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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
hey readers, it's the author of this story, kattx.

I'm not gonna lie to you guys that are still following this story, life has happened A LOT and my leaving this untouched for so long is unacceptable. now I can go on about how I saved the stories and put them away, only for it all to be wiped clen, but that's a waste of time. so I'm gonna talk about the two big issues of this story. first and foremost, the card themselves. as I look at things now, I realized that when I started this, there really weren't enough decent cards to work with and things were before its time. it was first done when Xyz Summoning just started. but now there is a even greater plethora of cards out, so varieties are now in the perfect works; and now the main issue. put simply, I got in over my head with all of the cards here... normally I would just have a few duelists, or multiple duelists who played constantly, so the amount of cards in pool wasn't so great. I am a real life duelist and I don't just scrounge up shit for the sake of progressing the story, the decks are actually built. that's just how I've rolled in this series, all the decks were built, not just scrounged up.

if you're a duelist in today's metagame, you already know that a duelist's deck has a minimum of 40 cards and a max of 60 cards, a side deck with a max of 15 cards, and an extra deck with a max of 15 cards. and with decks ranging with this much for not just ten, not twenty, not even fifty, but eighty plus duelists? that's a lot of work to do, and yes, all of the decks are kept on spreadsheets. some duelists even have multiple decks, like real life duelists do. I watch the anime, yes, but I also add a real life element to duels too. because let's face it, the anime style of 'strike, strike, defend, strike, duel over' to get through each episode where actual dueling is involved is too damn mundane. real duelists don't expend all of their turns waging battle so the opponent spends traps and they spend monsters. strategy is involved and turns end by both players setting things up WITHOUT monsters.

but enough about that. I owe you guys a story, especially after the crap from the previous installment went, and as long as I'm not killed, or deemed unable to write, you will get it. so here's the bottom line: I've decided to chalk up my loses and re-write the chapters. no biggy, writers write and re-write anyway. and I plan to upload the next chapter in time. well, if I still have faithful readers left, thanks for sticking around. and I hope to pick up new readers too, if there are new readers interested in this crossover.