Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ As If! ❯ Duel Identity, Pt. 2 ( Chapter 28 )

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*Scene: The end of Duel Identity, Pt. 1.*

Yami: Yugi, let me help you! If you continue to hold me back, everybody loses!

Mai: *waves her arms at him* Um... hate to break it to you kid, but if he continues to hold you back, I win...

Yami: *grumbles* Stop being so technical about it! I'm trying to guilt-trip my aibou into letting me duel...

Yugi: *sweatdrops* You do realize you just said that out loud, right?

Yami: ...durn it.

Well, that's it, folks! Go and enjoy the chapter (I hope)!*

*Scene: Yugi continues to freak out muchly, in regards to his snazzo Puzzle.*

Pegasus: I sense much conflict. Instead of embracing the power of his Millennium Item, he seems to be struggling against its forces.

Téa: *hopefully* Well, maybe he's not gay!

*Scene: The cheerleaders are being a little slow.*

Tristan: What's the problem, Yugi?

Téa: Mai is. She's gone and put aside all her silly card tricks and played this duel flawlessly.

Joey: That's just totally unfair!

Bakura: *mockingly playing along* Oh, yes! She should be disqualified for it!

Joey: *totally oblivious* Yeah! She should!

*The others sweatdrop.*

*Scene: Correction, a LOT slow.*

Joey: Could it be that it was just sheer, dumb luck that I beat her before?

Téa: Uhh.. isn't that what we've been figuring all along?

Tristan: Well, that and Yugi.

Bakura: I'm frankly still surprised you're counting it as your victory at all!

*Scene: Mai, getting bored of trying psychiatry on Yugi, switches to her favorite daydream vision.*

Joey: I made it this far 'cause I got my friends Yugi and Tristan and Téa and Bakura behind me.

Bakura: *mentally* I'm his friend? Wow. Doesn't that make you want to, I don't know, be nice to them, or something?

Yami Bakura: Not particularly, no.

*Scene: Joey's got a point.*

Mai: You also have the guts to look inside and face up to what you saw there. You looked your demons in the eye and dealt with them. And that's a lesson everyone should learn.

Joey: I did that?

Mai: That's right.

Joey: Wow. And here I thought I was just being too dumb to give up.

*Scene: Although Mai was nice enough to give Yugi a little break to think, she, unlike Kaiba, has better things to do with her time than stand around all day.*

Mai: So, Yugi, have you faced up to your fears? Whatever freaked you out in your battle with Kaiba, have you come to grips with it?

Yugi: Sure have, and dealt with it, too! Been thirty hours, and not a single killing!

*Scene: Yugi sits disconsolately on the marble floor of what he calls his mind.*

Yugi: No matter how badly I need to rescue Grandpa, hurting someone else is something I will not do.

Yami: I meant no harm. I only wanted to help, and I vow never to go against your wishes again.

Yugi: Well... Okay, then. I'll sit down with you later and draw up a full contract. I have a tendency to get knocked out and be unavailable for consult, after all.

Yami: *horrified* CONTRACT?

*Scene: Same, this time by the Light 'n' Dark Pharaohs.*

Yami: *turns around and holds out his hand* You shouldn't be sitting on the gr...

Yugi: *bolts up and starts babbling* You were, and me, not dead, standing behind me, and, and... *CRASH!*

Yami: *looking down at Yugi, who is on the ground twitching* Note to self: Don't sneak up on unsuspecting lights.

*Scene: Since Yami now has Yugi's full trust, how long before he stops being "Yami Yugi" and becomes "Yami Moto?" At the Yugis'.*

Yugi: *blissfully* Hi mom! Hi dad! I want you to meet somebody! His name's Yami, and he's the spirit that was living in my Millennium Puzzle. He used to be a little strange, but he's okay now, and in fact, we're getting married next week!

Yami: *standing behind Yugi with a look of self-loathing* I can't believe I actually let myself in for this... Oh god, oh god, oh god...

*Scene: With Yugi now undeniably the dominant partner, the duel can go on.*

Yami: You're right, I was holding back, but not any longer.

Mai: Hmm, you're a little late to the party, Yugi.

Yami: Ah, but only fashionably late.

*Scene: Yami is about to draw, but is stopped by that annoying little voice in his head.*

Yugi: Just remember, you promised we'd do this my way, right?

Yami: Yes, I did.

Yugi: Good. Just making sure.

Yami: *taps fingers against the deck* You done yet? Because I'm not drawing until you are.

Yugi: I dunno. I kinda like talking to you like this. Hey, do you like sock puppets? I like sock puppets -- I think they're cute. I once had this sock puppet named "Bob." That was a great sock puppet...

*Yami sits down heavily on the ground with a sigh while Yugi paces, yattering and gesturing animatedly.*

*Scene: Yami is finally allowed to draw.*

Yami: I play the magic card Brain Control.

Mai: Brain Control? What is that?

Joey: Brain Control -- controls brains? Dum dum.

Yami: Almost as good as the Millennium Rod!

*Scene: Mai's ignorance is almost understandable.*

Yami: With this card, I can brainwash one enemy monster and control it for a turn.

Téa: Pity he couldn't use it to control one of his own monsters. That Shadow of Eyes thing is annoying!

*Scene: Harpy's Pet Dragon is the monster of choice.*

Mai: *laughs* Even under Brain Control, Harpy's Pet Dragon won't attack her master.

Yami: I know that, Mai.

Téa: Then why was he so startled the first time she said it?

Joey: Umm... suspense?

*Scene: The way Yami draws would look hideous in real life. I speak from experience.*

Yami: Because I've called an attack, your Mirror Wall appears.

Téa: But I thought the Dragon wouldn't attack Harpy Lady!

Bakura: *starts singing* I know what I know / I'll since what I said / All logic must go / 'Cause when it comes to dueling, you know it's already fled...

*Everyone looks at Bakura very, very oddly.*

*Scene: Harpy's Pet Dragon settles down onto Catapult Turtle.*

Harpy's Pet Dragon: *looks at the Mirror Wall* Aah! So that's what I look like?! Harpy always told me I was pretty!! *flies from the field, sobbing*

Mai: *shouts after her* No, no, it's... it's true! It's all in the eye of the beholder! You're beautiful! *groans and slumps against the arena*

Yami: *smirks* As you said yourself, Mai, psychology is half the game.

Mai: Yeah, yeah...

*Scene: After the attack.*

Mai: He shattered my Mirror Wall to pieces.

Bakura: But isn't that bad luck for Yugi?

Téa: *glares at him* I think Yugi can deal.

*Scene: As Pegasus realizes that Yugi is regaining his confidence.*

Yugi: If I can trust the spirit of the Millennium Puzzle, if we can really work together, then nothing can stop us!

Téa: *sniffles* Yugi wants to work with Yami. Joey needs the help of Tristan. Who's left for me?!

Bakura: Uh, me, I guess.


Both: Ewww...

*Scene: With Yami having laid a card face-down before, Mai isn't sure what to do.

Mai: *thinking* This is the toughest decision I've had to make all game -- to attack or not to attack.

Yami: *oozing confidence* Bring on your assault, Mai!

Tristan: Geez, that's a little out-of-character for Yugi.

Joey: Yeah, normally he's taunting people about the risk.

Téa: Talk about overcompensating.

*Scene: Mai plays Elegant Egotist instead.*

Mai: Not bad, huh? That ends my turn, Yugi, but next time around you'll get a taste of my Ladies' claws, and I promise you won't enjoy it.

Yami: Clearly you've never seen one of my Punishment Games if that's the worst you can come up with.

*Scene: Funny only if you remember the original chapter ordering.*

Yami: For this turn, I'll activate the Monster Recovery Card, pull all my monsters back into my deck, reshuffle, and now I can draw five new cards.

Téa: What is everybody's obsession with randomly exchanging their hands?

*Scene: Yami plays the Mystical Elf in Defense.*

Yami: Shadow of Eyes may lure men into battle, but it doesn't work on female monsters.

Bakura: *offended* That seems a little bigoted!

Téa: Yeah! What if they're lesbians? Ever think about that?

*Scene: Same.*

Téa: So all those dragons and beavers and everything have genders? And they're all automatically male?

Tristan: Yeah, pretty much.

*Scene: Same same.*

Joey: I swear, Mai's deck is just as sexist as yours is, Téa!

*Joey gets whapped.*

*Scene: Bakura is a pessimist and Mai is an antagonist. Some things never change.*

Mai: Okay, so let's see where we stand. You're on the board with one measly elf, and it's my turn.

Téa: Guess she stopped trying to bolster Yugi's spirits.

Tristan: Well, you could see that as a good thing.

Joey: *sarcastic* Yeah, 'cause Mai's statement of faith is exactly what you want.

*Scene: Mai plays Monster Reborn.*

Mai: Remember Harpy's Pet Dragon? He's baaaaaack! And he gets 300 more attack points for each Harpy on the field.

Yami: Oh, no! He now has 2900 attack points.

Mai: And every single point aimed right at you. Harpy Ladies, combine your power! Exterminate Attack!

Téa: *watches the Mystical Elf get blasted and scratches head* But don't you always have to attack with your new monster?

Joey: I don't think it really matters at this point, Téa.

*Scene: Utter distress.*

Téa: She wiped out his last defense!

Bakura: Am I invisible? Has everyone forgotten my Yami already? There are scads more female cards Yugi could play!

*Scene: Gloating.*

Mai: He might as well admit it, I'm unstoppable. There's nothing he can do against my monster's attack power.

Téa: This about the guy that staved off a Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon with a Kuriboh?

*Scene: A crisis of faith.*

Yugi: What happens if I draw the wrong card? What happens to Grandpa? To Joey and his sister? And to Kaiba and Mokuba.

Yami: Whoa, back up a second there. "Joey and his sister?" They aren't your responsibility anymore, and not through any suggestion of mine, I might hastily add!

*Scene: A lot can happen while you have your eyes closed.*

Mai: Swords of Revealing Light? He actually drew Swords of Revealing Light? How can anybody be that lucky?

Téa: This about the guy that drew Exodia?

*Scene: The problem.*

Yugi: Harpy's Pet Dragon is the most powerful monster she's got.

Joey: Uh-huh. Nice how that meshes in so tightly with Harpy's Lady being the only monster she's got.

*Scene: I did a double take here, I really did. And not about the plan -- that was obvious.*

Yami: We can defeat it, but only at great risk. It involves the Black Luster Ritual, and three turns might not be enough.

Yugi: *peering over Yami's shoulder* Black Luster Ritual? What's that?

Yami: *turns his head just enough to make his bangs swish* If I can draw the correct cards, you'll see soon enough.

Yugi: *sighs and backs off* And I'm left out of this relationship again already, I see. *sits in a corner, morosely rolling one of Yami's special Sennen Eye dice*

*Scene: Yami plays the ever-cuddly Kuriboh.*

Mai: Oh. It's the attack of the giant three-toed hairball. Look, it's totally ferocious, Yugi! I think it wants to attack Harpy's Pet Dragon single-handed! *laughs*

Kuriboh: *stops growling to think* Huh? Why wouldn't I?

*Scene: Mai requires validation for her humor.*

Mai: Hmm. What, you don't think that's funny, Yugi?

Yami: It's not, Mai. You should know by now that I never laugh with people, only at them.

*Scene: Yami explains the Kuriboh's importance.*

Mai: That hairball couldn't be an important step on the way to anything, except maybe choking a cat.

Téa: Well, you did describe Harpy's Pet Dragon as a cuddly kitten earlier!

*Scene: As that is clearly a losing argument, Mai rushes on.*

Mai: Anyway, I can't attack while Swords of Revealing Light is still in play, so I draw this one card and that ends my turn.

Téa: But can't you just not attack with the old monsters, like in Kaiba's first duel with Yugi?

Boys: *clamping their hands over Téa's mouth* SHHH!!!

*Scene: A line that reminds me of Andy Richter Controls the Universe.*

Mai: But soon, you're gonna be history.

Yami: Yeah, well, I did that once, and it's not as cool as it looks. So I think I'll decline, thanks.

*Scene: Tick tock, tick tock...*

Yami: *thinking* That Kuriboh was a good start, but with just the cards I've got in my hand now, I can't initiate the Black Luster Ritual. I still need one more card... *draws* ...but this isn't the card I need! Well, there's still time... *draws again... and again...* Damn it!

Yugi: *getting boreder by the minute* I see. So this is why you wouldn't tell me your plan. Good move, Yam-Yam.

Yami: Don't call me that.

Yugi: Noo, I think I've got full right to call you whatever I want, now.

*Scene: Mai silently cheers Yugi on to impressive failure.*

Yami: This card worked for you. Monster Reborn! *plays* I use Monster Reborn to bring back Gaia, the Fierce Knight!

Téa: But I thought he returned all his monsters to the deck!

Tristan: Okay, that's it! *grabs Téa and Bakura by the arms and drags them to the other side of the room* From now on, you two get to form your own special cheerleading squad.

Téa: *flatly* Lucky us.

Bakura: *oblivious* Yippee! I'm special!

*Scene: Yami, true to form, draws the useless Winged Dragon, Flightless Fortress Guardian. ...well, there has to be some reason they're pointing out his wings, right?*

Téa: *distraught* Yugi.

Joey: Just maintain your cool, Téa.

Téa: Huh?

Joey: Relax. You can tell from the look in his eyes, he's not about to give up.

*Téa looks at Yami's eyes, and sighs dreamily.*

Bakura: *poking her repeatedly in the arm, to no avail* Now look what you've done!

*Scene: What the heck is up with what seems to me to be a perfectly normal two-tribute monster being "legendary?" And is it related to the legendary status of such mundane Pokémon as Arcanine?*

Pegasus: *thinking* Ah, I see. Very daring, Yugi-boy. You mean to attempt the legendary Black Luster Ritual.

Yami: *annoyed* I haven't drawn it yet. How come everyone can read my deck?

Yugi: I can't! What are you trying to do? What's this card? Black something? Well, it sounds like something you'd like, but...

*Yami sighs and creates the image of an African bird for Yugi to play with. Yugi chases it around his soul room, giggling happily.*

*Scene: Mai draws a second Harpy Lady, and stands around blinking for a few minutes to let the cheerleaders talk.*

Mai: My turn is over, as are the effects of your Swords of Revealing Light.

*The swords disappear, releasing her monsters.*

Harpy Lady One: *stretches* Oh, god, my back is killing me...

Harpy Lady Two: My claws are cramping something awful!

Harpy Lady Three: Ugh, and my armor was all ridden up... talk about damn uncomfortable!

*Scene: Mai relaxes, too, by taunting.*

Mai: Didn't get much help out of your three free turns, did you, Yugi?

Yami: *panicking* How the hell do you know?! Maybe it's in my hand! Yeah! Could be! You don't know anything! I can still win!!

*Scene: Yami goes to draw, but really does panic.*

Yami: *thinking* I don't think I can do this! Yugi was right!

Yugi: *bored again* The first day you decide to listen to me, and already you're listening to all the wrong things. Bravo!

*Scene: Inside Yugi's mind, still.*

Yami: I don't think I can do this! Yugi was right! Too much riding on the draw of a single card...

Yugi: Since you felt free to paraphrase my grandpa earlier, allow me to do the same: "For someone claiming to have faith, you sure suck at this, don't you?"

*Scene: This is a fun scene to write for, it turns out.*

Yugi: Ever hear of "do as I say, not as I do?" Well, for me, it's the opposite.

*Scene: Standing before the closed, card-patterned door.*

Yami: Who am I to gamble with the lives of Yugi's friends and family?

Yugi: *starting to get really irritated* The same person who's been outright killing people for the past few months now, perhaps?

*Scene: Oh my god, he has a soul!

Yami: There's too much riding on the draw of this next card. I shouldn't be risking Yugi's friends and family this way. It's... too dangerous. I can't.

Yugi: *gets fed up* We're in too far to stop now, so whatever! *pushes Yami aside and yanks open the door himself*

*Scene: Blink, little Yami!*

Yugi: We can do it, together.

Yami: Yugi?

Yugi: I'm with you, and we're not alone.

Yami: *looks around* Who the hell invited Bakura?

Bakura: Nobody. Nobody ever invites me. Do I not exist? Am I invisible? I always end up inviting myself, and I swear, you guys are the first people to ever call me on it...

*Scene: Yami closes his eyes. Again. Poor guy, he must be getting pretty tired.*

Yami: *thinking* Ah, with all of you at my side, I was foolish to lose faith. It's like you said -- you and I have to trust in each other and in the heart of the cards. And once we put our hearts in the game, there's nothing we ca...

Joey: Oh, come on, already! We're here for Yugi, not you, lil' guy. And if you don't hurry it up, then we're gonna be at a snack bar for him, soon, instead!

*Scene: One gets the feeling Pegasus is a perv.*

Pegasus: *gasps* Such power. I've never felt such tremendous strength. Never.

Yami: *slightly smug* Looks like I found my own way of getting souls, huh, Pegasus?

*Scene: Of course, Yami's allowed to be a little smug.*

Yami: *draws* Well, Mai, you've put up a good fight, but now the duel ends. Starting with this card -- Black Luster Ritual!

Yugi: What the hell? When did I get that card?

Yami: About five minutes ago, I'd say.

Yugi: YAMI!

Yami: *all innocence* Yes, Yugi? Something wrong?

*Yugi sighs.*

*Scene: A big-whoop explanation of tribute monsters, strongly reminiscent of the big-whoop explanations of magic cards and traps.*

Yami: Watch. The Black Luster Ritual works by sacrificing all of the monsters I have placed on the field.

Joey: Uh, then why didn't he leave it at just the Kuriboh?

Téa: Well, there's more to it than that, Joey! ... I hope.

*Scene: Shock all around.*

Yami: Now, Black Luster Soldier, Chaos Attack! *mentally* Hey, look at me, Yugi! I'm posing without attacking! See? See?!

Yugi: Yeah! Good job, Yami! I'm so proud of you!

*Yami beams at the praise.*

*Scene: What happens in the CCs when you name a character "Mai."*

Pegasus: *thinking* This duel is over. My spirit is broken. She's lost the will to go on.

*Note: Read it. Think about it. Take it any way you want to.*

*Scene: The Harpy Ladies mourn the loss of their pet, and their mistress with them.*

Yami: Uh... Mai? So does this mean that you surrender?

Joey: No way.

Téa: Um, what... what happened?

Bakura: Mai surrendered. When a duelist places their hand over the deck like that, it means they concede the duel.

Téa: Wow. And here I thought she was just drawing.

*Scene: The same place, by the Pharaohs.*

Bakura: When a duelist places their hand over the deck like that, it means they concede the duel.

Mai: No! Maybe I'm trying to do the whole Heart of the Cards thing. Why is it when Yugi does that no-one jumps the gun and goes, "Oh Yugi's surrendering?" Why me, huh, why me?!

Joey and Tristan: Duelist logic!

Téa: *whispers to Mai* Okay, I say we sneak up on them from behind and then stab them with the steak knives...