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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Jam watched as Prince Bo takes a teary-eyed Nonno from the arena.  “I’ll be going to get my choice for the duel, BRB.” Jam said, and off he ran.
“Hey Cappy, I sure hope you stay strong in this competition.” Boss says.  “I say this because you’re our youngest duelist, and not for anything else.”
“It’ll take a lot to make me cry, Boss.  And I do mean a lot, Boss, so losing without dealing damage isn’t one of those things that’ll make tears leave my eyes.” Cappy says.

Kurucha turned to her dorm.  “All right, ladies.  I know this opposing dorm isn’t formidable to us, but whatever.” she said.  “So which of you will wish to face off against the cream colored dorm?”
With the exception of Sparkle, the other girls were reluctant to volunteer.  “Let me face off in this first round.” Sparkle says.
“Not yet, Sparkle.  I won’t waste your talents against this dorm…” Kurucha says.  “What about the rest of you, Sparkle won’t be dueling all of the time?”  There was still no answer from the dorm.  “Last chance before I pic.”
Maggie sighs.  “Fine, I’ll go.” she reluctantly volunteers.
“None of that pouty shit, Maggs.  I know this dorm doesn’t have lustrous duelists, but it should be a nice warm-up for you.” Kurucha notes.
“Who knows, my opponent may just surprise me.”
“Maggie will be the choice for Ra Yellow.” Kurucha informs Roland.
“Agreed, now where is Jam?” questions Roland.
“Right here.” Jam says, and then he appears on top of a pipe rolling it like a crown in a circus.
“Is that a pipe?” Maggie asked.
“Apparently so.” Roland answered.

Cappy smiled.  “I can’t believe he’s a duelist here, sweet.” He said.
“Isn’t his pipe normally green?” Hamtaro asked.
“I wonder how he got the light colored one…” Pashmina trails off.
“Eet doesn’t look like paint from here.” Bijou says.
I wonder how Stucky duels… Dexter thought.

Meanwhile, Jam sets Stucky’s pipe upright and heads for the stands.  But in the process, he walks by Maggie.  “Good luck.” he says.
“Only weaklings need luck to duel, I have skill.” Maggie says.
“Good skill to you then.”
Maggie looks at Stucky’s pipe.  “Is this a joke?  I seriously have to duel a pipe…  What are you gonna do, flush me out?” she jokes.
“Why flush you out when it will be much more fun to duel you?” Stucky asks.
Wait, the pipe is talking?
“Allow me to introduce myself,” Stucky says, and then his head pops out of the pipe, “you may call me Pitfall Pit and I will be your opponent this duel.”
So this is Pitfall Pit, eh? Pegasus ponders.  I’ve heard some terribly delicious things about this duelist.  Mainly, I heard this duelist is known for dishing out lots of frustration to his opponents.  Hopefully, Maggie will keep her cool.
“And how exactly do you plan to duel me?” Maggie asks.
“You should be shuffling your deck like I am.” Stucky says.
“You must be joking.”

“This Pitfall Pit guy looks like a gimmick.” Sirius says.
“No disrespect to you, Sirius, but from what the hundreds of dueling mouths have said about this guy, Pit’s no gimmick.” Sasuke says.
“Then how about you humor me?”
“I don’t believe the first thing, but the second this is that this duelist deals mostly direct damage when battling with his monsters, and not burn damage either.”
“I’ll believe those mouths when I see it.” Duelist Ham said.
“Same here.” Sirius agrees with his brother.

“Are both duelists done shuffling?” Roland asks.
“Yeah, but I wanna cut his deck.” Maggie answers.
“As you wish.” Stucky says.
“Well, I’m waiting.”
“Of course.  Duel Mode:  Activate!”
What happens next amazes everyone.  Lines of light emerge from sections around the pipe, mostly the center in the front and the sides.  Sections on the sides of the move flap out like the wings of an airplane, revealing Stucky’s arms and paws, and the front mid section opens and flips over, revealing a playing field similar to that of a duel disk.  “Sweet, that pipe is Duel Armor.” Cappy said.
“Panda, you truly are a duel disk genius.” Boss said.
“I know,” Panda says, “but that isn’t my craftsmanship.”
“Rei, did you make that armor for Pit?” Aqua asks.
“Negative.” Rei answered.

Stucky walks over to Maggie and the two exchange decks.  “Well, that answers a lot.” Maggie says.
“I get that a lot.” Stucky says.
The decks are cut and returned to their owners, and then Stucky returns to his queue in the arena.  “And now for round four.” Roland announces.  “It will be Maggie from Ra Yellow against Pitfall Pit from Horakhty Light.  Duelists, are you ready?”
“Ready!” Maggie and Stucky answer.
The coin is tossed and lands in Roland’s paw.  “The first move goes to Horakhty Light, now begin the duel!”
Maggie draws her hand and Stucky starts laughing.  “That’s right, laugh while you can, because your ass kicking will be merciless.” she says.
“Remember that first thing I said that I don’t believe, Sirius?” Sasuke reminds.
“What about it?” Sirius questions.
“It’s said that when Pitfall Pit goes first, he almost never loses.”
“Buh-rore-ing.” Sirius says.

Stucky looks at his hand.  “Well, it’s time to go to work.” he says.  “I summon Breaker the Magical Warrior to the field (1600/1000>1900/1000).  We all know about the spell counter ATK thing with him, so I’ll set three cards face down and end my turn.”
You are so lucky that I don’t have my Heavy Storm. Maggie thought, and then draws.  “I summon Omega Minus the Magnet Warrior.” Maggie says.
“I never heard of that Magnet Warrior before.” Stucky said, and then Maggie’s monster appeared on the field (1900/600).  “Activating Bottomless Trap Hole.”
“Aw dammit.” and Maggie saw the ground beneath her Magnet Warrior crumble as her monster falls into the hole.
And so it begins. Jam thought.
“Okay, that sucked.” Maggie said.  “Two cards face down and I end my turn.”
Stucky draws.  “Now I summon the Pitch-Black Warwolf (1600/600).
“Just great.  Of all the cards I didn’t want to see right, that is one of them.” Maggie says.
“Warwolf, attack Maggie directly.”
With that Pitch-Black Warwolf on the field, I can’t activate traps during the battle phase. Maggie thought.  I have to take these blows. and Maggie takes the first blow <6400>.
“Your turn, Breaker, attack directly.” Stucky continues and sees his second monster slash Maggie <4500>.  “That’s all for this move, it’s your turn.”
I can’t believe I fell for a Bottomless Trap Hole. Maggie thought and then drew.  “I won’t fall for that trick twice,” she says, “so I’ll place a monster in defense mode and-”
“I activate my Acid Trap Hole.” Stucky cuts Maggie off.
“On a face down monster?”
“Yep-p.  Acid Trap Hole first makes you flip your face down defense monster face up, and then we check its DEF points.”
“Fine.  Say hello to Sigma Minus the Magnet Warrior.” Maggie reveals her monster (1500/1800).
“Aww, that’s too bad.”
“Shove it.  1800 DEF is pretty decent for a low level monster.”
“True, but the Acid Trap Hole destroys defending monsters with 2000 DEF or less.”
“You’re shitting me…” and all of a sudden, the ground underneath Maggie’s monster crumbles, then her second monster falls into the hole.  A splash is heard seconds later.  “Fine, I end my turn.”  Maggie is now upset.
“Boy, you look like you’re constipated with a major deuce in your colon.”  Stucky says and then draws.  “I’ll set this down and let my monsters dish out the hurt.”
Maggie takes the next round of attacks from Stucky’s monsters <1000>.  Man, she’s doing worse than that Rainbow Duelist did last game. Kurucha thought, and then said, “Maggie, if you’re done getting raped down there, put up a fight already.”
“Stop making our dorm look bad, bitch!” Tokimi yells.

“My turn’s over.” Stucky says.
This is a nightmare. Maggie thought.  I summon a monster, he plays a trap hole.  I set a monster, he plays a trap hole.  What’s next, a trap hole that targets my hand?  Maggie draws.  “Gamma the Magnet Warrior is too weak to attack, so I’ll defend with him.  I place a monster in defense mode.”
“Here we go again, I activate Different Dimension Trap Hole.” Stucky says.
“Another fucking trap hole?!” Maggie screams.
“Yup, and it banishes defense monsters.  The plus side is that I also have to banish one of my monsters, so I will be nice and banish Breaker with your monster.”  Both monsters are then banished.

“Looks like the words of mouth were true after all…” Sasuke trails off.
“I’ve seen many types of duelists in my days, but this is the first and only Trap Hole duelist I’ve ever seen.” Sirius said.  “It’s a shame that a Ra lost to a deck with such an inferior strategy as that.”
“Man, I would be soooooo pissed if that was me instead of Maggie.” Petal said.
“This is gonna affect the ban list, watch.” Kerin said.
“No it won’t, but it’ll affect the score of Ra Yellow.”
“Man, Pit laid some serious pipe into that girl.”Blaze jokes.
“He sure did.” Tyrone chuckles.  “And no, this ain’t a pipe dream either.”  Tyrone and Blaze continue laughing.  “Oh, tes-ti-fry!”

Maggie just stood there silently, with a blank stare was on her face.  Stucky shakes his head and then draws.  “Warwolf, finish her off.” he says.  Moments later, the killing blow was dealt.
“The winner of this duel is Pitfall Pit!” Roland announces.
Kurucha walks over to Maggie and sees her hand.  “What a disgrace.” She whispers to herself and looks at the next card in Maggie’s deck… it was Mystical Space Typhoon.
“Even if she had a Storm, my other face down is Solemn Judgment, so it would’ve been negated anyway.” Stucky says as his pipe reverts to normal.  “It was fun seeing those new to me Magnet Warriors, I wonder how they work.” Stucky then scurries away.
“Looks at Pit.” Salfex says.  “The guy only dueled one of them, by the raped all of those broads in that one duel.”
“Everyone, it’s now noon.  Head to the mess hall for afternoon lunch, and the scores will be tallied up shortly.” Pegasus says.
“I hope the grub is good, because this is going to be rather interesting nonetheless.” Hamtaro said.
“Oh yeah.” Cappy agrees.

Lunchtime was noisy and hectic as usual, though the tension wasn’t as high as it was in the morning.  Most of the time was used to catch up and fill the tanks.  Suddenly, everyone’s attention turned to the large screen in the mess hall, which read off the scores after this first round of play.  The first and second place scores caused outrage, but the outrage was calmed as the peanut gallery was told to look at the scoring manual.  Once the scoring manual was read, many of what happened with the score made sense, though some whined that certain bonuses were too high.  In the end, all was explained, questions were answered and calm was had.  At the end of the lunch period, the duelists headed back to their dorms on the island to relax for a while.  Soon, afternoon dueling will take place, but the permanent fixture now on everyone’s minds was how things were scored.