Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ RIse of the Night Dragon ❯ The Curse is Issued... ( Prologue )

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This is one of the fics I've thought up when it's Halloween or when I'm reading my country's favorite paranormal series, `True Philippine Ghost Stories'. Since I've gotten the 13th and latest copy, I've dedicated this story to the strange, horrifying and utterly impossible. I was inspired by the highly popular fanfic and most visited in the horror division of YGO, `Forever in the Night' by Zelda_jewel. I'm writing this fic now as a plea to her to update the story.
As an added note: here, Yami Marik has been banished to the Shadows. But that doesn't mean that he's given up on his revenge.
Hope you enjoy this fic.
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There was a thunderstorm raging in Domino City, the pouring rain coming down in buckets. But there was only one figure walking in the rain tonight, one 6 ft. tall, blue-eyed brunet by the name of Seto Kaiba.
He walked very briskly, his sopping wet hair looming over his deep sapphire eyes. Why he was out there, you might ask? Here's the flashback…
He was riding in his limo, glancing out the window once in a while, to gaze at the foreboding sights that were the gigantic storm clouds that dotted the red-hued sky. “We'd better get back home fast, Roland.” He had instructed. Roland nodded and gently pressed down on the gas pedal. The car slowly accelerated, speeding down a wide open street at 18 km/h. (Physics geeks start computing!)
He was eager to get back home because Mokuba absolutely hated thunder and lightning, even more if he wasn't there. “Can't we go any faster?!” he asked irritably. “We can't.” Roland replied curtly “Should the rain start to pour, and we're at a fast pace, the car might flip over and we'd be killed.” He explained.
Seto didn't reply and looked out the window, the storm clouds rolling by threateningly. Suddenly, a lightning bolt stuck down into the road, leaving a gaping hole in the pavement. Roland swerved violently to avoid the pothole, sending the car into a ditch.
Both Seto and Roland got out of the car unscathed. Or not for long, as Seto thought. “What the hell happened!?!?!” He asked angrily. Roland inclined his head. “A lightning bolt came out of nowhere and left a gaping hole in the middle of the street, I tried to swerve around it but…”
Seto brushed the conversation off. “Whatever, you get this car fixed. I'm walking home.” He instructed to a dumbstruck Roland. “But sir, it's about to rain and—” “I said: Fix it.” Seto interrupted.
Roland sighed, defeated. “Yes, sir.” He said in a monotone voice.
And with that, Seto walked off, just as soon as the first raindrop fell and hit the earth…
Seto was almost at the mansion now, the white building looming in the distance. `Finally…' He thought irritably. `Don't worry Mokuba, I'm almost home…'
Seto entered the mansion, took of his coat and placed it on the nearby rack, instructing the maid to get that dry ASAP. He then went up the stairs and made his way towards his little brother's room.
When he got there, the first thing he saw was a large lump on the bed, a bit of raven hair peeking out from under the sheets. When he got closer, he noticed the lump slowly rise and fall, showing that the lump, a.k.a. Mokuba, was fast asleep.
Satisfied with that, Seto left the room and proceeded to his room to take a long, warm bath before bed. After doing so, he got dressed and settled down into bed. Eventually, sleepiness came over him and he drifted off into his dreams.
But, all was not peaceful… in the shadows, a pair of sadistic, lavender eyes were staring at him the entire time. The intruder, Yami Marik, was smirking evilly. “So, the Pharaoh thinks he has rid the world of me?” he asked himself. “Well, he has another thing coming to him. But I'm not doing this alone. Oh no, you're going to help me…” he said, glancing at the sleeping Seto. He then walked over to the desk nearby him and picked up a small statue of the Blue-eyes White Dragon. He then walked over to Seto, who was still asleep, raised the statue over his head, and began to chant in a strange tongue. Translated, this is what he said:
As the moon rises, the sun sets
Into the dark of the night,
The beast shall awaken
And begin to take flight.
As the sun beats down
the Man shall walk the ground,
Shalladorn wings
Andfly to unknown bounds
I call upon thee now, creature of the shadow!
Beast of wings,cross the threshold
Bind thisman to his fate
Until his accepted destiny is foretold… (See footnote)
The statue in his hand glowed with a dark blue light and then became a light blue ball. The floating orb then flew at a rapid pace to Seto, settling just a few inches over his head. Then, the orb became a ring of light, and came down around Seto's head. Then the light ring clasped itself on his head. The light dimmed, and in its place was a thin silver headband with a sapphire jewel in the center of his forehead.
While this was going on, Seto was asleep. Grinning, Marik stepped back into the shadows, pleased that his curse was successful.
Morning came, and Seto was stirring, the glare from the windows stinging his eyes. He got up, stretched and went into the bathroom.
As he glanced into the mirror, he noticed the headband. “What the…” He breathed. He reached up and felt the band around his head. “When did I get this?” He asked himself. He grabbed the headband and attempted to pull it off his head, but to no avail. He closely examined it. It was pure silver, with a sapphire cast into it. It didn't seem to have a clasp, as if it was made to fit perfectly on him and him alone. `It's not that badA little simple for my taste, but elegantly stylish.' He thought. He combed his hair in such a manner that his bangs covered the band so it was barely visible. “That'll do for now.” He said. He got dressed and he took off for work, unaware about what was going to happen.
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