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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Gunlord: Hello and welcome to the second installment of our little story!


Raditz: You know, that is getting annoying now. Can we please fix it?

Gunlord: Don't worry. I anticipated that we would get bored by now, so I used my AUTHOR POWER and created a gigantic meteor to come and smash into them since that barrier won't stop big rocks.

Everyone looks up and sees the meteor coming down.

Raditz: Umm, shouldn't we, I don't know, get out of the way?

Gunlord: Now why didn't I think of that?

Suddenly, Excel climbs out of the hole in the ground, now looking like a big piece of Swiss cheese as a result of all the snakes in the hole biting her.

Excel: Look Lord Illpalazzo! Excel was able to climb out of the pit and is now ready to take out her revenge on all those people that know about our base, our phone number (about that. that number on chapter two isn't real. I just thought it up on the top of my head.), our mission, and the fact that you love me more than life itself!

Raditz: Umm, we didn't know about that.

Excel: Ohh, well so that I have a good reason for killing you, I'll tell you all! I've loved Lord Illpalazzo ever since we first met. After we finish taking over the city we're going to get married and have a bunch of little children and rule the world as a big happy family!

Raditz: You are very disturbed, you know that?

Excel: Thank you! Now I'm sorry but I have to kill you all now. Bye!

Excel rushes at us, but before she can reach us, a rock about a foot in diameter smashes through the roof and hits Excel in the gut, knocking her back into the pit once again.

Gunlord: Well, that takes care of her. Hey wait a minute. Wasn't that rock coming from space?

Raditz: As far as I know yes.

Gunlord: But that couldn't be the meteor that I created. The one I made in space was as large as the studio.

Raditz: Maybe it burned up in the atmosphere?

Gunlord: I guess so. Wait a second. If it did, and that was all that was left of the meteor, then what is making the shadow that's covering us?

Everyone looks up and sees the rest of the meteor, along with Cooler, coming at us.


Gunlord, Raditz, and the audience: Perfect.

The meteor hits us and blows everyone to the Otherworld.

Gunlord: I guess the rock was too big. Now what?

King Yemma: NEXT! Let's see, Gunlord. It says here that you are responsible for gluttony, lying, stealing, and viewing adult material. Sorry, but down you go.

Gunlord: Okay, but can I at least take these people with me? I've got an interview show to do.

King Yemma: Hmm, well, every single one of your cast is going down, so sure, knock yourself out.

Gunlord: Thanks.

King Yemma: Don't mention it.

King Yemma then bangs his gavel and a giant hole opens up underneath us and we are plunged into the depths of hell.

Raditz: Well this is a fine mess you got us into Gunlord.

Cooler: Yes, now we're stuck here for who knows how long. Not only that, but what about all of the people down here? Aren't you worried about them?

Gunlord: No. If I was, then I'd just use my AUTHOR POWER to teleport us out of here. Anyways, we've got a cast, and I can use AUTHOR POWER to turn these rocks into some chairs and couches, and we can have all of the dead people here be the audience.

Raditz: But we need a guest to interview.

Gunlord: Dude, we're in HELL! Do you realize that we have a near limitless amount of ex-villans that we can interview?

Cooler: Hey you're right! But there is a problem. With such a wide variety of people, how are we ever going to choose anyone?

Gunlord: Way ahead of you. See this ball of ki? *makes a ball of ki* I'll just toss this behind me and whoever gets hit will be our guest.

Raditz: Works for me.

Gunlord then takes his ball of ki and chucks it behind him. A couple of seconds later, there's an explosion and several voices are heard screaming bloody murder.


Raditz: Ohh no. Don't tell me you hit them. Anyone but them.

Gunlord: Well, they may look and act like pansies, but rules are rules. It looks like we're stuck with them.

Who did Gunlord hit? Why are they pansies? How come there was no interview today? What happened to Excel? Find out next time. Now review you lazy freaks.