Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ Hunted ❯ Chapter 7 ( Chapter 7 )

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Ishizu returned with an elderly man. She led him into Atem's study and motioned for him to wait. Solomon was wondering what news this Atem person held of his long-lost grandson.
“Sorry for the wait sir,” a voice stated as its owner walked in. “I had to settle some matters in the other part of the mansion.”
Solomon looked at the owner of the voice, “Yugi?”
“Sorry, but no. I am Atem,” he replied. “We came across this flyer while running a search on a set of fingerprints. I can understand the confusion. A few of my team were amazed at the fact that the boy looked a little like me.”
Solomon sighed, “I've been looking for my grandson for ten years. I felt that he was out there somewhere, but the rest of the family decided to place a headstone for him.” He looked out into the hall, feeling the loss all over again.
“Marik, get back here with that,” they heard a voice cry out. “I was reading that!”
“Catch me if you can,” another voice shouted back, sounding closer than the first.
“I'm going to tell Atem that you're messing with Malik if you don't return that book,” another voice rang out. “Ryou can you block the doorway so Marik doesn't get away with Malik's book?”
“I can try my best,” a fourth voice replied.
Solomon was curious now that he heard the names of his grandson's friends. He stepped out into the hall to see a boy in a wheelchair trying to block the hallway.
“Oh no, you don't, Marik,” he heard the boy state. “Get back here with my cookies,” the boy cried out as someone swept past him. The boy gave chase after another boy, looking a bit like the first though smaller, ran past.
Then there was a loud crash. Atem looked at Solomon, “Excuse me while I figure out what's going on here.”
He nodded and followed Atem. “What's going on in here,” he demanded to know.
Solomon caught sight of a flash of white vanishing behind the opposite doorway. A small voice replied, “A little help here, Atem? I can't seem to get this thing off of me.”
Atem sighed and righted the wheelchair. He then helped its former occupant back into it. Solomon was shocked. This boy looked and sounded like Yugi did ten years ago! “Yugi,” he tentatively asked, praying that he was right and that he was wrong at the same time.
The boy looked up, “Yes?”
Solomon stepped back, “How can this be?”
“Are you my grandpa,” Yugi asked him.
Solomon looked at his eyes; they were the same amethyst ones that looked up at him when Yugi had been given to him after his parents died. “My little Yugi,” Solomon cried. “I'm so glad that you're safe. What happened to you?”
Yugi looked at Atem who nodded, “Ryou, Malik, and I were taken by the Vampire Lord ten years ago, Grandpa. Ryou and I escaped and had no idea as to Malik's fate until we ran into each other a year later. We stuck together after that. I got caught by these guys about a night before the others were caught. Atem and the others are taking good care of us, Grandpa.”
“So why do you still look like you did ten years ago,” Solomon asked.
“Um, about that,” a voice replied from the top of the stairs. “We were turned and then when the `others' found out that we were different; we were treated as `pets'. By the way, Yugi, I got my book back. Sorry for the loss of your cookies.”
“That's ok, Malik. Ryou had planned to make another batch later,” Yugi replied.
Solomon looked at Malik, “So you three can eat regular food?”
Ryou came back into the room, “Sorry for dashing off like that. I was a bit nervous. And in answer to your question, Mr. Mutou. Sorry; Grandpa. Yes, we can.”
“Apparently, the three of them aren't regular vampires, but an entirely new strain,” Atem cut in.
Solomon looked at him, “So why is my grandson in a wheelchair?”
Yugi, Ryou, and Malik all looked at Atem. “That would be my fault,” Atem replied. “I gave him a tranquilizer that was meant for regular vampires. It was poison to him. I managed to get most of it out, but he's still a bit weak from the whole thing.”
“But I'm ok now,” Yugi piped up. “And that's what counts. Atem's taken responsibility for me and he's like the brother I always wanted. Can I stay Grandpa? Please.”
Solomon smiled at his grandson, “Well, I suppose so, but you listen to Atem and his team. I don't want to hear that you're causing them any grief.” He hugged Yugi, “I'm so glad that you've come back to me after so long.”
“Same here, Grandpa,” Yugi whispered.
As Ishizu came to take him home, Atem stepped up to Solomon, “Feel free to stop by and visit whenever you like. I promise that Yugi and his friends will be looked after.”
After Solomon left, Yugi decided he was bored. “Hey Atem?”
“Yes, Yugi,” he answered.
“Do you have a problem with me calling you by another name,” Yugi asked.
Atem looked at him, “I suppose not. Why do you ask?”
“Well, I, uh, was wondering what else I could call you,” Yugi replied.
Atem smiled, “What would you like to call me, young one?”
“Is `Yami' ok with you,” Yugi asked him.
Atem smiled, “Of course Yugi.”
“Thank you so much Yami,” Yugi said, brightening.
“Is it really true that you consider me a brother to you,” Atem inquired.
Yugi nodded, “Yup. You looked after me when I was really sick and, like a brother, you stood up to Duke when he hurt our feelings at breakfast.”
“Thank you, Yugi,” Atem replied. “I would be honored to have you as a brother.”
Yugi laughed, “So then who's going to be the `oldest', Yami?”
“Which ever you prefer, Yugi,” Atem answered.
Yugi looked up, “Then I pick…You. Besides, I'm going to have to look up to you anyways.”
Before Atem could reply, Joey came into the study, “Kaiba's here and demands to see you and the three vampires.”
Atem sighed, “I'll collect the other two on my way to the meeting room.”
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