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I apologize for the long wait in between chapters. I haven't had a lot of time, and then when Christmas Break came, I left for California. So, to make up for my procrastination, I'm putting up two chapters. This one's short, so that's another reason. Anyway, hope y'all enjoy 'em.
Serena SilverMoon: Robin didn't work at the Factory, she worked at Raven's Flat, where most of the hunting and information goes. Sure, I'll take your e-mail. I think my e-mail is on the site somewhere, but I'm not sure. Not that it matters; you can still contact me. Sorry about the wait.
Down they went, down more stairs and corridors, and by the time they passed their fifth staircase, they were done with bothering Robin with their questions. He could hear them buzzing in their minds, but they could sense other humans near them, and had to keep silent. Robin stopped in front of a door and held up a hand, signaling for them to stop.
“In here,” she mouthed to them, pointing to the door. Opening the door slowly, she slipped inside and the others followed her. “They're kept in here,” she whispered. “There're no people around, but sound travels too easily here.”
“How do you know that?” Kuwabara asked quietly.
“Look around you. This place is filled with metal, which bounces the sounds from inside here to other rooms. If we're not careful, then everyone will know that we're in here.”
“Okay, you heard her,” Genkai said. “Let's start looking at what's in here. But remember, we have to be quiet, and we have to hurry. Good luck.” She started walking quickly toward one end of the room. Taking their cues from the old woman, they chose a spot and started looking for witches. Hiei opted to stay near Robin, just in case.
“What are we looking for exactly?” he asked. “It doesn't look like there are any humans here.”
She frowned. “I'm not sure,” she admitted. “Still, there must be a place to dispose of the bodies, at least. I think they just use their Craft, not their bodies, so there must be a place where the bodies are.” Stepping over to one of the elevated cylindrical shapes on the floor, she knelt beside it and proceeded to study it carefully.
Bored, Hiei used his superior eyesight to see how the others were doing. Genkai was looking around, trying to find her fellow psychics. Kurama was also looking around, not finding what he was looking for. Yusuke and Kuwabara were just looking lost, not really doing anything.
A gasp from Robin brought his attention back to her. “What is it?” he asked, thinking she found something. He was right.
“I-I-I think I found what we're looking for,” she whispered. Pushing a few buttons on the top, the cylinder-shaped thing rose up and glowed the sickly green of the Orbo. Disgusted, she backed away, horror written on her face. Floating in the green fluid was a person, or a shadow of a person. It wasn't substantial, and looked like it would collapse if it hadn't been floating in the Orbo.
By this time, the movement had attracted the attention of everyone else, and Genkai pushed her way past them to the front. “Satsuki!” she gasped quietly.
“So we finally found her friend?” Yusuke asked. “She doesn't look like she's even alive anymore.”
“I don't think she is,” Robin whispered back. “I mean, she's alive, but barely. It would take a lot of work to get her back to normal.”
“Look at Genkai,” Kurama said softly.
The old psychic was staring wildly at her friend, not willing to believe what she was seeing. She was trembling, both with rage, worry, and fear for her friend.
Footsteps caught Hiei's attention. “We have to get out,” he said sharply. Taking hold of Genkai, as the old woman wasn't about to move, they followed Robin out a different door and through another maze of stairs and corridors. Much to everyone's amazement, they made it out without anyone seeing them.
“Did you find what you wanted to see?” Robin asked them, panting for breath.
Genkai was still in shock, but was able to answer her. “Yes,” she said heavily, “I found it.”
“I think it would be prudent to leave now, before someone sees us,” Kurama pointed out.
“Yes,” Robin agreed, “it's time to go. I guess I'll be seeing most of you tomorrow.”
“That's very likely,” Kurama said. “Good night.” He turned away and started walking home.
“That's it, then,” Genkai said. “Don't think this is the last we'll be seeing of the Factory, but that's all for tonight.” She followed Kurama's example, and left them.
They all dispersed, and Hiei walked with Robin back to the shrine.
“Did you know what was in there?” he asked her quietly.
“I could guess, but I wasn't sure,” she said shakily. “I knew the captured witches went there, but they said that it was more humane than killing them, but now I'm not so sure.”
She was upset; he could see that. “Will you be okay?” he asked, wishing he had never said anything about her being associated with the STN-J.
Robin sighed. “Yeah, I'll be fine,” she assured him. “In time, I'll be fine.”