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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Despite the ruckus made earlier, everyone was led out of the main hall and into the arena.  Each dorm had its own section to sit in, and while all of the duelists for each dorm were seated, ten people were still standing; Dexter, Locke, and all eight dorm leaders.  I get why Dexter and Locke are up, but why us? thought Boss.
“This had better be good.” Duelist Ham said with his arms folded.
Pegasus then came out from the opposite corner with something under his arm.  He then approached the eight dorm leaders and took his held contents into his paws.  In a few seconds, we soon found that this was a collapsible mini table and Pegasus removed the eight purple packets from the pocket of his sport coat.  “Dorm leaders,” he began.  “I have a bit of business beforehand to deal with before things truly get started.  As you can see, here are eight packets that I spread out along the length of this table.  One of them for each dorm leader, and yes, you may choose whichever one you want and the contents are yours to keep.  Now I would explain what is in each one, but I won’t ruin the surprise.”
Knowing Pegasus, these are probably cards. Boss thought.
I hope those are useful, whichever one I get. Prince Bo thought.
“Ladies first.” Kurucha said and approached the table.  She examined the packets and finally chose one, then she left the table.
“Hold up, Kurucha.  I still need you to pick a number between one to five, or seven.” Pegasus said.
“I’ll choose one.” Tempest said.
“Two-” Hiei says.
“Three.” Brince Bo says before Hiei can finish.
“Fine, I choose five.” Kurucha said.
“I guess I’ll pick seven, not like Duelist Ham will choose such a low number.” Jam said.

“That was settled nicely.” Pegasus said with a sweatdrop on his face.  “Boss, Seifa, since your duelists already picked, feel free to choose next.”
“Nice.” Boss said as he and Seifa approach the packets.
Seifa takes one.  “This one feels powerful.” he said.
“Powerful packets… odd.” Hiei said.
Jam approached the packets.  This one looks nice, I’ll choose-
But before Jam can take the packet in question, Duelist Ham swipes it from Jam’s paws.  “Too slow.” he says.
“Wow, seriously?” asked Boss.
“Eh, there are packets for everyone, so I don’t really care.” Jam said, and then took one of the remaining packets.
“I’ll go last.” Prince Bo said.  “I’m a firm believer in the ‘Good things come to those who wait’ policy.”
“Fool.” Tempest said.  He then took his packet, followed by Hiei.
“He’ll never learn.” and the last packet went to Prince Bo.

“Now that each of you has a packet, it’s picture time.” Pegasus said.
“Pass.” Duelist Ham said.  “You managed to sell me over this packet, which is obviously a duel Monster card, but I’m not going to be part of your photo album.” and Duelist Ham started walking away.
“I guess the Obelisk dorm leader is too good enough to pose for his dorm’s trophy.”
This stops Duelist Ham.  “Excuse me?”
“You see, the purpose of this picture, err, group picture is for the dorm trophy at the end of this contest.  It will have the leader of the winning dorm above the other seven dorms on the trophy.  But hey, I figured that even you would like to see your dominant self above the other subordinate dorms… however, I see that I am wrong.”
“Having a trophy that shows me at its pinnacle over the other dorms in my dominant pose?” Hiei questioned with intrigue.  “I’m rather interested to see how my dorm’s winning trophy will look as I have Duelist Ham under one of my feet and the Dragon Lord under the other… such a priceless memento.”
“A trophy that is an effigy of my dominance over seven male dorm leaders, placed on display in the halls of Ra Yellow, there to be seen by all the other dorms?  I already have the spot picked out where I’ll place it.” Kurucha smirked.
Duelist ham returns to the other dorm leaders.  “Fine, I’ll show off for you just this once, Pegasus,” he said, “but only to show that Obelisk Blue’s dominance will remain!
“Honestly, Duelist Ham, you really need to get laid.” Pegasus jokes.
“At least I can still get it up without ‘help’, Pegasus.” Duelist Ham shot back
“Tell that to my-”
“We do have ladies present, fellas.” Jam cuts off Pegasus.  “I don’t mind talking about ‘pounding cake’ when it’s just the guys, but have some chivalry around the ladies.”

“I concur with Jam.” Roland adds.  “Let’s keep the conversing here to ‘moderate shit talking’ at best.  Granted the current season, let’s also limit the promiscuity of you duelists, because even though we do have a medical staff on hand and we’re going to be here for a while, our staff isn’t really prepped for delivering pups.”
“And I’m the only dorm leader that brought a nurse along.” Jam said.
“Speaking of pups, none of your girls here are pregnant, correct?” Pegasus asked.
I wish. Senki and Aqua thought.
“No.” a majority of the female duelists except for Ra Yellow answer.
“I want to say it like this, you ladies of Ra shouldn’t be thinking about having pups.” Kurucha said.  “I do know how to tell when a girl is and when a girl isn’t.  And if I find out that you are pregnant, or if any of the Ra girls get pregnant, I will be making arrangements with the Horakhty nurse to have any and all pregnancies aborted.  This is a Duel Monsters event, and not an event for family planning.”
After all of the little issues were taken out of the equation, the eight dorm leaders make their poses for the camera.  Pegasus soon takes the picture and after it’s done, the eight dorm leaders make their ways to where their dorms are seated.  Roland soon appears in the arena in the judge’s position, then Dexter and Locke stand on opposite sides of the arena with their duel disks active.  Roland then announces the duel.  “And now, after far too long of a wait, the first duel of the Duel Dorm Melee will now commence.  Representing Forbidden Brown is Deras Gata, and representing Osiris Red is King Locke.  Duelists, make all deck adjustments now.”
“My deck is fine.” Dexter and Locke say.
“Then come forth and shuffle your opponent’s decks.”
Dexter and Locke come forward to meet each other in the center of the arena.  The two remove their decks from the deck slot, hand it to his opponent, shuffles his opponent’s deck and returns the deck to his owner.  Afterwards, Dexter and Locke return to their corners, though both walked backwards as to keep his eye on his opponent.  Smart.  Even though the duel hasn’t really begun, Gata and Locke keep their eyes on each other, so neither of them pull a last-minute ruse. Duelist Ham thought.  He then announces, “I want every duelist in my dorm to do what you’ve just seen when you duel your opponents.  And if you don’t, I will have some choice words for you.”
Roland holds a coin in his paws on its edge, one side red and the other side brown.  This coin is tossed into the air…  “The first move goes to…” Roland says, and then the coin lands brown-side up, “Forbidden Brown.”
“Nice.” Dexter said.
“3…. 2…. 1….” Roland counts down.
DIAHA!” Dexter and Locke shout, and then draw their hands.

Dexter looks at his hand, and then his eyes turn to Locke.  Pashmina has told me this fool’s deck is full of watered down dinos, so this shouldn’t be so hard. he thought.
“I’ve waited a long time to put you down where you belong, and now I will have that chance.” Locke said.
“You’re the one who will be put down.” Dexter says as he draws.  “A strong start means an even stronger finish, so I begin with Fear from the Dark (1700/1500).  I’ll also throw a face down and end for now.”
“Not a bad start, but I can do better.” Locke says, and then draws his card.  “Ah, perfect.  And here is where I show you the power of my deck.”
“Your deck is worthless.” Dexter retorts.
“Is that so?  Well this is where I prove you wrong… to begin, I activate the field spell Molten Destruction.”

The ground of the arena began to spew geysers of fire and lava, volcanoes rose from the ground and the arena was filled with an area of erupting volcanoes and rivers of lava.  The arena appeared desolate as Roland, Dexter and Locke stood on three elevated plateaus as Dexter’s monster stayed on the field.  The dorms were amazed at the detail of the activated field.  “Man, that lava looks almost real.” Sirius admits.  “I wish our dorm had field spell effects like that.”
“That is rather impressive for Molten Destruction.” Duelist Ham admits.
Boss jabs Panda in his shoulder.  “Damn, your duel tech skills are so good that it’s scary.” Boss says.
“Pegasus wanted top-notch tech, so I was more than happy to oblige on this one.” Panda said.
Jam shook his head and whistled.  “Panda, I sure hope you pass skills like this to your future pups.” he said.
Back to the duel.  “I will admit that Panda from Forbidden Brown is truly skilled when it comes to making field spells so realistic.” Locke said.  “And with the visuals now in our midst, it’s time to move on.  As you know, this spell lowers the DEF of Fire monsters by 400 points and raises their ATK by 500 points.  So I will now summon Jurrac Guaiba (1700/400>2200/0).”
Dexter saw Jurrac Guiaba, it was a blue and red looking dinosaur with fiery claws, mane and a tail.  Flames even came from its mouth.  “I must admit, that fiery dinosaur is certainly new.  You didn’t have that monster before.” he said.
“My deck has changed for your worst.” Locke said.  “Jurrac Guaiba, bury his Fear from the Dark!”

In one breath, Jurrac Guaiba blasts Dexter’s Fear from the Dark away <7500>.  “Rather impressive.” Dexter says.
“But I’m not done yet.” Locke continues.  “Due to the ability of Jurrac Guaiba, since I destroyed a monster by battle, I can special summon a Jurrac monster from my deck to the field with 1700 ATK or less.”
Dexter was shocked.  “Wait, 1700?”
“Yes, 1700 and not 1500.  And unluckily for you, this gives me access to a wide variety of monsters to assault you with.”  Locke soon searches his deck.  “Hmm… who to choose… ah, I will choose Jurrac Protops (1700/1200>2200/800).  Luckily for you, Protops cannot attack this turn, so I’ll put a card face down and turn things over to you.”
“And I’ll gladly take over.” Dexter says and draws his card.  “I will begin with the spell card Call of the Mummy.”
“Predictable.” Locke comments.  “Leave it to you to call your mummies when in a pinch, how lame.  Next thing you’re going to tell me is that you’ll bring out some of that mid level arsenal of yours.”
“Not quite, fool.  Moving on, I reveal my face down Pyramid of Wonders, followed by my special summoning of Zombie Master (1800/0).  Next up, I’ll discard a monster card in my hand, and special summon a low level zombie in my graveyard, so I’ll use the monster I just discarded.  Rise up, my Zombie Mammoth (1900/0).  And in case you’re wondering about it, Pyramid of Wonders increases face-up zombies by 200 ATK points for each opposing monster, giving my zombies a 400 ATK point boost thanks to your dinosaurs (2200 ATK, 2300 ATK).”
Locke cuts in.  “Speaking of boosts from opposition, Jurrac Protops gains 100 ATK points for each monster my opponent controls (2400 ATK), so thanks for that.”

Dexter grits his teeth. “Damn, I was hoping to rid the field of both of his monsters.” he whispers to himself.  “Zombie Mammoth, charge in and destroy his Jurrac Guaiba.”
“Gata, you’ve become sloppy.  Even so, I reveal my Backfire trap card.”  In spite of his activated trap, Locke still lost Jurrac Guaiba <7900>.  “All of that ATK boosting only to do so little and take much more, that truly is a waste.  And as you know, when a Fire monster of mine is destroyed and sent to the grave, Backfire deals 500 burn damage to your life points.”
“Hmf <7000>.”
“And what’s more, your monsters lose 200 ATK points each, which makes them weaker than before.” Locke soon laughs.
“The same will happen to you as well, so I wouldn’t laugh if I were you (2100 ATK, 2200 ATK).”
“Fool, you wish you were me.  I may lose monsters, but I will still make your pride take the blows.”
“Tch, says you.  I will place one card face down and end my turn.”
Locke draws.  “Ah, the spell card Fossil Dig, I will use its power to grant me a level six or lower Dinosaur in my deck and add it to my hand.”  Locke chose his dino, then shuffled his deck.  “Jurrac Protops, attack the Zombie Mammoth.” and from its mouth, Jurrac Protops launches a fireball at Dexter’s monster.
“Reveal Compulsory Evacuation Device, and return Jurrac Protops to your hand.”
Locke’s monster is returned to his hand and Dexter’s monsters return to their original strength (1800 ATK, 1900 ATK).  “I’ll place a monster in defense mode and end my turn (2000 ATK, 2100 ATK).”
Dexter draws.  “I will use Zombie Master again, discarding one monster in my hand, and I will bring back Fear from the Dark from my graveyard in attack mode (1700>1900 ATK), I will now release my Zombie Mammoth and summon Vampire’s Curse to the field (2000/800>2200/800).”
“Hmm, a new face, how intriguing.” Locke said.
“New to you, but I held this card for quite some time.” Dexter explains.  “Also, since Zombie Mammoth was tribute and not destroyed, I take no damage from it leaving the field.  Fear from the Dark, attack his face down monster.”
The attack lands, and it reveals Locke’s monster.  This time, it’s a blue dinosaur with fiery wings and has a green head and forearms.  “So I lost Jurrac Stauriko, but I still have defense.” he explains.  “When Stauriko falls, two Jurrac tokens appear on my side of the field in defense position (*1, 0/0>500/0 x2).  And remember, Backfire deals 500 burn damage to your life points.”
“In addition to my loss of life <6500>, I gain more offense (2200 ATK, 2100 ATK, 2400 ATK) in spite of it being temporary.  My remaining zombies will attack your tokens.  First, Zombie Master destroys one…” and that’s what happens (2000 ATK), “followed by Vampire’s Curse (2200) destroying the other one.”

Once the tokens are cleared from the field, Dexter’s monsters return to their original strength (1800 ATK, 1700 ATK, 2000 ATK).  “Are you done yet?” asked Locke.
“Yes I am, you crybaby.” Dexter answered.
Locke draws.  “I will Summon Jurrac Protops to the field again, but he’ll get one very nice boost this time around (1700>2500ATK).  And next, your monsters get a boost thanks to your wonderful Pyramid (2000 ATK, 1900 ATK, 2200 ATK), then I’ll toss a card face down and have Protops destroy that annoying ass Zombie Master.”
The attack lands, which destroys Dexter’s monster and deals damage to his life points <6000>.  “And remember, Jurrac Protops loses power since I’m down a monster.”
“True (2400 ATK), but I still have the strongest monster in play.  Your move.”
“This is becoming bothersome, it’s time to start finishing you off.” Dexter draws.  “That’s more like it.  I release Fear from the Dark and Vampire’s Curse and summon Despair from the Dark (2800/3000>3000/3000).  This move will cost 500 life points, but at least I’ll be rid of that damn dinosaur, which is now weaker (2300 ATK).  Attack!”
I guess I am also growing tired of this duel. Locke thought, then saw his dinosaur destroyed <7400>.  “It’s about time you started actually doing something, Gata, other than getting burned by my Backfire.  And speaking of which…” Dexter takes his burn damage <5500> and his monster returns to normal strength (2800 ATK).
“Make your move.”
Locke Draws.  “I agree that my toying with you is becoming tiresome.”
“You, toy with me?  Is that what you call boring your opponent?”
“I needed to see your worth, but there isn’t much worth anymore.”
Dexter took offense to this.  “I have plenty of worth left.”
“So I want to believe… but anyway, I’ll place a monster on the defense and end my turn.”
“Ah, more power for Despair from the Dark (3000 ATK).” Dexter notes, then draws.
“I reveal Hand Destruction.  Since we each have two cards in our hands, we discard them both and draw two new cards.”

Dexter and Locke discard their two card hands and then draw two new cards.  Then Dexter continues his move.  “I’ll set both of my cards face down, one of them is a monster, and now for my Despair from the Dark to attack your monster.”
Fool. Locke thought and saw his monster destroyed.  “This time around, you’ve destroyed my Jurrac Gallim, which destroys the monster that befell it in battle.” he tells Dexter.
“Damn.” Dexter says as he saw his monster destroyed.
“And once again, Backfire burns your life points for 500.”
“Grrrr <5000>, just go.”
“Maxwell, give me some intel on the Jurrac monsters, will you?” Pashmina asks Maxwell.
“I’ll work on that now.” Maxwell answers.
Locke Draws.  “I play Monster reborn and revive the Jurrac Tyrannus in my graveyard.” he says.  Moments later, another of Locke’s cards appears on the field (2500/1400>3000/1000).  “Next up, I summon Jurrac Iguanon to the field (1700/700>2200/300).  Iguanon, attack his face down monster.” and Jurrac Iguanon charges up a ball of fire between its claws, and imitates a certain few well known Street Fighters with its attack.
“I activate my Negate Attack.” Dexter plays his trap.
“You better.”  Locke saw his attack absorb into distorted space, “I’m done.”
Dexter draws.  “It’s about damn time one of these showed up.  Mystical Space Typhoon, and with it, the days of Backfiring my life points in this duel come to an end.”
Locke smirks as he saw the storm destroy his trap card.  “What a shame, that’s all you had to do this duel?  Well, at least it’s progress...”
“Just move.” Dexter barks.
“Gladly.” Locke says, and then draws.  But moments after his draw, laughter left his mouth and filled the air.  “And the card that ensure your destruction has finally come to my hand… but don’t take my word for it, I’ll just play it.  Behold my Big Evolution Pill.”

The Forbidden Brown area soon cringed at the sound of this card.  “Man and I thought things couldn’t get any worse for Dexter.” Hamtaro said.
“I still have my hopes up for him, in spite of this spell being played.” Boss said, keeping the faith.
Sandy jabs Pashmina with her elbow.  “You seem, like, content with this move.” she says.
Pashmina didn’t say anything, nor does she look towards Sandy’s direction.
“Hey, Pashmina…” Sandy tries again.
“Let Pashmina study, Sandy, and I suggest you do ze same.” Bijou told Sandy.
Back on the duel, Jurrac Iguanon is tribute from the field.  “You should already know how this card works, Gata.” Locke says.  “But to those who are new to dueling, I will explain.  The Big Evolution Pill allows me to release a dinosaur-type, like my Jurrac Iguanon, and it allows me to normal summon a dinosaur of any level from my hand free of tribute for the next three of my opponent’s turns.”
“I’m not new to dueling, but I haven’t encountered this card before.” Lapis said.
“It’s over, Gata is finished.” Rose said with a shrug.
“Not true.” Sparkle disagrees.  “Unless Locke has a monster to play with that spell, playing those pills is just an empty threat.”
“And now, I will bring forth the onslaught known as Jurrac Titano.” Lock says and plays his next monster.

When Jurrac Titano hit the field, its impact was soon felt by others (3000/2800>3500/2400).  “As I stated before, Gata’s finished.” Rose said.
“So much for empty threats…” Sparkle trailed off.
“What kind of Dinosaur is that?” asked Prince Bo.
“A powerful one, and that’s all we need to know.” Ivy answered.
“Hmf.  Heavy artillery much, Locke?” asked Kai.
Boss was sweating.  “In spite of this flaming behemoth in Dexter’s midst, I still have faith in him.” he said.
“Look at those claws…” Cappy trailed off in awe.
Duelist Ham walks off.  “I’m going to take a piss, and don’t tell me how this finishes, I already know.” he says.

Returning to the duel…  “Jurrac Tyrannus, destroy Gata’s face down monster!” Locke ordered, and then his card spat out a fireball.  “And by the way, why Tyrannus destroys a monster in battle and sends it to the graveyard, it gains an additional 300 ATK points.
Dexter’s monster was hit, and after the flames died out, the monster was revealed.  “And so, my Pyramid Turtle falls.” Dexter explains.
“Another monster turns back to dust (3000>3300 ATK), ha ha ha!” Locke laughs.
“Moving on, I will now special summon a zombie of my own with 2000 DEF or less to the field from my deck…  For now, I defend with Spirit Reaper (300/200>700/200).”
Locke laughs again.  “You just can’t lose with dignity…  So instead of taking your long overdue ass kicking, you choose to stall for cards in hopes of stealing victory from the claws, and jaws of defeat?  I guess it only makes sense that you would, I mean, it’s the same tactic that your former dorm leader believes in.  I’ll end my turn here, but I guarantee you that you will not be granted your miracle!”
“I don’t believe in fortune telling, or horoscopes, or any of that future predicting crap.” Dexter retorts.  “And as long as I have life points, and I have 5000 of those, I still have a shot.”  He then draws his card.  Hmm, Nightmare Horse…  I would play this card and damage Locke directly for a nice bit of his life points, but I will wait.  There’s still one more card I need to pull this off. Dexter thought.
It’s over, Gata. Locke thought.  True, Spirit Reaper may act like a wall, but if I target him with a card effect, that wall will crumble.  He’s desperate, and such desperation will not be awarded.
“Your turn, Locke.” Dexter says.
Locke draws, and upon seeing his card, he laughs maniacally.  “Perfect, I will finish you this way.  First, I will summon Jurrac Dino to the field (1700/800>2200/400), and before you go on about your Pyramid, I will tell you now that its power no longer matter.  For this dino is a tuner, and I will tune it with Jurrac Tyrannus.”

With the announcement, Jurrac Dino turns into two flaming rings and three white stars.  And these stars circle Jurrac Tyrannus, who has turned into the lines that create it, and a light is shot into the sky.  “Bear witness to the mighty power of Jurrac Meteor!” Locke yells.
Seconds pass, but nothing appears on the field.  “Well, where is this so-called meteor?” asked Dexter.
Locke smirks at Dexter.  “It’s a meteor, fool, and meteors fall from the heavens.”
Dexter looks up and notices something falling towards the field.  “Oh, there it is.  Look up, folks.”

Duelist Ham returned from the bathroom.  “So, did it end how I knew it would?” he asked.
“It’s still going on.” Sirius answered.  “Locke synchro summoned Jurrac Meteor.”
“This should be interesting…”
Moments later, a flaming, spiky meteor landed in the middle of the field, which explodes two seconds later.  The other duelists that are watching cover their eyes as the entire field is covered in flames.  Then, as the flames dissipate, and as view of the field is returned, everyone notices that not only has the field returned to normal, but the only thing on the field is Jurrac Titano (3000/2800).  This caused a lot of commotion from not just the spectators, save Hiei and Duelist Ham, but Dexter also was shocked and Pegasus was in awe.  Panda’s tech skills +my Duel Monsters = art.  Wonderful, beautiful, and terribly delicious art. Pegasus thought as he regained composure.
“That is power, real power, Gata!” Locke exclaims.  “Jurrac Meteor, as you can see, nukes the field when it is synchro summoned.  However, more power is exuded from Jurrac Titano, for it is not only immune to monster effects, like that of Jurrac Meteor, but it is immune to traps as well, which grants is to survive the obliteration caused from the previous monster.  He lost his power boost from Molten Destruction, but…  Moving on, I can now bring back a tuner from my graveyard, so welcome back Jurrac Dino in attack mode.” and Jurrac Dino returns to the field.
Dexter had a sweatdrop on the side of his face.  “I will admit that this move, as chaotic as it was, impresses me.” he admits.  “But expect my counter attack.”
“Counter attack?  Oh, you mean your life points… well, this is the part where I use the other ability of Jurrac Titano.”
“What ability?” Dexter asks.
“Pay attention.  Jurrac Stauriko, rise from the graveyard!”
With the command, Jurrac Stauriko comes from under the ground and appears on the field.  Locke continues his move.  “Now Titano, it’s time to feed.”  Jurrac Titano bites Jurrac Stauriko by the neck and flings it into the air, only to chomp it down and swallow it, causing some of the duelists to become slightly disgusted.  “Many pardons if that’s a bit graphic, folks, but it’s the power at work.  You see, this is how Stauriko is banished, and this banishment gives Jurrac Titano 1000 ATK points (3000>4000 ATK).”
“Damn you…” Dexter grumbles.
“And now, I will finish you off, Gata.  Jurracs, feast on the rest of his life points!”

The two dinosaurs run towards Dexter.  Jurraco Dino takes a literal bite out of Dexter <3300>, followed by Jurrac Titano grabbing Dexter with its jaws and lifting him into the air.  And just as it happened to Jurrac Stauriko, Jurrac Titano chomps and swallows Dexter.  Jurrac Titano turns around.  But before returning to Locke’s side of the field, it takes a virtual dump, which is Dexter in a turd of virtual dinosaur dung and he is not happy <0>.  Every spectating dorm except for Horakhty Light, Necrophade Black and Forbidden Brown is laughing at Dexter.  The duelists of Horakhty Light were disgusted by what just transpired, except for Jam, who was shaking his head, just as the duelists of Necrophade Black were.  “That’s just wrong.” Petal said.
“This enrages me.” Jin said.
“Why?” asked Kai.
“Gata was to win this duel, so that he may be disgraced in battle be me!

“This would’ve been the part where I say that you aren’t shit to my Jurracs, but apparently, they all shit on you.” Locke says and laughs.
And he only lost 600 life points in that duel... Roland thought.  And then he announced, “The winner of this duel is King… um, Dinosaur King Locke.”
Pegasus approached the middle of the duel.  “Panda, shame on you!” he scolds.  “I like a lot of detail and graphics, but that was too much detail.  From here on, Duel Monsters are not allowed to eat duelists, shit out duelists, or shit on duelists.  Do I make myself clear?”
“Yes, Pegasus!” all of the duelists answer.
“Good.  Now as the scores are being tallied, we’ll move on with how the selection process will work.  From here on, selections will be done at random using the dueling selection roulette.” Pegasus continues.  Seconds later, other security members bring out a large sphere with eight equally sized balls, and each of them are colored for the dorms.  Pegasus pops the sphere off, removes the red and brown balls, and then places the sphere back in the roulette.  “As you can see, each of the balls is the same color as your dorms are.  The duel dorms will be chosen by roulette and the dorm leader will decide which of their duelists will participate.  For the example of our last duel, there will also be times where duelists from other dorms will be able challenge others.  Dorm leaders will also have these rights.  For the moment, each duel dorm will have two challenge issues: One for the dorm’s duelists and one for the dorm leader to use.  Don’t get it wrong though, not every duel will be scored.  Some will be for other purposes, like other challenges and the rest for the scoring.  Naturally, you will want to win these non-scored duels also.

“One last thing.  As you’ve noticed, Roland tossed a coin with the dorm colors of red and brown on it. There are many coins that have all of the calculations of the dorm colors to them.  All coins are tossed on their edge to continue the randomizing.  And with that said let’s select the next duel.”
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