Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction / Hamtaro Fan Fiction ❯ Return of the Duel Hams ❯ first round, pt. 2 ( Chapter 41 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Just a quick bit of dueling news before the next chapter: New decks are on their way, ones that have been anticipated for a while are finally going to be released now. Also, the premier of a Premium booster pack sht lets us finally weild the Magician of Black Chaos. Well, now let's get to that next chapter.
Jam was busy dueling in his room, against himself. This is how he tests the decks that he makes. Well, this new deck I plan on doing still needs more work. Too many kinks in it, kinks I needs to fix before playing it. he thought as he put up his cards.
"Hey, the next drawing is about to happen, hurry up." Stan said from the other side of Jam's door.
"On my way."
The remaining duelists gathered together and Croquet booted up the machine. "Welcome back, duelists. I'm sure you know the drill by now, so let's get this underway." said Croquet. "I hope that you are all well rested..."
"I wonder who goes this time?" asked Cappy.
"We're gonna find out." said Pashmina.
The first orb was chosen. "The first duelist to compete in round three will be number three, 7 Seas Seamore." announced Croquet.
Seven Seas Seamore, huh? Let me face him. thought Aqua.
The second orb was chosen. "Facing him will be Duelist number three..." said Croquet.
"Who is number three?" asked Petal.
"That would be me." Jam answered. "The Dragonlord himself, which is interesting if you look at it. The two duelists with the 'lucky numbers' face off against each other. Well, let's get going everyone."
As the dueling platform was lifted, Pegasus was doing his announcements as well. "Welcome back, duel fans. It's time for another battle in this first round. This time, it'll be 7 Seas Seamore versus Jam, the Dragonlord. I've personally had the opportunity to duel both of them and I will say their decks are rather impressive. But you don't have to take my word for it, you're about to find out."
"All right," Croquet began, "if you need to do any deck adjustments, do so now."
"No adjustments needed." said Seamore.
Jam adds two cards to his fusion deck and switches one from his side deck. "All set up." said Jam.
"Good, now come and shuffle your opponent's decks." said Croquet.
Jam and Seamore met up, shook paws and dealt with each other's cards. I personally am routing for Jam to win this duel, because I believe he's the one duelist here that can beat Duelist Ham. I can't stand his ass, to be frank and I know Pegasus gave him a card that will test his skills as a dragon duelist. thought Croquet.
I find this fortuitous to see the Dragonlord duel before myself. thought Hiei. I will now be able to witness his strengths and weaknesses first hand.
The decks were returned to their owners and the duelists returned to their positions. Let's see if the so-called "Dragon Lord" and guardian of dragons lives up to his name... thought Duelist Ham
"If you don't mind, I'll go first, Jam." said Seamore.
"Go ahead, I don't object." said Jam.
"Begin the duel." said Croquet.
Both duelists draw five cards. "And here we go." said Seamore, then he began the first move. "First, I will play Umi..." water covers the entire field, "now I'll set one card and one monster face down. Go ahead."
Jam takes his card. "I'll set two cards face down and summon the Cave Dragon in attack mode." Jam makes his play and his monster appears over the water (2000/100). "Your turn."
Seamore took his card. "I think I'll play with Jam. One more monster in defense mode and that will do."
What is he thinking.... Two monsters face down and Umi on the field... Jam takes his card. "One card face down, that's gonna do it for me."
Seamore takes his card. "I'll flip up my Nightmare Penguin (1300/2000). When Nightmare Penguin is flipped, one monster on your side of the field is returned to its owner."
A tower of water shoots Cave Dragon into the air and Jam catches his monster. "Go on."
"I'll sacrifice Nightmare Penguin and summon my Terrorking Salmon." Seamore's new monster jumps out of the water (2600/1200). "Attack him directly!"
I'll take this shot. Jam is then swatted by the tail fin of Seamore's monster <5400>.
"My turn is over."
Jam took his card. "I summon Gray Wing in attack mode (1300/700). Next, I'll reveal Reload. We all know about how it works, so I won't explain it." Jam resolves its effect. "Well, now I wait. My turn is over."
Seamore takes his card. "I summon Hydrogeddon (1600/1000). I wonder what else he has face down... but I don't wanna find out. I'll end my turn."
"I don't get it, why didn't Seamore attack?" asked Petal.
"Strategy." Hiei answered. "He doesn't know what those two face down cards are and Seamore doesn't want to trigger a trap, if there is one."
"I guess you're right."
Jam takes his card. "He's being cautious, smart. Especially with what I have in my hand... I call upon the powers of the Element Dragon (1500/1200). Well, my monsters can't do anything but stay in the air, so it's on you."
Attack my face down monster. Seamore takes his card. "My turn is over."
"You know Seamore, if we just keep drawing and ending, the duels is gonna get real boring, real fast."
"You're the one who's afraid to attack, not me."
"Fine, I'll attack you then." Jam takes his card. "I'll sacrifice my Gray Wing and summon my Luster Dragon to the field." Jam's new dragon took to the field (2400/1400). Now attack his Hydrogeddon with Emerald Blaze!" Jam's dragon launched its attack.
"Reveal Spiritual Water Art-Aoi, which I'll use on Hydrogeddon." Jam's attack misses. "Now I get to look at your hand and discard a card from it, so let's see them."
"Huh, good trap." Jam shows his hand.
Seamore smirked as he saw Jam's hand. "I knew you were planning something, but I didn't think that Horus the Black Flame Dragon was apart of it." Seamore took Horus from Jam's hand. "Oh, it's the full powered one to boot, what a shame you have to part with him." Seamore places the card in Jam's graveyard and returns to his side of the field.
"Well, you've literally put a damper in my plans, nice job. That's gonna be my turn, so it's your move."
"Well, there goes Horus and good riddance to that as well." said Hilde.
"Impressive, a thwarted plan." said Hiei. "See Petal, strategy."
"For now it's thwarted." said Petal.
Horus the Black Flame Dragon is Jam's strongest monster. thought Seamore. With it now in the graveyard, I can take this duel without having any problems. he then took his card. "I'll set one card face down, then I'll remove my Nightmare Penguin i my graveyard from play to special summon my Aqua Spirit in attack mode (1800/1400). Now my spirit, attack the Element Dragon."
"Well, I didn't see that one coming." Jam saw another of his dragons destroyed <5100>.
"That's all for now."
Jam drew his card. "I'll play one monster in defense mode and activate my Swords of Concealing Light." Black swords fell from the sky, landing on Seamore's side of the water and flipping his monsters face down.
"Whoa, that isn't right..." said Seamore.
"With these swords, your monsters are frozen in set position for two turns, but that's more than enough to destroy your Terrorking Salmon. Attack with Emerald Blaze!" Jam announced his move.
"Ah man..." Seamore saw his fish get fried.
Yes, very good. thought Croquet. Now let's see a comeback.
"Now you can't say that I'm afraid to fight you, Seamore. Your move."
Seamore took his card. "I summon Oxygeddon (1800/800). Attack his face down monster." Oxygeddon launched its attack.
"I flip up The Dragon Dwelling in the Cave."
"Ah crap, that thing has 2000 DEF points."
"Which means, you just lost your perfect victory (1300/2000)."
Jam's dragon withstood the blow and Seamore damages himself <7800>. "One thing about Jam is that he has one good dragon to defend him." said Maxwell.
"Oh yeah, but he's got a long way to go before he's in the lead." said Sandy.
"Keep in mind that Horus is also gone in the graveyard too." added Hitomi.
"That doesn't stop Jam, he always has at least three high powered dragons in his deck." said Maxwell. "He may have lost one, but he has two more left in reserve."
"Well, I should've expected that monster from you." said Seamore. "It doesn't matter, 200 damage isn't something to cry over."
"That's right, Seamore." said Jam.
"Your turn."
Jam took his card. "I summon Divine Dragon Ragnarok to the field (1500/1000). Attack the Aqua Spirit."
Even with the boost up of Umi, the Aqua Spirit won't survive the attack. Seamore saw his monster destroyed.
"Now let's drown your Oxygeddon. Luster, you know what to do."
Seamore saw another of his monsters destroyed <7200>. He simply shrigged off the loss and took the damage like a trooper. Looks like this duel is about to get interesting after all. thought Pegasus. Now I just want to see you play the dragon I gave you.
"My turn's over, Seamore." said Jam.
Seamore took his card. "I'll play Mermaid Knight, who gets boosted by the sea (1700/900). Now attack Divine Dragon Ragnarok."
Seamore's monster swam towards Jam's dragon. "I'll activate my Threatening Roar trap card." The Mermaid Knight was stopped cold.
"My turn's over."
The swords fade away from Seamore's side of the field as Jam drew his card. "I'll set this card face down. Now my Luster Dragon, attack the Mermaid Knight with Emerald Blaze."
Seamore shrugged off the attack, "I'm not worried, that wasn't that much life points <6500>."
"You better start worrying soon. Keep in mind that I'm not beat until my life points reach zero and I'm closing the gap on our life points. <5100> That's gonna do for now, so try to save your lead."
Seamore took his card. "I'll save it, all right. I'll play Call of the Haunted and bring back my Terrorking Salmon. Time to sleigh your Luster Dragon (2600 v 2400)."
"Reveal my Mystical Space Typhoon."
"Nice play, you plan on taking out my Call."
"Actually, I'm destroying Umi."
Jam's spell blankets the field and when it clears, both monster in question and the cards involved were gone. "Without the water, your fish and my dragon are pretty much even. And since your monster was destroyed, Call goes too. Now how clever is that?" Jam explains.
Hamtaro and the crew clapped at the quick thinking by Jam. Smart play, Dragonlord. thought Duelist Ham.
"Well one thing's for certain," said Hiei, "he knows how to play the field, so to speak."
"I probably would've never caught onto that." said Petal.
"And that is why you watch and learn."
"Nice play, Jam." said Seamore. "You saved your life points, but sacrificed a monster. I didn't think you had it in you."
"A lot of people don't, Seamore." said Jam.
"I will set one card face down and end my turn."
"Now that we're back on dry land, let's make things interesting." Jam drew his card. "How about a welcome for the Mirage Dragon (1600/600). Your turn."
Jam sure hasn't touched that monster this entire duel. thought Pashmina. Seamore still hasn't flipped it up either. I wonder what it is...
Seamore draws his card. "I summon a second Hydrogeddon (1600/1000), now attack Divine Dragon Ragnarok."
Jam shrugged off his monster being destroyed <5000>. "Okay."
"Since Hydrogedden destroyed a monster in battle, I can summon another one to the field from my Deck." Seamore places his third Hydrogedden on the field and shuffles his deck. "Go."
Hmm... Oxygeddon is already in his graveyard, so I don't have to worry about him pulling one. Jam thought, then took his card. "And here's Horus LV6. Since LV8 is in the graveyard, summoning this one would be fruitless, but I can drop one of his monsters though. Hey have another Oxygeddon, but with two Hydrogeddons in the graveyard, he can't call the Water Dragon. Mirage Dragon, Illusion Scythe! Destroy Hydrogeddon without fear of his face down card."
"That's right, Mirage Dragon can negate the activation and effects of trap cards in battle, it's a free shot." said Petal.
"Why hasn't that face down monster been flipped yet?" asked Aqua.
"You tell us, Aqua." said Hilde. "Why would a water duelist play a monster face down and not flip it at all in the duel."
Both monsters are destroyed. "Well, maybe it's too strong for Jam to destroy... but hs Luster Dragon could've probably taken it out, seeing as it is a low-powered monster. And if it had an effect, like for say Penguin Soldier, he would've been flipped it by now. I just don't get it."
"Maybe Seamore's face down monster is Eria the Water Charmer." guessed Petal. "Since there isn't a water monster on the opposing field, there's no need to flip it."
"I forgot about that monster, Petal. Good thinking."
"Eria... pffft. What a waste of card, especially since Snatch Steal is banned." said Hilde.
"She can still be used as a tribute, Hilde. A monster isn't useless just because it's face down."
I like Petal's guess, but I believe she's wrong. thought Hiei. My guess is that it needs to be destroyed for its effect to activate. The Dragon Soldier then smiled. Of course, that's the card. Aqua has a monster in her deck called Yomi Ship which destroys the monster that slays it. That's why Seamore hasn't flipped it and Jam hasn't touched it.
"Your turn, Seamore." said Jam.
Seamore drew his card. "Since you wouldn't destroy my face down monster, I'll just sacrifice it." he announced. "Now I'll summon Mobius the Frost Monarch (2400/1000)."
"Great, just great."
"Mobius, destroy his face down card." Jam's set card was stabbed by a pillar of ice. "Now, destroy his dragon! Then attackhim directly, Hydrogeddon." and just like that, the battle phase went on <3400>. "Well Jam, it's about time for you do try and protect yourself... if you can, that is."
Jam took his card. "I'll play one card and one monster face down, that ends my turn."
Seamore took his card. "I'll probably need you later. I'll set this face down, and I'll end my turn."
Man, I'd kill for my other Swords right about now. Jam drew his next card. "I'll set this face down and end my turn."
Seamore took his card. "I play Salvage. This lets me take two water monsters in my graveyard and add them to my hand. Luckily for me, that face down monster was one of them. The second card is my Mermaid Knight. Now I'll set that monster back down and end my turn."
Jam took his card, and it was his favorite card to boot. "Let's call his bluff. I summon the Lord of Dragons in attack mode (1200/1100). It makes me feel good that I can play my favorite card, your turn."
Your bluff won't help you. Seamore took his card. "Once he summons a dragon to the field, the LOD activates. But he would never play that card in attack mode without another dragon on the field, so it must be a trap. He wants me to attack him, then he can play his tray to stop me, but I'm too smart to fall for that play. I play A Legendary Ocean, let's bring back my Water, shall we?" The field is changed yet again. "Now my monsters drop one level and raise their power (1800/1200) (2600/1200). My turn is over."
Jam took his card. "Bingo. I will take this time to thank you, Seamore. You've given me a chance to take this duel and I'm going to use it."
"Hah, I'm not stupid, I won't fall your your traps."
"Of course you won't, so I'll sacrifice my face down monster and my Dragon Lord. Even with Umi on the field, your monsters still can't stop my Tyrant Dragon."
Jam's dragon hit the field with an impact over the water, so to speak (2900/2500). "I'll set this card face down, then activate Dragon's Gunfire. Since the monsters on the field have over 800 DEF points, this spell must use its other effect in combination with my Tyrant. Tyrant Dragon, attack Seamore's life points with Dragon's Gunfire!"
Seamore took the shot like a trooper <5700>. With this resolved, Jam started his vintage gig. "Now it's battle time. Tyrant, attack Mobius with Tyrant Flame!" and with that shot, Mobius was destroyed. "And just like that, the ice has melted."
"So what, it was only 300 life points <5400>."
"True, but it's a start to me. My turn's over."
Damn, he didn't attack twice this turn....
"I don't get it, why didn't Jam attack again?" asked Stan.
"Maybe he's waiting to see if Seamore can counter him." guessed Hamtaro.
"I'm with Stan on this one," said Boss. "This is the first time Jam only attacked once with the Tyrant Dragon while facing multiple targets."
"Do you think he knows something we don't?" asked Cappy.
"Who knows." Stan answered.
"I guess you understand that it's not wise to rush into victory." said Jam. "Maybe that's why you delayed on attacking me..."
"No, I'm not gonna fall for your traps, Jam." said Seamore, then he took his card. "You should've attacked twice, but since you didn't... I'll sacrifice Hydrogeddon. Now say hello to Levia-Dragon-Daedauls!" Seamore's monster appears on the field (2800/1700).
Jam was shocked. "Well, I guess you really are the best ocean duelist around these parts."
"You better believe it."
"Wait, can someone please explains what's going on here?" asked Cappy.
"Well..." Croquet began.
"I got this one." said Jam. "Daedalus is originally a level seven monster, and A Legendary Ocean takes one level from all water monsters, even if it's in your hand. So it only need one tribute instead of two."
"So A legendary Ocean work on the monsters... in your hand too?"
"Wow, I didn't know that."
"It's amazing what you'll learn in a tournament."
"It's also amazing that I'm about to beat ya', Dragon Lord." Seamore cut in. "Now I'll relieve the water from my field and activate my monster's special ability. Daedalus, wash the field clean!"
A torrent engulfed the field and its effects even hit everyone in the area. When the effects were done, only Seamore's monster remained (2600/1500). Damn.... so much for that comeback... Jam thought.
"Yes!" Hilde yelled. "You're finished, Dragon Lord. It may not have been at my hand, but you are done. And now I can finally see you lose, just as your efforts of winning this duel, and this tournament, were wasked down the drain. I'm glad that you will not be moving on, it's over for you... o-ver!"
Jam looked at his hand, Horus LV6 can't save him from this direct shot. "Well, so much for bringing you back." he said to himself.
"Daedalus, direct attack!"
"This is gonna suck..." Moments later, Jam is knocked on his rear by a powerful just of water <600>.
"There's nothing left for you now, except for you to end your next turn. This duel is mine." said Seamore <5700>.
"Well, I take it that you're done."
"Well, I'm not mad." Jam took his card. "I play Card of Sanctity 2. We each draw until we have six cards in our hands."
"Fine, but it's still not gonna save you."
Both duelists draw cards. "I'll set two cards and one monster, that ends my turn."
"Since I have six cards, I can't draw. Now let's see here...." Seamore looked at his hand. I'll set two cards and one monster face down. Now I'll attack you." Seamore attacks Jam's card and it's destroyed. "That ends my turn."
"Jam, you can still turn this around." said Stan.
"No he can't, he's done for." said Hilde.
"You know what, don't listen to this wannabe master of dragons. She has no clue at all on how dragon power works."
"At least I didn't lose in two turns."
"Maybe so, but at least Jam and I have prespect for dragons, something you lost along the way."
"Lost... nonesense. I lost nothing."
"That not what I saw." Stan turned to Jam. "Remember when you dueled this dragon bitch? She's just mad that she couldn't win against you with a big croud watching. Even after facing the jury of her 'peers' and getting off, she still hasn't learned anything about a dragon's true power. You unleashed that to beat her, and you can do it again. So what if you don't have Horus, that dragon isn't your saving grace, it never was. But you still have at least one good dragon in your deck that will help you, it just has to be drawn. You know who I'm talking about, Jam. Now draw... and show everyone watching this duel what you told me. Show them your power, show them why you are the Dragon Lord."
"Enough drama, we have a duel in progress." said Croquet. "Draw your card, Dragon Lord, or concede."
"Concede, never." Jam said then drew his card. "Looks like I have one last shot at this, so I hope things go right. Dragons withing my deck, I am reaching out to you... just as you would reach out to me... Know that I have never, and shall never give up on you. So lend me your power, so that I may be granted the right to move on alongside all of you. Show me once again, like you always have. My move. I'll summon the Cave Dragon to the field once again, then I will call upon the Swords of Revealing Light!"
"This is unheard of, both Swords in one duel?" Seamore was surprised as the this new set of swords fell from the sky. As they hit the ground, his face down monster was revealed. "Your swords exposed Eria the Water Charmer (500/1500)."
"Not only that, but I have frozen you again. This time, however, you are frozen for three turns... starting right now."
My Divine Wrath was destroyed from Daedalus' effect. Unless I get rid of those swords, I can't win the duel. Seamore took his card. "Your last-ditch effort to bring you victory is admirable, but let me remind you just how big of a mountain you have to climb. I will return my Mermaid Kinght to the field, ending the first turn (1500/700)."
Jam drew his card. "I will set this face down and end my turn."
Seamore took his card. "I will sacrifice Eria the Water Charmer and Mermaid Knight and summon Gogiga Gagagigo to the field and end my turn (2950/2800)."
That's not cool. Jam took his card. "I'll switch my Cave Dragon to defense, then play Dragon's Gunfire."
Seamore takes the hit and shrugged it off <4900> "Another little shot to my life points."
"Your turn."
"Just in case you lost count, this is the last turn under the swords." Seamore took his card. "I will set one card face down, then I'll play Salvage. With this, I'll return Eria the Water Charmer and Mermaid Knight to my hand and end my turn. Your Swords have failed you and when you're done with your turn, I will wipe you out."
Jam simply placed his finger on his next card. Upon the touch, came the cries of a new but unfamiliar dragon. "Seamore, for the record... my cards never fail me, nor do my dragons. My next card requires a sacrifice, so I will sacrifice my Cave Dragon..." Jam touched his card and the Cave Dragon left the field. "Now come forth, White Horns Dragon."
Jam drew his card and placed it on the field, and just as he said it, the White Horns Dragon appeared (2200/1400). It's summoning had different effects on the spectators, but one wasn't happy at all... No, not this dragon. Why did he have to summon this dragon? Hilde was taken back to memory lane, which was a painful memory to boot.
"Wow, where'd this dragon come from?" asked Hamtaro.
"Who cares, it looks cool." said Boss.
"Check out that horn." noted Cappy.
"I don't see what's so special about this dragon." said Hiei.
"I've never heard of it, Hiei. Maybe this dragon is rare..." said Aqua.
"It's not too strong, that's for sure." said Petal.
"That card is stronger than you think." Hilde said to herself.
"Is there something you'd like to share with us, Hilde?" Hiei questioned.
"Aqua's right. It's a rare card, Limited Edition to be exact."
"You know what, I like that dragon." said Seamore. "But as great looking and seemingly rare as it is, it's not powerful enough to drop Daedalus."
"I like how you love my new friend, Seamore." Jam turned to Hilde. "Say Hilde, be a doll and explain the powers of the White Horns Dragon. Don't be shy, everyone's watching you... again."
Hilde turned away. "I have no idea on what you're talking about." she said.
"Sure you don't." said Stan. "She has no idea how the dragon that beat her works, but I'll refresh your memory of this bad boy. When the White Horns Dragon is summoned, Jam can take up to five spells in his opponent's graveyard and remove them from play. And each spell removed this way gives White Horns 300 ATK points."
"And since Seamore has Umi, A Legendary Ocean, and two Salvage cards in his graveyard--and you can remove those from play, Seamore..."
"Yeah, yeah..." said Seamore and removes the spells in his graveyard from play.
"And due to this, my dragon gains 1200 ATK points, boosting him all the way to 3400. Now my dragon, give Gogiga Gagagigo the point, if you catch my drift."
Jam dragon impaled Seamore's reptile, destroying it in the process and damaging Seamore's life points <4450>. I can't believe it, he actually found a way to stop my monster. thought Seamore.
Jam stood tall beside his dragon. "I have 600 life left, Seamore." he said. "And unless you and your ocen can find a way through... or around my dragon, they will be the hardest 600 life points you'll ever take. And with the powers of the sea subdued, he's got the mountain to climb. You may be an ocean duelist, but you've entered uncharted waters. Let me and my dragon welcome you to Dragon Fjord, a place where only a few salts dared venture and even fewer survive passage. This place in the world was a rough journey, even for my likes and I traveled the entire globe many a time an oft. Now move forward, for in this fjord, there is no turning back."
Seamore took his card. "I will switch Daedalus to defense mode, and I'll place another monster to defend as well. My turn's over."
It's time to take this duel, my dragon. Jam takes his card. "The flute... I will hold onto you. Attack Daedalus my dragon, impale him!" The White Horns Dragon spears Levia-Dragon, destroying it in the process. "Your move."
Seamore takes his card. "I summon Gora Turtle in attack mode (1100/1100). My Turtle protects me from high-powered monsters, keeping them from attacking and shielding me from harm. Your move."
Jam took his card. "Gora Turtule keeps monster from 1900 ATK pints and up from battle, so I'll strengthen my defenses in case of a counterattack. One card face down, that ends my turn."
Seamore takes his card. "I'll return Eria the Water Charmer to the field and end my turn."
Jam takes his card. "I play Dragon's Gunfire in combination with my White Horns Dragon."
"Yes, but for the last time." White Horns fires at Seamore, damaging his life points a third time <3650>. "Your move."
Seamore took his card. "Yeah, this will stop his dragon. I set this card face down. Now I'll flip up my Mermaid Knight."
"You know, I'm growing tired of that siren."
"Of course you are, so I will sacrifice her and Eria the Water Charmer. Now I summon Familiar-Possessed- Eria in attack mode and end my turn (1850/1500)."
Jam took his card. "It's time to enter my battle phase."
"You can't battle, your dragon is too strong. Or did you forget the power of my Gora Turtle?"
"No, but it's time I reveal Divine Wrath. Now I can use its power to negate and destroy it since youve decided to use its effect now... not that it's been active anyway."
"Can you do that?"
"Of course I can. My dragon is attacking, which of course triggers your Turtle's effect."
"He's right, and just so no one says otherwise, I'm going to allow this effect to play." said Pegasus.
"I can't believe this... all right, but you still have to discard."
"No biggy, I'll give of The Flute of Summoning Dragon."
As Jam discards the flute, a bolt of lightning comes down and destroys Gora Turtle. Well, so much for the shield. thought Seamore.
"White Horns, impale Eria... er, just stab her."
Seamore saw his monster destroyed. "Man, this is a bunch of balogna." he said <2100>.
"I know it sounds bad." said Jam. He then reached into his pack and pulled out a book.
"Hey, this is a duel. Put the book away..."
"This is no ordinary book, it's the tournament rulebook. I managed to swipe one of these at registration, without anyone seeing me. Now let's look here... Ah, here we go: Effect monsters and traps. Most monsters have an effect that traps can negate or can be negated by traps, due to the point of the trap and the effect in question can the ruling resolve. In accourdance to Skill Drain, The effects of the monster still become negated due to this trap even before the trap is activated. For example, if Fusilier Dragon, the Dual-Mode Beast is summoned without tribute, its attack power is halved to 1400. An opponent attacks it with a monster with 2000 life points and the player activates Skill Drain. When Skill Drain is activated, the Dual-Mode Beast returns to its original 2800 ATK points. Another example: Bowganian is a monster that deals direct damage to the opponent during each player's standby phase. When the stanby phase approaches, the opponent uses Divine Wrath to negate and destroy it, even though Bowganian has been in play since before it was activated. Bowganian is still destroyed from Divine Wrath as its timing was triggered properly.
"Even when an effect is triggered, Divine Wrath still destroyed the monster, reguardless of the fact it was in play for a while. Example 3: Vanity's Fiend is a monster the keeps players from special summoning monsters as long as it remains face up on the field and has been on the field for five turns. The opponent plays a ritual spell, but since ritual summoning is considered a special summon, Vanity's Fiend prevents this from happening. Divine Wrath is activated in response to that effect and Vanity's Fiend is destroyed. Monster that have a long lasting effect, even if they've been on the field for a long time, are still destroyed by Divine Wrath. I think this example is simliar to the effect of your Gora Turtle, Seamore. Since its effect was long lasting, like Vanity's Fiend's effect was, it can still be destroyed by Divine Wrath, just like Vanity's Fiend was. At least you can't say ou were cheated, because I just explained the situation to you in the tournament's rulebook."
"Well, you did explain it to me, so I can't really be mad."
"That was a lot of reading, now I believe it was your turn to move."
"Of course." Seamore took his card. "I summon Sea Serpent Warrior of Darkness in attack mode (1800/1500), now I activate Torrential Tribute."
"Ah man, that destroys all the monster on the field, or both monsters in this case." said Stan.
"Clever move." said Boss.
Jam painfully watched his dragon go to the graveyard. "Well, I can't say I'm mad." he said.
"Damn straight. Your turn to move, Jam." said Seamore.
White Horns, thanks for your help. Jam took his next card. "Seamore, you did it, you found a way around that dragon, but... there's still one more dragon you have to face."
"And who might be?"
"The one you wronged earlier in the duel, Horus the Black Flame Dragon." Jam's dragon returned to the field (1600/1000). "Well Horus, it looks like we're out of options."
"Yes, so I will attack Seamore's life points." said Horus.
"Wait a minute, you can talk?" asked Seamore.
"Of course I can, I am a God after all."
Horus attacks Seamore, bringing the oceanic duelist to a knee <500>. Horus then turned to Hilde. "I am appauled at how your mood towards dragons has yet to improve. Perhaps when you finally understand our rights, as well as your duties, will you finally learn about our power. Unlike Hiei, you do not show your dragons the proper respect they are due. As a result, you cannot harness their true powers. But like Hiei, you only see a dragon's power and rarity, then blind yourself of their true extent. Learn to utilize all aspects of dragons, or you will continue to lose. Not just in duels, but also in life... Seamore, make your move."
If my next card isn't a monster, I'm finished. thought Seamore, then he took his card. "That's it, I've got nothing left."
"You've played on hell of a duel, Seamore. I really had to earn this victory, and I give you thanks for letting me take it." Jam took the last card of the duel. "So what say you, Horus?"
"This duel is over, but I will not strike him down."
"Of course I wouldn't have you strike him down. Luster Dragon, attack him softly (1900/1600)."
Jam's newly summoned dragon simply swooped in and brushed Seamore away. The duel was over... respectfully. "And the winner of this round, Dragonlord Jam." announced Croquet.
"Man, that was a great duel." said Hamtaro.
"Of course it was great, this is Jam we're talking about." said Stan.
"I really thought Seamore had that duel won, though." said Pashmina.
"After my match with Penelope, shame on you." said Boss.
"Come on, that was well played." said Hamtaro.
"It sure was, I can't wait for the next match." said Cappy.
Jam walked over to Seamore. "You okay?" he asked.
"My pride hurts, but I'm cool with it." Seamore answered.
"I really thought I lost that duel."
"I really had you beat."
"You did, but my bluffing with two face down spells kept you at bay."
"Spells? Man, that sucks."
Afterwards, Jam went to a nearby table and took a seat. He than yawned and shuffled his deck. "I must say, that was quite a feat for you to come back like you did." said Hiei.
"Nah, I was just lucky." said Jam.
"Perhaps you were... but I don't believe in luck. That seemed to be more 'faith' than anything else." Jam stopped shuffling, pulled out the book from his pack that matched the sleeves of his cards, opened it to the last page and began to place each card in the book face down.
"And what's the purpose of this?"
"No purpose, I just need not see how I place my cards."
"No, random. Even I don't know what cards I get, but it's the fact that I rely on my dragons when I see them in duels that's good enough for me."
"So be it." and Hiei walks away.
Jam watches him go, then returns to placing his deck in its book. "Yup."
Hiei retires to his room and lays in bed. So the Dragonlord is a duelist that keeps his own monster hidden to himself before dueling. Unorthadox... a clever head game, but unorthadox. He may be more than what he seems after all...