Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ As If! ❯ Match of the Millennium, Pt. 5 ( Chapter 37 )

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*Scene: The cheerleaders discuss Yugi. Courtesy of Shadow Takeru.*

Téa: This is awful! When that bubble first appeared, even though I couldn't see Yugi, I could still somehow sense him. But now...

Joey: I know! It's like we've been cut off from him.

Tristan: Or maybe... Maybe he's been cut off from us!

Bakura: *leaning against the railing* *to himself* Or perhaps he isn't there anymore -- ever think of that?

Yami Bakura: Ah, awake again, are you? Come out here and pick me up.

Bakura: *stands up with a sigh* Yes, sir.

*Scene: A figure interrupts Yami's guilty thoughts.*

Grandpa: Yugi is still with you.

Yami: Huh? You must be...

Grandpa: Yugi's grandpa.

Yami: Yes, I know. After all, it is you who was never introduced to me, not the other way around.

*Scene: How did Sugoroku wind up in Yugi's mind, anyway?*

Yami: But... but how can that be? I thought he was...

Grandpa: Dead? But then, why are you so jealously guarding his form from everyone -- even me?

Yami: Ahh... *seizes upon an excuse* Force of habit.

*Scene: Same.*

Yami: But... but how can that be? I thought he was...

Grandpa: You thought only what your eyes showed you.

Yami: Ah. *glances down at his aibou* I guess that's why he's still here, then. I was thinking that odd. After all, it's not like the other Yamis' soulrooms are filled with dead hosts. ... Probably.

*Scene: Outside again.*

Téa: Hey! I've got an idea. Yugi reached out to us, so we have to try reaching out to him in the same way!

Boys: Huh?

Joey: When the heck did he reach out to us?

Tristan: And how are we supposed to do it the same way?

*Scene: A more specific plan.*

Téa: If we concentrate our energies, and try to reach him with all our might...

Joey: ...then maybe our bond of friendship can get through to him, even in the Shadow Realm!

Tristan: *groans* I've never liked the parapsychic...

*Scene: The cheerleaders initiate their plan.*

Pegasus: Impossible! Inconceivable! My Millennium Eye, it's being blocked. This can't be!

Yami: *smirks* I told you I had my own way of gathering souls, Pegasus.

*Scene: Pegasus rants about how he should be able to read Yami's mind.*

Joey: Not so long as we're here helping our buddy out. Get out of his mind and stay out!

Yami: *to himself* Ah, so they do have some conception of privacy. Although surely an odd one.

*Scene: Slightly unsettled confidence.*

Pegasus: My Detonator will win this duel for me despite your pathetic little friends!

Yami: Wrong! Because now that these friends are working with me on a whole new level, this is a whole new game!

Téa: So this is, what, the third all-new game during this duel?

Tristan: *to Joey* How come he didn't say we aren't pathetic?

Joey: You feel his mind? I get the feelin' we are, man.

*Scene: Yami isn't smug, now -- he's angry.*

Yami: With Yugi's friends preventing you from seeing the cards that I pull, you'll just have to take them as they come. And for this turn, they don't come any better than this. Go, Mystic Box!

Pegasus: *groans* Mystic Box? I could have countered that if I had been able to see it coming.

Téa: What? But how? I mean, it's the spirit's turn right now -- Pegasus couldn't have played!

Yami: ... I can almost feel my skill being eaten away from the inside...

*Scene: How helpful are the cheerleaders really being, if Yami plays every card as soon as he pulls it?*

Yami: The magic of the Mystic Box frees my Magician and puts your Bakudan Detonator in his place.

Pegasus: Well, obviously. Even were I not the most knowledgeable person in the world about this game, just seeing the monsters themselves would have made it perfectly clear.

*Scene: Quoth the horse...*

Pegasus: No, now its blast will only destroy Relinquished! No fair!

Joey: Aww, look at dat. Pegsy over there's reduced to schoolboy taunts! Poor Pegasus...

*The cheerleaders snicker.*

*Scene: Yami plays Brain Control.*

Yami: How does it feel, Pegasus, to have the tables turned and the magical powers of Mind Control used against you?

Pegasus: Mind control? I think you have your Millennium Items confused, Spirit.

Yami: Eh. Ring, Eye, Rod... They're all the same.

*Scene: One step farther along the path of logic.*

Pegasus: *cackles* Go ahead and take Relinquished, you fool. That Detonator you attached to him is set to go off this turn. It'll blast your Magician and deplete your Life Points!

Yami: You're wrong, Pegasus. Remember, I still have one more card out -- the card that took the last bit of Yugi's courage to play. And now it's time to find out what it is! *flips it over*

Pegasus: Huh. Spellbinding Circle. *starts laughing hysterically*

*Téa stands slack-jawed, the boys curse, and Yami collapses over the arena, sobbing.*

*Scene: Yugi was either desperate or ever-hopeful when he played the Dark Magic Ritual.*

Pegasus: No, Bakudan's been sacrificed before it could detonate. But what has he created in its place?

Yami: *stops his ranting with a startled cough* You actually have to ask? You actually have to ask?

Téa: *cheerfully, to the boys* Wasn't me!

*Scene: Yami makes a good priest, don't you think? Scene by Tefla.*

Yami: The offering has been accepted. A new power is brought forth! Now, Pegasus! Behold! The Magician of Black Chaos!

*The feet of the Magician of Black Chaos appear slowly.*

Pegasus: *waits*

Yami: *waits*

*Ten minutes later...*

Pegasus: *still waiting*

Yami: *still waiting*

Relinquished: *snores*

*Scene: Angel symbolism... WAIIII!!*

Yami: You may have succeeded in putting Yugi out of commission, but not before his final courageous act set the stage for the greatest magician in all of Duel Monsters! And with the Magician of Black Chaos, I will avenge my fallen friend!

Téa: Uh, Yami? Why are you still speaking of Yugi like he's dead?

Yami: *to himself; not answering her* Oh, god, they're all this annoying...

*Scene: Pegasus realizes he can just use Relinquished to absorb the Magician. Er, again.*

Pegasus: You know, I think you're right about that Chaos Mage. I think he will bring about the end of this match, and a lot sooner than you may think!

Yami: Seeing as how I can't imagine it taking more than one or two turns at the most in any case, I don't see how that's possible.

*Scene: Yami plays a hidden magic card and hidden Defensive monster.*

Pegasus: It's my turn now, and the effects of your turn are over. Now, your Brain Control spell has expired, and Relinquished is back where he belongs: with his daddy.

Joey: Dat's one ugly baby!

Tristan: Yeah, for one ugly mind.

*Scene: Yami's back to being "merely" smug.*

Pegasus: Prepare yourself for the ultimate merged monster. Oh, yes! Behold my beauty!

Joey: Uh... that was...

Tristan: Random.

*Téa shudders.*

*Scene: Yuck.*

Pegasus: With the Thousand Eyes Idol and Relinquished fused together, I've created the one, the only, the Thousand Eyes Restrict!

Yami: Fond as I am of my Eye of Re, Pegasus takes his Millennium Eye to an obsession.

Joey: I think Pegasus takes everything to an obsession, man.

Yami: Good point.

*Scene: Tell me when it's safe to watch again...*

Pegasus: He's quite a looker, eh?

Téa: *drolly* Ha. Ha.

*Joey snickers.*

*Scene: Happy, happy Pegasus.*

Pegasus: If you think he's a real stunner now, well, just wait until all one thousand of his eyes open up! Then I think you'll find that he's much more than just a pretty face.

Yami: I'm not sure I know of a definition for "face" that applies to this creature.

*Scene: Outside of the bubble again.*

Téa: Keep it up, guys! We have to stay strong for Yugi!

Tristan: We're not letting up, Téa, not 'til he's home safe.

Joey: Yeah, seriously. You don't need to keep cheerin' on the cheerleaders. We know the drill already! *rolls eyes*

*Scene: Back into the Shadow Realm.*

Pegasus: The end is truly in sight, wouldn't you say?

Yami: *growls* Not with my Chaos Mage protecting me!

Pegasus: *sighs* You just have no appreciation for a good pun, you know that?

Joey: I wonder if he would have an appreciation for a good whack in the head! *makes a fist*

*Scene: Please excuse me while I try to regain my senses.*

Yami: *thinking* I may not know what Pegasus is planning to do with that monstrosity of his, but whatever it may be, I can't let it happen. Not after the tremendous act of bravery Yugi made to give us a fighting chance against Pegasus.

Téa: Aww, see that? He could be worrying about himself, and what would happen if he lost, but instead he's thinking of Yugi! *bear-hugs Yami from behind* You're so sweeeet!!

Yami: *half-strangled* Some help... please... guys?

Joey: Uh, sure thing.

Tristan: Right away.

*Joey and Tristan, by dint of some struggling, manage to free Yami from his crazed fangirl.*

*Scene: The Chaos Mage is forced from Yugi's honored place behind Yami's shoulder by the Thousand Eyes Spell.*

Yami: My Chaos Mage!

Pegasus: *chuckles* Is trapped by the mystic gaze of my ultimate beast!

Tristan: Pegasus is...

Joey: ...a total slimeball!

*Scene: Vicious taunting.*

Pegasus: Accept it! It's all over. Yugi's last card has failed you both. His Millennium Puzzle will soon be mine!

Yami: His Puzzle? His Puzzle?! Why must it always be Yugi's Millennium Puzzle, not mine, even when I am the one being spoken to?

*Scene: Pegasus no longer looks cute at all.*

Pegasus: Chaos Mage, come to me! Absorption Force!

Yami: Just the play I was waiting for! *flips over his magic card*

Pegasus: In mere moments, your Magician of Black Chaos will be assimilated and all his powers will be mine!

Yami: What, were you not listening to what I just said?

Pegasus: Of course I was. I just presumed you had been dreading the inevitable.

*Scene: Look at that Mage snarl!*

Yami: You were right about your Thousand Eyes Spell, it did affect all my hidden monsters. Specifically, my Kuriboh. And it paralyzed him along with my Chaos Mage!

Téa: Whoa, talk about your lucky breaks!

Joey: Hey, you can never go wrong with a Kuriboh! Er, or somethin'.

*Scene: Yami has freaky eyebrows.*

Pegasus: No, this can't be!

Yami: *smirks* Yes. And how ironic that this was a feature you built into a card you designed specifically for this game. What a shame, Pegasus.

Pegasus: Nggghhh...

*Scene: That Multiply card is pretty cool looking.*

Yami: And because it's too late to call back the Absorption Force spell that you just cast, your Thousand Eyes Restrict has no choice but to assimilate them all. If it can!

Téa: *blinks* I'm confused. The part where the monster started sucking in all the Kuriboh, like Relinquished did, made sense. But why are all the Kuriboh going and sticking to its eyes now, instead?

Joey: Uhh... Static cling, Téa.

Téa: *sweatdrops* You don't say.

*Scene: Poor Kuriboh. He never gets good adjectives.*

Pegasus: Those furry freaks have covered him from head to toe! There must be a thousand of them!

Yami: *chuckles* Tens of thousands, Pegasus!

Pegasus: Hmm, no, I'd say exactly a thousand. After all, there are a thousand eyes, and no Kuriboh left over.

Yami: Oh. Well, alright. A thousand, then. Still, that's an awful lot, don't you think?

Pegasus: That's what I just said!

Yami: ... Whatever.

*Scene: Restrict go BOOM!*

Pegasus: No! Kuribohs self-destruct on contact with the enemy!

Tristan: That doesn't really seem like a good survival technique, to me.

Téa: Well, maybe they're depressed because they're so small and weak, so they don't mind dying.

Yami: *mutters* I can sympathize with that...

*Scene: Yami's trademark "I'm cooler than you can even imagine" pose. That is, standing straight.*

Pegasus: Curse you, Yugi Moto! You and your Kuribohs!

*The cheerleaders burst out laughing.*

Yami: Hey... what?

Joey: *singing between laughs* "I'm off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz..."

Tristan: "My pretty!" HA!

*Yami blinks in confusion while the cheerleaders laugh their heads off.*

*Scene: That (newly-freed) Magician looks distinctly female at times.*

Yami: *triumphantly* Your Thousand Eyes Restrict has been... destroyed!

Téa: Of course, if the Restrict was another one of those zero/zero monsters, then Pegasus still needs to play something with attack points for Yugi to destroy.

Joey: Nah, Téa. This is the dramatic climax of the duel. It's all over.

Téa: *bewildered* Oh.

*Scene: The cheerleaders break their bond.*

Joey: Hey, do you guys feel what I feel?

Tristan: Totally! It feels like Yugi. Like he's okay! *frowns* Well, it felt like Yugi...

Yami: *carefully laying the again-unconscious Yugi down on his soulroom floor with a sigh* I told you that you should have waited to regain your strength before re-entering the Shadow Realm, little one. Talk about an exercise in futility.

*Scene: Yugi definitely has chipmunk-essence, especially as compared to his Yami.*

Yugi: Spirit of the Puzzle, I don't know how to thank you.

Yami: It was your courage, and the love your friends had for you, that prevailed this day. Although, with at least two of them... *trails off with a disturbed look*

Yugi: What is it, Yami?

Yami: *shakes head sharply, as if to clear it* Nothing about you, aibou.

*Scene: Soulroom party.*

Yugi: We all did it. Together!

Yami: That's right. As friends.

Yugi: *crestfallen* Right. Friends.

*Scene: Not that much of a party, after all.*

Yugi: And in the end, that's what it came down to. Friends being there for one another.

Yami: *nod* Mm. So, now what?

Yugi: Well, I'd say that one of us has some cleaning to do! *gestures to a bucket and mop over by the wall*

Yami: What?!

Yugi: *rubs at a smear of dirt on his cheek* I still can't believe how filthy that floor is...

*Yami just stares, shocked and distressed at the mere notion of washing a soulroom.*

*Scene: The cheerleaders attempt to shove one another off the walkway in hopes of being able to lavish more praise on Yugi.*

Joey: Aargh! You guys are stealin' everything I was gonna say! Grr...

Téa: So then talk! Sheesh!

Joey: ... Well, if you aren't competin' with me, then there's no need for me to be competin' at all!

Tristan: *groans* The lengths some people will go to to get a guy...

*Scene: Same.*

Téa: So then talk! Sheesh!

Joey: Ah, forget it. Who cares? He won! Yugi won!!

Yugi: *aggrieved* Hey! I was getting all kinds of compliments here until you interrupted them! *sighs*

*Scene: Téa cuts their party short.*

Téa: Wait! Let's not forget, this isn't over until Pegasus releases everyone's souls, just like he promised.

Joey: Yeah, Téa's right.

Tristan: So then, let's go grab the creep.

Yugi: *turns around and gasps* He's gone!

Joey: Why am I not surprised by this?

Yugi: Well, you were looking right in his direction! Why didn't you say anything?! Did none of you keep your eyes open?!

Tristan: *whispers to the others in justification* He's had a rough couple of hours.

Yugi: All that work... All those risks... And they can't even watch him for five seconds for me! AGH! *storms off*

*Scene: A random but funny variant by Insanity In A Jar.*

Téa: Let's not forget, this isn't over until Pegasus releases everyone's souls, just like he promised.

Yugi: *nods* Hmm. *turns to see that Pegasus has GONE!*

Bakura: 'Ee's buggered off!

Random Other British Person: So 'ee 'as then, 'ee's scarpered!

*Scene: Something that should have happened.*

Tristan: Slippery double-crossin' snake! Let's go find him!

Téa: But we can't just leave Mokuba and Bakura here all alone.

Yugi: Well, I guess if Bakura doesn't want to come, then he can reasonably be expected to look after himself for a few minutes, can't he?

*Scene: Isn't it convenient that Bakura woke up just two minutes after the duel ended?*

Tristan: Hey, there! Feelin' back to normal?

Bakura: What? Back to normal? Have I not been normal, Tristan?

Tristan: Yeah! Man, do you actually pass out so much that you don't even think it strange anymore?

Bakura: Ah, well, something like that, yes.

*Scene: Oddity.*

Tristan: Yeah, that weird ring you wear around your neck was making you act like a real freak again.

Bakura: Freak? Oh, my.

Yugi: His... Millennium Ring? Where is it now?!

Tristan: Gone. I chucked that thing as far away as I could.

Yugi: Aww... Poor Bakura... Lost his Yami... *sniffles and hugs his Puzzle*

*Bakura sweatdrops.*

*Scene: Something I've been ranting about since episode 12.*

Bakura: Oh, well. If it was making me act weird, then I guess it was for the best.

Tristan: You guess it's for the best? Is that really the most enthusiastic response you can come up with?!

Bakura: Why, yes, it is. *meaningful look*

*Yugi-tachi remains completely oblivious.*

Tristan: Well, alright, then, but I for one don't think a "thanks" would be out of order.

*Bakura sighs deeply.*

*Scene: Sure. Why not.*

Téa: Well, if you're okay, could you watch Mokuba for us?

Bakura: Sure, I suppose.

Joey: Good. Then let's go and find that creep Pegasus.

Tristan: Am I the only one feeling at all iffy about leaving Mokuba with the person who was trying to kidnap him?

Joey: Yep.

Téa: Mmhmm.

Yugi: Definitely.

Tristan: *sweatdrops* Well, alright, then.

*Scene: Yugi 'n' friends runs off.*

Yami Bakura: If Pegasus restores Mokuba's soul, his body will be useless to me. But it matters not. Because now that Pegasus is weakened by his duel with Yugi, he has given me the opportunity I have been waiting for. The time has finally come for me to add Pegasus's Millennium Item to my collection.

Bakura: *almost daring to hope* Is there any chance you could take over Mokuba on your way there, and then just put a blockade up against his soul?

Yami Bakura: *momentarily shifty-eyed* No. Most definitely not.

Bakura: *sighs* Worth a shot...