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The bell rang, signaling that the school day was over. “I'll see you all tomorrow,” Mr. Kenu called over the racket caused by students cramming their books into their bags and running for the door. “And don't forget your projects are due.”
The students ran out into the courtyard to their lockers, then to their homes. Among these students were Kagome, Michael, Robin, Yusuke, and Kuwabara. After another long day at school, they were going to the Higurashi Shrine to relax a bit.
“Do you think we did enough for the project?” Robin asked.
“Robin!” Kagome exclaimed. “We did our project on the Shikon no Tama. Of course we did enough. We probably overdid it. I mean, we knew things about that era that even the history books didn't know.”
“You know, if I were the sort of person that cared, I'd say that Kuwabara and I didn't do our share of the work,” drawled Yusuke, strolling along.
“You looked up what the history books actually did say,” Kagome pointed out. “Like, it said that Naraku was a human, and Inuyasha and Miroku were just abnormally strong men. Shippo wasn't even mentioned. If we didn't have that, then we would've put the wrong things in, even if they were true.”
“You'll all do fine,” Michael said. “I had Mr. Kenu for history, and if you add things in that he doesn't know or it's not common knowledge, he'll lap it up. Just don't add anything exotic, like saying that the priestess Kagome could shoot arrows of pure energy. He'd never buy that.” He looked thoughtful. “It's kind of sad how history erased demons and magic from our past. Whether we believe it was there or not, it was.”
A couple blocks away from the hill where the shrine resided, a friend of theirs, Shuichi Minamino, otherwise known as Kurama, joined them. “How was your day?” he asked as his greeting.
“Mine was good,” Michael answered him. “These guys have a project due tomorrow, though.”
“Why do I have a feeling that it isn't done yet?” he asked himself.
“Actually, it is done,” Yusuke said defensively. “It's been done for a long time.”
“That's only because Kagome and Robin know so much about that era,” Kurama pointed out, laughing.
“Yeah, so?” he retorted.
“Why did you choose these two to be your partners?” he asked Kagome and Robin, causing steam to come from both Yusuke and Kuwabara's ears.
“Well, we did need someone to look up what history said happened,” Robin repeated. “If they didn't do it, we would've had to do it ourselves. They actually helped a lot.”
Kurama only laughed and shook his head. It wasn't apparent to Robin, Michael, or Kagome, but to Yusuke and Kuwabara, who knew Kurama better, knew that he still wasn't over his short-time girlfriend, Jordan Lee. The Reikai Tantei had been on a mission, and they had some unexpected helpers. Jordan was one of them. When they had finished, she decided to stay in Makai with her sister Crystal and Serena. That was four months ago. She had told him to get on with his life and not pine for her, but he had yet to obey.
Upon reaching the foot of the climb to the shrine atop the hill, a collective groan went through everyone. They all hated this trek with a passion, but resolutely commenced.
“We need either an elevator or an escalator,” Kagome panted as they continued scaling the high hill where the Higurashi Shrine was. “I know I've done this my whole life, but it still is a pain.”
“I think you're right,” Michael agreed. “It is a pain. When we can afford to put in one of those things, you know I'll be all over that before you can blink.”
“I'll help you,” Kurama gasped as a cramp made itself known in his side. “These stairs kill me every time.”
“They kill us all,” Robin said, struggling to keep breathing normally.
Kuwabara was wheezing so much it was impossible for him to say anything, but it was still known that he agreed with them wholeheartedly. After what seemed like hours (though it was only five minutes) of walking, they arrived at the top of the hill. Entering the closest building, they took off their shoes and set their backpacks down.
“Sota, we're home,” Kagome called.
“Okay,” he called back from somewhere upstairs.
“What are the odds that he's playing that video game again?” she asked rhetorically to her friends.
“Pretty good,” Michael said anyway. “I'm going to work on the computer, so unless it's an emergency, don't bother me.” He headed up the stairs after snagging chips from the pantry and a cold drink from the fridge.
“Don't you dare spill anything, Michael Lee,” Robin mock-threatened his retreating heels. This got a laugh from everyone, but there was a pained look on Kurama's face for a second.
“Let's get something cold,” Kuwabara suggested. “It's as hot as a desert out there, and I'm feeling dehydrated.”
“Whoa, big words,” Yusuke teased him. “Are you sure you know what they mean?”
“What was that, Urameshi?” Kuwabara shouted, taking a swing at the black-haired boy.
He dodged easily and answered with a swing of his own. “I think wittle Kuwabawa's using words he isn't weady for.”
“Not in the kitchen,” Robin shouted at them. “Take it outside if you need to fight, but not in here.”
“Not in the house,” Kagome added her own restriction to the violence. “I know boys tend to feel like they need to rough others up, but not inside, thank you.”
The boys both sighed and put down their fists. “Fine, fine,” they grumbled. Handing them their refreshments, they settled into some chairs. The air conditioner was on, courtesy of either Sota or Michael, so they enjoyed the coolness while they could. Inevitably, Robin started worrying about their project again.
“What if we overlooked something and the teacher caught it?” she asked the tablecloth more than any of her companions.
Kagome rolled her eyes, got a towel, and whapped her on the back. “Just chill, Robin. We've gone over it five times already; I don't think any of us want to see it again until it's time to present it. Am I right, guys?” she asked the boys.
They nodded their heads vigorously. They were all tired of looked at the project forwards, backwards and sideways. So far, they had humored Robin, but when Kagome said enough was enough, they were all ready to stand behind her.
“Fine,” Robin sighed. “But still-”
“NO!” everyone shouted, dog piling on her. Muffled protests could barely be heard from the bottom, where poor Robin was being suffocated by the weight of bodies on top of hers. However, the noise of them landing on her made a mad Michael come down, looking like he was ready to kill someone, which he probably was. He stopped dead at the sight that greeted him when he entered the kitchen.
“Do I even want to know what just happened?” he asked.
“No, I don't think so,” Kurama answered him from his position on top of Kagome's back and under Yusuke's legs.
An indignant sound came from under them. “Are guys trying to make Robin run out of air?” Michael asked casually.
“No, just make her stop dwelling on the project,” Yusuke interjected.
“Well, I think if you stay that way for a bit longer, she won't be thinking of anything,” the Junior pointed out.
“Oh, yeah.” They got off of each other with some difficulty, but before Robin passed out from lack of air, though it was close. She was gasping for air, and her entire face was red. Kurama, ever the gentleman, helped her back into her seat. She still had an indignant look on her face, but slowly receded as her breath came back.
Kuwabara was studying her, a thoughtful look on his face. “Hey, Robin?” he asked.
“Hm?” She looked at him over her cup.
“What color is your hair?”
Everyone in the room did a facevault. “Hiei's right, you know,” Yusuke said from the floor. “You really are a baka. Her hair is obviously…” He looked up and did a double-take. “Whoa, wasn't your hair red before?” Now everyone was staring at her head. She giggled.
“It changes color,” she explained. She only got dubious looks for that. “If the light hits my hair a certain way, it's red. Otherwise, it's blonde.”
“So what color is it, really?” Kuwabara asked again.
“It's blonde for the most part.”
Michael shook his head. “I'm going back upstairs,” he announced. “Next time you try to suffocate someone, please be quieter.” He went back up the stairs.
“So now what?” Kurama asked. “We've finished your project, so do we just relax?”
“We could,” Yusuke mused. “Do you know if Koenma has anything planned?”
“Maybe not him, but his father does,” Kurama replied, amusement in his voice.
“I take it that it doesn't have anything to do with us, right?” the Spirit Detective wanted to make sure.
“Not at the moment,” the fox assured him. “I overheard Botan talking about it with some of the other ferry girls.” He stopped.
“Well? Aren't you going to tell us?” Kuwabara demanded.
“It appears that King Yama wishes for Koenma to marry.” He looked at them expectantly.
He got the response he was expecting. Their jaws dropped, and they started laughing their heads off.
“Can you imagine him, married?” Yusuke choked out.
“I know. He's only a toddler, and now he has to be a husband, too,” Kuwabara said amid gales of laughter.
“I can't wait to see his face on his wedding day.” Now everyone was laughing, even Kagome and Robin, who had never seen him before.
“You mean, you take orders from a toddler?” Kagome giggled.
“Well, he's over two thousand years old; he just takes the form of a toddler,” Kurama explained between bouts of laughter. “He does have an older form that he uses less often than the toddler one.”
An unintelligible roar was heard from upstairs. “I think we're being too loud again,” Robin said. “We're making Michael irritable.”
“Maybe the computer didn't do what it was supposed to,” Kuwabara suggested. “That could get him ticked.”
Robin shook her head. “No, I think it's us. If we're not careful, he'll kick us out.”
“But this is Kagome's house,” Kuwabara pointed out.
“True, but it wouldn't run quite as well without Michael managing things,” Kagome corrected him. “We'd have fallen apart if it wasn't for him. I don't know what we'll do when he goes to college.”
“That could be a problem if he handles everything,” Kurama agreed. “Maybe you should start taking on some of what he does, or watch him do it.”
“That's a good idea,” Kagome said thoughtfully. “We can't do it now, though, or he'll throw us out for bothering him again.”
“Hey, is there a reason there's no tourists outside?” Kuwabara asked. “Normally there's someone out there.”
“We closed for now,” Kagome said. “We all need a break, but we'll be starting again tomorrow. We just wanted one day to relax. Why, did you want us to work to death?”
“No, I was just wondering,” he replied. “It is an excuse to get out of school, after all. I don't think I was the only one who wanted to know.”
“Now you know.” She was about to say something else when the doorbell rang. Sighing in annoyance, she stood up. “No need for everyone to get it,” she said sarcastically as she was the only one who made to get the door. Putting on a smile, she opened the door. “Welcome to the Higurashi Shrine,” she said brightly. “Can I help you?” Then she saw what he looked like.
He was a young man with brown hair and had Jr. written on his forehead. But that wasn't the strangest thing. In his mouth was a blue pacifier, which he was sucking on.
“You must be Ms. Kagome Higurashi,” he stated. “I understand that Yusuke, Hiei, Kuwabara, and Shuichi are here at the moment.”
“Ano, yes, they are here, except for Hiei,” she stammered, bewildered at his appearance. “May I ask who you are?”
“Yes. I am known as Koenma,” he replied, brushing past her. “Now where are they?” he muttered to himself.
“In the kitchen,” she answered anyway. “Follow me.” She started walking toward the kitchen. Sensing that he was warily following her, she didn't turn around. “In here,” she announced, stepping to the side of the door, indicating that he would go in first. Hesitantly, he stepped onto the tile floor of the kitchen, where the people already inside it stared at him.
“Koenma? What are you doing here?” Kuwabara asked.
“I need you,” he said shortly. “My father's going to force me to marry someone, so I need a place to hide. Your job is to find a hiding place for me.”
“Whoa, hold it,” Yusuke protested. “What makes you think we'll do that? If King Yama can't find you, he might tear Ningenkai apart in searching. And if he finds out that WE'RE the ones who hid you, he'll throw us into Makai. You know that.”
“We all tried to avoid that fate,” Kurama stated. “I won't endanger that because of some trivial matter.”
“It isn't trivial!” Koenma shrieked. “I'm going to be made to marry some twit, and I don't have a say in it! I wouldn't exactly call that trivial!”
“You might think so, but it's not that big a deal. You spend most of your time in your office anyway, so you won't see whoever it is very much,” Kurama observed dispassionately. “Besides, you might marry a mortal, and then they'll die. This will then free you to be a bachelor, just as you are now.”
Koenma sat down and put his head in his hands. “I seriously doubt that my dad will choose a mortal,” he moaned. “That's why I need a place to hide. I want to stay single for as long as I can.”
“I don't know why you're so antsy about this,” Kurama said. “I don't think your father even made it final.”
“Actually, it's pretty close to final,” Koenma corrected him mournfully. “George told me about it, so I got out of there as fast as I could.”
Kagome was still standing in the doorway. “I don't see what's so bad about getting married,” she ventured. “I mean, I can see why you'd be hesitant about marrying someone you don't even know, but you'd eventually get along.”
The ruler of Reikai stood up abruptly and whirled to face her. “How would you feel if your parents made you marry someone?” he demanded. “You can't possibly understand how this is for me. We don't even know each other!”
Her temper flared. “I know that you're asking them to choose between a rock and a hard place,” she shot at him. “I know how much they want to stay here, since I've seen what they'd do to protect that. They can't help you and stay here, and at the same time, they have to or they'll be thrown into Makai. Do you think that's fair to them?”
He stopped short, as if realizing something for the first time. “How do you know about Makai?” he asked.
Kagome sighed. She was about to respond, but after looking at the three guys, who were shaking their heads at her, changed her answer. “We heard them talking about it. It sounds like it's a place where criminals are sent.”
He looked slightly relieved. “That just about sums it up,” he affirmed. “I don't see why they told you, though.”
“They overheard us, and we just told them what it was, so they wouldn't jump to the wrong conclusions,” Yusuke said lazily. “After all, we don't want them thinking we're spies or anything like that.” They all grinned, but the son of Yama didn't notice.
Koenma threw his hands into the air. “You're hopeless,” he said, sounding defeated. “But I still need a place to hide.” He began pacing. “Where to go, where to go?” he muttered.
“Don't you think that you should wait until you know who the bride is?” Kurama asked. “She might be the girl of your dreams.”
Koenma snorted. “I highly doubt that,” he said derisively. “I have to get away while I have time.”
“But you'll get them into trouble,” Robin spoke for the first time. “He'll think they did what you're asking them to do, and after asking them, he'll exile them, whether they actually did it or not.”
Koenma looked at her. “I didn't think of that,” he admitted. “But that still doesn't solve my problem.”
“Did you even ask him if you had to marry?” Kuwabara asked.
Koenma gave him a withering look. “Do you really think I'm that stupid?” he asked. “I'm not about to do that.”
“Actually, she might have a valid idea,” Kurama said thoughtfully. “Who knows, he might not make you marry.”
Koenma was about to make a spiteful reply when Hiei joined them. Coming into the house, he went to the kitchen and stopped dead in the doorway. “What are you doing here?” he demanded.
“Oh. Hiei.” Koenma laughed nervously. “I was trying to enlist you guys to finding me a hiding place.”
“May I ask the reason why?” Hiei looked incredulous that Koenma would ask, and not demand.
Robin answered him. “He doesn't want to get married, so he's trying to find a hiding place by blackmailing these poor guys.” She sounded disgusted.
Hiei leveled one of his famous glares at the Reikai ruler. “What makes you think we'd help you?” he asked in a deadly quiet voice. “King Yama would throw us out of Ningenkai.”
“Let's take this somewhere else,” Koenma said nervously, looking from Robin to Kagome and back again. “I know that you trust these people, but I'd feel better if they didn't know so much about what we do.”
“Does it matter?” Hiei asked. “They'll find out eventually.”
“I don't think they will,” Koenma corrected him, giving him an icy glare of his own. “Unless one of you tells them, that is. Now we need to go.” He addressed Kagome and Robin. “I'm sorry for barging in, but it really can't wait.”
“Don't do something reckless,” Robin advised him. “I don't know who you are, but it's sure to have some affect on us in some way or another.”
“You don't know how right you are,” Koenma murmured under his breath. “Right then, let's go.” He marched the four boys out the door. Robin and Kagome looked at each other and shrugged, then went to work on homework.