Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ The New Authoress ❯ The End Of The Workd Is Neigh!!!!! ( Chapter 4 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The End Of The World Is Neigh!!!

Disclaimers: MAD YAMI!!!!!!!!! MAD YAMI!!!!!!!! MAD YAMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sam: *sees the horror* You just KO'd my Disclaimer person. Who's gonna do my disclaimers now!?!?!?

Yami: *extremely high with sugar (A/N: For those that are wondering how he got like that… READ THE PREVIOUS CHAPTER YA LAZY SCHMUCKS!!!)* He, he, he. I don't know HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! *dancing about in the most weirdest way*

Joey and Co: *quivering with fear*

Sam: Oh great I've got no one to stop those pesky lawyers now. *Yami runs off* Hey get back here you!

*then stopped by suing lawyers* I don't own Yu-gi-oh!!! Or anything else except myself!!! Now go away!!! I've got a sugar high Yami to catch!!!! If you must sue then TAKE my lint collection you HEARTLESS people!!

Lawyers: o_0' Erm… no that's just fine *walks off meekly*


Seto and Bakura: *still unconscious*

Yami: He, he, he… *evil ominous music*

Sam and her trusty assistant Lone Spirit arrives on the scene. (Cor that sounds cheesy)

Sam: *solemnly* His been here hasn't he?

Lone Spirit: *grimly* Yeah… he has… *they overlook the unfortunate couple…*

Sam: *sigh solemnly*

Funeral music: #DO… DO… DODO… DO…DODO… DODO…DODO# (sharply cuts off)

Sam: ^_^ They look really cute in their frilly frocks don't they?

Lone Spirit: ^_^ Yeah actually. They do… *They see Seto in a pale blue dress with a nice dark eyeliner and little sparkly clips in his hair. The lipstick was a pretty magenta. Bakura was in a pink frock, bows tied to his hair and cute pink shoes to match. His makeup consisted of a bright red lipstick with a blusher that gave him gorgeous rosy cheeks*

Sam: Yami's done a great job. That's it… he's officially my stylist now…

Seto and Bakura: *slowly woke up and notices what their in* AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHH!!!!! *faints again* @()@

Tea: Who's that? *pointing at Lone Spirit*

Sam: ^_^ Oh… a reviewer that kindly volunteered to be my assistant for the chapter.

Tea: Oh… ^_^ Nice to meet you… Anyway I best get back. That hole in the wall just turned into Snow White and the Seven Dwarves when Seto ran through it again. *they see the huge hole*

Sam: ^()^

Lone Spirit: o_0? *tilts head to the side* ^()^ Oh yeah…

Sam: Enough of that now. We need to go find Yami. *types up two huge man size butterfly nets*


Yami: *Joey walking in the park* HEHE… *produces a huge pizza and places in the middle of the road*

Joey: ^o^… OoO *sees the pizza ahead* PIZZZAAAAA!!!! *he rushes towards to taste it not noticing the metal wire connecting to a 1000 bolt fuse box* Bon appetit Joey. *he touches the pizza* ARGH!! Stupid *touches it again* ARGH!!! Stupid. *touches it again* ARGH!!! Stupid… *and the cycle goes on*

Yami: ^()^ AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! *he then presses a button*



Yami: Oooooh. A shooting Joey (A/N: ^()^ Shooting star… shooting Joey…. Get it? *sees the apparently blank and confused faces* o_0?…. -_-. Oh never mind) *Yami goes to Pegasus's castle*

AT PEGASUS'S CASTLE…***************

Pegasus: *goes to wine cupboard and finds it filled with Pepsi and CoCo Cola cans and completely stripped of all alcoholic bervages* O.O NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ON THE STREET*************

Yami: WEEEEEEEEEE HAHAHAHA!!!!!! *running around like a headless chicken, whilst spray painting graffiti on the street including Grandpa's shop

Grandpa: *pops out and sees the mess* YAMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Yami spray paints him in the process* O.OU

Yami: HEHEHEHE!!!!! *Yami doesn't see the heroic Authoress Madyamisam with her sidekick Lone Spirit watching him in the shadows*

Sam: *to walkie talkie* Mad Spirit 1 calling Mad Spirit 2. Target spotted. Co-ordinates (24,25) Over…

Lone Spirit: Copy that Mad Spirit 1. Locking on target. Over *shuts off walkie talkie* YAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *runs out from hiding place and charges to catch Yami with the huge butterfly net*


Yami: HEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!!! *cartwheels across one side of the street whilst Sam and Lone Spirit give chase their nets trailing behind them* HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! *bounces like a bunny back across the street. Sam and Lone Spirit stumbling after him* HOHOHOHOHOHO!!!!!! *runs back to the other side flapping his arms Sam and Lone Spirit collapse exhausted*

Lone Spirit: *gasping for breath* This… could take a while…

Sam: Yes it could… Time for… Operation…*they both whip out a huge lollipop each* Lollipop Lady

Lone Spirit: o_0? Operation Lollipop Lady!?!? That's the best you can think of!?!?

Sam: Well… you got any better ideas?

Lone Spirit: O_O' Er… Operation… Starch? *sees that Sam is not amused* Operation Lollipop Lady it is then…

Sam: Start sucking… (A/N: AND STOP WITH THOSE THOUGHTS YOU DIRTY MINDED HENTAIS!!!) *after fully loaded with sugar they started the chase again. Finally they caught the sugar high Yami* GOTCHA!!!!

Yami: *whimpers in the Sam's net like a puppy*

Sam: Oh… Stop acting like Joey… *drags him off on a leash*

Joey: *stuck hanging on a lampost by his jacket* I HEARD THAT!!!!

BACK HOME….****************

Sam: It's a good thing they had one of those high voltage prisons left over from Jurassic Park.

Lone Spirit: Yeah… D'you think they'll mind that we let out the velociraptors that were in there?

Sam: *thinking* Nah…


Lawyers: *who were about to sue some poor soul that forgot to mention the disclaimer to their fanfic were being eaten alive by renegade dinosaurs* AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

BACK TO THE GANG….***************

Tea: Will that hold them?

Tristan: Should do… *they watch as a sack of candy was lifted into the air and lowered into the vicinity. The bushes started to quiver and the line was visciously tugged accompanied with malicious growls then all was silent. The line was pulled up and the harness that held the sack of candy was badly mutilated*

Both: Urrggghhhh…

Sam: *thinking on what do to*

Lone Spirit: Um… Sam….

Sam: What is it?

Lone Spirit: Come see for yourself… *they go to see Yami and Yugi kissing passionately*

Sam: There's nothing wrong with that…

Pegasus: Look again…

Sam: *sees Yami beginning to unbutton Yugi's shirt* OH!!!! THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG WITH THAT!!! *quickly types as fast as she could*


Sam: Hehe, that's gonna hurt…

All men: *wince*

Yami: @()@ *twitch*

Yugi: *looks down and see's that he is wearing a metal chastity belt from those Medieval times. On it reads the make* Everlast?

Sam: *phew* Well that's all folks… for now!!! If you wish to see the insanity continue R&R. I'm cold, tired and hungry here so please send some flames too.