Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction / Detective School Q Tantei Gakuen Q Fan Fiction ❯ The Murder at Domino City ❯ Chapter 2

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Note: -“This means duel talk, when someone's announcing their turn.”-
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The plane landed with a small bump onto the runway. As everyone got off, they saw a man in a beige business suit waiting for them in the main lobby.
“I'm Detective Takahashi (Hehe…Kazuki Takahashi) of the Domino police dept. and I'll be filling you in on the case you'll be handling.” The man introduced, extending his hand.
Yukihira shook his hand and said in a very authentic strict fashion. “I'm Yukihira of Class A of DDS. Behind me, the tall one with glasses is Goda, my classmate. The rest are from class Q.” Then Kyu stepped forward. “I'm Kyu. The pink-haired girl is Megumi Minami; the tall long haired one is Kinta, the short one with glasses is Kazuma and the blue haired one is Ryu Amakusa.”
“Can you give us some brief info on the case, Mr. Takahashi?” Goda asked. The Detective held up a hand. “Just call me Kazuki. And the case is, you'll be investigating the Edachi Manor, with the owners, Sonja and Damien.”
“What about their parents?” Kazuma asked. Kazuki shook his head solemnly. “They died a long time ago.” Kazuma was taken aback as they all climbed into Kazuki's police car and drove to the Edachi Manor. “So, who are the fifteen suspects?” Ryu asked Kazuki as he drove down the deserted road. “Oh just call it an assembly of the masters of Duel Monsters.” Kazuki joked, bewildering the DDS students. “Huh?” Kyu asked childishly.
“That's because most of the big name stars are there. There's Yugi Motou, the world champ, Seto Kaiba the Kaiba Corp. President, Pegasus the creator, Bandit Keith and Rebecca Hawkins, the former and current American champions respectively, and a lot of others.” Kazuki explained, nodding his head each time he said a name.
Kazuma was bursting with excitement. “You mean Kaiba's a suspect?!?!” He exclaimed, attracting the attention of the occupants of the car. Kazuma coughed, straightened his glasses and said hastily, “I mean, it's not everyday you meet a fellow programmer.”
Kinta whispered into Megumi's ear. “I guess I was right about the idol thing…” Megumi giggled at this.
The car rolled to a stop. “Here we are, Edachi Manor.” Kazuki announced. Kinta's hardly visible eyes widened to the size of dinner plates. “This place is HUGE!!!!” He exclaimed.
“Kinta!” Megumi cried. “We're here on a mission!!” Kinta scratched the back of his head sheepishly. “Oh yeah, I forgot.” He said. (LOL! The DSQ version of Joey!)
The DDS gang and Kazuki made their way up to the mahogany doors of the mansion. When they entered, they were greeted by a weird sight.
Everyone of the YGO gang were either fast asleep (Joey, Tristan, Ryou and the pre-teens), Dueling (Yugi vs. Seto, Keith vs. Pegasus), exploring the vast room, (The Ishtars) or chatting amongst themselves. (Duke, Serenity, Tea, Mai, Sonja & Damien)
Kazuki cleared his throat to call all attention to the newcomers. Everyone except the Duelists turned to the Detective and the DDS students. “These are the students of DDS. Their names are from left to right, Yukihira, Kyu, Goda, Megumi, Kazuma, Kinta and Ryu. And I'm Detective Takahashi.”
“Oh hey!” Sonja cried, jumping up from her seat and grabbing Kyu's hand. “You must be the class Q and Class A me and Damien have been hearing about!”
“This is Sonja Edachi.” Kazuki said, gesturing to the girl shaking Kyu's hand, while being glared at by all the other boys except Ryu. (Jealous??)
“Now, Ms. Edachi.” Yukihira interrupted. “Can you tell me exactly what happened when you found the body?”
“Oh…” Sonja said. “It wasn't me. It was Rebecca, the girl there sleeping, who found Shutaro's body…” She gestured to Rebecca, who was leaning on Mokuba's shoulder, her teddy close to her chest.
“Just tell us what happened.” Goda said.
Sonja nodded and took a breath. “I invited them all here, well kinda…you see, I sent an invitation to Yugi there…” She gestured to Yugi, who was too involved in his duel to notice. “…and I asked him in the letter to invite whoever he knew…” Her hands gestured to everyone in the room. “…and they all came here. Yugi and his group were the last to come. So me and Damien went down to the gate and waited for them. When they came, we were in the main hall behind you when we heard the scream. So I think everyone ran upstairs to find Rebecca in tears sitting in front of a door. When we got her to one side, we opened the door and there he was…” She visibly shuddered when she came to that part.
“Is it alright if we interview everyone here?” Ryu asked Sonja.
Then Damien came up to them, rolling his eyes and shaking his head. “It's alright. I just wish you luck getting those guys' eyes away from their cards.” He said, thumbing over his shoulder at the four duelists. He then took Sonja and guided her to the other room.
Then the DDS students huddled together.
“Who talks with whom?” Kyu asked. Kinta raised his head and glanced at Serenity, Tea and Mai, a grin on his face. Seeing this, Kazuma pulled his head back down by tugging on his shirt. “Yukihira and Meg can take the girls.” He said flatly. Meg nodded and said, “Maybe Kinta can take the guys over there…” and pointed at Tristan and Duke, who were in a staring contest. “Kyu can take the four over there.” Yuki instructed, pointing at the duelists. Kazuma looked over and said. “I'll go with him.” Then Goda suggested, “Me and Ryu can take whoever is left out and awake.” Ryu nodded in agreement.
They all nodded and broke the huddle. Then they went off to their respective suspects.
(With Yuki and Meg)
Tea, Serenity and Mai waved the two girl detectives welcome and gestured the two seats. Yuki nodded and Meg smiled in reply. The girls sat down and they got to talking.
“So, can you tell me what went on when you girls got here?” Yuki asked immediately.
Tea shook her head and replied, “I came here with Yugi. Mai was here before us.”
Meg turned to Mai. “Right, I was.” Mai agreed. “I was shopping with Serenity, when my phone rang.” She said.
Serenity continued the story. “It was Yugi saying that Sonja invited him to a party here. I didn't meet Sonja and Damien in person, but Yugi said they were very nice, and so I decided to come with.”
“When we got here, Kaiba and Mokuba were already here. Kaiba was off by himself, as usual. And little Mokie was talking with Damien.” Mai continued.
“It was then that Shutaro entered the room. He asked us if we wanted anything. I declined but Mai wanted a cherry soda.” Serenity recalled.
“Yeah, after…I think fifteen minutes, he returned with my soda in a margarita glass and left. That's the last time I saw him.” Mai finished, showing the DDS girls the glass.
Meg took the glass from Mai and examined it. It was just a glass, nothing in particular about it.
“Thanks for your time.” Meg said and she and Yuki left the YGO girls to their chatting.
(Kyu and Kazuma)
Yugi and Kaiba had just started another duel when Kyu and Kazuma got there. “Umm…” Kyu said loudly. No notice came from the two rivals. “Excuse me but…” Kazuma said.
-“I place one monster facedown and end my turn.”- Kaiba announced. “I can't back out of this duel, but I'll answer your questions to the best of my memory.” He said coolly to Kazuma, not looking at him.
“Same goes for me.” Yugi said. -“I set a facedown monster and end my turn.”-
“I heard from Ms. Edachi that you came here last.” Kyu said to Yugi.
Yugi nodded in reply. “I had to explain to my grandfather where I was going on such short notice.” He explained.
-“I summon Vorse Raider in attack mode.”- Kaiba announced as he placed the card. “As I recall I was here first.” He added to Kyu.
“Really?” Kyu and Kazuma asked in unison. Kaiba merely nodded in reply. “Yugi called up my office and Mokuba answered. Before you even ask, Mokuba is my younger brother. He's over there, asleep on the couch.” He said, nodding his head over to the two pre-teens.
“What did you tell him?” Kazuma asked Yugi.
-“I set a defense monster and another facedown card.”- Yugi placed two cards down. “I called up to tell him about Sonja's invite. Although I doubted he'd come…”
“I was about to call up to cancel.” Kaiba said flatly, his eyes going over his hand (of cards). -“I summon Archfiend Soldier and use Vorse Raider to attack the facedown card.”-
Yugi flipped over his monster revealing a Mystical Elf. -“Minus a hundred life points, making yours 3900.”-
Kaiba scowled and said disgustedly. “Mokuba convinced me to come. He literally begged me.” -“Set a facedown card and end my turn.”-
“What did you see during your stay here prior to the discovery of the body?” Kazuma asked Kaiba, typing in his laptop as he spoke.
“Hmm…a digi-book, am I right?” Kaiba asked, not looking up from his cards.
Kazuma was taken aback. “How did you know it was a digi-book?” He asked warily.
“I know every make of laptop by heart.” Kaiba drawled. “And I can tell that that one was modified by the sound of the keyboard.”
Kazuma shook his head and straightened his glasses, his cheeks visibly red. “Why, yes it is, by my own hands, even.” He said smugly.
“Kazuma, focus!” Kyu scolded.
“Oh, leave the two computer enthusiasts to their own devices.” Yugi said jokingly as Kaiba smirked at him. “You could just ask me.” -“I sacrifice both monsters for my Dark Magician and attack the Archfiend Soldier.”-
“Answering the question…” Kaiba said. “…I came here somewhere around 5:30, Mokuba dragging me for one half of the trip, and I met Sonja and Damien at the front gate. They invited us in, and I immediately went to the couch, grabbing the nearest book I could.” -“I activate my trap card, Negate Attack. Your battle phase immediately ends, Yugi.”-
-“I end my turn.”- “If you're wondering, Kaiba here prides himself on being very aloof.” Yugi remarked.
“And I'd like that to stay that way.” Kaiba replied. -“I sacrifice my monsters for one of my Blue Eyes and command it to attack Dark Magician.”-
-“Flip my trap card, Magic Cylinder. Three thousand points direct damage.”- Yugi activated the said trap. “I just wonder when you're going to admit to the past…”
Kaiba shook his head. “Never, Yugi…never…” -“Counter-trap card, Seven Tools of the Bandit, deduct 1000 LP and negate Magic Cylinder and Blue eyes' attack continues.”-
-“I activate Waboku, which negates all damage to my monsters and LP.”-
“It's a seesaw battle…” Kyu remarked.
Both Kaiba and Yugi smirked at this. “The proper term is a stalemate.” Kaiba corrected.
“Stale plate?” Kyu asked childishly.
Kazuma flushed. “Excuse him, he's a little slow in the vocabulary department.” He said hastily.
Kaiba smirked again. “Like that mutt…”
“Kaiba, remember who you're fighting against…” `Yugi' warned darkly.
Kaiba scoffed. “Whatever, I end my turn.”
Kyu sweat dropped. “Okay…thanks for the answers…” He said and dragged Kazuma off. “They're so obsessed about that game.”
“Of course.” Kazuma pointed out. “They are the masters…”
---------------------------------(The end)-------------------------------
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