Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ As If! ❯ Best of Duels, Best of Friends, Pt. 1 ( Chapter 31 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

*Author's Note: I would like to give ten thousand thanks to the wonderful Manda-Chan for all her help with the song in this chapter! It made it VERY much easier for me, and it was greatly appreciated. As well, of course, as being funny. *grins* Sooo... thanks!!

Now, I've really nothing else of import to say, so I'll get on to reviews:

tefla - *sweatdrops* I was being quasi-sarcastic about the questions -- which just goes to prove that I shouldn't try to be funny, since NO-ONE got that. Thank you for your advice, though!

Shadow Vitani - LOL!! That's really funny! I'll try to remember to update that chapter with that, 'cause it's gooooood.

Nips - Heh, well, there's an easy explanation for my... er, explanation not making it funny: My jokes aren't funny in the first place. You're all insane. As for dubbing the guns, one presumes it's much the same principle as sticking a CENSORED box over swears in normal TV.

lily - *laughs* I'm happy to get even a single word for a review! Long ones telling me the ten things I should change to make it better are great, yes, but even just knowing people's opinion is absolutely wonderful. So thank you for taking the time to do that! And thank you to everyone else, while I'm at it, too!

Cassandra Cassidy, AKA Liz - You'd be surprised with how much time I can find to listen to reviewers ramble at me, no matter WHAT they say. *grins* And I love every word of it, too, even when it scares me... *cough, cough*

Cat-Chan - He WHAT?! Errrr... I dunno 'bout a word you're saying, but I'll answer anyway, 'cause it's fun.

"Yami is Yugi's ancestor, right?" Beats me. I'd say "no," but I'll presume it for a minute, here.

"What does that make Yugi's ethnicity?" *shrugs* Can you trace YOUR lineage back five thousand years? I know mine for about three generations, but certainly not back even a single thousand years. I'd guess that Yugi's as Japanese as anybody else.

"In battle 149, when Yami goes on a date with Anzu, wouldn't that be against the law?" That's news to me! And rather disturbing news, too. But, no, I can't see how it would be against the law. ...unless, of course, Yugi and Anzu are married by then. Yugi and Yami getting married, if they were related, would be, yes. However, Yami and Anzu are completely unrelated -- unless you want to say that Yugi and Anzu are the "children" of Yami and Ancient-Anzu, in which case... er... even Yugi and Anzu being together would be illegal. Except, of course, I doubt the law extends that far -- and genetics, certainly, is long past being relevant, since we're ALL related, every single one of us. So no.

"Even if it wasn't, wouldn't that be just plain wrong, having your ancestor go out with YOUR girlfriend?" Now THAT I won't argue with. Although from my (very limited) knowledge, Anzu is the one obsessed with Yami, not the other way around, no? So it's HER disloyalty. ...still freaky, though. 'Nother tick against Téa, I guess.

Tasaki - The fact that you could need to know about a ten-minute recess is frankly rather scary. Although, actually, I've had to use such obscure little facts in fics myself... so I guess I shouldn't be one for talking.

As for that telepathic conversation at the end of the last chapter, no, they DIDN'T say all that. Here's the actual mental convo:

Joey: Yugi...

Yugi: Joey...

Joey: I guess we can't put this off any longer, bud.

Yugi: This is it. To save my Grandpa, I must duel my best friend.

Still, you listen to it and, well, I for one still think my joke valid.

Bronze Eagle - Actually, Yugi and Yami probably DON'T talk in the first episode. I figured it a possibility, so I was bluffing it. As for the subtitles, those are MESSED. I think you'd have an easier time just learning Japanese than trying to find a translation to THAT bit of mangled English. (At least, that's my theory and what I'm doing!)

Cat-Chan - Yep! In fact, I even said that. At least, I THINK I said that... but anyway, yeah. The reason Yugi could call off his attack against Kaiba was that it was detrimental to HIMSELF.

Oh, and you were wrong about one thing -- if we were playing Duel Monsters, I would have lost five turns ago. I've never even SEEN a real card, much less know enough about any game to be able to do THAT!*

*Scene: Everyone stands around, rather uncomfortable.*

Bakura: Who would have guessed that out of all the duelists who started in this tournament, two best friends would wind up in the final match?

Téa: Not me. I mean, Joey wasn't even supposed to be in this tournament! And other people? Pfft. Other people suck!

*Scene: Alternate methods.*

Téa: Don't you think it would be easier if they just flipped a coin or something?

Yami: *snatches control eagerly* Ooh, yeah! Coin, coin! I vote for that! *waves an arm around in the air*

Yugi: *takes control back* Ohh, no you don't! I've seen you with coins, and it isn't pretty.

*Scene: Frittering.*

Téa: Don't you think it would be easier if they just flipped a coin or something? Then we could get our match with Pegasus now!

Tristan: Wow, someone's an eager beaver.

Téa: *taps her foot impatiently and whines* All this standing around is doing horrors for my hair!

*Bakura chuckles at that, but is whacked before he can even say anything.*

Bakura: Ow! Hey!

Téa: Don't you play innocent with me, Bakura Ryou!

*Scene: Same place again.*

Téa: Don't you think it would be easier if they just flipped a coin or something? Then we could get our match with Pegasus now!

Tristan: I don't think that it works that way, Téa.

Téa: That's your answer for everything! Find me something that does work the way it's supposed to!

Bakura: Hmm... gravity?

Téa: *crosses her arms over her chest* Maybe for you, but not for me...

*Note: Scary thing is, one of my friends said almost exactly the same thing about gravity the day after I wrote that.*

*Scene: Téa's a bit uppity.*

Tristan: I totally hear what you're saying, but it's just how this tournament works.

Téa: Well, I don't like it!

Pegasus: Hmm, well, I'll be sure to remember that for my next tournament. Oh, but wait. You aren't even a duelist, so I don't even have to pretend to care what you think! Nyah-ha!

*Scene: Yugi has second thoughts. Or perhaps it's third or fourth by now.*

Joey: You said it yourself. If it came down to us, we'd both just play our best and most honorable duel. That's the only way we're gonna really know which one of us is best prepared take on Pegasus in the final match!

Yugi: *nearly chokes from laughing* That isn't... hahahahahaha... ohhh, my... best prepared... That's a classic! *wipes a tear from his eye*

Joey: Uhhh... That's better. ....I think.

*Scene: Yugi keeps standing around mentally twitching for a few more minutes.*

Joey: You know, I never noticed it before, but that indecision of yours is really distracting!

Bakura: Ooh, secret strategy!

*Bakura gets less-than-nice looks from the other cheerleaders.*

*Scene: Yami takes over, indicating that the duel may begin.*

Croquet: Your gracious host will now make a few opening remarks.

Tristan: *failing to even pretend to be discreet* Oh, boy.

Pegasus: *stands up, looking rather top-heavy* Congratulations, duelists, you're the finest in the world. *sits down*

Tristan: *blinks* Well, alrighty, then.

*Scene: Okay, fine, so he actually says two sentences.*

Pegasus: I look forward to a match that's sure to consist of your dueling best -- after all, should you give me anything less, I will know. *laughs maniacally*

Joey: Ohh, yeah. Real conducive to calm, unparanoid dueling, that.

*Scene: Joey wants to make sure that Yami knows he's properly appreciative -- promises or no promises, a little caution is always wise.*

Joey: I'm in the final match of the biggest Duel Monsters tournament that's ever been thrown, and it's all 'cause of you, bud. You got me here. You looked out for me.

Yami: You're wrong, Joey. You earned your place here.

Joey: Thanks, pal.

Yami: *mentally* See that, Yugi? I'm being all nice and sensitive and stuff!

Yugi: *same* Yeah! That's great, Yami!

*Yugi tosses Yami a candy bar, which he hugs to his chest possessively while Yugi looks on like an indulgent parent.*

*Scene: Away from Yami, who's finally stopped looking like a startled fish.*

Pegasus: *chuckles; thinking* How amusing. The same best friends that would do anything to help each other have now become arch rivals, pitted against each other in a desperate match that can boast but a single winner. What a splendid show this should make!

Yami Bakura: *grins; mentally* My thoughts exactly!

Yami Yugi: *annoyed; mentally* Would you two keep it down?! It's hard enough censoring all the random thoughts around here for my aibou, without you shouting at each other.

Yami Bakura: No offense, Moto, but your aibou is an idiot.

Yami Yugi: No more than yours is! Although, at least he's taking the opportunity to try to take off the Ring, I guess.

Yami Bakura: HE WHAT?!?!

Yami Yugi: *chuckles* Made ya look!

*Yami Bakura grumbles.*

*Scene: Musical interlude, with much help from the lovely Manda.*

How'd it come to this
After all we've been through?

Joey: *beginning to doubt himself* I don't know if I can do this, Yuge... I mean, we've been through a lot together... What if you win, and I don't forgive you?

Yugi: Oh, that'd be fine. There's always my spirit. So, how 'bout it Yami? New best friend? *Yami and Yugi shake hands*

Joey: *angrily* HEY!

Two of a pair
Now on opposite sides

Téa: Pity Kaiba isn't here with those probability scenarios of his...

Bakura: I don't know, Téa. I rather think he has it programmed to tell him what he wants to hear.

Téa: Mm. Knowing Kaiba, I wouldn't be surprised...

From the very start
We thought only of two

Yami: Yes, because NOBODY EVER REMEMBERS THE YAMIS. Nobody! Oh, you come to us when you need our help, yes, but every other time? We might as well not exist, in your minds!

Watched each other's back
And we battled with pride

*Joey and Yugi circle each other warily.*

Joey: You turn around!

Yugi: No, you!

Joey: Just do it, Yugi!

Yugi: No way! You turn around!

Téa: *walks up* Umm... what are you two doing?

Joey: Well, I'm TRYING to watch his back, but SOMEBODY'S making it hard on me!

Yugi: I am not! You're the one being difficult!

Téa: *sighs* Ohhh, boy. This could take a while...

We are closer than brothers

Téa: *at the Motos'* Why, sure, you can borrow a towel, Mokuba! Yugi keeps them right in here, I think... *opens up the linen closet, but swiftly slams it shut again before Mokuba can see inside* On second thought, let's just go to my house, shall we?

Now we have to fight each other
Can we trust our fate to the heart of the cards?

Heart of the Cards: Doubting me, are you?! Well, we'll see how well you get along without me! Then we'll see who trusts whom! *stalks off angrily*

Yami: No! Wait!

Joey: Come back!

Yami: We're sorry!

Joey: We love you!

Yami: We'll buy you chocolate!!

No matter what
We'll let the game begin

Croquet: Let the match begin! *gestures towards a grand door, which opens to reveal a rather confused and scared looking boy in a runner's outfit*

Runner: Err... I had the torch for the opening ceremonies a minute ago, I swear! But then this white-haired kid came and stole it! *tries not to look at Pegasus's white hair*

Tristan: Uh-oh. You don't think he means...

Téa: Bakura!

*Tristan and Téa dash down the hall, where they indeed find Bakura playing with the torch.*

Bakura: Oooh... so pretttty.... fiiiiiiiirrrree...

Téa: Bakura! You give that torch back right this minute!

Bakura: No! It's mine! You'll never take it from me!!

Tristan: We aren't joking, Bakura! Hand it over!

Bakura: N-aaaaaah!! MY HAIR!! IT'S ON FIRE!!!!




Joey: *looks at Yugi worriedly* Umm... do we even WANT to know what's going on up there?

Yugi: Uhh... probably not, no.

No matter what
May the best man win

Téa: It's a conspiracy, I tell you! They didn't let many girls enter the tournament, just so they'd be able to say things like that!! I'LL TELL THE WORLD!!

*Téa gets dragged off by a pair of goons.*

No matter what
We're in this together

Yami: *looking at Joey's cards thoughtfully* Hmm, okay... You should play that monster in Attack, with that card there as a trap.

Joey: Ooh, yeah! Good move! *plays* Okay, now, I think you oughta play that there monster -- the one on the right.

Yami: Alright, thanks. *plays*

Joey: Hey! That wasn't the one I was suggestin'!

Yami: Yes, I know. But I never said exactly what I was going to be using your advice for, now did I?

No matter what
We'll be friends forever
No matter what

Joey: No matter what happens, I promise you, I'll always be your friend.

Yami: *nervously* "Always?" Always is a very long time, you know. Are you sure you couldn't reconsider, maybe?

Joey: Reconsider?! What for?!

Yami: Well, look at it from my perspective. When I'm counting all my friends, do you think I want to have to remember everybody who ever said they'd always be my friend? Do you know how long that would make my list?!

Joey: As of right now? Mmm... 'bout a dozen?

Yami: *startled* Wow, that many? Geez, that's almost kind of flattering...

It's been you and me
Hanging out playing games
Didn't ever think it would get this hard

Yugi: *looks at cards*

Joey: *looks at cards*

Yugi: Ya got any twos?

Joey: Go fish.

Cheerleaders: *anime fall*

Time's running out
And there's so much at stake
Everything riding on the turn of a card

Yami: *closes his eyes and draws, like he does* Now I'll play... *turns the card to face him* ...uhh... Whoops, must've shuffled it in backwards... *turns it to face the other way* WHAT?! *takes it in both hands and looks at it closely* I don't believe it! There's nothing ON this card! It's just the backing on both sides!

Joey: So, uh... does that mean I get to play now, or what?

We'll show 'em what we're made of

Joey: *licks a finger* Mm... tapioca...

As we fight for the ones we love
And we'll be friends 'til the very end
No matter what!

Yami: So, no hard feelings if I win and take your soul?

Joey: No -- WHAT?! NO WAY!

Yami: *getting angry* Well, then, what's the point of the duel if I can't take your soul?!

Joey: *trying to think of something smart to say* Yeah... well... well... I'M NOT YOUR FRIEND ANYMORE! *crosses arms and turns away*

Yami: FINE! *crosses arms and turns away*

Yugi: YEAH! *crosses arms and turns away*

Bakura: I AGREE! *crosses arms* *everyone looks at him strangely* What? I felt left out.

*Scene: *sniffles* I thought that song was lame the first time I heard it -- not helped by my sister talking over the entire thing -- but now I think it's really sweet... ...and, yes, lame, of course.*

Téa: You know, it was one thing when Yugi and Joey had duels back home, and there wasn't anything big on the line. But here...

Tristan: Everything is at stake.

Téa: *looks over* Huh?

Tristan: The money for Serenity's operation? The match that could save Yugi's grandpa? Do you actually have a three-second memory?

Téa: Oh. Well, it's just that I was talking about it being in that big fancy arena, instead.

Bakura: *brushes back his bangs with a bewildered expression* I'm all for odd things, but that one's a little too off even for me.

*Scene: Yes, I really did write that just to make the Bakura fangirls squeal.*

Bakura: The stakes are high, but hopefully after everything's said and done, they'll be a way for both of them to get what they've fought so hard for.

Tristan: I'm voting on Kaiba being thankful and giving Joey the money he needs, how about you?

Téa: Well, I bet Yugi could talk him into that one way or another.

*Téa and Tristan both have an ill-disguised fit of laughter, while Bakura looks on, once again bewildered. He just does it so well!*

*Scene: The onlookers are far more amusing than the duel, in my opinion.*

Pegasus: *chuckles; mentally* Wishful thinking, Bakura, but after everything's "said and done," I'll be the only one to get what I want -- including what I want from you!

Yami Bakura: *mentally* Yes, yes, you've said that a dozen times already. *thoughtfully* Although, it's almost kind of nice hearing Ryou described as "wishful." I'm beginning to think I broke him or something.

Pegasus: Ah, feeling guilty, Yami?

Yami Bakura: Not particularly, no.

*Scene: Giltia the Knight slashes the Celtic Guardian.*

Joey: I warned ya, Yugi. I'm not gonna pull any punches in this here duel!

Bakura: "This here duel?" Suddenly I feel much less bad about having said "great Scott."

*Scene: Yugi still thinks of Joey as an apprentice, not a duelist.*

Yugi: *thinking* Joey left his Knight on the field, completely unprotected. Just one of those amateur mistakes could cost him the match if he were dueling Pegasus. What is he thinking?!

Yami: *mentally* Don't you think that might be a bit harsh? After all, I placed my Guardian on the field with no more protection.

Yugi: Yeah, and don't think I'm not going to be getting to you in a minute!

*Scene: The obvious but necessary for the previous.*

Yugi: What is he thinking?!

Yami: Wild guess, but nothing.

*Scene: Time out.*

Yami: In a duel of this magnitude, every single move you make is crucial. One false card and it can cost you everything you've worked so hard for.

Joey: I got it. Every move I make here has gotta be right on the dot.

Yami: That's right, because here no-one lets a mistake go unpunished -- not Pegasus and not me.

Joey: Okay! Time in.

Yami: *shrugs* Actually, I'd been going to give you more advice, but since I'm going to be punishing mistakes, I might as well start with that one. *proceeds to beat the hell out of Joey*

*Scene: After Gaia the Fierce Knight clobbers Giltia the Cuddly Knight, Joey plays the Armored Lizard in Defense Mode.*

Yugi: *thinking* I know Joey has a better monster than that. *smirks* Hmm. I wonder what he's planning here?

Yami: *taps his shoulder* Uhhh, Yugi?

Yugi: *rubbing his hands together gleefully* Yessss?

Yami: Uhh... Are you alright?

Yugi: Yesssss!

Yami: Um. Alright, then.

*Scene: If Bakura were a Duel Monster's card, he would probably end up being "The Lady of Sorrow," or something. ...err, I mean, "The Pessimistic Knight." Right. That's what I meant. *nervous, darting looks**

Pegasus: *chuckles; thinks* I see, Joey.

Yami Bakura: *imitates a teacher, for no other reason than to alleviate boredom* Very good, Pegasus! Now what else can you see?

*Scene: Yami plays the ever-popular Summoned Skull.*

Bakura: Look at Joey! He almost looks glad his creature was struck!

Tristan: Man, that's sad. He's in denial already.

Téa: *tapping her fingers against the railing* I think he's had to be in denial for the better part of a week to even think that he might be able to duel in this thing, so that's pretty much par for the course, if you ask me.

*Scene: You know, Bakura might be a pessimist, but he's one of the best strategists.*

Joey: Sorry, bud, but I was hopin' you were gonna throw down that Summoned Skull card.

*The cheerleaders gasp, startled.*

Téa: Okay, that's it! As soon as this duel is over, I'm demanding a full and complete list of every card in both their decks and how many copies they have of each. This is just insane!

*Scene: No boats in the harbor.*

Bakura: The magic of the Shield and Sword card flips each monster's attack points with its defense points.

Tristan: *enlightened* I get it now!

Bakura: Very good! And it's only been seven duels, too! Excellent work, Tristan. *gives Tristan a golden star sticker*

*Scene: Err, I meant that literally, by the way. About the boats, I mean.*

Joey: Betcha wish you didn't show me the ropes quite so well now, huh, bud?

Yami: *shrugs* Not really. If I hadn't, you wouldn't be here, and I'd be dueling someone just as hard or harder. Doesn't really change anything, when you come down to it.

Joey: *sags* Gee, thanks for takin' all the fun outta it, Yuge...

*Scene: The cheerleaders are lined up like birds on a wire.*

Tristan: This duel is really heatin' up.

Bakura: Yes, and with the level of skill that those two possess, I have a strong feeling that things are only going to get hotter down there.

Tristan: Uh, actually, that was supposed to be a joke, Bakura.

Bakura: What?

Téa: That was funny?

Tristan: Yeah, you know -- Flame Swordsman, fire, heating up... get it?

Téa: Ah. See, the problem was that it wasn't funny.

Bakura: *scratches head* I don't get it...

*Téa and Tristan sigh.*

*Scene: On the other side of the room...*

Pegasus: *thinking* How splendid! The passion, the drama, the ferocity!

Yami: *mentally* Oh, shut up before we officially have to name ourselves a soap opera.

*Scene: Duelists again.*

Yami: Summoned Skull will now be avenged!

Joey: Oh, yeah? Well, you're gonna have to get through my Flame Swordsman first!

Yami: Precisely. I mean, why would attacking any other monster, even if it were there, be avenging? I should remember to buy you a dictionary some time.

*Scene: The revengeful avenger.*

Yami: Curse of Dragon, Attack Mode! *plays* And next, I'll use this Polymerization card to fuse my Dragon with Gaia, the Fierce Knight!

Joey: What?!

Yami: *sighs* You know, that thing I do every other duel? *groans* And you wonder why I consider you less than capable...

*Scene: What happens to the horse, anyway? Does the Dragon eat it or something? Poor horse.*

Téa: You know, it's as if Yugi and Joey are pushing each other to duel their very best.

Bakura: I think you're right. They're pushing each other as hard as they can now so that no matter which one of them wins this duel, he'll be at his best when he faces Pegasus.

Tristan: Hmm, yeah, but I'd think there would come a point at which too much intense concentration would be a drawback, because they'd be worn out while Pegasus was still fresh.

Bakura: Uh, yes, well, you'd be wrong, then.

*Scene: Time to draw.*

Joey: Okay. Come on, deck, don't fail me now.

Yami: *exasperated* No, no! It's the CARDS, not the deck! You're supposed to pray to the heart of the CARDS!

Joey: Aww, man! I can never remember.

*Scene: Hopefully the Heart of the Cards is smart enough to realize that Joey was saying that the card he just drew was Copycat, rather than calling it a copycat.*

Joey: *thinking* Alright, Yugi, ready or not, here I come!

Yami: Ready? How could I be ready?! As much as you crowed over having the Graverobber and Copycat, you never once thought about exactly what you were going to do with them! That's just not fair!

*Scene: Fair or not, it's what's gonna happen, Yam-Yam.*

Joey: Yugi, your Dragon Champ's done for! Watch this!

Yami: He's done for?

Bakura: Joey must have something big planned!

*Téa and Tristan gasp.*

Bakura: *pulls out a notepad and marks something with a check* *to self* Wow, I'm almost surprised at that. Hmm... next one... *points dramatically at a window* *out loud* Look! It's raining!

*Téa and Tristan let out startled yelps and exclamations of "Oh my! He's right!" and "Will you look at that!"*

Bakura: *not even bothering to lower his voice this time* Alright, that is just SAD.

*Scene: Joey might not be referring to plankton in his line right after this scene, but it still sends me into gales of laughter for its similarities to that classic Simpsons line.*

Joey: And I'll add Graverobber to steal a monster from your graveyard!

Yami: My Skull?!

Joey: *pouts* Well, it's no fun taunting someone who knows what I'm going to do. Couldn't you've guessed your Guardian instead, huh??

Yami: No.

*Scene: I want to know how Joey can flick a card onto the display from two feet away and have it land perfectly straight, while I can't obtain that kind of perfection even just placing it down!*

Joey: I may have never played it before, but I've seen you use it plenty of times. Red-Eyes Black Dragon and Summoned Skull, combine yourselves into one!

Yami: You clearly haven't seen me use it often enough, however. I would never say something as horrific as that.

*Scene: The sadism in here must be hidden deep, 'cause I can't find it.*

Pegasus: *clapping* Superb! Two fused Duel Monsters set for battle. Great!

Téa: Is there something special about fused Duel Monsters that I don't know, that he's so happy about it?

Tristan: Well, uh... there's... the... and... umm... ...no?

*Scene: Joey sounds almost vicious in here.*

Joey: All right, buddy. I'm pretty sure you know what's coming next, so you better brace yourself!

Yami: Grr.

Joey: *taps a foot pointedly* I SAID to brace yourself!

Yami: I did. Closed my lips, see? Very braced.

*Scene: Yami's all cute with his hair blowing around, don't you think?*

Joey: I did it! I can't believe I actually did it! I just took down one of the most powerful monsters in your whole deck! I just beat your Dragon Champion!

Yami: Nobody likes a gloater, Joey.

Joey: Hey! You do it all the time!

Yami: Ah, yes, but I'm trying not to be liked.

Tristan: *pokes Téa, who is whimperring with sadness at Yami's loss* Doin' a pretty poor job of it, I'd say.

*Yami nods and sighs, visibly depressed.*

*Scene: Gloaty gloaty gloaty.*

Joey: You gotta admit, Yug', that was a pretty sweet move I played, with the whole Polymerization thing and all. *nothing but thunder* I get it. You got your game face on to try to keep me in suspense, huh, Yugi?

Yami: *looks up* No, Joey. I'm just having an argument with myself about whether I'm allowed to kill you when this is all over or not.

*Scene: The duel heats up "again."*

Tristan: Did you see that look in Yugi's eyes?

Bakura: That stare's meant doom for many a duelist!


Téa: Well, I guess Joey had a good life, and that's all anybody can ask for.

*Scene: Poor Joey-kun, doomed to die.*

Joey: Ready, pal? 'Cause my Black Skull Dragon is about to end this match.

Yami: Wrong. This duel's just getting started.

Bakura: Actually, I'd say it's about half-done, if you asked me.

Tristan: We didn't.

Téa: And we wouldn't.

Tristan: *sarcastic* But thanks.