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This is a crossover fic; the crossover has characters form Dragon Knights and Yu Yu Hakusho. It takes place during the Dark Tournament in Yu Yu Hakusho. Naturally, you can figure what kind of chaos will happen. I will mainly be telling the story from the Dragon Knights viewpoints.

Disclaimer: I don't own Yu Yu Hakusho or Dragon Knights.

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**DK World**

"Dragon Knights I have an assignment for you." The Dragon King spoke.

"What is this mission, Sire?" Rune responded.

"Last night the queen was kidnapped. I have gotten the ransom note earlier this morning. The payment to return the queen is very strange. It requires that we win a tournament."

"Sire, who could have done this?" Thatz asked.

"We don't know. The messenger died after he handed the note to a guard. The messenger was actually a demon in disguise."

"Sir as to the tournament, what kind of tournament is it." Ruwalk asked.

"It seems to be a demon tournament." Lykeleon replied.

"Demon. I'm all for it. Can we please go? Please." Rath spoke in a childlike voice.

"We are all going to go. Except for Kai-stern, Ruwalk and Alfeage. They are going to watch the castle and take care of matters here." Lykeleon told everyone.

"But Sir, you can't leave." Alfeage informed the Lord.

"I must go. It states that if I don't go, then Raseleane will be killed." Lykeleon sighed as he spoke.

"When will we be departing?" Rune asked.

"We will leave in one hour." The Lord informed them. "Oh, and by the way Rath. I will need a sword to fight, and you will probably want to bring a couple of swords for yourself. Just incase some of them brake."

At this Rath went all starry eyed. He was going to get many swords. He took Alfeage by the arm and ran to were all of the swords where located. He began to go through every single sword until he found some that he liked. When he was done, he had about 11 swords in total. He had only spent 20 minutes doing this, so he decided to go pack.

Rune was almost done packing everything he was going to take with him and decided that he should go to the kitchen and get some food for the trip. He would need another backpack for the food, but he knew they would need it.

Thatz was halfway done with his packing when he found a book he hadn't seen in forever. It told of where lots of treasure was. He decided to take that with his stuff. He could read it when he had extra time. Maybe they have some treasure at the tournament grounds. Better finish this before everyone leaves me behind.

Lykeleon had finished packing and had lost himself in thought. Who could have done this? It most likely was Nadil. If I get my hands on him, he will pay for this dearly. I just hope that Rath doesn't go overboard with the swords or the demons. I do think that Rath will be a great help in this tournament though. He does love to fight demons.

An hour later.

"Well is everyone ready?" Lykeleon asked. He noticed that Rath had many swords sticking out of his bag. Should have known. Thatz had what appeared to be many books. Probably about treasure hunting. Rune had an extra backpack though. I wonder what he has in there.

"Ready." Everyone that was going replied in unison.

The group started to walk at a moderate pace south of the castle. It took them two days to get to the town where they were going to meet their contact. The contact told them that they ad to go to a city to the east. Then they had to board a ship that would take them to the tournament. The contact told them that the ship was also going to have demons going to the tournament as well and that they should be on their guard.

The trip took three days to get to the next town and get to the ship. Everyone decided that it would be best to tie up Rath when the got on the ship so he wouldn't get into trouble. The trip on the ship took five days to get to an island.

"Attention all passengers. We will arriving at the Island of Hell in just under an hour. Will all passengers please be ready to depart." A voice on a loud speaker announced.

"Well here we go everyone." Lykeleon spoke to the rest of the Dragon Knights.


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