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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Hey you guys, it's been a while. To the ones who still read the stories of mine, including this one, I might as well answer the good majority of questions many of the readers have.

1) Do you still like Hamtaro?
Of course, I'm not tired of those Hamsters and the characters me and my friend Tikal have made. He's doing fine in case anyone was wondering. He does model figurines and streams on Mixer.
2) Do you still like/play Yu-gi-oh!?
Yes. For a whle, I couldn't afford cards, because college, but I do get cards still and enjoy the game nonetheless. The speed of the game has drastically changed since this story, as it was before Pendulum Summoning and Link Summoning. I still say what happened with Link format and VRAINS was a crock, but thanks to the Master Rule revision, things look rather nice and playable now.
3) So what happened with DDM?
At that time, I was writing chapters on my computer, which ran Windows XP, and when writing things on my computer, the motherboard went to and the hard drive crashed. Naturally, I sought memory recovery services, but much of what I was working on was gone. The recovery wasn't that great either; all that was managed to be saved was the epilogue of the story... I'm still mad about the college project that I lost from that crash.
Naturally, once I get back online, the plan was to give the bad news to all of my readers, but then the site went through a weird change. At one time, I forgot mypassword, and then remembered it, but the site wouldn't accept it at all. MM went through many changes at the time. So I went for a password reset, but it never hit my inbox or spam. With no way to post the stories to MM, I just went on with the world... and college. It was until recently, that someone I talked to passed a link to a story from an author I would talk to back in the day, so I figured that I would give it another "college try". And wouldn't you know it, the old password worked. So here I am, seven years later.
4) Do you still write?
Fanfiction, it's been a whle. However, I have written comic scripts. Some of the scripts aren't to the liking to those who want them, but the lucky ones get turned into comics. It's upsetting that most comic artists who want writers only want adule storyllines. Sex sells, I guess. Thank goodness hentai isn't hard to write.

So what happens now, now that the story is lost to the Aether?
I'll do what I should've done all of those years ago, post what was recovered in another anti-climatic story ending. If nothing else, it's closure: Not the closure I had wanted, but closure nonetheless. So to those of you who are still waiting for this to end, You will finally get an ending. I just want to thank all of you who are still reading this story and who have read my stories of the past. I'm seven years older now, but at least I can finish out a story that was taken from me, and you, for that matter.