Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ Deny thy Father ❯ thy ( Chapter 2 )

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No matter how hard we tried to deny it…

No matter how many prison guards my brother bribed, no matter how many rumors he chased down, they were gone without trace.

I didn't even have bodies to put through the funeral rites! Of course, my father didn't believe in such things, but…

It wouldn't have mattered. Eventually we admitted to ourselves that they were dead. My cousin took me in, and I lived and worked as a pickpocket in the capital. Until one day I saw her.

You remember her, right? The lady who sent me to the oasis?

Here she was, riding in a procession as High Priestess of Isis, her clothes as gaudy as they had been plain on that day. With a golden torc around her neck. Containing magic as black as night, as black as I had sensed in my village when I returned.

Containing souls. Souls that cried out to me.

I froze, which was a very bad thing to do with my hand in someone's pocket. After I managed to escape the resultant cries of "Stop, thief!" I ran to my cousin.

He, not being a mage, didn't have the slightest clue what to make of it.

I did. The people of my village, my parents, hadn't been executed. They'd been sacrificed. The nobles of Pharaoh's court were wielding power bought with the pain and suffering of my loved ones.

I couldn't take it. I vowed revenge.

I began to sneak into the palace. Hiding in the rafters, I saw demonstrations of the power of the talismans. There were seven, wielded by the Pharaoh and the six high priests.

I also snuck into the beginning Duelist Mage training sessions. I was going to need to learn how to fight.

I also explored the rest of the palace, in order to discover my enemy's weaknesses. The pharaoh had a son.

A cute little baby boy, who had been born after the massacre. I'd made out like a bandit during the festivities.

One day, while there was no one in the room, I jumped down from the ceiling and walked right up to him. I don't remember what I said, but it was something like this.

"Would you mourn him as much as I mourn my parents? You shouldn't. He's a murderer. A mass murderer. My people had blood on their hands, but never cold blood. To callously murder a hundred people… how low is that? Tell me!"

And my hand reached out and grabbed him around the neck. I was lost to rage. I would have snapped his neck then and there.

But he gurgled and cooed like it was the best joke in the world and looked up at me with stunning purple eyes and he was only a baby, barely one year old and I was only six. Or maybe seven. And I couldn't write, so how would the pharaoh know why his son had died?

I wanted him to know that his family died for his crimes. Not like me, who hadn't truly known the people he cared about were dead until he felt their ghosts.

So I left, like a ghost, and I robbed two houses on my way home, and beat up the owners.

I wanted to take my revenge on the lady first. She shouldn't have left me alive. But she died a week later, before I was strong enough to dare it.

At the funeral, I heard rumors of how a lot of the high priests had died lately, oddly. Doing spells that should have been easy. Their own magic had turned against them, but why?

The only ones left of the first ones to receive the new miraculous talismans of power, the Millennium Items, were the Pharaoh and his brother Akunadin. Did their descent from the gods protect them?

The nobles thought it was revenge by the people who had been defeated by the talismans in the recent war, but I knew what it was. My family was taking revenge for me!

It made me… happy, but angry. Happy, that they were still… alive, enough to do such a thing, but angry, because I'd wanted to kill them!

I vowed to get their successors, once I was strong enough. Everyone who benefited from my family's deaths should pay!

I kept sneaking into the palace. I kept training, out in the desert, in the tomb my father prepared. I kept observing a young boy.

If his father died, he was the one I was going to fight. My father was fighting his father, so I would fight the son.

Growing up carefree and innocent. Studious. Obeying his father, looking up to a murderer with hero-worship in his eyes. Vowing to be a good pharaoh with a sacrifice of his own blood to Isis and Osiris in private, sneaking out at night.

I'd seen that the wielders of my family's bodies were invincible. Seeing the future, the enemy's mind… no one but another wielder could beat them.

But this boy could. When he was ten and I was fifteen, he was beating all of the high priests at least one out of two. Even Akunadin. That seemed to enrage the man.

The next best trainee, a brown haired boy around my age, wasn't doing half as well. It enraged him, that he couldn't even beat them once and this boy could. He dedicated himself to learning the boy's secret, to beating him someday.

He couldn't even beat the boy once! How pitiful was that!

I sometimes had to keep from laughing at the expression on the boy's face.

That Atemu kid, he was almost as good as I was going to be.

But I was still going to kick his ass! If I couldn't take him skill on skill, I was going to entrap him. Leave him no way out.

One day, I decided I'd learned enough. I had skill. What I needed was a name. I wanted to strike fear into the hearts of my enemies.

I left my uncle, and took up tomb raiding on my own.

I would make my father proud.


Get it? I'm doing each chapter with the theme of the word it's titled with.

Deny: Denial over Kuru Eruna

Thy: Atemu

Father: Tomb-robbing and revenge: fulfilling his father's wishes

And: surviving after death, the Millennium Ring

Refuse: Ryou fighting him

Thy: Yami and Yugi

Name: Atemu getting his name back, the Ancient Egypt Arc

Fatalisis: Thanks! But I'm going to do seven chappies. They will get longer.

Silvershadowfire: I also wanted to do what happened to the origional priests, the ones who helped Akunadin. There were all these new people!

Sylvia Viridian: Yes, I feel so bad for him.