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[ P - Pre-Teen ]


Iris: *walks by the flashing phone with a bowl of Ramen* My kami, didn't we hire a new secretary just a few hours ago? *presses the messages button*

"Hey, it's Ken from Street Fighters. I'm just calling to tell you that no one at the office is allowed to come to my wedding. Last time I invited any of you weirdos, someone tried to poison my bride."


Iris: They can't prove it.

"Rrr! It's Inuyasha! And I'm sick of being paired with Kouga! I'm not gay! I love Kikyo! KIKYO!" "What about me Inuyasha?!" "Ah! Kagome!" "Sit!"


"Good morning! I am a random Mary-sue looking for work at MM.org. I'm willing to pair up with any type of bishounen! Okay?"


Iris: .... *presses the 'delete message' button*

"Tsukasa here... I don't wanna come in today... I know there's a lot of paper work on my desk. Aura told me."


Iris: O.o;

"This is Spike. I am dead. Okay? No more fics about me being revived. I'm DEAD." "I am too." "Hush, Vicious." "I wanna talk on the phone." "No." "Please?" "No." "Spiku-koi, please!" "No!" "Rrr." *random noises and dial tone*

Iris: ...

"Spiku-koi! That hurts!" "Get down!" "No!" "Off!" "MMph!" "Ah!" *sounds of pleasure*

Iris: O.< ... *smiles pervertedly*

*end of messages*