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Chapter 6 of 12!  Nearly to my goal!


Yugi woke up and saw that Atem and Tea were looking over several open books. He spotted the wheelchair next to his bed. After a few minutes, he managed to pull himself into it. He wheeled himself over to see what kind of books they were looking through.
Tea noticed that they had company, “Well, good morning Yugi.”
“'morning, Tea,” Yugi replied. “What are you reading?”
Atem looked over at Yugi, “We're trying to get all the facts about regular vampires and compile a list with which to compare you three to.”
“Oh. Ok,” Yugi answered. “I'm going to see if I can get something to eat then. Maybe Ryou and Malik would like to split a bag with breakfast.”
Atem nodded and handed Yugi a bag from the stores. He then wheeled himself from the room to search for his friends.
Yugi found the other two in the kitchen watching Bakura and Marik argue over who was cooking breakfast. “Hey guys,” Yugi greeted his friends. “Would you like to split a bag while we try to handle breakfast for everyone?”
Ryou and Malik nodded. Malik got out three Styrofoam cups and Ryou split the bag while Yugi tried to maneuver the wheelchair in the kitchen. The three boys then set about their self-appointed task of making yet another meal for the group. Yugi found the ingredients for pancakes and prepared the batter for Malik. Ryou volunteered to make the bacon, eggs, and sausage. Yugi decided that he wanted to make toast.
Bakura and Marik stopped fighting as Yugi prepared oranges for Malik to juice. Atem walked in, “Don't tell me that those two were at it again. You two do this every time! We are supposed to be a team here, and you two are always fighting over whose turn it is to cook. Why can't the two of you stop arguing and work together on a meal for once?” Bakura and Marik had no reply. “Look at those three. They worked together to prepare breakfast when Yugi is supposed to be resting. You two ought to be ashamed of yourselves.”
Joey walked in, “Just be glad that Kaiba's not due in until tomorrow. If he learned that the two of you were shirking your duties as members of the team, you'd be stuck doing what ever it was you were avoiding AND cleaning up the holding cells.”
“Seto's coming here tomorrow? Why,” Atem asked.
“He wants to pick up the unknown in the holding cell and check on our little friends here,” Joey replied.
The three boys had ignored the conversation and took the dishes out to the dining room. Atem spotted Yugi trying to balance plates and silverware while trying to open the door. “Allow me to help you with those, Yugi,” he offered, surprised that Yugi was able to handle the silverware at all with it being almost pure silver at the handles.
Yugi looked up as Atem took the plates, “Thank you.”
Atem nodded and held the door open for Yugi to pass through. After they had everything ready, Atem pressed the intercom to inform the rest of the team that breakfast was ready. Ryou and Malik disappeared into the kitchen and returned with their cups. Ryou sat Yugi's next to him as the others filed in.
The seating order was Atem and Duke at the opposite ends. On the left side were, Yugi, Ishizu, Malik, Ryou, and Odion. On the right were Joey, Tristan, Marik, Bakura, and Tea. Atem announced that Bakura and Marik were to handle the dishes after breakfast was over as punishment for not preparing yet another meal. Then everyone started eating. Tea tried the pancakes, “These are the best pancakes I've ever tasted.” The others agreed with her.
Duke was curious, “Who made breakfast?” Yugi, Ryou, and Malik raised their hands. He stood up, knocking his chair over in the process, “YOU ALLOWED THEM IN THE KITCHEN?!?!?! THEY COULD POISON US!!!!!!!!!”
Yugi started crying. Malik couldn't stand the accusations, “Why would we poison the food if we, ourselves, were going to eat it?”
Atem stood up, “This meal is over. Duke, you are confined to your quarters until you calm down.”
Yugi and his friends followed Atem, Tristan, and Odion to the lab. “We have decided to allow you to run whatever tests necessary to determine what we are exactly,” Malik informed them.
Atem looked at Yugi, “Are you alright with this, Yugi?” He nodded in response.
Atem listed the facts they had on regular vamps and crossed out what didn't apply:
Survive only on blood----x
Cannot handle normal foods----x
Allergic to garlic
Cannot handle pure iron or silver----x
Cannot survive in sunlight
Burns in sunlight
Preys only on humans or predatory animals----x
Rarely found in groups----x
Very territorial----x
Sleeps during the day----x
Burns with Holy water
Very pale----x
Red-tinted eyes----x
Very strong
Lack reflections
After crossing off what they already knew, he was ready to begin. “Now I'm not promising that there won't be any pain from these tests,” he told them.
He handed each of them a small cracker that had garlic oil rubbed into it. Yugi looked at him in confusion, but put it in his mouth and ate it. The other two followed suit. Ryou grabbed a water bottle after swallowing, “Ugh. If you're going to put garlic on crackers, you should try to at least use pickled ones. That was horrible.”
“Sorry about that,” Atem stated as he crossed that off the list, along with the Holy water fact. He then handed them a mirror and stepped behind them. He frowned as another item was scratched off. They discovered that the boys were of average human strength.
They had two items left on the list and they both involved sunlight. Yugi gulped at the memory of his recent encounter with sunlight. Atem took the boys to his study and cracked the blind an inch. Malik, being the bravest, placed his hand in the beam. Nothing happened. Ryou mimicked his friend and the results were the same. Even though he was frightened, Yugi joined in, not wanting to be left out.
“It doesn't hurt this time,” Yugi cried out in amazement.
Malik looked at Atem and smiled, “Does this mean that we can finally enjoy the daylight?”
“Possibly,” Atem replied. “But I need to figure out why Yugi got burned before. So until then, please avoid direct sunlight.” Malik and Ryou nodded before running off to tell the others about their discovery.
“Atem, do you think my grandpa is still alive,” Yugi asked.
Atem looked up from the now useless piece of paper, “I don't know Yugi. I suppose we could find out.”
“Can we try now,” Yugi pleaded. “I miss him so much.”
Atem nodded and pulled out the now worn flyer, “Sure. We'll try the number under your name and see if it's still his.”
Yugi nodded as Atem pulled the phone over. He dialed the number and an elderly voice answered, “Hello, Kame Game Shop. Solomon Mutou speaking. May I help you?”
Atem sighed, “Are you the grandfather to a Yugi Mutou?”
“Who are you and why are you calling here? My grandson's been gone for ten years,” the man snapped.
“My name is Atem, sir. I'm one of the Hunters in the area,” he replied. “We came across your grandson's fingerprints during an investigation. If it is at all possible, I'd like to arrange for a meeting with you at our headquarters. I'll have someone there to pick you up.”
There was a pause on the other end, “I'd like to get this over with as soon as possible. I'll meet with you today.”
“A member of my team will be there to pick you up shortly,” Atem informed him. “Thank you for your time.”
The call was ended and Atem had Ishizu leave to pick up Solomon from his shop.
If nobody's figured out the 'pattern', I'll give a hint tommorow...probably.