Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ As If! ❯ Match of the Millennium, Pt. 3 ( Chapter 35 )

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*Scene: A last-ditch combo.*

Téa: Brilliant! Even Pegasus can't tell which Hat Yugi's hidden his Dark Magician in.

Joey: Can anyone say "famous last words?"

*Scene: And others share that opinion.*

Pegasus: Ah, I see.

Yami: See what?

Pegasus: In a nutshell? Everything.

*Scene: I pity the person who thought that Yami's plan would work. Namely, Yami.*

Pegasus: All I need to do is probe your feeble mind to learn which Hat hides your mage.

Téa: Would this be a bad time to be picky and point out that it's not a Mage, it's a Magician?

Joey: Ohh, yeah.

*Scene: Yami is not happy.*

Pegasus: Or have you forgotten the power of my Millennium Eye?

Yami: Er...

Pegasus: *startled* You actually did? Again? That's almost as impressive as it is sad, Yugi-boy.

*Scene: *sings* To know the unknown...*

Pegasus: Prepare yourself, Yugi-boy! Here I come!

Yami: Very well. Just a moment, please, then?

Pegasus: What? Well, alright. Might as well give you time to accept defeat.

Yami: Thank you. *proceeds to have a five-minute conversation with his aibou on the merits of soul-shuffling*

*Scene: Yugi valiantly struggles against defeat.*

Téa: I know Pegasus has magic, but so do you! The magic of your Millennium Puzzle!

Yugi: That's it! Remind me to kiss you when this is all over!

Téa: Uh... I don't see how that would be my fantasy, not yours, but, um... I appreciate the thought.

*Scene: Téa is actually useful for something!*

Yugi: *desperate* Spirit... Listen to me! Quickly!

Yami: *mentally* I'm listening. How long until I become psychically deaf from all your screaming, I don't know.

Yugi: Well, I'll be extra-sure to make it quick, then!

*Yami sweatdrops, wincing.*

*Scene: A rambly, scarcely-quick discussion.*

Yugi: Grandpa said to trust in the power of my Millennium Puzzle, but he never said anything about you.

Yami: You think you can get at its power without me? You think you could survive its power, if you got it? You think I would just step aside and let you have it?! Are you sure you're okay?

Yugi: YES!

Yami: Well, I'm not!

*Scene: Yugi mortally offends his Yami.*

Yugi: Spirit, if I'm to have any chance of beating Pegasus, I'm afraid I have to banish you from the corridors of my mind.

Yami: *panics* You WHAT?! What do you mean, "banish?!" Where do you think I can go?! This isn't my home, this is my universe. I can't just stay at a Comfort Inn until you regain your senses!

*Scene: Yami really wants to get to stay.*

Yami: Yugi, if we don't work together, we won't stand a chance.

Yugi: Maybe not, but if we keep playing like we have, we'll lose.

Yami: What do you mean?

Yugi: "What do I mean?" What duel have you been watching?! He's destroying our monsters by the dozen, while we can't score a single hit, and you don't think this is cause for worry?!

*Scene: That Yami isn't panicking is pure self-control, I'm sure.*

Yugi: We're losing because Pegasus can read our mind, because we're working so close together. That's wrong.

Yami: *sarcastic* Really? And here I thought his doing that was just peachy-keen.

*Scene: Talking.*

Yugi: It's the wrong strategy for us to be using in this particular game. If we keep dueling with our spirits merged, Pegasus's mind-reading powers will beat us. And if we lose, everyone loses. But I have another idea.

Yami: Well, it had better be a good one! *twitches slightly*

Yugi: Oh, it is, I assure you. Of course, it will require some sacrifice on your part.

Yami: *tightly* Out with it.

Yugi: I'm getting there. And I really think it will be the best, for everybody.

Yami: *twitch, twitch*

*On the outside...*

Téa: Hey, Joey?

Joey: Er, yeah?

Téa: Why has Pegasus started gasping like that?

Joey: Err... Looks rather like he's being strangled, but...

Téa: ...nobody's touching him.

Pegasus: *gasping* I... didn't know... you could... do... that... *collapses in a heap, knocked out from mental asphyxiation by Yami*

*Scene: The plan.*

Yugi: Each time we play a card, Pegasus reads our mind. What if we keep our minds separate, and then switch our minds back and forth?

Yami: Ahh, switch minds. So you're saying I don't have to die. That is a good plan.

*Scene: All Yamis have some innate trepidation.*

Yami: A dangerous move, but it just might work.

Yugi: Dangerous? I don't see how it's that dangerous. Pegasus won't hurt me -- until the duel's over, at least. And I might not play as well as you, but I still have to be better than having nothing secret at all.

Yami: *sighs* Come now, you of all people should know my idiosyncrasies. If I want to say it's dangerous, what's the harm? *shoos Yugi off, mildly annoyed*

*Scene: Away from the fog and into the light, where Pegasus destroys one of the Hats but not the Dark Magician.*

Pegasus: *thinking* I felt him resisting him resisting my probe, but there's no way he could've deceived me.

Yugi: Maybe you probed the wrong mind, Pegasus! One that doesn't know where the Dark Magician hides.

Téa: But that makes no sense! If Yugi didn't know, then wouldn't Pegasus have read that, rather than some random choice?

Joey: Even ignorin' that, wouldn't Yugi've known? I mean, he has to know where the Dark Magician is -- you can just see it on the board!

*Scene: Merciless taunting.*

Yugi: Or maybe your mind-probing powers aren't as all-seeing as you think.

Pegasus: You dare mock the awesome powers of my Millennium Eye?! You go too far, Yugi-boy.

Yami: *frowns; mentally* Yes, you really do. This might be a neat trick, but it doesn't do to get overconfident.

Yugi: *mentally; angrily* Be quiet! You're all against me, I know it! Be quiet and go away!

*Yami takes that as wise advice and beats a hasty retreat back into his soul room.*

*Scene: Realization dawns on the cheerleading squad -- or what's left of it, at any rate.*

Téa: Whoa! Yugi! I sure hope he knows what he's doing.

Joey: *surprised* Since when did "Yugi" become a swear?

Téa: Since right now, that's when!

*Scene: He surely wasn't saying this.*

Joey: Millennium Puzzle, Millennium Schmuzzle! I just wish I could help him somehow, but no. All I can do is cheer from the sidelines while my best buddy duels his toughest duel all by himself!

Téa: What? "All by himself?" The entire cachet of this strategy is having Yugi and Yami work together!

*Scene: Yugi plays.*

Yugi: Pegasus, do you know what the card is that I just pulled and laid on the field? Just use your Millennium Eye to read my mind. That is, if you think you can.

Pegasus: *growls* No problem! You can hide nothing from me!

Yugi: We'll see about that!

Pegasus: Ahh, Mirror Force? Nice card.

Yugi: *startled* What?! *mentally* YAMI! I thought you were going to help me out here!

Yami: Give a guy some warning, next time! It's your own taunting that made him react so fast!

*Scene: Pegasus tries to read Yugi's mind, but meets Yami's instead.*

Yami: Sorry, Pegasus, but I don't know what this facedown card is, either. Reading my mind will tell you absolutely nothing. *pause* That just sounds so wrong...

*Scene: Time for that patented "smug little worm" pose, again.*

Yami: You see, Pegasus, I don't know what that card is, because I am no longer Yugi Moto, but someone else altogether.

Pegasus: Well, I don't think that quite fits into the rules, do you, Croquet?

Croquet: No, sir, absolutely not!

Pegasus: Ahh, what a pity. Yugi Moto is disqualified, the match goes to me, and his soul is now mine! *chuckles* I do so hope you enjoy your new residence, whoever you are.

Yami: *groans and addresses his aibou* I told you this was dangerous.

*Scene: Ohh, yeah. He's smug.*

Yami: Through the magic of the Millennium Puzzle, two minds inhabit this body. Now each time you try to read one of our minds, we'll use the Mind Shuffle.

Pegasus: *aghast* Mind shuffle?! I'm all for bad puns, but that goes too far!

Yami: *shrugs* I'm a card spirit. What did you expect from me, especially on such short notice?

*Scene: Natural sunlight is good for the soul.*

Goon: So, punk, what's it gonna be?

Yami Bakura: *chuckles* You ignorant mortals. It's far from all over. We've barely even begun to play. *holds up his deck* And I'll show you the cards Fate has dealt you. *starts pelting the goons with cards*

Goon: Ow! Hey!

Goon 2: That hurts!

Goon 3: Ow! They're sharp! YOWCH!

*Scene: A slight delay while Yami Bakura draws.*

Tristan: *thinking* What's up with Bakura all of a sudden? *sighs* Poor guy. I guess the stress made him snap.

*Scene: Tristan has yet another epiphany regarding his trip to the Shadow Realm.*

Yami Bakura: Now I'll teach you the true meaning of fear...

Tristan: *sardonic in the face of death* Ooh, is that like the true meaning of Christmas? Is it supposed to be used for the good of humanity? And will I get a candy cane once I've learned it??

*Scene: Yami Bakura summons one of his favorites, the Man-Eater Bug.*

Goon: Oh, no! He's brought the monster on the card to life! And he's gonna sic it on us!

Tristan: *surprised* You know, I really didn't think Pegasus's goons could have that kind of astute grasp of a situation.

*Scene: Possibly the best line in the entire show.*

Yami Bakura: Present-day humans are so fun to terrorize, don't you think?

Tristan: No, I don't. Present-day turtles, on the other hand... *gets a demented look* Ohh, yeah...

*Scene: ... I can't believe I honored the best line with that. Ah, well.*

Tristan: No, I don't. But then again, I am a present-day human. What the heck are you?

Yami Bakura: *chuckles* Me? Someone with great power, soon to be greater.

Tristan: And someone who refuses to give a straight answer to that question, no matter how many times it's asked, it seems.

*Scene: Yami Bakura takes the time to find the card he wants.*

Yami Bakura: But I can't spend the day having fun. I have things to do.

Tristan: *mutters* Places to destroy, people to kill...

*Scene: Away from the super-sexy Yami Bakura.*

Pegasus: My mind-scanning abilities are only one of many skills that I possess, and that you need to worry about. Or have you forgotten who invented this game?

Yami: According to what you yourself said in our first match, it wasn't you. So, yes, clearly I have. But why does it matter?

*Scene: The problem with symbolic appearance differences.*

Pegasus: Besides, I can sense that you are prepared to switch minds. Yes, you're ready to switch again the moment I begin to probe your mind.

Téa: Huh? Now I'm confused. Which one is which, now?

Joey: Uhh, I think it's Big Yugi out right now.

Téa: And he knows about the Hats, right? So shouldn't it be our friend that's out, then? Except... he knows about the face-down card... So it's a win-win for Pegasus! AGH! It makes no sense!!

*Scene: The gloating that comes with having an Item that only grants luck.*

Yami: I suspect that you've relied on the magic of your Millennium Eye for so long your dueling skills have diminished.

Pegasus: *chuckles* Even if your little theory was true, I'm still far-and-away a superior duelist to you.

Téa: Oh, great, he's rhyming again...

*Scene: I swear to god, it's true.*

Pegasus: Toon Summoned Skull, attack the middle Hat!

Yami: *smirks* And what did I just say about diminished skill?

Joey: Damn, everyone really does guess the middle Hats!

*Scene: Pegasus, of course, misses. Everyone always misses.*

Yami: For my next turn, a quick ch...

Yugi: ...ange is in order! *fumbles with his cards, nearly dropping them* Whoops... Hard keeping track of everything on such short notice.

Téa: *excitedly* See? You can tell he's not gay because he can't multitask!

Joey: *sweatdrops* Whatever you say, Téa...

*Scene: Yami looks pensively at "his" cards, perhaps starting to realize that the truly experienced game-player isn't getting to play at all.*

Yami: *thinking* So, Yugi's played another card face-down, and even though I don't know what that card is, I have faith in Yugi and faith in the Heart of the Cards. Especially the Heart of the Cards.

*Anime fall from Yugi, who'd been basking in his other's praise.*

*Scene: Pegasus plays Magical Neutralizing Force, demolishing the (two) Magical Hats.*

Pegasus: Does your heart grow cold, knowing that your demise is only moments away?

Yami: *shrugs* I have been living, if you wish to call it that, for over five thousand years. I can scarcely feel cheated by this.

*Scene: Pegasus has started speaking of Yugi in the plural.*

Yami: No! His Toon monsters are virtually unstoppable, and my Dark Magician is totally unprotected.

Yugi: *shouting to deaf ears* No, he's not! Let me out! Let me play!!! *groans and collapses against a wall, dejected* I knew there had to be a downside to this separate-mind strategy... *sighs deeply*

*Scene: Fortunately, Yami figures it out.*

Yami: *thinking* I don't have a move, but Yugi might!

Yugi: *switching* Of course you don't have a move. *shakes head and sighs* Spirits these days...

*Scene: Introducing my own emphasis markers.*

Yugi: I defend my Magician with the card I played face-down. The magic card Living Arrow!

Pegasus: What? Your hidden card is the Living Arrow?!

Yugi: *mocking* That's right. That *is* my secret card. And since you're the *creator* of Duel Monsters, you must know *all about* the Living Arrow card.

Yami: Uhh, Yugi? Is there really a need to be so... disparaging?

Yugi: *angrily* I don't think you should be talking, magic-boy.

Yami: Alright, no more outside time for you! *seizes control from Yugi, who, inside his soulroom, is now starting to look slightly like a dragon*

*Scene: Yami uses Pegasus's own Magical Neutralizing Force against Toon World.*

Pegasus: It doesn't matter, 'cause it's already too late for you to stop my Summoned Skull attack. Your Dark Magician is vanquished!

Yugi: *snickers* So what's it gonna be, *Pharaoh?* You gonna lose, or let me back in control?

Yami: *mentally* ... Damn you... *retreats back into his soul room, while Yugi laughs*

*Scene: Yugi plays Mirror Force with fast talking.*

Yugi: It deflects back Summoned Skull's attack, and since the other card neutralized the magic that made your Toons untouchable, your Toon monsters return to their original form and appear on the field just in time to catch the blast.

Téa: Where he can destroy all three with one attack. Wow.

*Scene: Pegasus freaks out.*

Yugi: We did it! All the Toons are destroyed!

Yami: Yes, and it was your plan, Yugi. I'm very proud of you.

Yugi: *mentally* Heh. Flatterer.

*Scene: I wish I could find something for Croquet's line, but I can't. Oh, well.*

Téa: At last! Those creepy Toon monsters seemed almost unbeatable, but I knew Yugi'd figure out a way to defeat them!

Joey: Uh, since when were cartoons creepy, Téa?

Téa: Hey!! They ARE! With their big eyes and their freaky behavior and it's all just... *shudders*

Joey: Okay, you are now officially "weird."

*Scene: At the cool side of the castle.*

Yami Bakura: As you can see, there's not a single particle of those pathetic fools left in this dimension.

Tristan: Good thing they didn't bleed all over the floor, I guess...

*Scene: Tristan feels he's in a fine position to be making demands for information.*

Tristan: I know you're not really our friend Bakura. You're the one Yugi beat. He banished you to the graveyard, and in the process he freed Bakura from your mind control.

Yami Bakura: *chuckles* I'm surprised you can say that with a straight face, standing here talking to me as you are.

Tristan: *sweatdrops* Well, I've had practice.

*Scene: Yami Bakura really is sexy, isn't he?*

Yami Bakura: That wouldn't have happened if Bakura hadn't betrayed me. I've decided I need a new host.

Tristan: You won't take me without a fight!

Yami Bakura: Now, really. That doesn't even come close to making sense.

Tristan: Hey, I guess belligerence really does help!

*Scene: By Sha-kun. The horror.*

Tristan: You won't take me without a fight!

Yami Bakura: Not yours. I want a vessel without a mind or soul of its own.

Tristan: *with dawning recognition* You want Mokuba.

Yami Bakura: Yes! To conquer the world, I shall take over the body of Mokuba, easily the weakest person in the world, and then I'll... Um...

Tristan: It's obvious that you've thought this through...

*Scene: To the duelists once more, where Pegasus is listing Yugi's achievements.*

Pegasus: You're one step away from becoming world champion; you've been to the Shadow Realm and back; and most importantly, you've finally begun to master the power of your Millennium Puzzle, and you see, Yugi-boy, for me, that's what this whole tournament has been about. For I plan to take possession of your Puzzle!

Yugi: Well, I don't really see what that has to do with me.

Pegasus: *startled* What?

Yugi: I mean, why does my having mastered it affect you?

Pegasus: ... Uhhh...

*Scene: Shock and horror, respectively.*

Pegasus: For I plan to take possession of your Puzzle!

Yugi: My Puzzle?

Yami: No!

Pegasus: Yes! You and I will finish this contest in the Shadow Realm, Yugi, and this time, it's winner take all!

Yami: *ignoring that* I love how he gets to answer me, even when I'm not in control...