Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ The New Authoress ❯ Outing-Road Trip ( Chapter 10 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]


LS: Sam doesn't own Yu-gi-oh… or Transformers or Pink o_0? *looks around…* WHERE IS SHE!?!?!?!?!?!?


Meanwhile… whilst LS was busy looking for Madyamisam… The audience take a look at what the cast are doing… Tea, Mai Serenity are chatting. Yugi, Mokuba and Ryou are busy cooking. Tristan, Malik and Mally are watching TV whilst Pegasus is busy getting drunk. Yami and Bakura are playing… o_0? Rock, paper, scissors?



SHAKE, SHAKE: B- PAPER Y-SCISSORS= Yami wins *Bakura slightly miffed*

Yami: *smiles before they start again*

Apparently their THAT bored…



SHAKE, SHAKE: B-ROCK Y-PAPER = Yami wins *Bakura fuming then stares at the victor in the eye*

Yami: Hehehehehe…

Bakura: Humph… *turns to walk away until he was at a distance* DUMB TRI COLOURED HAIRED FREAK!!!!

Yami: *offended* HEY!!!!


On with another scene, Joey and Seto are sitting in the kitchen… Seto is shuffling his deck and Joey is… *looks again properly* o_0?… reading a book? (OH MY GOD THEY `ARE' DESPERATE!!!!)

Seto: *blows a lock of hair out of his eyes* What do want to do Chihuahua?

Joey: *looks up from book, undeterred from being called a Chihuahua* I dunno… what do you wanna do?

Seto: Look… I'm asking `you' what you want to do?

Joey: I dunno, what do `you' wanna do?

Seto: *miffed* Look… First I ask you `What you want to do…?' then you say `I dunno what do you wanna do?' Then I go `Look here… I'm asking you what you want to do' then you go… Th… WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! SAY SOMETHING!!!!!!

Joey: *undeterred*……………….

Seto: WELL!?!?!?!?

Joey: Well…………………………& #8230;……………………… what d'ya want me ta say?

Seto: AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!! *starts tearing at his hair and runs around wildly*

Joey: Hehehe… *returns to his book, which is entitled `How to drive Seto Kaiba STARK RAVING NUTS'*


Bakura: *just about to splat a huge plate of meringue pie on Yami who was sitting around moping*


Yami: *hearing Sam's voice snaps his head knocking the meringue pie back into Bakura's face with love hearts in his eyes* SSSSSSSSAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMM!!!! *hugs her*

Sam: Ack… @_@

Bakura: -_-* *meringue in his face* I hate that pharoah… Mmm… this is quite nice…

Ryou: o_0? *in the kitchen* Where did my meringue pie go?

Bakura: O.O… Uh oh…

LS: Where have you been?

Sam: ^______________^ *pries Yami off* Just finally got something that the whole gang needs… OI

YGO cast: *hears the whistle and looks up*

Sam: I have 2 announcements… first I need to introduce 3 more members of the gang. Some of you might know her… especially you Ryou.

Ryou: *confused*

Cyndi: Hi…

Ryou: O.O *blushes so hard his hair lit up into a fire*

Cyndi: *fire is lit on her hair too*

Sam: Re-lighting an old flame… BA DA TSSSH… *pours bucket of water on their heads putting out flames* Anyway… the other two are our adopted pets. Here's my White Tiger: Tyrande… (Pronounced: Tee-ron-da)

Yugi: That's a pretty name… *bends to stroke the silky white fur*

Tyrande: *purr and licks Yugi on the face* I love you…

Yugi: O_O' *Tyrande on two hind legs her huge paws leaning on Yugi making him lose balance* AAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! *gets licked to death* @.@

Sam: I named her after this character in this game Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos… ^_________________^ Next is LS's pet- Shadow!!! *black wolf steps out. Tyrande stops licking and growls before attacking Shadow, therefore the two fight like… cats and dogs* Ok… 2nd announcement… I have finally saved enough money for…

YGO cast: *nod to hear the announcement*

Sam: …a bus

YGO cast: *face falters*

Seto: Your `that' poor that you can't afford the bus fare?

Sam: No Seto-san… I have actually bought a `personal' bus. Come and have a look. *they go to see a bus with Egyptian decorations on it* I call it… OSIRIS… *the gang except Seto stare in awe*

Seto: Big deal… it's just a bus…

Sam: Oh no… it's not `just' a bus. *takes out remote and presses button. The bus dismantles and reconstructs itself into a plane*

Seto: O_O

Sam: I asked those big stainless steel, stud muffins, Transformers to help me build it. It can change into a boat too… And now… we're taking it out for a spin. You know what that means?

Everyone: ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Whilst everyone is getting ready…

Yami: Erm Sam?

Sam: Yeah?

Yami: Well… I er… I have something to tell you…

Sam: What's that?

Yami: I….

Somebody's Voice: YAMI!!!!!!! *Before he knew it Yami was crushed by Tea's bear hug*

Yami: ACK!!!!!

Sam: o_0?

Cyndi: SAM!!!! MY HAIR'S CATCHING ON FIRE AGAIN!!!!!! *Sam rushes to Cyndi's aid whilst Yami is trying to pry away from Tea*


Yami: AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!! *she's now holding him by his jacket with which he slips his arms through and runs off. After a while of chasing and nearly getting caught Yami's clothes has now been rendered to nothing but his boxer shorts and still being chased and glomped by the unwavering Tea*

Sam: *comes out carrying a few camping supplies* O_O' *Tea has Yami backed into a little corner*

Yami: *whimpering in his almost nakedness*

Tea: Yami… Can't… you… see?


Tea: X____X *behind her Sam is holding her mallet*

Yami: *sniff* Thank you… *sniff*

Sam: No problem…

Yugi: *takes a picture of him* MUWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! *runs around wildly… o_0? Let me rephrase that… `waddles' around wildly in his Chastity belt* I can blackmail him now so he'll do everything I want!!!! Sam: o_0? He already does do whatever you want…

Yugi: o_0?… Oh yeah… Aww, one shot of being evil and it ends up backfiring on me… *slums off*

Sam and Yami: O.OUUU


On the bus… Everyone is seated.

Sam: Good day ladies, gentlemen and animals. I am Madyamisam your driver in our bus Osiris for the chapter, destination to Camp Scream.

Joey: Ooh Ice Cream

Sam: No Camp `Scream'


Sam: Please stop all your social activities to listen to these safety measures from LS and Cyndi.

LS: Erhem… I'd say `please keep your seatbelts fastened throughout the journey but since we don't have any don't bother and you can move around as much as you like' Keep all arms, heads….

Sam: ^()^…and for all you gentlemen your `Twinkies' inside the bus at all times. (A/N: I think the `Twinkies' idea came from another fic I read.)

LS and Cyndi: -_-`

All men except Mokuba, Ryou and Yugi who are too innocent to understand: O.O *hair spontaneously combusts due to intensity of embarrassment*

Mokuba, Ryou and Yugi: FIRE!!!!!!


Cyndi: Fire extinguishers and life vests are located underneath your seats or on the compartments opposite you. *the girls and Mokuba hearing this grab the canisters and puts out the*

Mokuba, Yugi, Ryou and the girls: Phew…

LS Passengers are prohibited from smoking throughout journey……………… and that means you Pegasus.

Pegasus: Oh phooey… *puts out cigarette which inadvertently lights his alchohol stained seat which sets the rest of the seats on the bus on fire*

Mokuba, Yugi, Ryou and the girls: >_<******** *starts putting out the fire AGAIN*

Cyndi: Exits are located where the lights are indicated.*all fire has been put out now* In the very, very likely event of a crash. Please put your heads between your legs and…

Sam: Kiss your bum… goodbye… ^_________^ Or your `Twinkies' if you can't reach `that' far…

LS and Cyndi: -_-`U

All men except Mokuba, Ryou and Yugi: OoOUUUUUU *the flames in their hair are re-lit into infernos*

Mokuba, Yugi, Ryou and the girls: *shifts their glances from the infernos to the tiny canisters in their hands* T_T We give up… *just then the sprinklers in the bus were activated and they put out the burning infernos* O_O………… >()<************* AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Cyndi: Your rather horny today aren't you?

Sam: Well that happens when you drink 50 gallons of coffee, take a 1000 tonnes of Viagra and eat an infinite supply of sugar. Ok… let's start this little baby up. She starts the bus which accelerates backwards slamming into the wall*

Tea and Pegasus: AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!! *who were sitting at the front at the top of the double decker bus was hurled through the windows and lands on their heads on the floor* @()@


Sam: Yeah… it's just some stooge that's put the stupid instruction manual the wrong way round. *she turns the instruction manual the right way round*

Mally: Women…

LS: OI!!!!!!!… THAT'S MY BOSS YOUR TALKING TO!!!!!!… *starts turning into a great big huge serpentine monster with her frying pan that Sam had bought her for Christmas*

Mally: *high-pitched voice* I'm sorry ma'am…

LS: *returns to normal* ^___________^

Sam: Ok… *sees the two idiots their heads in the ground like ostriches with their legs sticking out in the air* GET THOSE TWO OFF THE RAMP!!!! *LS and Cyndi do so and drag the two idiots back on board*

Pegasus and Tea: X()X… *the others gather round to revive them*

Tea: *Yami gets up to go downstairs when Tea wakes up* YAMI!!!!! *knocks everyone out of the way*

Everyone else: @_@

Tea:*glomps Yami*

Yami: AAARRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!! *grabs Sam's mallet*


Tea: X___X

Yami: *runs downstairs and hides in a corner behind Sam*

Sam: Let's try this again. *revs up and they shoots forward at 1000mph*


Sam: ^____________________^… o_0? There's something missing… *thinks* ^()^…MUSIC!!!!!!!! *turns on the radio*

(Get The Party Started by Pink)

Music revs up.

Chorus: #I'm coming up so you better get this party started. (I'm coming up, you better)

I'm coming up so you better get this party started.

#Get this party started on a Saturday night.

Everybody's waiting, for me to arrive.

Sending out the message to all of my friends.

We'll be looking flashy in my Mercedes Benz

I got lots of style check my gold diamond rings.

I can go for miles if you know what I mean.


#Pumping up the volume breaking down to the beat.

Cruising through the westside we'll be checking the scene.

Boulevard is freaking as I'm counting up fast.

I'll be burning rubber you'll be kissing my a**.

Pull up to the bumper, get out of the car.

License plate says Stunner Number One Superstar


Get this party started…


#Making my connection as I enter the room

Everybody's chillin' as I set up the groove.

Pumping up the volume with this brand new beat.

Everybody's dancing and they're dancing for me.

I'm your operator you can call anytime.

I'll be your connection to the party line.

Chorus x2

#Get this party started x3

Get this party started right now…

Music revs down.


Sam was still driving whilst Mally was pestering her.

Mally: Are we there yet?

Sam: No.

Mally: Are we there yet?

Sam: No.

Mally: Are we there yet?

Sam: No.

Mally: Are we there yet?

Sam: No.

Mally: Are we there yet?

Sam: *punches his lights out*

Mally: @~@

LS: Oh Mally… *hugs him whilst rubbing his bruised nose* Why do you have to be so cruel Sam?

Sam: *rolls her eyes* Tsk….

Yami: ^____________^ *love hearts emitting from him as he leans on Sam's shoulder but Sam pushes him away*

Sam: Yami give me a little space. I'm driving.

Yami: T_T………


Pit stop outside a Chicken Joe's take out. (A/N: I don't know if that exists though)

Yami: *going to Sam* Sam…?

Sam: Hmm…? *listening whilst fixing the bus from all the dents*

Yami: I…

LS: OH SAM!!!!!! *runs in and knocks Yami sky high making him sumarsault in the air before slamming on the big flashy Chicken Joe's sign* FRUITCAKE!!!!!!

Sam: ^()^ YAY!!!!!!!!

Yami: *stuck on the big sign* I'll confess later… @()@ Aszoon as da worl sstoss svpinning. *slides off the sign and lands flat on his face*

Yugi: YAMI!!!! *turns him over*

Yami: @()@ Uh…

Ryou: I think he needs CPR…

Sam: Ok…

Yami: *thinking* hehe…

Sam: Right… erm *just about to bend over when Tea shoves out of the way*


Malik: I thought you wanted to be a dancer…

Tea: Don't make me hurt you… *bends down when Yami wakes up and knocks in the head*

Yami: I'M UP!!!! I'M FINE!!!! *runs back to the bus*

Everyone else: o_0?

Tea: @()@


Pegasus: *eating a cone of ice cream. Sees Seto* Oh Kaiba… *grabs him and leans him back* Mmm… Lovely ice cream… Have some…

Seto: O_O'


Back at the Mistletoe Kissarama…

Seto: *whimpering* What happens if he comes back.

Caroline: *hands him her phone number* Call me… I'll be there in a flash…

Seto: How long's a flash?

Caroline: Very fast.

Seto: ^_____________^

*****************END FLASHBACK***************

Seto: *speed-dials for Caroline*

Caroline: *appears in a flash and bonks Pegasus on the head with a humungous gold Panda*

Seto: ^____________^

Caroline: *gives him a salute before flashing back home*

Pegasus: @()@ (A/N: Thanks for introducing Caroline, Pandapants182)


Mally: *sniff, sniff* My nose still hurts…

LS: Aww… *pampers him*

Mally: ^____________________^

Bakura: *walks past and gives an amused glance*

LS: O_O' *attacks him and they disappear in a cloud of dust*


Mally: O_OUUUUUUUUU *dust cloud disappears with LS throttling Bakura*

Bakura: Ack… argh… urk… ack…

Mally: O.O *blink, blink*

Cyndi: Oh my… What do I do? What do I do? *panicking* SAM!!!! *Sam walks over casually as Mally tries to pry LS off of Bakura…*

Sam: Mally hold her… *Mally holds back his girlfriend who is gnashing violently at Bakura who scampers away as far as he could*


Sam: *takes out a huge baby dummy shaped lollipop*

Cyndi: A baby dummy?

Sam: It's a lollipop. She's in sugar withdrawal… Lollipop equals sugar… *shoves the dummy shaped lollipop into LS mouth*

LS: OoO *blink, blink, suck, suck*

POOF!!!!! *a burst of pink smoke*

Mally: *as soon as the pinky smoke disappears, he finds he is holding LS who is a chibi…*

LS: ^o^ *suck, suck, suck, suck*

Tristan: That's weird. That never happened last time.

Sam: Maybe it's because of the shape of the lollipop… Anyway… it's so KAWAII… From now on I'm giving her these for her sugar income… *walks off*

Mally: *follows with LS in his arms*

LS: MAL… MAL…*suck, suck*


We reach… Camp Scream *ominous thunderstorm and music*

Sam: Well, here we are… Camp Scream…

Everyone else: AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!! *they see an eerie figure walking towards them. It was a creepy man*

Creepy man: Ah… you must be the campers… Welcome…

Everyone except Sam: *gulp*

Sam: Yeah, Yeah, Gregor. Get it over and done with I'm knackered.

Gregor: Right this way… *glides along the floor leading them to these creepy abondon shacks* Here are your dormatries… Hope you enjoy yourself in Camp Scream…


Sam: The screaming is starting to agitate me…

Ghostly Voice: Sooorrrryyy….


Sam: This lay out is terrible G… *Gregor feeling a bit uncormfatable* I am `not' impressed. Look at all this dust. No one living can live here…

Everyone else: *look nervous*

Gregor: Well not many people come…

Sam: It's still not good enough. Oh never mind… just go ok?

Gregor: As you wish… *Gregor glides of slowly*

Sam: >_<**** AND STOP THAT!!!!!

Gregor: *stops gliding and walks properly*

Serenity: I don't think this'll be too bad after all………right?


Everyone else: SHUT UP SHADOW!!!! *Shadow whimpers*

Tyrande: Stupid puppy dog…


Sam: More torture later people… R&R…. JA!!!!