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is a crossover fic; the crossover has characters form Dragon Knights and Yu Yu Hakusho. It takes place during the Dark Tournament in Yu Yu Hakusho. Naturally, you can figure what kind of chaos will happen. I will mainly be telling the story from the Dragon Knights viewpoints.

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For referance a * means thinking.

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Lykeleon and everyone headed off the ship after almost every left so Rath wouldn’t go berserk and try to kill everyone and everything. They left the ship and while Thatz was carrying a tied and bound Rath. Rath was wearing a blindfold so he wouldn’t see anyone. The group noticed that some other people were leaving the ship a bit late themselves.

One of them seemed to be average height, had short orange hair, and was wearing a blue uniform. The next seemed a little taller than the last and was wearing a white long sleeve undershirt with white pants and had a yellow tunic, he also had long red hair. The third member was short and wore an all black outfit; it was long black pants and a black tank top and had a white piece of cloth around his forehead, he also had jet-black hair that pointed up. A fourth member was a short as the previous one while wearing white long sleeve undershirt with white pants and had a red over shirt and had his face rapped in a sort of turban. The one in the blue outfit seemed to be carrying a fifth person. He had black hair that also stood up, he wore a yellow tank top and navy blue pants, and he seemed to be sleeping.

((I think you can guess who these people are :-) ))

“Sir who do you think those people are?” Rune asked.
“I don’t know but we will probably find out latter. Until then why don’t we look for our next contact.” The Dragon Lord replied as the kept walking.

The Dragon Knights walk to the same area that most of the demons and other people where going. As Lykeleon and the others approached a giant building, it looked like a stadium; they saw a man holding a sign that had the word ‘Revelence’. This was the man they were looking for. But in fact he wasn’t a man but a demon.
The demon had pale white skin, black beady eyes, long slick backed black hair, small hooked nose, and nails that were the color of fresh drawn blood. The clothes matched the skin almost perfectly; you either had to strain you eyes staring at her or have very good eyesight with colors. She, yes she, you could tell it was a female only up close and just barely due to her clothes and features didn’t seem to feminine; walked over to the Dragon Knights as they approached her.
“Are you Revelence?” the demoness asked in a bored tone of voice.
“No, but we still seek the answers.” Lykeleon answered the key phrase. Their first contact had given them the answer to the password, while the second contact gave them the matching question to find the final contact. It appeared that it was this demoness.
“Good, now that that is taken care f, I am Lena. I am to be you guide and advisor. If you have any questions at all ask away. I will know the answer, but I may not be permitted to tell you. Now follow me.” Lena’s voice was soft and sweet but also seemed to pierce you like a single wire was run threw your heart.

Rune thought that she was a good person despite being a demon, but something about her just didn’t seem right. “Um, excuse me. Where are we going to be staying? And what is it we have to do for the tournament?”
“You all have a prepaid room at the hotel for as long as you stay here. As for food, hopefully you brought your own for the first few days, because only winners and people with LOTS of money can get or buy food. Now for your second question, there is a schedule in your room of when your first match is. After you win, you will be given food for free 3 times a day until you lose. If you are uncertain of the rules, there are books in your rooms for each of you. I suggest you read them over.” Lena replied to everyone.
As they were walking, they approached a building. It was 30 stories tall, and about 10 across. The building itself was a semi-placid color. They all went inside and found that it wasn’t how they thought it would be, instead of chaos and disorder, it appeared like a four star hotel. Lena went over to the check-in desk and started to talk to one of the ‘men’ there. She called Lykeleon over and asked him a few questions that Thatz couldn’t hear. Lykeleon and Lena came back and went over to the elevators, it took some explaining but finally the Dragon Knights trusted them.
When they got in, Lena pressed the button for floor 14. At floor 14, they got off and headed down the hall to room 12. Lena gave each of them a key for the room and opened the door.
When they got in their room, they saw that it was more than just a small room as they had thought. There was the main room that had a table that could seat 4 people; toward the big window that was opposite the main door, were four two person sofas, each one was a different color, blue, white, brown and red.
As the Dragon Knights entered the room, they saw five doors, two were on the wall on the left with another two opposite them, and the last door was across from the table on the right wall.
Thatz went into one of the doors on the left with Rath on his back. Inside the room was a single one-person bed, with a bedside table next to it, on the table was a book, a dresser was near the bed, and a small closet. He set Rath on the bed and noticed that Rath was been asleep ever since they got off the boat. *Good thing he’s sleeping or else half the island would be in trouble.*
As Thatz left the room, he saw Rune and Lykeleon each take a room opposite him. *Great I get the room next to Rath. This is going to be fun when he wakes up.*

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The Dragon Knights get ready to fight their first match.
Rath finds out they are on an Island of demons.
The group meets Team Urameshi.