Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Fiction ❯ Trouble in Tokyo ❯ Chapter 2 ( Chapter 2 )

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       & nbsp;Kagome scurried out of the well and through the back glass sliding door. Fear choked her as she ran up the stairs. What if her mother was processed. Or her grandpa or little brother. Did she really have enough inner strength to kill them. Would she be able to even if the fate of the world depended on her?

        Kagome ran down the hall checking every door along the way. Every room had the same outcome- abandoned. Completely and totally abandoned. Not a single existence of life having been there.

        Fear and anger started to build within Kagome as she ran down the stairs skipping three at a time. Skidding around the corner, and knocking over a small table in the process, Kagome started to check the rooms on the bottom floor. She even tore apart the linen closet.

        Having ripped out the last sheet Kagome turned and stared at the kitchen door. That was the only room she had not checked. Did she really want to check. Did she really want to know if they were in the house.

        Holding up her right hand Kagome glanced at the nearly completed jewel. `Curse this jewel its brought nothing but sorrow to everyone around it.' Two silver tears fell upon the jewel as Kagome slowly fell to her knees. What should she do now?


         Yusuke muttered curses the entire way to Koenma's office. He had just been told that they could take a week off. No more cases for a week. Hell he had not recovered from the Dark Tournament yet and now, now they had to do this stupid assignment.

        Koenma jumped slightly as Yusuke slammed the door open. "Hehe. Glad to see that you could all make it."

        Yusuke stormed over to the pint sized ruler. "It had better be the end of the world or your world will end."

        Koenma slumped in his chair. "Well I think its that important. See a demonic soul has escaped into this world but it's from about 500 years ago."

        Yusuke's face fell as he stared at the babbling toddler before him. It finally happened! Koenma had finally gone off the deep end. His disbelief filled eyes traveled to a mug sitting on the desk. Slowly- cautiously- Yusuke picked it up sniffing the brown liquid lightly. Nope that seemed normal. Yep Koenma finally went off the deep end.

        Watching the entire act Koenma shook his head lightly. "Look if you don't believe me ask Kurama. Ask him all about Naraku."

        At the mention of that name Kurama's gentle green eyes turned hard with a bright golden glow to them. "He lived long ago and he died a long time ago."

        Koenma shook his head. "Yes that's what we all believed but for some reason his soul was detected here. And that means that the world could end at any second. He has the power to bring demons of mass strength here."

        Kuwabara kind of sulked towards the back. Once again he was completely clueless on what was going on. Why did the demons always have to have their secrets. First at the Dark Tournament now here. Why was it that he was never let in on what was happening?

        Yusuke snuck a glance towards Kurama. `This Naraku must be really bad. Never since I've known him have I seen Kurama act this way. Maybe I better take the case.'

        Right now Kurama stood rigid with clinched fists. His golden eyes hard and cold though his hair remained red. Death was written all over his eyes.

        Yusuke shuddered a mixture of Yoko's anger and Shuuichi's will. This could become dangerous. Glancing over again Yusuke silently gasped. In the corner of Kurama's eyes were tears. Tears that threatened to fall but would not.

        Yusuke glanced back over to Koenma and nodded, "We'll take the case. No problemo."

        Koenma silently nodded in gratitude. "I'm sure Kurama will be able to tell you anything you may need to know. Just be on the look out for demon roaming the city."

        The four boys nodded and headed out. Hearts laden with the task before hand. Silence ensued as they headed for Kurama's house.

        Kurama's heart was probably the most laden of all. `How could he have survived. Naraku was supposed to have died over a century ago. It's written down. A half-demon, a demon slayer, a monk, two demons and a miko destroyed him.'

        Yusuke stared at his friend as he sat on the pale green couch. Something was not right. Kurama had not said a thing since hearing the name Naraku. And now he looked as though to be in another world.

        `Alive, no it's not possible. I saw the body myself. He was dead. Her murder was avenged. He was dead. I checked his body.'

        Yusuke slowly went up to the red head. Gently putting a hand on his shoulder Yusuke shook Kurama to the real world. "Hey what's up? You've been out of it since we left the toddler."

        Kurama looked up and smiled. "Nothing I guess. Just tired I guess." Giving a curt glance towards Hiei he gave a quick shout, =Not a word you hear!!=

        Hiei jumped off of the windowsill and walked out of the room. A "Hn" was heard as he left.

        Anger was starting to build within Yusuke. There was something wrong with Kurama. So why would he not talk?

        Pushing him against the wall Yusuke stared within the now green eyes. He didn't care if Kurama could easily call one of his plants to kill him. Yusuke would not back down till he got some answers.

        "Tell me Kurama now. We are going to have to fight this Naraku person so tell me why your actin like this. NOW!!" Yusuke roared his face less then an inch from Kurama's.

        Tears built up as he looked away. It hurt Yusuke so much to see his friend in such pain, but he had to know. He had to know what kind of dangers lurked around the corner.

        Kurama tried to keep his breathing calm as tears built up. Sobs slowly racked his body as he saw her face. It was so clear, so crystal clear. It felt as though he could reach out and touch her silky hair again.

        Closing his eyes he saw her perfectly. No matter how long it had been, no matter how many lives he lived her face would always remain clear. Her pale skin, her bright green eyes, her black red and silver hair. Oh how beautiful she was.

        Yusuke waited patiently as Kurama took a deep breath. After all it looked like he was going through the worst tortures that the devil himself could dish out trying to tell.

        Finally opening his eyes Kurama stared right into Yusuke's brown eyes. "Because Naraku he-"


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