Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Fiction / InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Chained To You ❯ Chapter Seven ( Chapter 7 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]
Chapter Nana
Scene: Temple of the Silver Kitsune, Akaso, the Makai

Yoko was deep in thought, sitting by the miko's side, when she first stirred. It was a small noise, almost like a groan. Yoko's ears twitched, and he peered over the girl. Her forehead creased, the cloth that had been resting there falling off. She opened her eyes, almost pure blue save for her constricted pupils. The kitsune was captivated by the colour, the exact shade of a summer sky.  Kagome blinked several times, a small “itaiii...” leaving her lips. She finally came to properly, and turned her head, squinting her eyes at the Silver Prince.

“Yoko?” she asked, and her voice was husky. His hand found hers, and he was glad it was warm.

“Thank Inari...” the kitsune sighed, squeezing her hand. “I was starting to lose hope you would ever awaken...”

The miko suddenly bolted upright, a screech of pain bursting from her lips when the movement triggered her injuries.

“Stupid girl!” Yoko shouted, back to his old self, “Are you crazy? You are still gravelly injured, you cannot move yet!”

“Ahhh...” Kagome said, as he made her lie back down. “Kazuhiko-chan! Is he okay?”

“Yes,” Yoko reassured her, feeling her forehead. “He does not have a scratch. I am concerned how the incident has affected him, but he will be fine once he sees you are awake.”

Yoko noticed she had changed the honorific she used for the kit, but he made no comment. After what she did for him, she has the right to call him what she likes...

“Thank goodness...” Kagome smiled, closing her eyes. “How long have I slept for?”

“Two weeks,” Yoko told her, “Everyone is frantic about you...”

“Huh...” Kagome tilted her head, surprised to see concern in the kitsune's golden eyes. “You were worried?”

“Of course, you stupid woman!” Yoko insisted, “Do you think I am that cold hearted?”

“Hehe,” Kagome giggled. The kitsune exhaled. She has only been awake two minutes and she is already back under my skin...

“Thank you,” Yoko said suddenly, and he knelt, kissing the miko on the cheek. “You selflessly saved Kazuhiko's life. I will not forget it. If there is anything you wish for, please tell me...”

Kagome blushed from the unusual tender caress by the kitsune. “I...”

She didn't even need to speak- Yoko had already read her mind.

“I asked Kuronue... but he said it was impossible. He can only enter the barrier in his bat form, which is not big enough to transport you. He also said he did not trust anyone else, as most would simply trade you before reaching the barrier. I am sorry...”

The miko blinked, stunned. “No- thanks for trying...” she said.

“However, I am happy for Kuroune to take any correspondence you wish to your family,” he said, and the miko's blush deepened as he tweaked her hair pin.

“Thanks,” she squeaked, a little scared by the playful glint in the kitsune's eyes. “And you won't threaten Toto any more?”

“That damn dog...” Yoko rolled his eyes, “Who do you think has been feeding him while you have been lying here?”

Kagome felt her mouth drop open from shock.

“Though, I suggest he come and live here at the shrine. Shiro loves animals, and it cannot be any good for the mutt to be cooped up in your room all day.”

“Good idea,” Kagome smiled. There was brief silence as she replayed what had happened in her mind. “Oh! The attacker! Did you find out who it was?”

“Yes,” Yoko said darkly, his eyes glinting. “We got a scent from his clothing, and traced it to the Dark Sky ninjas. I was able to discover and dispose of those who ordered the attack.”

“I see...” Kagome said, “The assassin is also dead?”

Yoko tilted his head, then realised the miko must have passed out before witnessing the ninja's demise. “Yes. You purified him completely...”

“Huh...” the miko was taken aback by this information. “I can't really remember anything. How did I do it? Did the rosary malfunction?”

“It seems you used your wounds as an outlet for your energy,” Yoko said, “At least, that is what Shiro-san thinks...”

“Interesting...” Kagome said, looking down at her hands. “So, who ordered the attack?”

“It was two silver kitsune rebels, who have been thorns in my side for some time now. They will not be missed.”

Kagome swallowed. “I hope that is that last time you will need to kill youkai for my sake...”

“Are you keeping count?” Yoko asked playfully.

The kitsune gently moved the miko's hair from her face. “I will protect you from now on, I swear it. This will be the last time your life will be endangered.”

Kagome blinked at the uncharacteristic action. “T-Thank you...”  

“Well, I better go let the others know you are awake,” Yoko said, rising, “Be prepared for an onslaught...”

“Yes,” the miko laughed, but the movement made her wince. Yoko was immediately by her side again.

“Are you all right?” he asked, worry clear on his face.

“Yes,” the miko nodded, happiness flooding through her, warming her to her toes. “Thank you...”


It took another week for Kagome to recover properly. Her injuries still pained her, but with practise she was able to get up and walk about. Yoko brought Toto to the shrine, and he happily played in his new territory, constantly getting under foot and tripping others up.

“Ahh, the wounds on your arms and legs are healing nicely!” Kaoru beamed as she changed the bandages for her friend. “I think a few more weeks and they will be as good as new.”

“Great!” Kagome smiled, pulling on the shrine robes. She felt funny wearing the hakama pants again, so similar to the miko garb she rarely donned. Luckily the shrine colours were different.

“You have a visitor, Kagome-sama,” Shiro said, ushering Yuzuki into the room. Kaoru bowed down, and the miko hurried to follow, but the Silver Kitsune held up her hand.

“Please, don't kneel, Kagome,” the princess smiled prettily at her, “I know you are still healing. Besides, after everything you have done, I should be bowing to you.”

With this, Yuzuki kowtowed to the ground in front of the miko.

“Oh, please don't!” Kagome flushed, “I just did what anyone would have done!”

“You have a kind heart, Kagome,” the princess acknowledged. “I have visited you when you were asleep, but...this week has been busy trying to sort out the issue with the clans, so excuse my delay. I wanted to come as soon as you awoke, but other matters intervened...”

“No problem at all!” Kagome smiled. “How is Kazuhiko-chan?”

“He is fine,” the princess replied, “He misses you dreadfully, and keeps asking where you are!” the Silver kitsune laughed, holding her kimono sleeve to her lips, “If I wasn't so in debt to you, I would be jealous!”

Kagome laughed. “I'm so glad to hear he is okay. I'm sorry he had to see me in that condition...”

“I'm sure he will realise, when he is older, how insignificant that image is, compared to the fact you saved his life,” Yuzuki assured her. “Now, nothing can repay my gratitude to you, but I have prepared some gifts...”

At this, two attendants entered the room, holding long black lacquer boxes.

“Oh please,” Kagome ducked her head, embarrassed, “You didn't need to get me anything...”

“I insist,” the princess laughed, “To deny them would be to offend me,” she added with a wink.

The miko nodded, her face flushed. She watched as the attendants opened the boxes, shaking out garments wrapped in tissue.

“The first is a kimono, passed down my family line,” Yuzuki said, and Kagome immediately went to protest. “Do not worry, my dear. I have so many kimono, even if I had the occasion, I could not possibly wear them all in this lifetime. This one is a particular favourite, which is why I want to gift it to you...”

Kagome and Kaoru gasped as the kimono was unveiled. It was a beautiful shade of lilac, with silver and white embroidery of dandelions and butterflies. The collars and trim were a deeper purple, as was the matching obi.

“It will go wonderfully with your colouring, Kagome,” the princess said, touching the fabric.

“The honour is too great, Yuzuki-sama...” the miko said, bowing deeply. She was used to instinctively protecting those she cared for. She had never been thanked in such a way, and she didn't know how to handle it.

“Next, I ordered two sets of yukata, a pair for the day, and a pair for night,” Yuzuki said. “Not very exciting, but since your last one was shredded, I thought it a suitable gift.”

“That is very useful, thank you,” Kagome beamed. “I only have the clothes on my back at the moment.”

“You poor child,” Yuzuki's eyes suddenly filled with tears, and to everyone's shock in the room, she embraced the miko. “If only circumstances were different, I would make you my lady in waiting. But alas, my brother will not share...”


Kagome was finally well enough to return to the castle, and Yoko came to collect her. She thanked Shiro once again for saving her life, sad that she was unable to repay him in any way.

“I am happy to have Toto to keep me company!” he laughed, waving away her concerns, “And you will come and visit us often, ne?”

“I promise,” she agreed. “And thank you, Taro, for aiding your master during this busy time. Sorry to be a burden to you both!”

“N-not at all, Kagome-dono!” stuttered the red kitsune apprentice, bowing, “T-the pleasure was mine!”

“Not another one...” Yoko said under his breath.

“Not another what?” Kagome asked, as they walked through the grounds.

“Nothing,” he said, shaking his head. She does not realise the affect she has on others...

“Even though you are just back, I am leaving immediately,” Yoko told her, as they made their way to the seventh floor, the kitsune carrying the miko's new clothing. Kagome couldn't help but feel disappointed at the news, but she nodded.

“There is much I need to deal with. So don't overexert yourself- stick near Kaoru. My sister will be happy enough for you to wait on her and Kazuhiko, so don't go making mischief.”

“As if I would!” the miko laughed, pretending to be offended.


Yuzuki wanted to move back into her bed chambers on the sixth floor, so the miko helped her attendants clean and prepare the place.

She really wasn't lying about the amount of kimono she has...

Kagome's jaw dropped as boxes upon boxes were delivered to the princess' room. It would seem both brother and sister like collecting beautiful things...

Kazuhiko was delighted to spend time with Kagome again, and she spent many happy hours with him and his mother. Yuzuki didn't treat the miko as a servant, but a friend, and they talked at length about the child and her upbringing.

“My mother was very strict with Yoko and I,” Yuzuki reflected, “I was actually quite frightened of her. I don't want to be that type of mother- I want my son to be able to talk to me about anything...”

The princess sighed, stroking the kit's hair as he dozed in her lap. “I really miss my lover. It's been so long since I last saw him, and Kazuhiko is growing so fast!”

“It's difficult being apart,” Kagome confessed, “Being separated hurts the most...but it just means your time together is more special...”

“You seem to know well of these matters,” Yuzuki smiled, a twinkle in her golden eye. “Have you been in love, Kagome?”

The miko looked down at her cup, smiling. “Yes. It was a long, difficult love. But my feelings were finally reciprocated...although it was only for a short while...”

“Did you leave him behind?” the princess inquired, interested, “In your homeland?”

“Ah...yes,” Kagome said, realising Yuzuki was referring to the Arctic where the miko was meant to have been born.

“Yoko told me you were used to pay off a debt,” Yuzuki said sadly, reaching for the miko's hand. “You poor girl. Like Kazu-chan, the circumstance of your birth has resulted in hardships. Life can be so cruel, ne?”

“I thought so, at first,” Kagome admitted, “But I see now how lucky I am, that Yoko-sama is my master...”


Kagome looked after Kazuhiko while the princess attended to royal business in Yoko's absence. She couldn't believe how fast the kit was developing, walking and talking just like a human toddler.

She didn't want to get in between Kazuhiko and his mother, so when she could, she let them have private time together. As Yoko suggested, she helped Kaoru, avoiding the heavy tasks and instead serving meals and cleaning rooms.

She was cleaning a room on the third floor when Kaito entered. It had been so long since she last seen him that she had completely forgotten about the creepy youkai, but as soon as she felt his aura again, the nausea returned.

“My, what a pleasant surprise...” he said, sweeping his long, dark hair over his shoulders, “To find little Kagome-chan in my room. I hope you have recovered from your attack...”

“Yes, thank you...” the miko stood up abruptly, preparing to leave, but the crow youkai blocked her way.

“Don't leave in such a hurry,” he said. “I came to visit you, when you were ill. I must say, you looked so beautiful, lying there unconscious. Very...vulnerable...”

He reached out to touch her cheek, and Kagome froze, remembering about his explosive powers. His fingers were like icicles and she resisted a shiver.

“Thanks for your concern,” Kagome squeaked, “But I'm fine now...”

“Really?” Kaito asked, and he stepped forward. “What a beautiful hair pin...Did Kuroune give it to you? I'm a little jealous of your relationship with him...”

What's with this guy? Kagome panicked, feeling trapped.

“No, he didn't!” she informed him, “It was a gift from my family...”

“Oh...” Kaito said, “and what about this?” his hand brushed her neck, before settling on the rosary. The miko always kept it tucked under her yukata, but it had came loose as she had been sweeping.

“Rose quartz...precious stone of the Silver Kitsune...a present from the Prince, perhaps?”

“No...” Kagome said, swallowing and thinking of a lie fast, “It was a reward, for saving Kazuhiko's life.”

“Ahh yes...” Kaito smiled, “Everyone is talking about how you managed that. It seems you have hidden strength, Kagome, to be able to beat one of the Dark Sky assassins. I would like to see that power, very much...”

Suddenly he was on her, pressing her body against the floor, her cheek crushed against the tatami mat in her effort to get away from him. Kagome felt her back injury flaring as she fought his strength, his long, spider like fingers wrapped around her wrists.

“Please, don't...” she said, cringing away from him, his black hair surrounding her, his gunpowder scent making her retch.

“Why don't you fight me, like you did your attacker?” Kaito said softly, slowly licking her cheek. Kagome shuddered, and it wasn't from pleasure. The crow youkai was nothing like Yoko, whom she always felt consumed by in moments like these. Kaito only had  wicked intentions- he wanted to hurt her, she could tell by the shine in his purple eyes.

“Ahh...” she gasped, as he twisted her hands above her head, aggravating the wounds on her arms, “Please, I'm not fully recovered yet...”

Suddenly the door of the room slid open, and the miko was shocked to see little Kazuhiko standing there. Even Kaito was unprepared for the sight. Then the kit started growling, and he stomped over to Kaito.

“Kagome. OFF!” he said, baring his little fangs. The crow demon complied slowly, smirking.

“Yes, my prince,” he mockingly bowed. “I see you have protectors everywhere, Kagome. That just makes it more exciting...”

The miko shook as he swept out of the room, his cape whipping behind him. Kazuhiko clambered into her arms, his green eyes big with worry. “Kitty cat okay?” he asked, patting her hair as if she was the child.

“Yes, thank you, Kazuhiko-chan,” Kagome smiled at him, “You really saved me there, I'm grateful!”

“Uncle said, 'Protect Kagome!'” Kazuhiko informed her, his ears twitching.

“You sure did,” the miko laughed, tears in her eyes. “It seems your uncle knew I would get into trouble, ne?”


“There you are, Kazu-chan!” a flustered Yuzuki said as she tripped along the corridor, her attendants following in her wake, “Sorry, Kagome! I was preparing to bathe, and he slipped away!”

“No problem!” Kagome smiled, patting the kit on the head.

“I think my brother has returned,” the princess said, as she picked up her son, “I can hear a racket down below...”

“Oh!” Kagome felt a warmth spread through her at the news, “I better go and greet him!”

A week had passed, and she had missed the kitsune's familiar presence. She could hear the chaos Yuzuki had mentioned as she descended to the first floor. Servants fluttered around the bandits that had returned, clearly battle weary, many of them injured. The miko located Yoko in the fray, shocked to see he was also injured, a deep gash on his right shoulder, his silver clothing stained scarlet.

“Oh no, what happened?” Kagome asked, as she arrived at his side. The bandits weren't their usual jovial selves, and they allowed the servants to led them away without much bravado.

“Let us retire,” Yoko said, and she could see anger burning in his golden eyes, “I will explain then.”


Kagome ran a bath for the bandit, and helped him to clean out the wound as he told her what had occurred.

“I trust you know of my second in command, Yomi?” he said, as he prepared a treatment for his injury.

“I've heard talk of Yomi,” Kagome nodded, dabbing at the wound, “But I thought Kuroune was your second?”

Yoko laughed. “No, Kuroune hates positions of power. He prefers to please himself. Of course I tried to persuade him many times, but he was not interested. No, Yomi is my second, though he only took the post last year. He's rather young, but has a quick and calculating mind. Unfortunately, he often takes risks without weighing the outcome, as today proved...”

Kagome nodded, urging him to continue. She casually parted the kitsune's hair to the side so she could access more of his injury, and she was happy to have an excuse to touch him so intimately.

“He said he had a plan, so I allowed him to lead, hoping the responsibility would make him more serious. However, he lost his head at the last moment, and by ignoring my orders, endangered many lives. We lost several men today.”

“I'm sorry to hear that,” Kagome said honestly. Yoko rose, testing the bath water, and Kagome turned to the side, allowing him to remove his ruined clothing. She couldn't help but look through her lashes as he eased into the pool, catching sight of toned buttocks and a silver tail.

Yoko hissed as the hot water hit his injury and tired muscles. Swallowing, the miko knelt at the side of the pool, and again tied her sleeves back.

“I have removed his title and relieved him of today's spoils, but I fear it is not enough. He loves to gamble, and cares little for the lives of others...I worry I may have an uprising soon among the bandits that favour his ways.”

Kagome hummed under her breath as she lathered the shampoo in her hands. “I wouldn't worry too much. Anyone can see from today that the others are not happy with what happened. You can't please everyone, but I think the majority will favour your ways. After all, if they lose you as their leader, they will also lose the connection to this castle...”

“True...” Yoko agreed, and he suppressed a groan as Kagome began to massage his scalp. The last few weeks had been incredibly tough, and he felt as tight as a spring. Yomi's actions had just about pushed him over the edge. He had thought of going on a killing spree alone, somewhere in the Makai to calm himself, but that was erased from his mind until the miko's touch.


Kagome was mindful of the kitsune's wound, careful not to get any shampoo in it, keeping his hair over his other shoulder.

“It's so long,” she thought aloud, “Doesn't it get in the way when you fight?”

“Mmm,” Yoko murmured, trying to string a sentence together, “It is useful. For hiding seeds and the like...”

“Ahh,” Kagome acknowledged, not surprised that the kitsune grew his hair for such reasons.

After ensuring the Prince's mane was once again clean, Kagome began to rub his neck with her thumbs, seeing the tension by the way his posture had changed, his muscles bunched under the skin. She let her hands wander to his shoulders and when he didn't protest, she began to massage him.

“Ahh, you have so many knots,” Kagome noted as she worked.

“Knots?” Yoko questioned, unused to the term.

“Ah, yes. Like this...” the miko put pressure on a sore spot on the kitsune's back. “It's caused by stress, no doubt due to the week you've had. My mother used to get them a lot...”

“I see...” Yoko said softly, “That is why you are so skilled with your hands...”

Kagome blushed at the compliment. She worked in silence for the next few minutes, as Yoko leaned forward, allowing her better access. Deciding to try another tact, the miko lightly used her nails to brush over his skin, going up and down his spine and around his shoulder blades.


Yoko was struggling, the miko's touch once again causing his body to respond. He gritted his teeth, becoming more tense as the girl tried to further relax him. He felt the blood rush to his cock as her magical fingertips caressed his skin, soft yet firm. He was about to request her to stop, unable to handle the sensation any longer when she started to use her nails.


Yoko's eyes squeezed closed as the miko performed her beautiful torture on his back. It seemed every nerve was tingling in his body, a liquid fire rushing through his veins. His erection was painful, more so because he couldn't touch himself without drawing attention to the action. A frustrated sigh left his lips as her nails scratched his skin, just the right pressure to please. As she travelled to the top of his neck, he felt his grip on his self control slip.

He half rose from the bath, his wet hair sticking to his arms, water streaming down his chest. Kagome moved back, surprised eyes flicking down his body then back up to meet his gaze, an innocent blush staining her cheeks. With a groan, Yoko pulled her face down to his, his wet fingers on her warm cheeks.

She responded to his kiss more readily than he expected, and he devoured her mouth, relishing in the fresh taste of her. She fought with his tongue this time, further inflaming his blood, hardening his cock. Kagome leant her hands against his chest for support, and he let his fingers trail down her neck, past the rosary, to the collar of her yukata. He tugged the flaps apart, letting the v neckline become bigger, and although he couldn't see, he felt her breasts become exposed. She froze at this action, but he coaxed her with his tongue, sucking her lip to distract her as he cupped her breasts. They were even softer than he had imagined, and he felt the overwhelming need to touch himself. She protested against his mouth as he traced her nipples, feeling them rise under his touch.

“Y-Yoko!” she gasped, pulling away, her pupils dilated. He took the opportunity to drink in her chest, the skin of her breasts so white against her dark nipples.

He wasn't ready to release her just yet. The kitsune pulled her legs forward so they dangled over the edge of the pool, her socks becoming wet.
“Yoko!” she exclaimed again, trying to push away his hands, but she was powerless against his grasp. Resting his hands on her thighs, he had her trapped, and took the opportunity to lean over and lick a nipple as she was trying to pry him off.

“Ahh!” the sudden flick of his rough tongue caused Kagome to quiver. He placed his big hands on top of hers as he inclined his head, sucking on the nipple and making the girl groan.

“Yoko, please!” she begged, hating what he causing to occur inside her body. Unspeakable pleasure shot through her, making her eyes flutter shut and her lips part. She felt herself giving in to the sensation that she had only ever dreamed about, a forbidden feeling that had tormented her sleep.

Ignoring her pleas, Yoko turned his attention to the other breast, allowing his fangs to graze the sensitive skin. Her natural scent was overwhelming him, as he had batted away the bag containing the neko fur so it was over her shoulder. He was fascinated by how tender her breasts were, how much they jiggled under his ministrations. He felt precum coat his head as he teased her nipple with his tongue, rapidly flicking it back and forth.

“Ahhh!” this drew an interesting reaction from the miko, her head tilting back, her hips jerking. Yoko smirked against her skin, realising this was the first time the miko had been touched in such a way. She's probably only been pleasured by herself...if even that...

His hands were just parting the folds of her yukata so he could slip further up her thighs when his door slid open, and Kazuhiko entered. Not for the first time that day, Kagome was shocked to see the little kit barge into a room.

“Uncle!” he said, at first happily. Then, upon taking in the scene, his eyes grew big. “Kagome. OFF!”


Yuzuki apologised profusely to her brother as he dried his hair, his eyes stormy. Kagome had fled, no doubt to the safety of the kitchen.

“He was so excited to see you,” Yuzuki explained, as the little kit bounded around the room. “I didn't realise we would be...interrupting...”

Yoko rolled his eyes at the clear delight in his sister's voice.

“Well, keep a better hold of him next time.”

Yuzuki sat next to her brother, tapping her cheek. “I didn't realise you and Kagome had that sort of relationship...” she said, the mirth clear in her voice. “Though it does explain why you were so concerned about her when she was injured...”
“We are not in any relationship!” Yoko snapped, glaring at his sister. “She is my servant! And as she saved your son's life, of course I was worried!”

Yuzuki shrugged lightly, used to her brother's temper. “If you say so...in that case, be cautious. She is still a female, even if she is a servant. You wouldn't want her to get the wrong idea. And she is in a vulnerable state as it is...”

“Her wounds have almost healed,” Yoko replied, patting his hair with the towel.

“That's not what I mean!” Yuzuki giggled, hitting him on the arm. “She was deeply in love, before she came here. I can tell she still harbours feeling for him. She will be confused and lonely...if you are using her simply to slake your lust, she may misunderstand...”

Yoko blinked at this information. “She spoke to you of a lover?”

“Yes,” Yuzuki nodded, “We were discussing Kazu-chan's father, and she mentioned him.”

Yoko felt the bitter feeling on his tongue again. Was it that Inuyasha she spoke of? Is that what she meant when she said she had seen naked youkai before? But she is still a virgin...perhaps she was taken before their relationship developed?

Either way, a heavy weight settled in Yoko's stomach. Deciding to get rid of these feelings once and for all, he summoned two geisha to visit that night from the pleasure district.


Kagome couldn't find Kaoru, so she visited the shrine to calm herself.

What on earth just happened? If Kazuhiko-chan hadn't interrupted us...!

Shiro was also absent, so after playing with Toto, Kagome lit some incense and tried to pray. But visions of what had just taken place with Yoko flooded her mind.

Does that mean he finds me attractive? Or was he just using me to relieve his stress?

Kagome tormented herself with these thoughts until her knees grew stiff and she could kneel no longer. She went to the kitchen to see if Kaoru had returned, and found the servants in a flurry of gossip.

“Ne, did you hear, Kagome-chan?” they swarmed around her, “Yoko-sama has ordered two geisha to visit him tonight!”

The miko felt something hit her heart, as if she was being pierced by the shuriken once again.

“Two!” Naka babbled next to her, “What stamina the master has! And he's injured as well!”

“I'm in the wrong job...” Hotaru said dreamily, “I should have trained in the pleasure district...”

They laughed, pushing the girl playfully, “You aren't pretty enough, Hotaru-chan! Plus, it's not every day you get to bed the Silver Prince!”

Kagome numbly started to make the kitsune's evening meal, noticing her hands were shaking.

So that's it. I was just a warm up for tonight's events. Well, I've learned my lesson. I won't let him touch me like that ever again!


Kagome was glad Yoko was in a meeting with the Elders when it was time to serve his meal. She placed it down without a word, keeping her face a perfect mask. She felt the kitsune's eyes on her, but she ignored him, bowing quickly and leaving the room.

The miko kept herself busy, cleaning Yoko's room and her own, doing laundry and helping in the kitchen. She resisted the urge to visit Kazuhiko, embarrassed by the fact Yuzuki would know what her brother and she had been up to. The little kit's reaction still made her smile.

The geisha finally arrived, and Kagome was half expecting to see Maiyu again. But these females were new, in keeping with what Kaoru said about Yoko's rules.

One had blonde hair, clearly dyed due to the fact her kitsune ears were brown. It was curly and trailed down to her waist, her eyes a deep black. The other, Kagome was surprised to see, was a Red kitsune. Her green kimono complimented her eyes, but she was not the geisha Kagome had seen in the picture in Kuronue's room.

Kagome silently led them to Yoko's chambers, asking them if they required anything. She wasn't shocked when they asked for a mirror and sake. Kagome made note to prepare these items before hand next time to save her going up and down the stairs again. And there will always be a next time, the miko thought with a heavy heart.

Yoko was in the room when she returned, laughing at something the females had said. They took the sake from her and began to pour it for the Prince, fawning over him and touching his robes. This time the Silver kitsune ignored her, and Kagome guessed she was dismissed. She went along the corridor to her room, deciding to try and fall asleep before the noises began. She tossed restlessly, the image of Yoko rising from the bath, his chest dripping with water, scarred into her mind. She tried to think of everything and anything to fall asleep, and settled on working out maths problems in her head.


Unlike many of the other bandits, Yoko didn't have any particular fetish or fantasy. He just enjoyed sex with beautiful females. After his bath with Kagome, however, he knew he would need a little more in order to forget what her body felt like.

After they had finished the sake, Yoko ordered the geisha to amuse him by playing with each other. They obeyed immediately- they were clearly used to working together, and undressed in record time. The King of Thieves felt his body stir in response as they caressed each other's breasts, much more voluptuous than the miko's. He pumped his shaft as they made little breathy moans, kissing each other with darting tongues. Yoko watched, blocking everything else from his brain as the Red kitsune began to stroke the other's clit. They writhed together, gasping and panting. Yoko could tell it was not an organic show, and that the females had practised this little spectacle to perfection. When their noises began to irritate him, he ordered them to kneel in front of him and pleasure him with their mouths. They did so greedily, treating his cock like it was the most delicious candy in the world, feeding each other, using their hands to manipulate him further. Yoko allowed the sensation to sweep over him, the physical detaching from the emotional as he hardened in their mouths. Once he was dripping with their saliva, he told the Red kitsune, the prettier of the two, to get on her knees. She did so readily, and he could tell by how wet she was that she was enjoying the experience.

Deciding to abandon himself completely to decadence, he entered her from behind, instructing the other, blonde geisha to squeeze and suck on his balls. Finally he felt himself unravelling as he was assaulted by the sensations. The geisha cried out beneath him, and although he never cared for screamers, he allowed her to continue, so he could focus on the noise and block out all other thoughts. He pounded into the Red kitsune faster and faster, the familiar feeling of orgasm gripping him, aided by the other's attention to his balls, taking them completely in her mouth. He finally felt his release, almost painful due to the pent up stress of the day, and he came with a low growl.


Kagome had just drifted off, her mind exhausted by her attempt at mental maths, when the moans began. It was worse because there were two female voices, and they seemed to be in a competition to outdo the other. Despite the many gasps and cries, Kagome noticed Yoko's voice was absent. She was surprised, as she had imagined him to be a vocal lover.
The miko put her pillow over her head, trying to drown out the noise. She would have moved to the kitchen, but she was in her sleeping yukata, and she knew with her luck she would bump into Kaito or someone else with ill intentions. Gritting her teeth as the noises increased, Kagome cursed as she felt a jealously sweep through her body. Don't be so stupid! She argued with herself, he's bad news, and you're better off alone. He's a Prince- he's never going to be interested in you anyway! Save yourself another heartbreak and just ignore him!

She had finally quietened her thoughts, and was falling back asleep when a guttural growl startled her, making all the hairs on her skin tingle. She felt as though a hook had caught under her navel, and pulled like a zip all the way to her inner core.
That was definitely Yoko...
Kagome sighed, shaking off the feeling that had crawled over her, tempting her with images of the bandit half undressed. She locked the memories away, forbidding her mind to dwell on them. But her dreams had other ideas.

She was bound tightly and her mouth gagged so thickly it made her throat dry. Her hands were tied above her head, wrists crossed and palms facing outwards. There was a choker around her neck, and from that vines hung- they made a cross around her breasts, pushing them to their fullest. A vine followed from these, trailing down her back, between her buttocks, before branching into two, and wrapping around each thigh. More vines trailed down her legs, attached to her ankles. For some reason she was wearing very high gi. When she tried to straighten up, the vines pulled taunt, and she gasped. She was in bondage, completely naked and exposed, and she had no memory of it happening.

It was dark, but she could see a light approaching- it was a small glow, so she knew it must be a candle. She felt her heart hammer against her chest, sweat dripping under her arms and collecting under her hair. The wall against her back was cold, but it did little to calm her reddening skin.

He entered the room and shut the door, putting the candle on a nearby table. He walked up to her slowly, admiring his handiwork from afar. She tried to struggle, tug free, but the bonds were tight, and the harder she pulled, the more they fastened.

His eyes were alight with desire, and he let them wander slowly over her body as she struggled to breathe. He watched the rise of her chest hungrily, the faint tremor of her thighs, the shiver of her arms. He walked right up to her, so close she could smell him, the damp damask scent. His hands went to her hips, tracing the naked skin, following the curve up to her bound breasts, cupping them in his hands, rubbing his thumb achingly over her nipples. She tried to look over his head, tried not to feel his touch, because he has done this to her, put her in this awful position.

His tongue was on her now, tracing the vines, dipping underneath them to the skin that they had rubbed and marked red. He sucked a nipple while he played with the other, and her already dry mouth became drier, and she tried to shrink away, but with a snap of his fingers she was pulled taunt and upright by the vines, a moan escaping her lips as they bit into her skin.

He pulled away from her breasts to look her in the eyes with a smirk.

“You can't pull away from me. Not any more.”

He reached behind and grabbed her buttocks, squeezing them between his fingers, pressing his silkily clad member against her naked body, rubbing against her parted thighs. The heat was intense, and she bit her lip in agony, not wanting to give him the pleasure of knowing what he was causing. He pulled back after a few seconds, already close to the edge, his eyes smouldering as he let his fingers caress down her stomach, and stroke her already wet lips. His mouth fell open a little as he began to stroke her, slowly and tortuously, his eyes flicking up to meet her agonised gaze. He spread her moisture around with his fingertips, letting her know how aroused her body was, dabbing the inside of her thighs with the wetness. She closed her eyes with the shame, berating her body for how easily it was letting her down.

“Open your eyes,” he commanded, and when she did not, he dug his claws into her thigh, not enough to tear the skin, but enough to make her cry out and open her eyes unintentionally.

“Watch me,” he ordered, “Or I will use much more painful ways to make you obey me.”

She shuddered, knowing what his claws and plants were capable of, and with a heavy heart looked down at him as he thrust a finger inside her. She bit her lip again, but a little sound still escaped, and he smirked, as he began to probe inside her, the hot flesh encapsulating his digit, her wetness causing a beautiful slick sound as his finger entered her again and again.

“Can you hear it, my slave? Can you hear how your body is begging for me?”

She didn't answer, watching him with mortification as he inserted another finger and increased the pace, her whole body shaking with the rhythm, her breasts bouncing above him.

“Answer!” he ordered, and she nodded fearfully, as tears began to spring from her eyes. He was crouched down now, watching with fascination how her lips fit around his fingers like a glove, how her skin glistened with her own juices.

“Good girl. Now open your legs,” he said, and she swallowed, more tears trickling as she parted her thighs a little.

“More. That's it, good little slave.” he praised, parting her lips with his thumbs. He put his mouth against her, and she squirmed at the sensation, but his hands and the vines held her in place. His tongue darted out to taste her, so moist and wet she was, and he explored her fully. She was shaking at the attention, his rough tongue lapping against her too much too take. But he was unmerciful, licking her rapidly and sucking her repeatedly, until her sobs echoed in the room.

He finally rose, licking the residue from his lips, his eyes meeting hers as he unloosened his robes. She watched half in horror, half in fascination as he stripped in the candle light, the white silk giving way to reveal tan skin, toned muscle and a throbbing erection. Shadows cast over his body playfully as he stepped towards her again, his hand stroking, making him even bigger and threatening. She swallowed a whimper at the size of his member, and suddenly the vines on her arms loosened, and fell by her sides, through the wrists still bound.

“Kneel down,” he ordered, and she shakily knelt, her spine relieved after the constant standing against the wall. He stood directly in front of her, and untied the gag around her mouth, letting it fall down her chin, around her neck. She inhaled deeply, glad for the fresh air, and she gulped it in.

He ran his hands through her hair, before tilting her chin, running the tip of his member against her lip. It was warm, and she let it slip into her mouth, let her lips close around it. He gave a grunt of approval, his hands in her hair again, and he guided himself in and out of her mouth, while she sucked and licked, her once dry mouth moist again. She brought her hands up to support him, the vines falling away, and her lips went up and down him, guiding him. She swirled her tongue occasionally around the head, but he was too big to encompass, and when he thrust into her mouth she choked several times, tears spilling down her cheeks. He moaned at the sensation, going faster and faster, until she could no longer keep up and let him set the pace, holding his legs for support.

He quickly pulled out and held himself, so close. He didn't want to end it there. He lifted her up onto her feet, and the bonds tightened again, her hands once again above her head. He looked in her eyes carefully, seeing the water marks still staining her cheeks.

“Such a good little slave,” he murmured, his tongue tasting her tears. She shivered at the touch, the fire that was in his eyes. The vines around her thighs squeezed her, and she felt her legs being forced apart. He held his member in his hand and he touched the head against her entrance, a sigh escaping his lips at the heat and and wetness awaiting. She swallowed nervously, still tasting him in her mouth. He swirled the head around her lips, groaning now at the sensation, while her whole body trembled at the touch. With his free hand he tilted the back of her head, and captured her mouth in a kiss, their tongues tangling as he pushed his cock inside her. She cried out, and he grasped her buttock as he eased in, relishing the sensation of the hot walls of skin squeezing him so tightly. He checked her expression, and she was biting her lip desperately trying not to make a noise.

“No,” he reprimanded her, his tongue soothing the bitten skin, “I want to hear you, my little slave. How does it feel, to have me inside of you?”

He pushed once more, fully sheathing himself, and her fingers wrapped into fists, as she tried not to make a sound.

“Stop repressing it!” he commanded, slapping her buttock as he slipped out, before thrusting back inside her hot cavern.

“Ahhh!” she let the noise escape her lips as he made his way back inside her, stretching her and causing something inside to tighten.

“Yes,” he whispered against her cheek, his lips finding her neck, “Let me hear you...”

She cried out as he thrusted quickly, the wet slapping sound of skin on skin echoing in the room. He bit down on her neck, squeezing her buttocks as he pushed in and out, in and out, setting a quick pace. She could only hang and endure it, as he teased her body with his fingers and tongue, and entered her again and again.

Her legs were shaking badly, and if weren't for the vines she would have collapsed. Suddenly the ones connected to her lower body loosened, but the reason for this was apparent as he lifted her up, causing her to wrap her legs around his waist for support.

“Ahhh!” At this new angle, his thrusts were deeper and more penetrating, and his body and hers were wrapped around each other, her breasts bouncing off his chest, her head in the nook of his neck, their skin slick with sweat and each other. The gi slipped from her feet and clattered to the floor.

“Isn't that good, my little slave? Doesn't that feel good?” he asked, his words panted out as he pushed even deep insider her, causing her toes to curl and her legs to tighten around him.

“Ahh, yes!” she cried, unknowingly, and he grinned, loosening her arms from the bonds, so that she wrapped them around him, her fingers around his neck and back, as she clung onto him for dear life.

He was close to the edge, he could feel it in his very core. He pushed her firmer against the wall, tilting her head back to he could kiss her as he fucked her. Their mouths were as hot as each other, and one of his vines snaked from around her thigh, upwards to play with her swollen clit.

“Master!” she moaned, as their entangled limbs continued to cause pleasure, and her body was manipulated against her will. He finally came into her in a frenzy, struggling to kept standing, eventually sinking to his knees with her still wrapped around him, and after a few more thrusts and flicks she came soon after, gasping rapidly as she clung onto him still.

He rested his forehead against hers as their heart rates slowed and breathing returned to a normal pace. He didn't bother to pull out of her, just unloosened the last of the vines, cradling her as they fell asleep on the floor.


It was the type of dream that had wrung her, mentally and physically. Kagome awoke while her body still trembled with her orgasm, and she felt as though she had been separated from her physical form as her spirit seemed to float. She closed her eyes, trying in vain to return to the dream. It had seemed so real, and though at first it had been frightening, she had soon succumbed to the pleasure of it.

The miko tried to get up, feeling her skin sweaty and slick. She touched in between her legs, the evidence of her enjoyment clear from the wetness that covered her fingers. She cleaned herself the best she could from the bowl and water jug in her room. Snatches of the dream kept replaying in her mind, causing her to zone out. Giving herself a shake, she headed quickly down to the stream, to wash the last of the images away and cleanse her body of her weakness.

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