Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ Hunted ❯ Chapter 15 ( Chapter 15 )

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“JOEY, TRISTAN,” Malik cried out.
Yugi decided to try and give his friends a hand. He took his animal form and leapt at the two vamps that had broken in. *Run you guys. Go and find the others and call the rest. Tell them that Alistair and Bandit Keith broke in.*
While Yugi clawed at their faces, his friends listened to his request and went for help. Keith grabbed the small cat and threw him. Yugi got up and launched himself at Alistair this time. Keith was getting irritated at Yugi's attempt to buy his friends some time to get help. Before he could scruff the feline, Yugi darted into Atem's lab. He cursed and followed him into a cell. Of course he didn't realize that Yugi had led him into a trap.
Yugi darted out of the cell and pushed the button on Atem's desk, causing the cell door to close. Bandit Keith swore that he saw a smirk on Yugi's feline face. But Yugi's contentment didn't last long. Alistair grabbed Yugi by the scruff and pulled a spray from his pocket, “'night, night, Furball.” He sprayed Yugi in the face with the vapor and dropped him on the ground.
Yugi struggled to get back up, but the toxins in the mist were affecting him. *What was that? What did you do to me?*
“That was a special spray designed by the Vampire Lord himself. It affects the nervous system of the vampire who was sprayed with it. It seems to force the victim to revert to their normal form for easy identification,” Keith gloated as Yugi changed.
Yugi tried to glare, but couldn't, “Then we're even.”
“What do you mean by that, runt,” Keith shot back.
As he was losing consciousness, Yugi faintly replied, “Only Yami can unlock that cell and he's going to…” He fainted and Alistair picked him up.
“I'll inform the Vampire Lord what occurred here,” Alistair stated before leaving the room to find another exit.
Joey and Tristan heard yelling and saw Ryou and Malik running through the mansion. “ALISTAIR AND BANDIT KEITH BROKE IN,” they cried out. “YUGI'S HOLDING THEM OFF, BUT HE NEEDS HELP!!!!!”
The two men nodded. Tristan told the two boys to stay in the library and call the others and tell them to get back as fast as possible. He and Joey heard shouting coming from Atem's lab and went to investigate it. They were stunned to see that there was a vamp in the cell. “Where's Yugi,” Tristan demanded.
The vamp refused to answer, but gave threats instead, “Let me out of here before I tear you apart!!!!!!!!!!”
“Wrong answer, Vamp,” Joey shot back. “Now you'll have to face Atem's wrath when he gets back.” He threw a V.K.G into the cell and left.
They heard a crash coming from the kitchen and arrived in time to see the retreating figure holding a limp bundle. It was running too fast to follow.
“Explain to me WHY there is a vamp locked in MY lab,” Atem demanded upon returning to the mansion. He had just found out that his brother had been kidnapped and was in a bad mood.
Malik stepped forwards, “Apparently Yugi managed to get him angry enough to follow him in.”
Atem sighed, “Call Seto and inform him that Yugi managed to capture Bandit Keith but was kidnapped in the fray.”
Odion nodded and left the room to make the call. Atem turned to the vampire that Yugi had captured before he was kidnapped. He couldn't believe that the infamous Bandit Keith had finally been captured. He decided to make sure that this vamp regretted ever messing with his family. “Joey, Tristan, could you strap our guest to the table before he wakes? I'm going to give Marik leave to do as he pleases, but to a degree, to gain information on where Yugi was taken. Ishizu, please get these two another bag while they clean the kitchen.”
His friends did as asked and left the room. Now all Marik had to do was wait for the prisoner to wake before he began his method of gaining information.
Yugi woke to cold darkness. His head hurt and he had no idea where he was. Memories flooded back and then he remembered that he had been drugged by Alistair after he had captured Keith in one of the lab's cells. He shuddered, realizing that he was in the Vampire Lord's keep.
Just as Yugi realized where he was, the massive doors opened and two figures entered the room. “Thank you, Alistair, for returning my favorite `pet' to me,” a familiar voice stated. “Now leave us so that I may deal with his rebellious streak.”
Alistair bowed and left. The king of all vampires in the area walked over to where Yugi was bound, “You have disappointed me, and for that you need to be punished.”
Yugi's eyes went wide with fear as the Vampire Lord produced a collar from a pocket. He knelt next to Yugi, “I am going to remove that thing and replace it with this. Perhaps then you will obey me better.”
He ripped Yugi's prized choker-collar off and stared at the Mark of the Hunters. “Well, now I know where you've been hiding all this time. You're one of their little `pets', aren't you,” he hissed.
Yugi shook his head and tried to get away from the collar that his enemy held. The Vampire Lord growled and grabbed Yugi's shirt, “Do not push me, child! You are my property and will obey me and me alone!” With that, he threw him against the wall. “Raphael, GET IN HERE AND BRING THE PENDANT,” he yelled.
A man with blond hair entered, “Here you are sire.” He handed a crystal-like object to the Vampire Lord and stepped out.
The Vampire Lord returned to Yugi and pressed the violet crystal to Yugi's forehead. He looked at the evil vampire in confusion but screamed as pain erupted and flooded his body. “This should make controlling you easier,” he gloated as Yugi's eyes lost their light, fading into a dull, lifeless, amethyst color. “Now that I've removed that which gave you your little ideas, it's time to retrain you. Put that collar on.”
Yugi just lay there limply and stared into space. The Vampire Lord was furious; it seemed that he had been overdid it with his powers. He looked at the limp form and realized that the boy couldn't run away again. He went to reawaken his Mark and cancel out the other, but found that he couldn't reuse his, as it had been Countered, but could block out the one that was used by the Hunters that had him with the collar he had placed around Yugi's neck.
“Atem,” Ishizu called out from the library, “Yugi's Mark has vanished somewhere in the mountains! I fear that something has happened to him.”
Malik looked up, “The Vampire Lord has a lair there. That's where I was taken and kept before I escaped, sister.”
“If he has Yugi,” Ryou added, “Then he's going to punish him for running away. He might do the Ritual he threatened to do so many times before I ran away.”
“What ritual,” Atem questioned.
Malik paled, “He will remove Yugi's free will and he'll be a slave until his `Permanent Death'.”
“Or Yugi will wind up being a soulless doll if the Vampire Lord uses too much power in the process,” Ryou added.
Atem turned to the rest of the team, “Odion, you and Marik are to deal with the vamp as needed. When Seto and the Vampire Recovery Squad arrive, inform them that we went to retrieve my brother and will likely need their help when they are able to help us. Also, any reward money is to go to our grandfather since Yugi was the one who captured it.”
Joey looked at Atem in shock, “Are you serious? Keith is worth 750,000 since he's evaded any attempt to capture him and he wiped out three Sectors in less than a year!”
“I am,” Atem stated. “Our grandfather has been through enough and is in need of financial assistance. Make sure that money gets to him.”
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