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Ishizu entered the lab where Yugi's body lay in stasis, awaiting the return of its soul. “I do so hope that they manage to bring you back safely, young one,” she sighed. “It pains me to see an innocent suffer so greatly. Please don't give up, Yugi.”
“Where am I? Why is it so dark and cold? Who am I and why am I here?”
“Little One,” a voice calls from the darkness.
A small form shields its eyes from sudden brightness. When he opens them again, he sees four forms sitting before him. Three of them are each of one color; red, blue, and yellow. The fourth looks almost familiar, but the small form can't quite place this person. The fourth stands and walks over to the boy, “Please take my hand and rise, Little One.”
“Forgive me for asking, kind sir,” the boy begins. “But who are you and where am I?”
The familiar figure smiles at the boy, “I am Atemu and you are where you are. The question is, `who are you'?”
“I can't remember,” the boy replies looking depressed.
“Perhaps it is because you are not yet whole,” the large yellow bird points out.
The boy looks up at the speaker, “What do you mean by `not whole'?”
The blue figure bends down to answer, “Your soul is fragmented at present. Therefore, everything that makes you, you; from your memories and personality, is also in pieces.”
“Then why am I here,” the boy questions the four.
The red being replied, “You are here because we have an offer for you and Atemu wanted to meet you, Little One.”
“But why me,” he questioned them.
The yellow form spoke, “Because you and your two friends stood out from all of your kind. Despite being vampires, you three alone did all you could to retain your innocence. You have earned the attention of the Gods of Egypt, Little One.”
Atemu looked at the boy, “I can truly say that I am proud to have you and your brother as my descendants. You two have done so much to protect others from the `plague' that began before my time.”
“Brother,” the boy questioned. “I have a brother?”
“Of course, Little One,” Atemu replies. “He is my namesake, though it is only secondary. However, he is still my own.”
The blue figure cleared his throat, “About our offer. Atemu has offered to help keep your body functioning properly. But in order to do so, he must be given permission to temporarily inhabit it. Do you agree to this?”
“I suppose so,” the boy states. “But if I am truly a vampire, wouldn't he have to deal with the situation?”
“Atemu has been informed of all possible outcomes of his decision. He is fully aware and has still accepted the conditions,” the yellow bird replies. “What we wait for now is your consent.”
The boy looks at Atemu, “If for some reason I cannot be saved, please look after the one you said was my brother and live life for me.”
“I will,” Atem promised.
The boy looked at each of the four, “I give my permission for him to take my body until I can be saved.”
“Very well, Little One. Atemu, you are to take his place until his soul is free of its prison,” the yellow bird orders. “Remember, that once you are in his body, you have thirty minutes to get the Millennium Puzzle, before you can no longer sustain your own soul and the Little One's body.”
“I understand, Great Ones,” Atemu bowed. “Little One, I promise to keep your body from further harm and to protect your brother and friends.”
The boy nodded, “Thank you.”
Ishizu re-entered the lab to check on Yugi's stats and noticed that there was something a little off with them. She looked inside the pod and saw that his eyes were open and that he was looking around a little. She opened the stasis pod and helped him sit up. “Yugi, are you ok,” she asked.
“For the moment,” came the reply. “Do you know where the Millennium Puzzle is by any chance?”
Ishizu had heard of this object while growing up and knew exactly what he was speaking about. “Your grandfather gave it to you for your birthday. I believe that you left it in your room.”
“May I have it,” he requested.
Ishizu nodded and went to get the Puzzle. While she was gone, Ishizu realized that the voice that was speaking to her was not Yugi's. She decided to question the spirit that had taken over his abandoned shell in his absence once she got back to the room.
“Before I hand this to you, I want to know who and what you are, and why you have possessed Yugi's body.”
The form sighed, “I am Atemu, former Pharaoh of Egypt and the boy's ancestor. The Egyptian Gods had called the remaining fragments of his soul together and gave him an offer. I am here because he accepted the offer which allows me to temporarily inhabit his body in order to keep it alive until he can be reunited with his soul. He gave me a secondary condition, saying that if he could not be saved I was to assume his life. Though you did not ask, I needed the Puzzle as an anchor and to sustain my soul and his body.”
“Very well, Atemu,” Ishizu stated. Satisfied with the answer, she handed him the Puzzle.
Atemu looked confused, “What did you say the Little One's name was again?”
“Yugi, his name is Yugi Mutou,” Ishizu replied. “Atem is his twin brother. Yugi calls him `Yami'.”
Atem nods and allows Ishizu to help him from the stasis pod.
Raiden had returned to the cell that had housed his prisoners and discovered that it was empty. He stormed to another area of his keep. “AKEFIA, MARIKU!!!! I WANT YOU TWO TO FIND AND RECAPTURE MY PRISONERS!!!!”
Two sets of red-tinted eyes opened in the darkness. A tall figure with white hair and a vertical scar with two horizontal ones beneath his right eye emerged. Another figure stepped out from behind him, this one with straw-colored hair.
The white-haired man grinned evilly, revealing a pair of deadly fangs, “It would be our pleasure, Master Takeshi.”
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