Zatch Bell Fan Fiction ❯ New Tomorrow ❯ Nice To Meet You! The Strange Boy, Ikuto! ( Chapter 1 )

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I don't know how many fics there are on here there are with people doing the own Gash Bell stories (with original mamono's), but I'm doing it anyways.
I already have a couple of my own mamono's, but I still need a couple more, which where you guys come in. It's just the basic things: the mamono's name, bookkeeper, ages. Something like the following (it doesn't have to be exactly like it):
Name: Satoshi Takashi (Japanese)
Age: 13
Appearance: Black hair and Black eyes. School uniform wore on Monday-Saturdays (school days). Regular outfits Sundays and non school days.
History: Satoshi lives with his mother, father and 9-year-old sister, Maya. He is a shy boy who doesn't talk much. The result is that he is picked on a lot at school and he doesn't like to go.  
Mamono (Demon): Ikuto
Age: 7
Attack Type: Thunder
Book Color: Yellow

Appearance: Black hair and green eyes. Yellow shirt and blue shorts.
Ikuto is a happy-go-lucky demon who loves staying at the Takashi household. He usually tries to look on the bright side of things. Because of his young age, he is a bit naive, believe anything someone tells him.
- - - -
I'm interested in what you guys come up with. Some people characters may be used only for one battle, some more (for allies and future enemies.) I might use somebody's for comic relief, if I find the right one. Different nationalities would help too! Come up with you best and here's the first chapter!
- - - -
If you ask anyone in the Makai who was the kindest ruler, without a beat the would say Gash Bell. As soon as he was in power, he banned the rule that said no demons were to be elected into power by fighting.
Instead, it was like a democracy, where the next demon would be voted into power. While this pleased the non-violent demons, it was the violent demons that hated it. They wanted to fight; to be up the weaklings.
Thus, a plot was planned to get rid of the new government. When it was time for a new demon to run for ruler, they put their plan into motion.
For this, they had the most innocent looking demon to run. This, they said,everyone would be likely to vote for you. After all, her daughter was the most adored. But even they didn't see behind the mask her daughter had.
Their planned worked, and the citizens of the Makai realized they had be tricked. With the new ruler in power, things were drastically changed. Including unbanning the rule that has been blocked for 1000 years.
Now, it is again time for a new ruler.
- -
“Satoshi! Satoshi! You have to get up or your gonna be late for school!”
13-year-old Takashi Satoshi let out a groan as his little sister proceed to shake him, trying to get him out of bed.
Will you stop it Maya! I'm not going to school!” He said, pushing the small girl away from his bed and tried to pull the sheets over his head, but Maya was pulling them also, preventing him from covering himself.
“Mom says you have to go!” Satoshi let go of the sheets and with a small scream, Maya fell to the floor.
Pouting,she stomped downstairs. Thinking that she had given up, Satoshi fell back on his bed and pulled the sheets over him..
Only to have them pulled over again, his mother's voice over him.”Satoshi! You get up right now! Your graded are falling and I'm not going to send you to juku classes to make them up! So you get out of bed right now!”
Satoshi took his head. “Mom, I'm not going to school!”
- - -
Satoshi felt all eyes on him even before he opened the door, with minutes to spare before he was late, he quickly took his seat, hoping to be left alone for the rest of the day. But it didn't quite work out that way.
“Satoshi-kun, you came! I'm glad!” Satoshi turned to meet the face of his long time friend, Hamaki Ayumi. Her long hair gracefully fell around her head. They had been friends since preschool and was the only one that really knew the shy boy.
“I copied all the notes down from the other day and we have a quiz next Friday.” Satoshi nodded his head.
“That Ayumi-chan.” Ayumi blushed at the suffix he added at the end of her name. “Sure, don't mention it.”
The day went normally up until lunch time. Both Satoshi and Ayumi were enjoying their lunch under the tree outside when 'it' happened.
'It' happened to be a young boy falling out of a tree, landing right on top of Satoshi.
Ayumi quickly came to the rescue, picking up the child and helping him up. “You poor thing, are you okay? You're not hurt are you?”
The black hair boy shook his head. “I'm not. I was trying to get an apple out of that tree when I fell. I'm glad you friend broke my fall.”
“What's this book?”
Both the boy and Ayumi looked to see Satoshi holding a yellow book, was flipping thought it. “ I can't read on word in this..What kind of language is this?”
He stopped at the beginning of the book. “Wait, here's one..I can read this one..”
Ayumi looked excited about it, as did the young boy. “You can? What does it say?”
“Do..Dokeru..” He pronounced slowly.
Without warning, there was a bolt of lighting that seeming came out of nowhere. It whizzed past them and onto the soccer field, where it blasted the net.
“What the hell...” Satoshi found himself asking, but a scream from Ayumi stopped him.
“It.. it came from him! The boy! That lighting came from him!” She yelled, hiding behind Satoshi. “What are you?” She asked.
His eyes shining in excitment, the boy answered. “I'm Ikuto. I'm a demon from the Makai.”

Chapter 2
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