Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ The New Authoress ❯ Meeting my victims... I mean friends ( Chapter 1 )

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The New Authoress

Sam: WOO HOO. My very first fanfic is up. LET'S CELEBRATE!!!! (^()^).....*hears crickets chirping in silence*......... (O_o).......(-_-) Well there goes my self esteem. Anyway enjoy. Please R&R. Flames are welcome cos.... I'm FREEZING HERE!!!!

Sam starting her new fanfic and stopping to think on what to put...

Sam: Hmm.... *start typing about Yugi after he has finally solved his Millenium Puzzle when Yugi started to materialise behind her*

Yugi: *giggles* BOO!!!!

Sam: AAARRRRRGGGHHHH!!! (>()<) BILLY!!!! I TOLD YOU NOT TO DO....!!!! *turns and sees Yugi and gasps* that...*Yugi giggles whilst Sam goes into shock mode* Y-Y-Y-your....

Yugi: *giggles* Yugi Motou. *Sam faints. (O.O)* Oops. *place smelling salts under her nose. Sam's a bit dazed then comes back to reality and sees Yugi*

Sam: AAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!! *backs to the corner*

Yugi: *guiltily* Sorry

Sam: Where did you come from!?!?

Yugi: *smiles* From your fanfic...

Sam: Oh I get it. *Yugi nodded happily that she understood*.... I must be dreaming. *(o.0)* Because your not real. Your just a cartoon character...

Yugi: *pouts* Yes I am real!!!

Sam: NO YOUR NOT!!! Oh God now I'm talking to him...

Yugi: No honestly. When you start writing a fanfic the characters can appear in your reality. *thoughtful* Something about disclaimers. Anyway can I be your friend? *smiles sweetly*


Yugi: *tears start to form in his eyes* Can't I stay for a little while? *sniff*

Sam: No... *tears stream down Yugi's face and starts to whimper* uh...oh God don't cry... *Yugi wipes away tears*

Yugi: *giving Sam the infamous puppy dog eyes* Please....

Sam: Oh no... the rumours ARE true.... *groan* Alright...

Yugi: YAY!!! *hugs Sam (^_^)*

???: Works everytime for you doesn't it Aibou?

Sam: AARRRGGGHHH!!! *sees Yami standing behind her, composes herself. Yami chuckles at her amusingly. Sam growls (-_-*) and a huge 1000 tonne mallet materialises in her hands. She smashes Yami into the floor (@.@)* You MAY be able to send people off to the Shadow Realm but I can SURE SEND YOU OFF TO LOONEY VILLE!!!! *Yugi winced at the huge lump that developed on Yami's head* (@.@)

Yugi: Oooohh. *goes to tend to Yami*

Sam: *looking bemused after anger subsides* Ok... now where did I get this mallet from?

Yugi: Oh that!!! They must borrowed it from that lady in City Hunter for ya. Normally you have to type it into your fanfic but I think the guys in charge wanted to give you a demo.

Sam: REEHEHEHEAALLLY!!!!!! *sounding like Ace Venturer Pet Detective*

Yugi: *(o_0')* Er... yeah... but please don't do that. It's really disturbing.

Sam: Sorry... So your saying whatever I type in my fanfic....happens. *(^_^) Yugi nodded* COOL!!!! I'm gonna go to start more torture.... *(o_0)?* I mean typing. *twitch*

Yami: *shaking his head from dizzily*

Yugi: Poor Yami... *hugs Yami who blushed in different shades of red at his Aibou's kindness* I think we should put a nice little bandage on that head of yours.

Sam: I'll give him a nice enema (^_^)...

Yami: What's an enema? (o_0)

Sam: You'll see *rubbing her hands together*... hehehe...(O.O) It looks like I'm gonna have lots of fun. MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *coughs and retches* I need a hug

Yugi: *Goes to hug Sam*

Sam: (^()^) *cuddles little Yugi like a wittle teddy bear*