Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ Deny thy Father ❯ Deny ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Disclaimer: If I owned Yu-gi-oh, Ba-khu-ra would have gotten to fight Zork, not be controlled by him.

Note: My info on what happened in Egypt is based on a few scanlations, looking at the manga in Chinese without being able to read it, and j-anime. If I am wrong, please tell me, but don't flame. I'm doing the best I can. And making some stuff up because I think it's better that way.

This is a series of monologues from Ba-khu-ra/Bakura's perspective.


I didn't know what was going on. Just… the spells set up around the village to tell us if the Pharaoh's forces were doing a surprise raid so we could get the hell out of town and hide in the caves had gone off. This wasn't new, I'd been carried into hiding before, and last time had helped carry the gold. Everyone sort of viewed it as a joke. Once they had got cocky and not sent enough people and I watched them get killed from the roof.

My mom had yelled about throwing spears, and my dad had whipped me. But it was cool!

This time, though, my parents were just standing there, looking at each other. My father was the best Shadow Mage in the village. He got called in to disable magical tomb traps, and lived off a percentage of what they got mostly, though he had a few tombs that he robbed by himself.

He was teaching me how. I liked summoning monsters, they were fun. There was a jackal with wasp wings that would let me ride it.

There was one tomb where my father had repaired the traps in order to train me. Pits, shooting stakes, moving statues, boulders to balance on, giant swinging axes… it was to me what an amusement park is to these fools nowadays. My dad kept a watchful eye on me.

My uncle trained pickpockets, and let them live with him when they got too known and needed to go to another city. My father had me learn from them, and my aunt, who made clothes with many pockets to keep daggers in and noble's clothes for con artists showed me how to do disguises, showed me how to dress as all sorts of people, and wear the kohl right, and pass for whoever I wanted to pass as.

It was all a game to me. Playing dress-up, like my yadonushi used to.

My father used to beat me if I was lazy or didn't learn right, but he didn't really have to. I admired him. I wanted to be just like him when I grew up, and look after my sisters.

My sisters were mostly in the family business too. Not necessarily tomb robbing, but some sort of illegal activity. They are…. sort of a blur. Come on, I was five! I just have an impression of being picked up off the ground and shook until combs and jewelry dropped out. A bunch of loud, ticked off blurs. My mother was my father's second wife. He was getting rather old, and had really wanted a son.

I was a spoiled brat, I see that now.

Anyway… I keep getting distracted, don't I? I used to relive this scene over and over in my dreams. It's odd how it's difficult to think of it. I think about it, about my desire for revenge. But even though the details are engraved in my memory, I don't think about them.

My mother ran out, I guess to warn the village. My father grabbed me. I was asking what he was doing, I didn't understand. He just yelled at me to shut up. It scared me.

He put me in a chest in the cellar. He told me not to move or make a sound, and then he cast a spell that made me invisible. I hadn't even known that was possible. I stayed silent, because I had been told to, and looked wonderingly at myself, like a child with a new toy.

Very like. I was wondering what I could do with this. I wanted to talk to daddy about all the cool ideas I had, but he had shut the lid and gone.

I stayed there. It was cool, and I was sleepy… I'd been up before dawn helping mother. I guess I fell asleep, because the next thing I knew… there was screaming.

I woke up and wanted to call for daddy, because I was scared, but I remembered the beating I'd get if I disobeyed. I shivered, but stayed silent. It was just the guards being killed, right?

Then I heard steps coming down into the cellar. It was too many, too heavy to be my family. I could sense shadow magic, stronger than I'd ever felt. My dad was the strongest in the village, but this wasn't him.

They threw open all the chests, stabbed into the beer jars, spilled out the grain, but the soldiers didn't see me. I stayed very still, like daddy had said. I may have whimpered, but they were making too much noise to hear.

A woman came down to see if they had found anything. She looked around, and saw me. She ordered the soldiers to move on, search the next house. She came over to me. I… I've never been so scared in my life. The screaming was still going on, and there was sobbing, and strong magic. So strong. Something was happening.

She looked at me pityingly. She looked at me for a long time, with expressions warring in her eyes. She was almost dead inside. She'd seen too much, done too much. She was killing her soul… but she was still doing it. Resolve, and she lifted her hand, and I was elsewhere.

I came to in an oasis outside of town. I didn't understand what was going on. Why had she…

I drank some water, I was thirsty, having been in that chest so long. And I went back to town that evening, when the sun was down.

And what I saw determined the rest of my life. Lives.


Blood everywhere. But where were all the bodies? Where was daddy, and mother, and my sisters and aunt and uncle and the old men who told me stories and the knife maker who let me watch and the ladies who didn't wear a lot of clothing?

I went to the center of town, where there was an old buried temple. And in it was… a mold? A human-like shape, with pits for things to go in. Sparkles of gold in the pits. And… magic. But wrong. Not shadow magic. Black magic. I didn't know that then, but I figured it out.

Then… I was just confused. Where was everyone? I wandered through town the rest of the night, looking for someone, anyone.

When dawn came I curled up in the wreckage of my father's bed. And there I was when my cousin, returning from a robbery in the city, found me.


Like? I had to do explanations for why: A. he knew magic, and B. he survived. I mean, a little kid?

This is all planned out, going to be seven chappies. I know I was only going to do three stories at once, but I was bored!