Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ As If! ❯ Aftermath ( Chapter 38 )

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"We must go forward, not backward! Upward, not forward! And always twirling, twirling towards freedom!" ~ The Simpsons, in a vaguely accurate quote*

*Scene: The gang runs along outside.*

Joey: Don't worry, Yugi. He couldn't have gotten far.

Yugi: We've got to find him. Pegasus is the only one who can restore Grandpa's soul!

Téa: Wait a minute! What about that spirit in your Puzzle? He seems pretty powerful.

Yugi: Ah, he would, but he's, um... sleeping. Yeah, that's it.

*Scene: A girl says jump, the boys ask "how high?"*

Téa: Wait a minute!

Yugi: *skidding to a halt* Why? What's the matter, Téa?

Téa: That tower... it looks...

Yugi: Yeah, go on...

Téa: Well, it just doesn't seem to have any aesthetically redeeming traits. I was wondering what kind of person would build such a thing.

Yugi: *anime fall*

*Scene: Téa and Tristan recall the night before.*

Téa: I think I've been there before, with Tristan and Bakura. I vaguely recall a secret room -- Pegasus's sanctuary! Maybe it was just a dream, but...

Tristan: Only if we were both dreaming. I'm starting to remember it, too. Pegasus fought with Bakura, and then Bakura's evil spirit came out. But why did we forget?

Yugi: It doesn't sound to me like you've forgotten at all.

*Scene: Conversation.*

Tristan: Pegasus fought with Bakura, and then Bakura's evil spirit came out. But why did we forget?

Yugi: Evil spirit?

Yami: *sighs* Your unfailing surprise at such a concept continues to astound me...

*Scene: Téa's touchy about being brain-wiped.*

Téa: Well, we remember now. Let's go! *takes off running*

Yugi: Hey, wait up!

Joey: *calls back to him* Hey, you're the one that wants to find Pegasus so badly! And you know it'll be faster if we don't.

Tristan: See you up there, buddy!

*The cheerleaders run out of Yugi's hearing range, leaving him grumbling.*

*Scene: Up in the sanctuary, where Pegasus stands talking to himself. Aloud.*

Pegaus: Because of the defeat I suffered at the hands of Yugi and the mysterious spirit of his Millennium Puzzle, I am duty-bound to fulfill my pledge. *formally* And so, I release these three souls. *normally* The rest, however, I'm going to keep. They do make such nice bookmarks... *fans out a handful and looks at them admiringly*

*Scene: A voice interrupts his ruminations.*

Pegasus: Who's there? *spins around* Bakura! I remember now. You! You're the one that possesses the Millennium Ring!

Yami Bakura: How interesting. I would have thought that would be obvious by just seeing it around my neck.

*Scene: Poor Yamis. They really have no choice but to wear their Items, do they? ... At least they're pretty.*

Yami Bakura: Your Millennium Item allows you to look into people's minds, Pegasus. Mine allows me to see into their souls. I have but to look at your deck, Pegasus, and it reveals to me your true nature.

Pegasus: Uhh, that's not my deck. That's your deck.

Yami Bakura: ... Well, that's less than reassuring.

*Scene: The wonderful power of tarot.*

Yami Bakura: The Happy Lover card! It shows you have experienced the joys of love.

Bakura: What? You consider love a joy?

Yami Bakura: *mentally* Just because I'm evil doesn't mean I'm insensitive, you know.

Bakura: So, does this mean...?

Yami Bakura: No.

*Scene: Pegasus's present.*

Yami Bakura: Ah! The Mask of Darkness, eh? So your recent actions were all just an effort to mask your true objectives, objectives that came from deep within your heart.

Pegasus: Yes. But as you just eavesdropped on me saying this, I fail to be impressed.

*Scene: Yami Bakura is serious only while interpreting.*

Yami Bakura: Who would have thought you even had a heart, let alone one so easily broken?

Pegasus: *groans* I have to find a job that doesn't involve teenage-taunting...

*Scene: The fifteen-second Shadow Game.*

Yami Bakura: You are defeated! A rank amateur to one who has played for centuries.

Pegasus: You've lived for centuries? What kind of creature are you?

Bakura: *to himself, in his soulroom* A question that I would very much like the answer to, as well.

*Scene: Yami Bakura's so snazzy.*

Pegasus: What kind of creature are you?

Yami Bakura: I am the one who will possess all the Millennium Items, and I shall use their combined might to conquer the entire world! *satisfied* Ahh, evasive answers are ever so fun...

*Scene: Just punishment.*

Yami Bakura: You have lost the game, and that entitles me to take your Millennium Item, the way you meant to take Yugi's.

Pegasus: So... so is that what this is about? You... things... sticking up for each other?

Yami Bakura: *chuckles* I never cease to be amused by the ethics of mortals.

*Scene: Pegasus's scream can be heard across the courtyard.*

Yugi: Croquet, what happened to Pegasus?

Téa: *startled* I didn't know you and Croquet were on first-name terms.

*Scene: Yugi gets answers whether it's his business or not.*

Croquet: He's suddenly taken ill.

Yugi: But what about Grandpa and the others? He promised he'd free their souls. He promised!

Croquet: Not my department.

Yugi: Huh, really? Seemed to me you were covering everything about this tournament, from policing to refereeing to, well, everything!

Croquet: No, no. Those are the jobs of my identical twin, Croqet.

Yugi: Oh...

*Scene: The goons leave.*

Joey: Man, did you get a look at Pegasus?

Tristan: Who or what could have done that to him?

Téa: Well, Croquet just said that he was ill... There doesn't always have to be an ulterior cause, does there?

*Scene: Téa finds a pretty book on the table of Pegasus's sanctuary.*

Téa: It seems to be a diary. Maybe we'll find something in here. *flips it open* It's all about Pegasus!

Yugi: Well, people do tend to write about themselves in their diaries.

*Scene: Whatever Joey's objection to Téa reading Pegasus's diary was, it was obviously edited out.*

Téa: "Darling Cecilia -- At last, I've finally found a way to restore you to this world. It's an elaborate plan, but not one beyond my genius. It involves the Kaiba Corporation and some ancient magic I plan to harness when I obtain more Millennium Items." This could be it! This might explain why he set up the tournament, and why he went after Yugi!

Tristan: Uh, I think it already explained those things, Téa.

*Scene: Pegasus's diary talks about Pegasus's search for a way to bring back his wife.*

Diary: My journey eventually brought me to the great Pyramids of Egypt, that mysterious land whose ancient people believed in a life beyond the here-and-now -- a belief I wanted to embrace.

Joey: *baffled* He couldn't have just gone to church?

*Scene: In the flashback, Pegasus follows Shadi into the Temple.*

Flashback Shadi: *with no apparent provocation* I am a guardian of the Millennium Items.

Yami: "A guardian?" *sighs* I don't like how the number of people standing between me and the rest of my Items keeps increasing...

*Scene: The only way to leave the chamber is to be deemed worthy.*

Flashback Shadi: You will now be tested by the Item itself -- the Millennium Eye.

Flashback Pegasus: Must it be that one? It looks pretty creepy... How about that ring, or that scale? I know about how one tests things with scales! That seems less bad!

Flashback Shadi: No. Although I suppose the number of people who are maimed by the Eye before being accepted by another Item is quite high... but still. No.

*Scene: The price of curiosity.*

Flashback Shadi: Each Millennium Item awaits the day its fated possessor appears to claim it, and punishes those who are undeserving.

Tristan: Gee, I'd think that would cut down on the applicant pool.

Yugi: Yeah, kind of eliminates the more laid-back candidates, huh? *shudders at the thought of the risk he'd unwittingly taken by assembling his own Item*

Téa: If you ask me, I think poor Bakura was punished as much by being worthy as he would have been otherwise.

Tristan: Yeah...

*Scene: Pegasus is accepted.*

Flashback Shadi: Now your eyes will be opened to dimensions beyond the here-and-now, like having a sixth sense, capable of seeing worlds and times outside our own.

Yami: Wait... TIMES?! I want that thing!

Yugi: *covers his face with his hands* Oh, no you don't!

*The cheerleaders, unable to hear Yami, look at him oddly. Yugi laughs nervously.*

*Scene: Téa closes the book.*

Téa: It goes on to say that later Pegasus got an inspiration. He found a way to combine Kaiba's virtual technology with the magic of the Millennium Items to restore Cecilia. But nothing about Grandpa or the Kaiba brothers.

Tristan: You found all that out by five minutes of reading through that thing?

Téa: Uh, woman's intuition.

*Scene: Right after that, Yugi spots something on the desk.*

Yugi: Hey, look! Three soul cards, and they're all blank!

Joey: You only just noticed them now?

Yugi: Well, I am kind of short, you know.

Tristan: Aww, sorry Yuge. We should've told you.

Téa: Yeah.

*Yugi sighs, once again the last to know.*

*Scene: Yugi pauses for a moment to utter a brief prayer for their safety.*

Joey: Come on, Yuge! Let's go!

Yugi: *starts following* Hold on! Wait for me!

Joey: *laughs* You are just too cute sometimes. *keeps running*

*Scene: The path down the stairs is blocked by a temporal distortion, out of which Shadi arises.*

Yugi: *thinking* He has a Millennium Item, too!

Yami: Huh, I'm impressed. Generally it takes people several hours before they're certain that he's male.

*Scene: This fellow sure talks to himself a lot.*

Shadi: *thinking* I know not who has stolen Pegasus's Millennium Eye and upset the cosmic balance, but perhaps I should begin my search here. Through the centuries, those who have come to possess one Millennium Item have often been driven to covet them all.

Yami: I hate to be technical about it, but even were I so inclined, they all belong to me anyway. I would merely be revoking my loan.

*Scene: Shadi starts advancing on Yugi*

Yugi: No, stay back!

*Shadi takes off his Item, apparently intending to stab Yugi in the eye.*

Yugi: W-what are you doing?

*Shadi doesn't answer.*

Yugi: Okay, that's it! *darts past Shadi and down the stairs, screaming* HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLPPPP!!!!!

Shadi: *lowers his Ankh and looks after Yugi with some irritation* I can't abide children.

*Scene: How Shadi got his Item off without disturbing his turban I'll never know.*

Shadi: *thinking* The Millennium Key will unlock his mind and reveal the truth to me.

Yami: *takes over, snickering* The "Millennium Key?" What, does Isis have the "Millennium Tiara" now?

Shadi: *sighs* Malik asked the same thing...

*Scene: Shadi swishes through the corridors of Yugi's mind.*

Shadi: *thinking* This youth's mind contains two chambers. Never have I seen such a thing.

Yami: *lounging indolently against a wall* What, never met a schizophrenic before? I think you need to spend some time in a more civilized country, then.

*Scene: Yugi's wooden door would assuredly clash with the metal walls on his side of the hallway... if he ever closed it.*

Shadi: *thinking as he walks through Yugi's room* One is the room of a pure innocence, devoid of malice. The purity of soul I sense here could not possibly belong to the criminal that stole the Millennium Eye. *trips over a toy cart, nearly falling and breaking his arm*

Yugi: *appears and gasps* My cart! It's all broken! *kneels down on the floor and starts picking up the pieces*

Shadi: My apologizes. I did not intend to damage anything.

Yami: *storms over, but stops respectfully outside of the door* You had better be sorry! And you had better get out of there right now!

Yugi: *looks up and smiles, although still teary-eyed* It's okay! Besides, I'm sure Yami'll help me fix it. Right, Yami? ^_^

Yami: Yugi, I... *sighs* Fine. Give it to me. *mutters to self* Those puppy-dog eyes ought to be illegal...

*Scene: Away from the temporarily soul-less room.*

Shadi: *thinking* But wait! In the other chamber, I detect another presence. And this soul is much more mysterious. *blinks as the door swings open* *aloud* What, do you spend all your days just staring at your door?

Yami: *smirks bitterly* Not much else for me to do in here, is there?

*Scene: Yami invites him in.*

Yami: It's all right. You may enter my chamber, if that is what you desire. But I warn you -- tread cautiously. I will allow no harm to come to the boy whose vessel I share.

Yugi: *standing outside the doorway* *teasing* Oh, so we're sharing now, are we?

Yami: *sighs* This really isn't the best time, Yugi... Go play with your turtle or something.

Yugi: Ooh, turtle! Wheee! *rushes back to his soulroom, delighted at the reminder*

*Scene: Shadi enters.*

Shadi: *thinking* In the past, I've ventured into the minds of many people, but I've never encountered a chamber so dank and mysterious.

Yami: *chuckles* Even in my day, it was generally considered polite for a guest to compliment his host's dwelling, not insult it.

*Scene: The obvious observation.*

Shadi: *thinking* I feel as though I'm in a tomb of an Ancient Egyptian pharaoh.

Yami: *drolly* And you have to love all those up-beat religious texts on the walls. But then, I suppose they would be more cheerful to one who could actually die.

*Scene: Yami gets tired of the silent treatment.*

Yami: I don't know how you entered my mind. Explain yourself before you trespass further. I demand an explanation for your intrusion.

Shadi: Trespass? You were the one who invited me in.

Yami: Alright, now you're really starting to get on my nerves.

*Scene: He SPEAKS!!*

Shadi: It is my heritage to guard the Millennium Items, and my charge to punish the thief who stole Pegasus's Millennium Eye.

Yami: And you accuse me of being that criminal?

Shadi: You have already taken refuge in the vessel of another. That does not bode well.

Yami: For someone claiming to know about the Millennium Items, you have an astonishing lack of understanding about them.

Yugi: *muttering to self* "Vessel," "vessel!" That's my only use to them -- a "vessel!" Bah... *punches that green thing on his wall*

*Scene: Shadi's voice turns slightly mocking.*

Shadi: But if you are not the criminal, then you have nothing to fear from my search.

Yami: Guilty until proven innocent? An ancient concept for this modern age. *sighs fondly* Reminds me of home...

*Scene: Same.*

Yami: Guilty until proven innocent? An ancient concept for this modern age.

Shadi: Is there ever an age that is not considered modern at its time?

Yami: *retorts* Are there any good terms that can be used over such long periods?

*Shadi gives another of his enigmatic hums.*

*Scene: Shadi insists on searching Yami's unconscious mind.*

Yami: Fine. I'll open the doors for you. *snaps his fingers in obvious showmanship* You may search them to your heart's content.

Shadi: Hmm. No, I do not think that will be necessary. I can see already that you are guilty of the sin of plagiarism. I have no need to look further.

Yami: Uhh... This can't be good.

*Scene: Fortunately, ripping off M. C. Escher isn't a crime.*

Shadi: *thinking* Never have I seen such complexity as in this one's mind. Truly, he is an extraordinary individual. *aloud* I am amazed one can have such catacombs, and still remain sane.

Yami: Ah, well, there were a few touchy millennia in there... the second... and third... and the fourth wasn't fun at all...

Shadi: But surely, the innocent one with whom you share this body must be of some help?

Yami: HELP?! He's given me half these rooms, practically! *looks around, then spots a door* See that one? Got it about half an hour ago, when he died. Hmm. *snaps fingers to open the door, then kicks a pebble in, which promptly explodes* Oh, yeah. Definitely new.

*Scene: Ever-confident.*

Yami: *smirks* And now, I will leave you to your exploration. Oh, but do tell me if you find anything. I would be greatly interested. *smirks more broadly and disappears*

*Scene: The wanderings begin.*

Shadi: *thinking* There are mysteries within mysteries here, levels beyond levels, so I must probe each chamber for the truth.

*Twenty doors and two dozen traps later...*

Shadi: New plan. Use the Key.

*Scene: Shadi "cautiously" walks onto a false floor.*

Shadi: *hanging from a brick* Never have I seen mental defenses so strong! I will have to remember to find the name of his architect.

*Scene: Shadi's just hanging around.*

Shadi: *thinking* If I fall into this deep darkness, I will be trapped eternally within his cryptic mind.

Yugi: I don't know why the spirit of my Puzzle's doing this to you, but I don't think either of us wants you stuck in here forever. So let me help you up.

*Scene: Yugi's such a sweetie.*

Shadi: *looks up and marvels* *thinking* It's the innocent one!

Yugi: *sighs* I should really get around to naming this spirit. After all, I can't insist on people calling me by my name if he doesn't have one, can I?

Yami: Damn straight you can't!

*Yugi sweatdrops and laughs nervously.*

*Scene: Yugi and Shadi sit around on the floor and chat.*

Yugi: I don't think the spirit of the Puzzle is doing this on purpose.

Shadi: But I thought you just said that he was the one doing this to me, and you would not let him hurt me?

Yugi: Ah, well, alright. So I'm really not that sure.

*Scene: Yugi stands up and looks around pensively.*

Yugi: I get the feeling that there are some memories hidden even from him. I sure wish I knew what they were.

Yami: *sarcastic* How odd. I'm not curious at all.

*Scene: Shining light from down the corridor interrupts their conversation.*

Shadi: *thinking* The door, it opens for you. As if seeking to answer your curiosity. But why? Why does it yield to you?

Yugi: *blushes* Well, I tend to be very well liked, I'm afraid.

*Scene: Shadi quotes from that opening, 37 episodes ago.*

Shadi: But those Games erupted into a war that threatened to destroy the entire world, until a brave pharaoh locked the magic away, sealing the monsters in stone tablets. But how could your other personality have knowledge of this ancient history?

Yugi: Well, surely you must have noticed the striking resemblance his front hall has to Ancient Egyptian temples and tombs...

*Scene: A continuation of the new material.*

Shadi: And why do I suddenly sense, here, in his unconscious mind, magic that the world has not known for five millennia?

Yugi: Huh? Seems to me that everybody who has an Item has been using its magic quite a fair bit since then.

*Scene: In a flare of crackling energy, the Dark Magician materializes.*

Shadi: Look out! A new threat appears.

Yugi: Ah, whoops. Guess I shouldn't have touched that stone, huh?

Shadi: I would say so, yes.

*Scene: Shadi realizes how to defeat their new enemy.*

Shadi: If that other image spawned the essence of the Dark Magician, then this one must contain the magical energy of his nemesis, the Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

Yugi: *startled* Now what would Yami be doing with a Blue-Eyes White Dragon in his mind? I wonder if he even knows.

*Scene: A person who believes in "guilty until proven innocent" is not likely to believe in "give peace a chance."*

Yugi: No! Stop!

Shadi: Why should I?

Yugi: Because... he'd never hurt me!

Shadi: Be that as it may, I still desire to save myself.

*Scene: Yugi sounds quite offended that the Dark Magician would even consider attacking him. Idea stolen from an IM conversation with someone... but I can't remember who! *sob**

Yugi: Dark Magician, we are not intruders! Don't you recognize me? Stand aside and let us leave in peace! We will not reveal the hidden secrets. You know me. You trust me.

Dark Magician: Ah, yes. All those times you said "my Dark Magician will be sacrificed, but my life points will be safe." Such great bonds of loyalty I feel towards you. *attacks anyway*

*Scene: Shadi marvels that Yugi can order around the guardians of the pharaoh.*

Shadi: *thinking* Impossible! Unless... this boy is the chosen one. The prophecy comes to pass!

Dark Magician: No. Not yet. It's just... he's so cute! How could you even think of hurting him? *leans down and ruffles Yugi's hair*

*Scene: The Dark Magician leaves.*

Yugi: *mutters* The least he could've done was smile at me... I'm not even asking for a bow, just a little smile...

*Scene: Back into the real world.*

Shadi: I apologize for my rude intrusion into your mind. I did not realize that you are the chosen one.

Yugi: It's okay. It happens all the time.

*Scene: Same.*

Shadi: I apologize for my rude intrusion into your mind. I did not realize that you are the chosen one.

Yugi: It doesn't matter who I am, it still wouldn't have been nice!

Shadi: *humoring him* Whatever you say.

*Scene: Shadi does not sound apologetic at all.*

Shadi: In my search for a thief, I instead found the most worthy, one fated to unlock all the magic.

Yugi: But that makes no sense! I mean, when the magic was loose before, the world was nearly destroyed! Am I supposed to undo all the hard work of that pharaoh?

Shadi: It's a prophecy. It doesn't have to make sense!

*Scene: Shadi rarely speaks this much.*

Shadi: The theft of Pegasus's Millennium Eye was but the first sign that evil once again walks the Earth, bringing madness in its wake. As in ancient times, chaos once more threatens to envelop an unsuspecting world, and only he who solved the Millennium Puzzle can save it.

Yugi: Oh. I would have thought that the fact that I was he would have been obvious from the, you know, Puzzle around my neck.

*Scene: Yugi requests more information.*

Shadi: Take great care. Be on your guard, for whoever the thief is who stole Pegasus's Millennium Item, he will also come seeking yours.

Yugi: *hushed* Wow! That's almost too scary to think about.

Yami: *patronizing* That's alright, Yugi. I can do all the thinking for both of us.

Yugi: *gives Yami a mental hug, completely missing his point* Awww, you're so sweet...

*Yami sweatdrops.*

*Scene: Shadi starts walking away.*

Yugi: But if a guy like you couldn't find him, how do you expect me to?

Shadi: You could always keep a look out for someone missing one eye.

Yugi: Well... but, couldn't you keep searching?

Shadi: No. I am only ever allowed one guess.

*Scene: Shadi feels free to just walk away from the Chosen One. Scene by Manda.*

Yugi: Wait, don't go! I've got a lot more questions! Like... who are you?

Shadi: My name is Shadi.

Yugi: SHODDY?! What, did your mother hate you or something?

Shadi: *annoyed* Not Shoddy, SHADI! *which, of course, sounds like, "Not Shoddy, SHODDY!"*

*Yugi bursts into fits of hysterical giggles*