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Echoes of Forgotten Times
Written by Shukumei no Kagi
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Warning: Yaoi, sorta deathfic

Chapter Eighteen ~ Losing Contact
Yugi stretched out both his wings without noticing anything else but the glistening colors. He was totally awed by what he saw spread to either side of his body, the look of wonder glinting in his violet eyes as he took in the sight of red and white feathers fluttering in the stillness around him. It seemed like this just couldn't be really! Not to Yugi, and that was even though he knew it was possible. Khenemet had told him so, the teen remembered that somewhere in his daze, along with it he was reminded about the feel of something breaking through his back. It would have had to have been the wings, but part of him was just too stunned to believe that there wings extending from his back!

Yet they did seem to be there, he mulled in gentle chagrin while his widened violet eyes noted the bright of the white mass in the pale light. The feathers shimmered slightly for a moment as he gazed at them, a lack of understanding clear in his expression. They looked like they were really there. I don't remember having them before though, Yugi noted softly to himself, unable to bring himself away from staring in confusion at the wings which were spread out fully from his back with a wingtip starting at a wall and stretching straight from one side of the cage to the other. The tips of feathers brushing against the stone.

The touch to the wall was feathery light, the cool rock merely hinting at its presence but that was enough to send a tremor jolting along the appendage. The sensation running right to the teen, having him gasping quickly while his features shined brightly in shock upon feeling the shiver continue right down his spine without pausing. The motion passing from wing to back had a faint stinging of hurt starting, one which gave away that something was really out of place. The pain was just enough that he had to nip at his lip, his eyes glistening briefly as if with tears but that was gone within a moment as the awful hurt faded.

That definitely felt real! Yugi noted in a daze as he focused on his newly grown wings in confusion, too shocked for a moment to know what to think of them. Except for where they might have came from...

Had he really grown them because of what Bakt did? The teen hesitated at that questioning thought, a doubt still filling him about the vision. It was more like everything had been a dream, all of those memories felt so hazy and distant from him, as if they weren't real at all. Even in the moment he was skeptical about what was genuine, a part of him was certain about those entangled images having happened to him.

I...I can't really tell, he realized with a sadness rooting itself deeply into his expression as he wanted to be more certain about what he knew. If only he could think of a way to decide for sure, the teen lamented with a soft sigh of disappointment. Even as the noise whispered from him, Yugi was more focused on trying to determine what was real. It wasn't easy! There were so many things that he remembered which he needed to figure out. And in the meantime, he forgot that there were others around him who were probably watching the display he was putting on. Though that didn't last long. His eye being caught momentarily by the sight of a nervous hazel gaze locked on him just before a voice interrupted his musings.

"Yugi..." The girl he knew as Khenemet hesitated a minute, how she spoke that single word catching his attention. His name had been said so fearfully that it startled him into blinking blankly at her first before curiosity set in, what was she going to say? His wonder got the better of him quickly and he looked up at her with an unrestrained inquisitiveness, wanting to know what she was about to say. Only he paused, the teen slowly bit at his lip worriedly as his heart ached in concern upon seeing the girl huddled in her corner.

Though her silence only grew longer as his gaze landed on her. There was only quiet filling the space until the point she looked up at his features. Then she shook her head slowly though that was all for a moment and then she moved, slipping behind her bed, hiding herself away from him. The motion both startling and worrying him. He glanced around cautiously but he truly saw nothing wrong that might make her hide. "It's okay to be out, Khenemet. There isn't anything happening that you have to hide from. Not that I can see." Yugi spoke up out of concern with his gaze returning to the bed as he tried hopefully to calm the girl.

He just stepped toward the bars, thinking to try to comfort her. He got a single step before an unknown stirring started on his back! The teen yelped loudly, freezing up at the sound of his voice ringing out in surprise. His eyes widened to gawk straight ahead, merely standing there with confusion written on his features for he had no idea of what that feeling was. All he really knew in his split moment of being frozen, was that there was an effortless motion sliding along his back in one smooth flow.

The teen looked over his shoulder carefully, shuddering slightly as he saw the softness of his wings folding up to settle against his back. He blinked nervously at feathers, this way he'd be able to move easier. However Yugi was sure that he hadn't even thought about closing them.

"I really don't understand wings, they're so confusing." He stated shakily, more to himself. The thought having a cheery smile lighting up his features as he looked back at Khenemet, his wide violet gaze crossing the space quickly only to falter as he found her gawking at him with her jaw hanging open. "I guess it will take me a while to figure out using them." Yugi explained, assuming that would answer her. In the silence which followed, the teen wondered what else could possibly cause her to stare. Though for a moment they just stared at one another with the quiet finally being broken by Khenemet.

"Y...yo....y...yo...you re...emem...ember?" Khenemet stuttered out, staring with her eyes nearly impossibly wide and the teen blinked, nodding even as he hadn't been expecting that. He certainly had expected his comment about his wings to have been the cause for her staring. Slowly he started to shake with silent laughter as he fought for control in order to answer the stunned girl. But the girl looked so silly right then with her eyes like that and her jaw hanging open, Yugi had to bite his lip quickly to keep from laughing at her reaction.

Yugi had to bring his hand up to cover his mouth before the tiny giggles could be heard, which wasn't right. He wanted to answer the question better, the nod which he'd given didn't seem like enough considering how she was still gaping. "I think I do. Only it seems more like a dream to me, but you are Khenemet right?" He asked carefully in hopes it would help. He gently wondered whether her answer could clear up his memories. They hadn't been there before but Yugi felt like they'd never been anywhere else.

It's like the memories belong there, he thought, distracting himself too much to notice how the girl paused before replying.

A smile did flicker on her face momentarily, his gaze catching sight of it even though the gesture vanished, being replaced by a fierce sorrow. The teen worried at his bottom lip as a tear went streaking down her face as she shuddered hard. "I am that." She murmured slowly. Yugi could still hear a tremble to her voice, though he did notice that she was no longer stuttering her words. "It's good that you remember, Yugi." She added.

"Khenemet?" The teen began uncertainly, not knowing what to say and paused for a moment as he watched her suddenly sob. He blinked slowly realizing that he didn't even know what was troubling her. The thought having him nibbling at his lip as he didn't like to see anyone so unhappy; he surely didn't want to make things worse. She looks upset enough already, he thought to himself worriedly before continuing. "What's the matter? Is there anything I can do to help out? I don't want you to be upset." He stated sweetly, jumping as she let out a fiercer sob as his words filled th air. Startled by the loud echoing cry, the teen took a nervous step back from the bars. "Khenemet?" He asked in confusion at her reaction.

"I'm sorry, Yugi! I'm so sorry about not doing more to keep you safe. I could have hidden you, Bakt wouldn't find you that way. I could have...I could have done more!" The girl sputtered out sharply, startling Yugi into stunned silence with the sorrow of her words. He blinked in surprise for the second he had before she was dissolving into tears.

The wetness pouring down her face had him feeling bad, worried yet confused as he just blinked his bright gaze at her. "Khenemet..." He paused for a moment waiting with wide violet eyes locked on her for a reaction, not saying a thing as her gaze met his and then he spoke again. His tone being very kind. "I know you did what you could. There isn't anything else to have done that would make a difference. At least not that I know. Besides..." As Yugi got to that point he beamed politely to her for he truly meant what he was about to say. "I don't mind having red and white wings! They're all so nice and keep me warm, even though I don't know how to use them!" He conveyed the comment with a warm joy shining from his features as he smiled. That smile was slowly echoed by Khenemet, though the warmth wasn't there.

I do like them, he thought with a downward glance, looking quickly past his arm with those large violet eyes which settled to gaze upon his feathers. The sight of the wings brought nothing but curiosity to his mind. Yugi really didn't find any regret about not being fully human anymore.

"You...like being a monster like that?" Khenemet gasped out loudly in shock, her tone ringing out mostly from doubt. Yugi blinked at the racket she'd just made, being somewhat startled as the sound got a sleepy growl from the twin-headed dragon.

Yugi glanced swiftly away from the girl, peering past the bars of his cell toward the cage housing the giant dragon. The creature rolled onto it's side, not giving any signs of waking like the teen had been expecting from the sound it had made. He nodded quietly while bring his bright gaze to bear back upon Khenemet. "It isn't that bad once the pain goes away! I think it's neat having wings of my own."

"But the blood on your wings. And attacks....fighting....being a monster...." The girl sputtered disjointedly, certainly gaping in disbelief at him but Yugi just blinked. So the red stuff on his wings was blood? He wondered first off, his mind trying to figure out who's blood fleetingly before realizing something. Namely that if the wings had broken through his back it had to be his own blood. The teen sighed in relief upon realizing that, as long as no one was hurt then he didn't see why there was anything wrong. He kept his smile cheerfully on his features with any concern totally lacking, especially since he didn't see any reason that it was necessary for him to fight. He knew that he would never attack anyone!

Especially with the powers that monsters like himself were supposed to have.

"I don't see any reason why we would have to fight if we don't want to." Yugi declared brightly in reply to her, having no intention of being like the other monsters down there. He wouldn't be! The teen quietly nodded, silently promising that he'd never fight like that. He managed to tell himself that before Khenemet slowly moved, the motion catching his attention and the teen paused to blink in confusion as he noticed how Khenemet was staring at him sadly as she shook her head in denial of his hope. "But...but I'm not going to do hurting people!" He finished with a flare of determination, pouting and crossing his arms in stubbornness about that fact. The teen telling himself there wasn't a chance he would let himself threaten anyone. "I won't do any such thing!"

She shook her head again in answer with a sadness thick in her gaze, the teen could almost feel the emotions from where he was. The intensity of it had Yugi worrying over how solemn Khenemet seemed, she was so sure that he'd be hurting someone, someday. It wasn't an idea which he liked, he worried about it immensely as she finally spoke. "He'll make you do it. He makes us all fight. It's the training, and he'll most certainly train you too."

He set his jaw stubbornly as the teen stared at her questioningly with a wide eyed gaze, not seeing any reason why he'd have to do what Bakt told him. Yugi certainly found no desire to do what the white haired man said unless he agreed with the actions. "I can make my own decisions." He said with his head held high, not willing to believe that he'd be forced to obey Bakt. Only he couldn't keep the worry away, it glistened there in his gaze as he most certainly didn't want to hurt people!

"I won't hurt anyone." He added while clutching at his kalasiris desperately. He wanted the pyramid, the solid comfort of the cool sides would have made him feel better, but he only found his fingers closing on fabric since the golden amulet wasn't there.

"But....but he'll hurt you if you don't!" Khenemet burst out quickly, half-rising in an alarm that startled Yugi. Even her sudden words had fright welling up for a second, his surprise visible in the trembling step backwards which he took as he hadn't been expecting that reaction. For a moment all he could do was stare at Khenemet in wide eyed shock as he didn't remember her ever being that sharp about anything. "I don't want one so undeserving of it being hurt." She added with a huffing breath.

Better me than other people, he thought as he was stung by the idea that someone would have to be hurt no matter what. He didn't like that, he just didn't want people to be pained. "I...I won't hurt anyone. It's not right and I don't want to." Yugi protested back shakily, still stunned into a wide eyed frozen stupor by her outburst. Yet his gaze was innocent enough while staring at her. "I'll manage." He promised slowly though with each word he grew more certain that he wouldn't do anything he didn't want to. "It would just be nice to have the pyramid though..."

"Bakt has it I guess. It won't be ever getting back to you, it's safer to leave that." Khenemet's word had an emptiness holing up inside of him. She couldn't mean that, he thought with a shiver in despair, knowing as he did that it was safer to forget. Only he didn't want to! Yugi was aware that he couldn't accept the idea of leaving the pyramid. The pyramid was his! Somehow, he thought while he nibbled resolutely at his lip, he just had to get it back!

Gently he glanced downwards toward his dangling wings, watching them twitch in time with his thoughts. Each spike of worry about the pyramid cutting into him as he found there was so little solidity around to ease his concern. Yugi didn't know how come, but even talking with Khenemet felt devoid of comfort. There seemed like there was a distance between them, one which he hadn't noticed before becoming a monster. It felt like she was leaving him all alone facing this. It wasn't something that he liked. He already was so empty without the pyramid resting its cool but comforting weight upon his chest. That was a presence which he preferred and when it wasn't there he felt like things seemed lonelier.

Shivering slowly with that lonely disappointment written on his features, Yugi longed for the pyramid which Bakt had taken. And...and I can still get it back, he told himself with a nip at his lower lip, his eyes shining in thought while a strong determination remained with him. He didn't care how hard it would be, or how dangerous, he just had to retrieve his pyramid!

However until then the absent sensations were continually discomforting him, striking with a loneliness since the support wasn't there.

Once I get out of here, he thought with his violet eyes rising past the floor until they settled upon the door of the cage. His gaze sought out the bars, eyeing them carefully even as he was awed by the sight of the fist-wide metal which was confining him. The wonder persisted in shining from his bright gaze as he examined the bars, knowing that getting out of his cage came first. Only he didn't know how to do so with the door in his way! Yugi's glance landed on the lock holding the door firmly shut, keeping him from his wanted escape. He could merely think at the moment.

Especially since he didn't know how to get passed locks. That was what Khenemet always did, he noted matter-of-factly in his head while the thoughts didn't really connect immediately.

When they did, he blinked as the understanding dawned. Smoothly he swung his gaze away from the door, bringing wide, pleading eyes to bear on the girl. He recalled that Khenemet had gotten out of her cell many times in the past, she would have to in order to light all the lamps. That idea wasn't something the teen had ever thought to be important. But he blinked lightly as he realized that lock picking could actually be useful right then, which left him to consider asking Khenemet how one did pick locks.

It might be interesting to learn, he told himself, intrigued by new things but the teen hesitated for he wasn't sure that he should focus on learning something new until he had his pyramid back. Yugi knew that left him with one choice, however he wasn't wanting to suggest it since the girl seemed to be so against taking the risk.

"Khenemet..." Yugi began slowly, pausing for a moment as he looked back to the girl. He hoped that she would help him. "I don't mind that it's dangerous. I miss having the pyramid with me. I don't know why, but I don't feel right without it. And I did promise mother that I'd look after it." The teen stated in explanation, though his gaze was bright with emotions which showed more of how much he cared about this. He just had to do this! That was clear in the strength of the worry and hope which filled the beaming features as he locked them on the girl. "I know if you'd let me out I'll find it. You wouldn't possibly get in trouble for that." He finished suggesting hopefully, too innocent to think of that as anything but a reasonable request. The logic seemed to make perfect sense to him, so he didn't get the girl's sudden reaction to his words.

"No!" She cried out sharply, that one word echoing abruptly through the cells. His ears were set ringing when the noise reached him, sending his hands flying to his ears even as the girl quickly clapped her hands to her mouth. In the brief moment the teen saw fear filling her eyes and he gasped softly in surprise, his shock having him gaping at her, cutely oblivious to the confusion evident on his features. He was merely trying to understand why she had just shouted.

"Just no. I can't, it's too dangerous out there for that." Khenemet mumbled from behind her muffling hands, the sound so faint that Yugi could barely make out the statement. The ringing which filled his head making it even hard to hear, but he could still make out what she'd said, and with that, some of his hope waned. Though it didn't fade away entirely.

"No it's not. Not if we're careful." Yugi responded, trust shining fully out of his violet eyes. He believed what he'd just said, there wasn't any reason he knew of for why they couldn't just sneak past Bakt. How hard could it be? The teen didn't think that it could be that hard. "I...the pyramid's special to me, it might help to have it." He suggested blithely with his gaze slipping to peer out the corner of his eye at the cell door. Some of the hope had returned but it faded sharply, disappointment rushing in as Khenemet shook her head frantically again.

"It won't work, it won't." She choked out, this time snapping her hands to her ears, blocking out what the teen was saying. "Please don't ask me to." She appealed. Even the fear in her voice had Yugi trembling too, though he had no idea why that fear reached him. He couldn't imagine what could be so awful that she was panicking like that. But since she didn't want to be pressed about it, it didn't feel right for him to push.

He sadly sighed with disappointment written on his features for a moment as he spoke softly, the teen not knowing for sure if the girl would even hear him. "I won't." He promised carefully though his determination was still there. It left him glancing away from Khenemet, his gaze traveling over the area aimlessly. He didn't know what to look for, but there had to be something. As it was his violet eyes settled upon the door, the cage seeming so utterly empty to him. The only sound which remained to fill the air was his own breathing, everything else was silent like no one else was actually there.

But that left him alone, didn't it? He shuddered slowly, uneasy in the knowledge that he was so fully alone now that the girl was seemingly ignoring him at this moment. Yugi didn't enjoy this emptiness, he felt as if there was nothing anymore. Though he refused to believe that, he shivered anyhow from the odd chill which was engulfing him. There was one thing that he missed the most, he really did want his pyramid back, lots. The teen noted that gently as he peered around.

Only his wings twitched then, startling Yugi from the silent loneliness which he felt. He smiled a bit as the colorful feathers shifted about, seeming to be protesting his thought that he was alone. Except maybe his wings, he corrected with a bigger smile though as he slowly reached out to grasp a wing, his fingers curling in under the warm feathers seeking solace from the emptiness.

Quietly he moved from the bars of the cage, his violet eyes straying about as he sought something to do while waiting since Khenemet was hiding from him now. It was his wings that caught his eyes though, holding them as he murmured to himself. "I'll get the pyramid back somehow." He promised, having no idea how. But the teen was going to find a way! He had to, he didn't feel right without his pyramid.

Until then though...

He was alone, the idea having him biting at his lip, thinking quietly about trying to scrape the blood from his wings. That would be at least one thing he could do right now.

To Be Continued!

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