Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ As If! ❯ Match of the Millennium, Pt. 4 ( Chapter 36 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
The huge double-doors of the cave are suddenly flung open, banging against the walls and smoking. A familiar figure stands silhouetted in doorway, his cape billowing and his hair blown back even though there is no wind.

Yugi, who had been sitting slouched over, staring at his knees, looks up at the noise. He rises gently to his feet, then runs joyously towards the figure, his white wings streaming behind him. "Yami!"

"It's alright, aibou. I'm here with you now."

Yugi wraps his arms around Yami's waist in a grateful hug, while the Pharaoh gently smoothes back his young charge's hair. "I'll never let you go..."

*Scene: The beginning of a rather long series of threats.*

Yami Bakura: *chuckles* So, what will it be, mortal? Are you going to hand Mokuba over willingly, or do I have to conjure something to consume your soul?

Tristan: Forget it! No way.

Yami Bakura: Ahh, glad to hear it. *thumbs through his deck* Now which of these will be the most painful... It's been far too long, I fear. Hmm...

Tristan: *suddenly nervous* Ah, actually, I meant that you could forget about needing to kill me. Mokuba's yours, definitely.

Yami Bakura: Oh, what a pity... *puts his deck back with a sigh*

*Scene: Yami Bakura rolls his "r"s so prettily...*

Yami Bakura: You know that I have the power to back up my threats. Hand him over this instant, or I'll dispatch you to the graveyard, too.

Tristan: Yeah, I remember.

Yami Bakura: *rubs his temples with one hand* I should hope so, considering that it happened not five minutes ago. In fact, the only reason I don't destroy you right now is that I feel the world is worse off for you being on it.

*Scene: No longer can Mokuba be called "useless."*

Tristan: Here! Think fast! *throws Mokuba at Yami Bakura and hits him alongside the head*

Yami Bakura: *collapses* The thanks I get for giving him a choice... *passes out*

*Scene: Same, by tefla.*

Tristan: Here! Think fast! *tosses Mokuba to Yami Bakura and then rushes the tomb robber*

Yami Bakura: *catches Mokuba and promptly steps aside and watches Tristan run over the edge*

Tristan: *catches the edge just in the nick of time* A little help here... please.

Yami Bakura: I think not, mortal. *takes off with soulless Mokuba, laughing*

Bakura: *in soulroom* Oh my, that was close. *bangs fist against the wall* Why couldn't he have fallen??

*Scene: The plan.*

Tristan: *thinking* Since the evil spirit inside that necklace is what's controlling Bakura, I've got to get rid of the necklace. *grabs it and is about to throw it over the edge... except...* Wow. Look at the way it sparkles in the sunlight... It's almost... pretty. And what with it being an ancient Egyptian artifact and all, it wouldn't be right to just toss it away... Hmm. *tucks it into a pocket of his coat* Yeah, I'll definitely have to hang onto it.

Yami Bakura: *drawing plans for new ways to mangle Bakura on his soulroom floor* Mortals...

*Scene: Tristan stands on the ledge with the Ring.*

Tristan: So long, Evil Spirit. *flings it* And this time, don't come back!

Yami Bakura: *mutters* The day I listen to a mortal...

*Scene: Same, this time by tefla.*

Tristan: So long, Evil Spirit!

*The Ring pulls a boomerang effect and returns to sender.*

Tristan: *sweatdrops* This just isn't my day.

*Scene: Pegasus seals himself and Yugi in the Shadow Realm.*

Yugi: *gasps* It's just like last time. He's sealing us in another dimension. Cutting me off from my friends.

Yami: You know what Mai once said about friendship never winning duels?

Yugi: Yeah?

Yami: Believe it or not, there really is some truth to that...

*Scene: The cheerleaders are still important, though.*

Téa: Where'd they go, Joey?

Joey: Wild guess, but nowhere? I mean, they are dueling on one of them holographic arenas. Havin' it make a big ol' storm cloud can't really be that hard.

*Scene: Thunder, lighting.*

Téa: How can we help Yugi when we can't even see him?

Joey: How were we helpin' 'im before? I mean, between the Millennium Puzzle and that other spirit thing, I think he's got all the help he needs right there.

Téa: *pouts* Well, I feel left out!

Joey: ... Wanna go support the other cheerleaders by bein' mutually absent?

Téa: *sighs* Yeah, sure.

*They wander off to find some snacks.*

*Scene: Tristan wanders in, dragging Bakura AND Mokuba.*

Téa: Tristan, where've you been?!

Tristan: You wouldn't believe it. I've had an adventure and a half today.

Joey: So, what, each dealie counted for three quarters a' one?

*Scene: The half-adventure.*

Tristan: I freed Mokuba, but then Bakura tried to grab him.

Bakura: What'd he want with Mokuba? Details, man.

Tristan: He wanted Mokuba for his new host body.

Cheerleaders: *gasp* ... *pause* ... *burst out laughing hysterically*

*Scene: Same.*

Tristan: He wanted Mokuba for his new host body.

Téa: I guess it is kind of ironic to have our little Wooden Horse here be empty.

Tristan: Say what?

Téa: You know -- Greek mythology, the Trojans, the wooden horse... *sighs* Oh, forget it.

Tristan: Done and done!

*Scene: Bakura and Mokuba look so cute together.*

Tristan: But that's history. What's the deal with the indoor thunderstorm?

Joey: *shrugs* Same thing as with the outside one during Yugi's and my match, I guess.

*Scene: Inside the storm.*

Yugi: This place always gives me the creeps. Whenever Pegasus brings me here, it only means one thing... *Yami joins in* A Shadow Game.

*The Dark Magician suddenly starts laughing.*

Yugi: Huh? Hey, what?

Dark Magician: *chuckling* You are just too adorable. *turns around and ruffles Yugi's hair*

Yugi: Uhhh... o.O

*Scene: Dire forewarnings.*

Pegasus: You'll find your experience in the Shadow Realm this time around will be a lot harder than your last. The strain of maintaining your mind shuffle will make it more difficult for you to mentally conjure up your monsters.

Yugi: Forget the shuffling, how about just the fact that we're separate, and so can't share energies?

Pegasus: Well, I guess that could help, too.

*Scene: Same.*

Pegasus: You'll find your experience in the Shadow Realm this time around will be a lot harder than your last. The strain...

*Suddenly, from out of the shadows, Mokuba, Kaiba, and Yugi's grandpa appear and start throwing rocks at Pegasus, shouting taunts.*

Pegasus: ... On second thought, the real world is rather nice, too! *hastily takes them back*

*Scene: Poor Yugi...*

Yugi: *pained thinking* He's right! I feel weak!

Yami: *mentally* I'll take over, Yugi! *does so and speaks* I think I'm strong enough.

Pegasus: Oh, bravo, you're strong enough to stand around looking pretty. I'm so impressed.

*Scene: Braggy braggy braggy.*

Pegasus: For my next brilliant move, I play my Dark Eyes Illusionist in Attack Mode. And did I tell you? It's a monster I created just for this game!

Yami: As compared, of course, to all the cards you created that were intended for Monopoly.

*Scene: Delighted ranting.*

Pegasus: And don't forget, in this Realm, it's as real as you are!

Yami: Ah. So you mean, just barely. Not that I see how it matters.

*Scene: Fast talking.*

Pegasus: Oh, I know he looks formidable, but what sort of a threat could he be to you? He has zero attack points and zero defense points.

Yami: How strange. That's not what the card says...

*Scene: Dealing without cheering.*

Pegasus: Of course, since it's a monster you've never seen before today, you have no way of knowing its hidden secrets. And I have been known to keep a few tricks up my sleeve from time to time, right, Yugi?

Yami: I don't know what secrets your Dark Eyes Illusionist holds, but I'm certain it's not as harmless as you would like me to believe. I'm sure it's quite dangerous.

Pegasus: *rebuking* Yugi! You're so suspicious! And only because I practically told you that there's more to my monster than meets the eye!

*Scene: And, yes, that was a pun.*

Yami: I'll lay my Curse of Dragon on the field. Dragon, come forth!

*The Dragon appears from behind Yami, but catches one of his wing-claws on Yami's jacket.*

Yami: *curses and tries to both free himself and stay on his feet* And this is why we didn't wear so much clothing during duels back then...

*Scene: What would you do for a Klondike bar?*

Yugi: *mentally* We've got to keep Pegasus off-balance. We've got to keep switching our minds!

Yami: *mentally* But that makes no sense. We have no hidden cards to protect, or secret strategies.

Yugi: How about thinking about it this way, then: Either we switch now, or next time you fall asleep, you aren't waking up. *tugs at the sides of his Puzzle for emphasis*

Yami: Ah, yes, well, that does seem to be a good point... *retreats from his now thoroughly-crazed aibou*

*Scene: Rational thinking on my part ends now.*

Pegasus: I don't think you have it in you, Yugi-boy. You now have two creatures to maintain: Your Curse of Dragon and your Dark Magician.

Yugi: *gasping* T-two? Th-thanks. It l-looks more like... like f-four...

*Scene: Poor Yugi...!*

Yami: *with a mental voice full of comfort and reassurance* Yugi, if this is too much for you, you should let me take over.

Yugi: *thinking* Give me a minute. I just want to try... to last out the turn...

Yami: *to himself with a sigh* On the upshot, at least if Pegasus ever tried to read his mind in here, he would be too out of it to be thinking of anything else.

*Scene: Yugi...*

Pegasus: He's too young and unskilled to cope with the stress, and communicating with that other spirit splits his concentration even more. His mental and magical energies will soon be exhausted.

Yugi: *mentally, panting* Hear that, Yami? Even Pegasus thinks it's all your fault.

Yami: *indignant* That wasn't what he was saying at...! *takes a deep breath and forces restraint* Must... not... snap... at... aibou...

*Scene: Outside, to those about which we don't care.*

Joey: I think that our little buddy's in big trouble.

Tristan: I know.

Joey: Huh? You felt it, too?

Tristan: Yeah. Maybe it's because we've all become so tight, but it's like we've developed some kind of weird link with him.

::This joke censored to preserve rating.::

*Scene: The taunt.*

Pegasus: *idly, while playing* You're looking a little pale, Yugi. Maybe you should give up your mind-shuffle strategy. Take a breather. I can send you back to your world... anytime you're ready to surrender.

Yugi: My world? I hate to think where you're from, then.

*Scene: The response.*

Yami: *mentally* Yugi, for once, Pegasus is telling the truth. Your mind just can't handle the stress of maintaining our monsters.

Yugi: *mentally* But that goes against my credo that Pegasus is always wrong!

Yami: I get the feeling that things in your mind are very black and white...

*Scene: Yami doesn't fully -- or, indeed, at all -- get the concept that there's no need for him to rush.*

Pegasus: To make up for Dark Eyes' non-existent attack and defense points, I endowed him with a special ability.

Yami: No! I never would have guessed! *rolls eyes*

*Scene: Pegasus's next move.*

Pegasus: Believe it or not, I'm going to use the Black Illusion Ritual card to sacrifice my incredible Dark Eyes.

Yami: *thoroughly annoyed* The only thing I might fail to believe about that is that there is such a thing, and as that obviously isn't the case...

*Scene: Excited ramblings!*

Pegasus: "Has he gone insane," you might ask, "sacrificing a creature that can paralyze any monster I play?"

Yami: Yes, I might ask that, were I an idiot. Pity, though. You get me instead.

*Scene: Well, is he insane? Or at least, newly so?*

Pegasus: No. I'm merely using this ceremony to create an even better monster! I hereby sacrifice Dark Eyes Illusionist to summon another spellcaster monster.

Yami: Tell me what god is accepting it, and I'll be sure to chisel all references to him from my walls.

*Scene: Ewness incarnate.*

Pegasus: The incredible, extraordinary, unforgettable creature known only as Relinquished!

Yugi: I'd relinquish him, too, if I had a monster that looked that ugly.

Yami: I... *pause* ... would have to agree, actually.

*Scene: At least blue and white's an improvement over yellow and green.*

Yami: What kind of monster can this be? I've never seen anything like it.

Pegasus: I'll show you by activating its special power.

Yami: Ah, that's not necessary. My curiosity is not that pressing.

*Scene: The new monster's special power.*

Pegasus: It's even more irresistible than my previous creature.

*Relinquished starts sucking the Curse of Dragon in.*

Yami: Ah. Modern thing. Like one of those vacuum-cleaner whatsits I heard Yugi talking about.

*Scene: By Shadow Vitani.*

Yami: Oh, no! My Curse of Dragon!

*Relinquished burps.*

Yami: *twitch, twitch*

*Scene: The Dark Magician destroys Curse of Dragon.*

Yami: This game's not over yet, Pegasus.

Pegasus: No, but it might as well be. My monster's unstoppable. Watch!

Yami: I'd rather not, thanks.

*Scene: Crackle, crackle, little wizard...*

Pegasus: I activate Relinquished's Hypnotic Attraction! Try as he might to resist, your Dark Magician will find my spellcaster as irresistible as your Dragon did. Like your Dragon, it'll soon be mine.

Yami: I'm not sure that "hypnotic" is truly appropriate, if it exerts only a physical control over my monster, not a mental one.

Yugi: *distressed* Are you sure this is the time to be playing with semantics?!

Yami: *mentally, with a shrug* You have something else, better, to be doing?

Yugi: Ah... well, not as such, no...

*Scene: Poor Dark Magician!*

Yami: No, my Dark Magician! It captured him, too. Uhh! And now it's turned him into another Defense Shield.

Yugi: Do I even want to know how he got all the way out into the wing there while still being, uh, whole?

Yami: *mentally* Probably not, no.

*Scene: Brave little Yugi wants to play.*

Yugi: *mentally* We have to mind-shuffle again long enough for me to play a card and retreat before Pegasus can read my mind. It worked before, it'll work again!

Yami: *mentally* Are you sure you're up to this? We don't know how long you can last in the Shadow Realm.

Yugi: I don't have to last long. Just long enough to pull one last card.

Yami: That's rather pessimistic. ...Er, I think.

*Scene: That beautiful hair-swish.*

Yami: But if you reach the limits of your endurance, your soul will be shredded, dispersed in the Shadow Realm for all eternity.

Yugi: *sarcastic* Why, Yami! You have a poet's soul.

*Scene: Same.*

Yami: But if you reach the limits of your endurance, your soul will be shredded, dispersed in the Shadow Realm for all eternity.

Yugi: *coughs* Did that to people a lot, back in your day, did you?

Yami: Ah... possibly... sometimes...

*Scene: Yuginess.*

Yugi: Whatever the risk, I have to take it. For Grandpa's sake. We both have to trust in the Heart of the Cards.

Yami: I'm really not sure this is a good idea, Yugi.

Yugi: *snaps* I've had it up to here with your "good ideas" and your "don't do that, you'll die"s! It's my life, dammit, and I want to live it my own god damn way! NOW LET ME OUT THIS INSTANT!!

Yami: Ah! *sighs* You're right, Yugi. Go do what you need to do.

*Two minutes later...*

Yami: Well, was that ever the wrong decision. At least he's stopped screaming at me now, though...

*Scene: What were the animators thinking when they drew this scene? And was it the same thing that I am?*

Yugi: Whatever the risk, I have to take it, for Grandpa's sake.

Yami: Have you ever considered that perhaps he would not want you to get hurt, just to save him?

Yugi: Yeah, but then I figured he would've said something.

Yami: ... I'm definitely going to have to have a few words with your grandfather, when this is all over...

*Scene: Poor, brave Yugi...*

Yugi: *thinking* I've got to have faith in the Heart of the Cards, because the next card I pull... might be my last! Please... make it one that can defeat Pegasus. Please! *draws, and plays* It's all up to the Spirit of the Millennium Puzzle now.

Yami: *drolly* Any chance you could tell me how to use that nifty or not-so-nifty card? Even just a way not to use it?

Yugi: Nah, that'd ruin the suspense.

Yami: Right...

*Scene: Yugi......*

Yugi: *gasping* Pegasus, I play one card face-down... For my last move... I throw Feral Imp in Defense Mode!

Yami: *snatches control back* Wait, no, I don't! I most definitely do not! *mentally, shouting* What were you THINKING, Yugi?! Gorgon's Eye is a PERMANENT trap!!

Yugi: *in a shivering heap on the floor* Seemed... good... at the time...

*Note: It took me over two weeks to realize that the Magic Neutralizing Force wasn't directed back only at Toon World, like Yami implied.*

*Scene: Yugi knew what he was talking about when he spoke of "final moves."*

Téa: *gasps* Feel that? Something happened to Yugi just now!

Joey: I know, but what?

Tristan: Ah, it's nothing. Just Yugi passing out again. You know how he does.

Joey: Oh, yeah. I can't believe I didn't recognize it!

Téa: Yeah, me too. I mean, the number of times I've seen him get knocked out in a fight...

Tristan: Yeah. ... *pause* ... So, wanna go poke Mokuba and Bakura with sticks, or somethin'?

Joey: *shrugs* Sounds good t'me...

*The cheerleaders wander off to harass the other unconscious boys.*

*Scene: Yami kneels, cradling Yugi's mental form.*

Yami: Yugi! Yugi! I can't sense his spirit. I can no longer sense the presence of his young mind. No, he... he can't be gone! *shakes him*

Pegasus: Ah, yes. Because breaking someone's neck is always the best way to show you care.

*Scene: Outside with the cheerleaders.*

Joey: This is too freaky! Suddenly I'm not feeling Yugi at all. It's like he's vanished off the face of the planet!

Tristan: Actually, I think he did that a while ago, Jono.

*Scene: Everyone freaks out.*

Téa: I know! What could have happened to him?!

Tristan: I suppose this would be a bad time to remind people of Pegasus's little card obsession, huh?

*Scene: Téa runs into the energy field, but comes right back out again. Tristan is the next to try.*

Tristan: Somehow I just passed through it! *runs into the storm a second time and comes back out near the cheerleaders*

Joey: Huh. I'd try next, but if Téa didn't move at all, and Tristan ended up on the other side of the walkway, I'd hate to think where I'd go.

Téa: It's sexist, I tell you!!

*Scene: Discussion again, since action failed.*

Tristan: Whatever this dome bubble thingy is, it's clear...

Joey: The heck it is!

Tristan: *sweatdrops* What have I told you about interrupting me?!

*Scene: 'nother try.*

Tristan: Whatever this dome bubble thingy is, it's clear Pegasus designed it to keep Yugi in and us outside.

Téa: Well, either that or he didn't have a choice for how to make it. *The boys look at her oddly* What? It's possible!

Joey: It's also looking at it from Pegasus's side, an' you know we don't allow that here.

Téa: *bows head* You're right. I'm sorry.

*Scene: Yami takes control, to find himself collapsed over the arena.*

Yami: You used your underhanded tactics to overwhelm Yugi's mind! You will pay for what you did.

Pegasus: *chuckles* So I take it, from this emotional outburst, that you're having a difficult time acknowledging the fact that you failed in your self-appointed duty to protect your little dueling protege.

Yami: "Having a hard time acknowledging...?" That is so illogical I don't even know where to begin!

*Scene: The thing is that, with Yami, that really was an emotional outburst.*

Pegasus: Whoever you are, perhaps Yugi would have been better off without your interference, hmm?

Yami: I have heard that phrase so many times that it's lost all emotional impact on me. So sorry, Pegasus.

*Scene: Yami... waiiii...*

Yami: Be silent! For what you have done, I will show you no mercy.

Pegasus: Ah, so you plan to exact vengeance on me, is that it? But wouldn't that be violating the memory of your poor, dear, pacifistic charge?

Yami: I think I can live with that.

*Scene: Pegasus!*

Yami: *thinking* Pegasus read my mind, so now he knows all the cards in my hand. The only card he doesn't know is the one Yugi left on the field. But I have no way of knowing if that's a card that could tip the duel in my favor. *sighs* Guess I can't ever use it, then. *flicks it onto the graveyard pile to save space*