Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Fiction ❯ I hate my life ❯ Fake ( Chapter 2 )

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Chapter 2: Fake

Hisa backed up against the wall, 'What does it take to get them to stay down?!' she thought angrily, glancing around to seek something to hide behind. But she knew the band room too well, it was hopeless trying to hide in it. "Fine! I'll... try it the hard way then..." and with that said she ran into the crowd of... aww how many? Just around 200 people!

Right. So she ran into the compact mass of blue skinned zombies and made a dash for the office door, which led to the choir room and eventually one or two exit, either the cafeteria or the hall. Hisa voted for the cafeteria. After a sharp right turn, she started banging on the choir door to open and poof, here she was, standing in the deserted cafeteria. Her heart was pounding against her chest, her cheeks flushed and her body trembled in fear.

Panting, Hisa decided to go right past the kitchen and selling counter, open the door... Wait the door is locked. Now that could be a problem, especially if you can hear your pursuers yelling madly and apparently gaining on you. Hisa turned her head back to see the cafeteria now swarming with blue skinned zombies, drooling on themselves and trying to run all at the same time, trampling on one another to get her.

Turning her head back to the locked door in front of her, she felt herself being thrown into the glass, raising her arms above her head in a last attempt to... CRASH! Hisa rolled out of the glass, or door, and slammed against the wall not too far across from it. 'What is it with those guys and throwing people into walls?' she thought rubbing her head as the world around her slowly stopped spinning.

- - - -In Japan- - - -
Kurama defeated Genbu, the beast stone. Kuwabara took on Byakko the white tiger, although he came back from the lava, he was killed by Hiei's adversary, Seiryu, the ice dragon. Yusuke was now fighting the seven Suzakus and trying not to get killed, which could be a challenge when his friends are stuck downstairs fighting an army of green zombies... But he did try his best, but when Suzaku showed him Kayko in danger, he wished he hadn't...

- - - -In California- - - -
Hisa tried to sit back up when ten people grabbed her arms and legs to prevent her from running away, apparently...

"Must kill!" they repeated as if they recorded themselves on a tape and played it over and over. Hisa struggled to get out of their grip but failed, lacking the strength and will power.

'Why should I fight back? If I think my live is fake... I could let it end easily...' she thought while letting her body go numb and fall back into the wall, although being held by people. However, she kept her eyes open as to know what was going to happen next.

The principal of the school got out an extremely long knife, longer than a kitchen knife and took small steps towards Hisa. She didn't lift a finger, and just stared at the approaching person, thinking how dull and depressing her life had been. The knife was put under her chin, and still, she didn't flinch nor move... Her life was flashing before her eyes.

Friends from childhood, evolving into teens then her move and how depressed she had been since... How fake her life really was. She closed her eyes and waited for the knife to strike and end her painless life. The principal slashed the knife against her throat. Hisa gasped at the pain but still didn't move to be saved, why would she want to be saved?

Her wish to die had been granted.

- - - -In Japan- - - -
Yusuke used his life energy to kill Suzaku and destroy the whistle at the same time, and he would have died if Kuwabara didn't give him some of his life energy, so... thanks Kuwabara. Without you, the series would have ended really shortly after Yusuke had been revived, what a shame eh? But that's not what happened! So going on, Kurama and Hiei carried Yusuke and Kuwabara back and everyone lived happily ever after... Wrong! You know what happened to them, so let's go back to California shall we?

- - - -In California- - - -
Hisa felt her blood flowing down her throat, soaking her clothes and dripping on the floor under her, which resulted in a big puddle. The principal was about to cut out her heart when he held his head screaming, then fell limply to the ground, as did everyone else who had blue skin. 'What's... going- on?' thought Hisa dizzily, her vision started to blur, her body seemed to lose strength. She heard some distant sirens and the next thing she saw when her head rolled on her shoulders was a running black blur, the last... thing... she saw...

Beep... beep... beep...

"How is she?"

"Oh she'll be fine, she's lucky someone knew she was in trouble and called an ambulance before it was too late..." Silence greeted that answer, Hisa could feel a needle in her arm and she didn't like it. A door opened, then closed and someone sat next to her bed. The silence was deafening.

Hisa couldn't stand it anymore, she opened her eyes and glanced around, seeing her dad's colleague watching her intently. Hisa used her left hand to pull out the IV in a quick, swift movement and made a move to stand up, to realize her throat was wrapped and sitting up wouldn't be wise.

Roger stood up, smiling and came to her side, "You shouldn't try to sit up as you may have noticed, it causes great pain to your wounded throat." Hisa didn't reply, she hated Roger. For some reason she never came to trust him but her father trusted him, so she didn't have anything to say. "I'm the one who found you."


"You're welcome..." said Roger and he left the room as Hisa's mother rushed in. Hisa sighed in relief and closed her eyes, listening to her mother's worries about her, the rest slowly drowning in silence as Hisa fell back asleep.

The next week, Hisa was able to go home from the hospital, 'Finally! Couldn't stand it anymore in that white room with nothing to do...' she sighed and traced the scar on her throat, it wasn't visible unless she was looking up at the sky.

It was a Thursday and since Hisa just got out of the hospital, she didn't bother going to school. She wasn't sure how she was going to react by going back as if nothing had happened, how will others look at her? The same? Or maybe with looks implying she's psycho. Hisa sighed and turned on her music, she picked one of her favorite song "Bring me to life" by Evanescence, and lied down on her bed, closing her eyes while lip singing with the CD.

The garage door opened below her, making her jump slightly i 'I didn't know we were waiting for someone...' she frowned then got off the bed and walked downstairs. Her mother was already opening the door, out stepped her father with a suitcase, he was followed by... 'No! Why did no one told me he was coming back!?' she thought while her heart started racing as she headed downstairs slowly, her feet refusing to go faster.

A tall, brown haired, mature boy looked up and saw Hisa putting her foot on the last step of the stairs.

He smiled, "Hey sis... Long time no see heh?" Hisa smiled and rushed to go hug her dear brother Jun.

'My day just got better...' she smiled to herself while hugging Jun, their parents looked at each other and smiled happily.

"So I heard you were in the hospital... What happened?" asked Jun frowning. Hisa looked down, she hadn't told anyone about what had really happen.

Jun was struck by an idea, "I know! You got into a fight huh? Is that it?" he smirked, elbowing her playfully in the ribs, Hisa smiled but shook her head.

"Let's get some dinner..." said Ami, their mother.

Seto, their father nodded "Let me get the suitcase in your room Jun..." and he climbed up the stairs while Ami prepared something to eat as Waffles, the playful two year old dog barked joyfully, following Ami in the kitchen.

Hisa and Jun were left alone in the living room, "Care to tell me what really happened?" asked Jun seriously, sitting on the edge of a couch looking at Hisa raising an eyebrow.

"Well... I- It's just... Never mind... You wouldn't believe me..." she sighed.

Jun rolled his eyes "Try me." Hisa looked up with hope in her eyes and opened her mouth to say something when a sound of broken plate reached their ears.

Hisa bit her lip, she knew what was going to follow: "Why did you have to carry so many at a time! Look at what you've done now!" shouted Seto who came down a few minutes ago, Ami then yelled back that she was the one taking care of the house and he didn't have a say in it.

Jun frowned, "Are they always like that?" he inquired.

Hisa nodded "Yeah... it has become part of my daily routine to hear them... It is part of their routine to yell at each other, and sometimes..." she stopped herself.

"Yeah? Sometimes what?" encouraged Jun curiously.

Hisa shook her head again and whispered, "I can't tell you..." Jun's eyes widened when a shout was heard.

"HISA! Clean up the mess your mother made!" yelled Seto as he took out of the fridge a beer bottle.

'Not another one... This is a drug!' thought Hisa glaring at her father and the bottle which was already half empty.

Jun felt completely ignored until he was summoned to the table to eat dinner. Hisa ate quietly, she made no comment, no requests, just ate and finished her plate before silently getting up to put her dishes away and climbed the stairs two steps at a time. Jun had finished up his dinner when Seto started yelling again, because some colleague at work couldn't do his job properly. Then it changed to politics, how the people in this country were all stupid and brain washed.

Ami argued back that she never wanted to move in the first place, and the volume increased dramatically, so much that Jun wondered why the neighbors hadn't called 911 yet. Seto abruptly stood up and slapped Ami hard on the cheek, so hard she fell off her chair.

Jun nearly jumped out of his chair and knelt next his mother, glaring at Seto, "Why did you do that?" he growled in anger, his eyes glaring with hatred.

Seto seemed frozen on the spot, "I didn't- I never meant to- she..." but he didn't finish his thoughts. He roamed out, opened the garage door and entered the car. Soon, the car disappeared at the corner of the street and the only sound a human could make out was Ami's breathing.

Jun looked at his mother, "Are you alright?" he asked concerned.

Ami nodded still baffled by what just happened, "I'm fine... Just go- go talk with your sister..." she stuttered than got up and cleared the table, deep in thought.

Hisa was in a corner of her room, she purposely didn't turn on any light so she could hide easily. Her door opened, and the light that came through was blinding. Hisa hugged her knees closer to her, trying to stop sobbing.

"Hisa? I know you're here..." said Jun closing the door, the blinding light faded away. Hisa heard her brother sigh, "You heard it all didn't you?" He was answered by another sob.

Jun used his ears to determine where Hisa was hiding and spotted something shivering in a corner close to where he was standing. He walked over to the trembling figure and sat in front of it, "Hisa... I wonder what happened to my little sister... She was so full of life and energy the last time I saw her... What happened to you?" asked Jun taking a frail hand in his.

"Where has all your happiness gone?"

- - - -In Spirit World- - - -
"Do you think it's a wise idea Koenma?" asked Kurama from his chair.

Koenma nodded "It's the only way, I can't make her learn Japanese all of a sudden so it's the only option." Kurama nodded.

Yusuke was suddenly heard shouting from the other side of the door, "Let us in diaper breath! Why can't we come in?" yelled Yusuke pounding on the door.

"I guess we can let them in now Hiei." sighed Koenma, preparing himself for Yusuke's wrath. Hiei hn'ed and opened the door. Of course, Yusuke who was pounding on it didn't expect it, so he landed flat on his face, in front of Hiei's feet.

Kuwabara peeks in and sees Yusuke staring at Hiei's feet, "Eewww! Urameshi's licking Hiei's boots!" Everyone in the office sweat dropped, until Yusuke's fist made gentle contact with Kuwabara's soft face... Wait, scratch that: until Yusuke's fist made rough contact with Kuwabara's now blue face. Yusuke smirked as Kuwabara started complaining and threatening.

Koenma jumped on his desk "ENOUGH ALREADY!" he screamed in his high pitched toddler voice. Kuwabara instantly shut up while Yusuke made his way to a chair.

"So what do you want? Need new shoes? No, the pacifier is too old... No wait! Don't tell me! Your hat is growing mold!" Yusuke burst out laughing at his own jokes as Koenma twitched and Kurama sweat dropped yet again.

"No Yusuke. I have a new assignment for you." said Koenma resting his head on his hands crossed under his chin, his eye still twitching in annoyance.

"Aww come on give us a break! We came back from our mission two days ago!" whined Yusuke.

"Don't complain yet Yusuke, this mission doesn't require you to leave, on the contrary..."

Yusuke's face lit up, "So who do we have to guard? A hot chick?" he sounded hopeful and Kurama's face looked like a sweat dropping pancake.

"Let me finish! So as I was saying, your new assignment is to learn how to speak English." Yusuke looked at Koenma suspiciously, whereas Kuwabara was stunned.

"Why?" asked Yusuke eying Koenma.

"Because. That's all you have to know for now. Now get out!" said Koenma, but backed up in his chair as Yusuke menacingly advanced towards the toddler.

"What? Do you mean we'll be leaving for America? I thought you said it didn't require us to leave!" yelled Yusuke getting confused.

"I did. You'll probably have to leave for America in a couple of months. And you'll have a tutor, four hours everyday. I can't afford for you to not complete this task thoroughly." said Koenma seriously.

"Alright tell me who's the tutor and I'll go beat him up before the lessons even start!" smirked Yusuke pounding one fist in his other hand.

A nervous chuckle was heard from Kurama, "I really hope you're joking Yusuke..." he sweat dropped, Yusuke and Kuwabara stared at Kurama.

"You're telling me fox boy here is going to teach us English!?" asked Yusuke, actually really yelling, to Koenma who nodded vigorously.

"He generously offered it! Look on the bright side! At least it's someone you know... Now get OUT!" yelled Koenma pointing his finger to the door. Yusuke dug his hands in his pockets and grumbled until he was out, Kuwabara was still confused but Kurama grabbed him and dragged him out of the office, while Hiei just blurred away. Koenma sighed, "I can't tell them my plans have already been changed... Who thought the FBI could gather enough proofs..." and he went back to stamping papers.

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