Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Fiction ❯ I hate my life ❯ The nightmare begins ( Chapter 1 )

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Well well well... This is my third, wait fourth? story... and I don't know why I'm writing this, because I'm still not done with my 3 first ones... Anyway, I hope you all like this and recognize my hard work, because really it is... ENJOY! . (And now in 2006 I have 17 stories, 2 are finished...)

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Chapter 1: The nightmare begins...

It all started on the 7th of October, a Thursday, the day Hisa learned Ricky, her boyfriend, or now ex-boyfriend, dumped her. She did not cry, not one tear was shed. Even though she looked happy and put on a smile, she really had to repress a cry. When he gave her the note she was happy, but realization hit her right in the face and her heart froze, racing. What if it was bad news? She continued to walk to class and once in her seat, opened the paper and read...

Biting her lips to force herself calm, she decided to ignore this bitter feeling in her heart. He never loved her, she was just a toy, another 'experiment' for him. She couldn't really forgive him, but at the same time she continued talking to him, even her friends didn't understand why she bothered with him, he had already proved himself unworthy. As she swallowed pain back in her stomach, to compensate for no tears, she wrote a poem during class.

Hisa snapped her crimson eyes open as she bolted up from her bed, sweating. She had just witnessed her family being killed in accidents, but the worst part about it was she was with them at the moment it happened, and she wasn't able to help them. She shook her head, her brown hair waving around, 'It's just a nightmare...' she thought and started getting ready for school, after all her alarm clock was going to ring in a few minutes.

She quickly took a shower to get rid of that sweat, 'I admit it was strange... but it can't be true... I mean, my brother isn't even here.' Hisa ran her fingers through her curly, shoulder length, brown hair then turned off the water, small droplets falling off her clean face and she wrung out her hair. Hisa grabbed a towel and wrapped herself in, using another small towel to absorb all the water in her hair, drying it a little.

Hisa Jashuya, age 16, has a big brother in college, a workaholic father and a mother staying at home. She lives in California, but really grew up in Denmark which she recently moved from, it was really depressing at first, but with time she met new friends and got used to her new home and weird friends. 'This is dumb... why do we have to start at 7:00? It's inhuman to make people wake up at 5:30...' she sighed and ate her breakfast then prepared her lunch.

"Dad are you ready? We're leaving in a few minutes!" she reminded her busy father. Yes, her dad drove her every day to school. Why? Because then he'll go to work. Hisa put her shoes on, grabbed her backpack and shoved it on her shoulders, then grabbed her binder and kept it in her hands.

Climbing in the car, Hisa couldn't help but think of how boring and fake her life was. 'Every day the same thing, wake up, shower, eat the same thing, lunch the same thing, homework, practice flute, sometimes Ju-Jitsu but that's fun, then chores...' she silently summarized her life in what... 12 words, taking out the non significant ones. No one really knew what her life was like, sure she always seemed happy, most of the time anyway.

When she came to school sad, everyone would ask her what was wrong and wouldn't believe her if she said "Nothing's wrong!" Hisa sighed. 'If only my dog would wake up earlier...' she sulked. A normal life you would say, except for the yelling part... Wait, yelling? Yes indeed, her dad loved to yell, sometimes he yelled because he was stressed, unhappy, criticized, came back from work... All that normal stuff right?


Well sometimes Hisa just wished she could be invisible, or stronger to help her mother who occasionally received a few slaps on the face.

Nothing serious, her dad never really meant it: "I'm so sorry! I don't know what came over me!" and the usual excuses... A normal life. Her friends, if they still were, had become somewhat distant with her.

Sometimes she blamed herself for being so selfish, but then again she couldn't really translate all the funny jokes she knew in French. 'At least I learned quite a few neat tricks in Ju-Jitsu... That'll have to compensate one day for all my hard work...' she comforted herself as her dad turned left, 'The weather is so strange...' she thought absentmindedly as she looked at the low gray clouds, forming a deep fog.

After five or ten minutes, her dad stopped the car at the second entrance, near the band room.

"There you are. Have a good day." he said dully, waiting for her to get out, she nodded and stepped out of the car, shutting the door. She walked towards her locker and saw a figure through the mist, her footsteps echoed between the walls.

'Must be a teacher...' she thought as she came to her locker right in front of the band room, she did her combination and opened the lock. 'Hmm first I have Math, then French only the AP book though, then History my notebook, Biology I can go without book for today then PE... and after lunch, is after lunch.' she mentally stated as she took out her belongings from her locker and stuffed them in her backpack.

Hisa closed her locker when the lights twinkled off, she frowned but headed towards the math room, "They should really put elevators for students in here..." she mumbled and started climbing the stairs. Arriving at the top, she noticed the air got colder: she could see her breath in front of her. Ignoring it she went to the math room and tried to open the door.

"Great! It's locked!" she threw her hands up in the air and leaned on the door, looking at her watch she noticed it was 6:50. Hisa frowned "Hey the teacher is always here in advance, though I'm pretty late today, he should be here, the warning bell is going to ring in five minutes!"she muttered clearly annoyed. Sighing, she waited, and waited for the teacher to come when she noticed all the school's lights were off. 'Power outage?' she wondered, 'But then... why didn't all the lights go off at the same time?'

"Hello?" asked Hisa to no one in particular, thinking she heard footsteps coming her way. "Mr. Ronek is that you?" she asked again to the fog. A small cry made her want to move from her current position, and so she did. She walked to the handrail on the edge of the third floor and looked down. No one. 'Where's everybody? Usually it's crowded with people talking loudly and messing around...'

A noise behind her made her turn around quickly, her backpack slamming against the handrail separating her from falling to her death.

"Must- kill!" said a raspy voice.

"Wh- what?" she answered to the unknown person. A hand shot out of the fog and grabbed her by the collar, she gasped as she saw it was her math teacher from last year, except her skin color was anything but normal.

Instead of being the normal salmon-pinkish shade, it was faded blue as if she was a zombie or something.

"Must kill!" repeated the teacher in an automatic way; Hisa wasn't impressed, she let go of her binder, which crashed down below her, and grabbed the teacher's hand turning it into a wrist block. It reached a point where the teacher couldn't move or she'd loose the flexibility of her left hand.

The teacher croaked something Hisa couldn't understand, and tada! More teachers appeared, along with administrators. What a joyful reunion... if it wasn't for that weird colored skin and red eyes, as if they were possessed. Hisa didn't unsettle, applying the basics of Ju-Jitsu she got herself in the corner so no one could get her from behind, then waited for someone to charge at her, which didn't take too long.

A tall teacher had jumped, and unexpectedly got out a knife from his pocket. Hisa dodged at the last moment and slapped the tall teacher's hand, letting the knife fall then grabbed him in a choke hold with her elbow under his chin. The teacher took in raspy breaths and soon she threw him on other teachers jumping to attack her, she looked at them, breathing slightly faster than usual.

"Must kill!" they all said at once and all charged at her. Recomposing herself, Hisa stood up straighter and took another defensive stance. She glanced around her as to see which person was probably going to get to her first due to his or her weight. Adjusting to what she guessed what right, Hisa shifted her position and waited for the ugly teacher to almost fall on her.

Extending her fist, she made contact with the ugly teacher's face and he was knocked back to where he came from. Then everything that followed was as if put in fast forward: Hisa dodged, was hit, punched back but constantly more teachers appeared and she found herself outnumbered. However she didn't stop fighting for dear life.

Panting hard now, she used her sleeve to wipe out some blood dripping from her lips and again took a defense stance. Running footsteps were heard, Hisa wheeled her head around to see a figure running towards her, it was dressed in black and the hair was heavily gelled back.

"Ricky!" she yelled relived as the boy ran in between her and the crazy blood-thirsty teachers.

The so called Ricky turned his gaze towards her and she took a step back, his skin was blue! "Er- Ricky?" she asked, uncertain if it was the same guy she fell in love with. But she got her answer soon enough. Ricky licked his lips and took a menacing step towards her, "Ricky please!" she pleaded, "I don't want to hurt you..." Ricky advanced some more and while Hisa was not looking, a strong adult grabbed one of her arms from behind and tugged it behind her back.

Hisa, trying to think, wheeled around so her locked arm was in front of her and used her free hand to slap and punch the guy restraining her. Unfortunately, another teacher came and grabbed her other arm and this way, both were keeping her still, even though she struggled quite a bit.

Hisa saw Ricky and another male closing on her, her brain worked too hard, you could almost see the smoke coming out of her ears because the gears weren't greased enough. 'Think Hisa, think! Err... alright, my arms are blocked, but I still have my feet.. That's right.' she reassured herself, but she felt a cold hand on her shoulder and looked up to stare into the red eyes of the ugly teacher.

Hisa's eyes widen, he was not aiming for her throat, but for her chest! That was it. She certainly did not want to be raped by someone from school, even less at school and that early in the morning. Actually, she just never wanted to get raped, at all. Hisa tightened her jaw and waited for the guy to be at the right position, steady... steady... NOW! She used her foot to hit him square in the face, he groaned in pain before both his hands held his bloody face.

Hisa took this opportunity to get a kick at her captors knees. Soon they were both on the ground moaning in pain, clutching their knees. Hisa didn't wait for a special invitation and took her chance to throw herself in the crowd gathered around the corner. She pushed, kicked, punched and screamed to get through and she managed! She made a run for the stairs when a hand grabbed her, she jerked around and threw her backpack in the face of whoever it was.

Oh how she loved the sight of the stairs that could save her life. Quickly, quickly she jumped steps, and soon found herself back down. Without stopping she made a sharp turn and headed back towards the band room, 'It should be open, it should be open... Please be open!' she silently prayed. She budged the door and, miracle, it opened! She dashed inside and shut the door close, panting.

- - - -In Japan- - - -

"So how exactly do we destroy those insects?" asked Yusuke to the usually cheerful grim reaper.

"You must destroy the whistle." she answered.

"The whistle..." repeated Yusuke raising an eyebrow in question.

Botan nodded, "The Makai insects cannot survive without the whistle sustaining the pitch, destroy the whistle and the Makai insects will die." she replied seriously. Yusuke nodded, not too sure how he was going to destroy this whistle all by himself, when Kuwabara said he'd go as well. Botan led them to a warehouse and lifted some brick from the ground, the breach in the barrier. Kuwabara jumped inside, and soon Yusuke followed after Botan gave him his communication mirror. (1)

- - - -In California- - - -

Hisa lifted her head to notice the lights were not on, 'What now? Oh yeah, power outage...' she thought sarcastically, distinguishing a shadow moving swiftly. She searched for the light switches on the wall next to her and when she found them, flicked them on, or tried... Having no other option left she cracked the door open and instantly regretted it when she saw Spencer, the band president and senior -along with some band people she knew- were there drooling... with their skin blue.

Hisa sighed, "Did everyone get a food poisoning? I bet it's the cafeteria! I told everybody yesterday that they looked pale..." she talked to the people closing around her slowly, but more to herself as to assure everything was going to be alright, which they weren't. A bang on the now closed door signified Hisa's other pursuers had found her. "Great! More people to kill me! This isn't really- the day!" she said as she dodged an attack she heard coming. "But then again, there is no good day to die." she muttered, replying with a well placed kick at a moving shadow, her eyes really needed to adjust to the darkness of the room.

'They're too many of them! I need to- ugh!' Hisa was thrown back into the wall where all the trophies were proudly displayed. Well, not anymore. The shelves broke and all the golden trophies came crashing down on her. "Aah!" she covered her head with her arms in an attempt to save herself some bruises. Everyone in the room stood around her as she laid still under the mass of fallen trophies.

The door of the band room burst open, letting some light in, and the teachers from before entered the room, drooling more than ever and they seemed more pissed, wonder why... Hisa groggily moved as the trophies fell next to her, some breaking in half in the process. "Oww..." she rubbed her head and looked up to see at least fifty people staring hungrily at her...

I'm really not sure if the Makai insects affected the rest of the world, but for the credibility of this story, let's just say they did.

Yeah... I think I'll leave it there... Kind of too long for a first chapter... Sorry about the cliffie too... Thanks all for reading this!

(1) I don't think these are the exact lines, but I didn't have the dvd anymore to check so if you know the right words, please tell me and I'll make changes.