Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ RIse of the Night Dragon ❯ Enter the Dragon... ( Chapter 1 )

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When Seto got to the KC tower that day, his mind lingered on the silver band that adorned his head. Who could've put it there? What purpose did it have? Questions like these were swirling in his mind as he continued his daily routine.
Around three PM, the door to his office opened. He didn't have to look up to know who was there.
Nii-sama, how are you?” Mokuba asked, walking around the desk to his brother's side. “I'm fine Mokuba. How was school?” Seto greeted in reply. Mokuba smiled. “Oh same old school, same old day.” Then, he noticed something glittering on his brother's head. “What's that?!” He asked, raising an eyebrow.
Seto abruptly stopped typing. He looked at Mokuba and smiled. “This band?” He asked, puling back his bangs to show him. “I don't know, I woke up and it was there on my head.” He explained, looking up at the said accessory.
“Can't you take it off?” Mokuba asked curiously. Seto shook his head. “Oh well, it kinda suits you.” Mokuba commented, shrugging.
“Really, I was thinking of trying to get it off me somehow…” Seto said airily, placing his hand on the sapphire in the band. (Rhymed!!!)
“It looks cool on you Nii-sama!” Mokuba exclaimed. “If Yugi has the Puzzle, you could have that…that…give me a name here.”
Seto raised an eyebrow, mildly amused at this conversation. “Maybe…band, headgear, crest, headdress, crown…”
Mokuba's eyes widened. “That's it!!! We can call it the Silver Crown!” he announced playfully. After noticing the amused smirk on his brother's face, he added. “What, do you want the name to be the `Millennium Crown?!'”
Seto shook his head and smiled. “It's not that. It's that this is the weirdest conversation I've ever heard.” He said with a genuine, amused laugh.
“Hehe, me too…” Mokuba agreed, giving his brother a hug. “Anyway, I've got homework. Please don't come home too late!” He said as he walked out the door.
*(Skip to 10 PM)*
Seto was alone in his office, in front of his computer like always. He was typing while he was thinking about his newly acquired accessory. `Whoever put it there, the obviously have some style, and good craftsmanship. It fits so snugly…Perhaps I can get it off after a bath…
It was around 10:30 when Seto was finished with his bath. The band, or as it is now called, the Crown refused to come off…Not that Seto minded, he actually liked it. Then suddenly, he felt a growing exhaustion creeping over him, which was weird, because he's been up much longer than this. He tried to fight it, but he felt his strength leaving him at an alarming pace. Then, he couldn't fight it any longer, and passed out on the floor.
A few minutes later, Seto woke up and sat the floor. But there was something different about him…something strange…something inhuman. Seto stood up and walked towards one of the blinded windows and opened the blinds, the moonlight flooding over him. In the reflection of the moonlight, no one could notice the difference if they looked, but at a second glance, his face would have them running for the hills.
He still looked normal, except for his eyes. His eyes were livid orbs of blue, like staring from a bird's eye view of the Pacific Ocean, nothing but cold, emotionless blue. Then, Seto opened the window and the sapphire cast into the Crown glowed an eerie blue light…
(Seto's Dream in his POV)
I couldn't see anything, like I was blind or something. Then suddenly, I saw a blue something shining in front of me. Then I could see again. I was high above Domino, flying towards the moon. I didn't understand how, but I felt like I was following something. Then, I spotted the familiar green roof of Yugi's shop. I dived down and landed. I was amazingly taller then, I was able to look into Yugi's room through the window. He was sleeping soundly, slowly turning to face me unconsciously. Then I spotted the Millennium Puzzle on the nightstand. Suddenly I had the urge to burst into the window and take the puzzle. But I was able to resist that strange urge. I took to the air once again and flew towards Domino Park. I landed in front of a huge lake. I was parched, so I bended down and took a sip, the strange thing was, I drank mouth first, like an animal. The ripples in the water distorted the reflection, so I wasn't able to see. When my thirst was quenched, I took to the sky once again, to fly back home…
When Seto woke up that morning, he found that he was on his bed, barely remembering what happened last night, but vividly remembering the dream.
`What was that dream?' He thought to himself. Then he dismissed it was a figment of his imagination. He went downstairs and went into the kitchen, the newspaper and his breakfast already waiting.
He sat down, drank a bit of his coffee, and glanced at the headline. What he saw nearly made him spit out the coffee.
The headline read: Mysterious monster sighted in Domino Park, Local celebrity also visited by said creature.
He looked down and read the article.
Last night, a young boy and his friend were coming home from watching a movie had passed by Domino Park at the time of 11:25 last night. He saw a large shape looming over a body of water, probably drinking. Fighting the urge to run, one of the boys quickly took a picture of the beast with his camera phone and alerted the authorities. “It was huge!!!” He said hysterically to the police. “It had a long neck, a long tail, wings, and it was on all fours. It was around the size of an elephant, no wait, and five elephants!!” He explained. “It was some kind of dragon!” His friend replied. “Yeah,” The other boy agreed. “It kinda looked like a Blue-eyes…”
In a related story, a young Duel Monsters celebrity had informed the police that there were unusual foot prints in his back yard. Yugi Motou had woken up and opened his window, only to look down and see four unbelievably large foot prints on the earth below him. Neither he nor his Grandfather had anything to say on this. But this reporter isn't giving up on what is this beast's desire…
Seto was shocked. `My dream…It was real?!?' He thought. Then he shook his head. `That's impossible!!'
He quickly finished his breakfast and went back to his room. Not noticing the ghostly smirk behind him.
*(Skip to Domino High)*
Seto arrived early as usual. He headed straight to his classroom and took his usual seat at the back of the room, where he indulged himself in his work once again. When he looked up a few minutes later, he saw a pair of large amethyst eyes staring back at him. He didn't react, but said.
“What is it, Yugi?”
“Well…” The short teen started. “I'm sure you read the news…”
“Of course I did.” Seto snapped. “And I think that that monster sighting is a load of bull.”
“But…I think it's real. I mean, who could've done those prints?” Yugi asked.
“That's simple. They made a plaster mold of the prints and made an imprint in your backyard.” Seto snapped again.
“I guess…What's that on your head?”
Seto glanced up at the Crown and sighed. “I don't know. I only know that it's not coming off any time now.” He explained flatly.
“Isn't it a bit uncomfortable?” Yugi asked curiously.
Seto merely shook his head. “Sometimes I even forget it's there.”
“Well…I'd better be off then.”
And with that, Yugi quickly took off. =That band on Kaiba's head is strange.= Yami commented.
-At least it's not causing him harm.- Yugi pointed out.
=But still…He said it won't come off. That's weird.=
-As long as it's not a threat to him or us, I guess a few weird fashion accessories won't hurt.- Yugi shrugged.
=I hope…=
“Alright everyone, time for class.” The teacher instructed.
*(Skip to after class)*
Yugi was walking home when he was stopped by Joey. “Wazzup, Yuge? Ya seem a little worried `bout sumthin…” He asked.
Yugi shook his head. “It's nothing, really…”
“C'mon Yuge.” Joey coaxed. “I've read da news. I saw dose footprints.”
Yugi sighed. “I guess… seeing those footprints, I thought someone was out to get me...”
“Well, readin' what da witnesses said, I would'n go past Kaiba.” Joey said matter-of-factly.
“Joey, I highly doubt that Kaiba would go that extreme.” Yugi said.
“I know, but in case he does…”Joey warned, patting Yugi on the back as they walked home together. (NO YAOI!!!! X( )
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