” Ivy trails off.
“Someone tell the fat lady that her solo is coming up.” Prince Bo jokes.
“Yeah, pretty much.” Kybe says.  “Stick a fork in that goose, because she’s done.”

“And you said that my strategy was thwarted…” Kai gloats.
“I get it, just move.” Hitomi says.

“Listen to yourself.  When you were high on the mountain top, you sure did talk all of that mess, but when your mountain got blown up and you fall flat on your ass, you don’t want to eat what you severed the diner?  What a naïve bitch you’ve become all of a sudden, but it’s your own fault.  If you’re gonna be captain of a sinking ship in the middle of the ocean, you better make sure your cuts don’t bleed, because the shark’s gonna find you and eat you alive.”  Kai draws.  “Crashbug Y, finish her off!”
“Crash… bug!” Kai’s monster cries as it appears on the field (1400/1600).  It then charges in and punches Hitomi in the jaw, knocking Hitomi down and ending the duel.
“The winner of this duel is Kai from Necrophade Black!” Roland announces.
Kai then walks over to where Hitomi was laying and folds his arms.  “I don’t care if you wanna lay there or not, you still have to answer for this disgrace.” he said.  “So do I have to repeat myself, or do I really have to get PO’d?”
“Fine, I’ll talk.” Hitomi answered.  “I’m here for revenge… reveng against Bijou!”

All of Forbidden Brown was shocked.  “Why Bijou, if you don’t mind my asking?” Hamtaro questions.
“For cursing Petal with that damned Angel of Silence.  It killed her, and every now and again, the still gets nightmares about it, being haunted from such a thing.”
“You could’ve done that in Black!” Kai scolds Hitomi.
“Yet Hiei had already made his decision on who would represent the dorm.  So I figured that I would join another dorm, work my way up the ladder and finally face off against her, and upon my victory over Bijou, Petal will finally be freed from her curse.”
“You still get haunted by Doma, Petal?” asked Kerin.
“I don’t wanna talk about it.” Petal answers while holding her shuddering body.
“There is a such thing as going about revenge the wrong way, but whatever.” Kai says.  “For your sake, you better hope that your time in the Obelisk dorm makes you a decent duelist… granted, you aren’t given the boot by Duelist Ham after such a careless move.”
“That reminds me.” Duelist Ham says.  “Eva, Sirius, hand over twenty-five seeds each.”
“You’re kidding me, bro.” Sirius whines.
“Why am I paying you anyway?” Eva asks.
“Because you bet in my house and lost:  Kai took the damage, but not all of it, plus, he didn’t activate the trap card in response to that damage.  And since I’m being generous, you won’t be paying the full amount…” Duelist Ham extends his paw, “now pay up, both of you.”

Reluctantly, Eva and Sirius counted twenty-five seeds, placed them into a bag and handed them over to Duelist Ham.  “The next time you bet in my house, make sure you win, otherwise, you will be coughing up more of your money.”