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"Neither and human nor demon" Reviews/Comments [ 3 ]
 Reviewed By: gerigirl [MediaMiner Member]  On: July 10, 2007 18:07 CDT
Style of Writing: 7 of 10
Spelling & Grammar: 7 of 10
Originality/Creativity: 7 of 10
Enjoyment Factor: 8 of 10
Overall Rating: 8 of 10
i like the thought that sanzo was getting jealous of goku friendship with miko.and how is it possible that she would be stronger than goku when he is the great sage equal to eart and heaven because he is neither a human or a yokkai himself so they should just about be equals and that's only my opion . i don't know how you are having the characters portraying themselves in this story but anyway keep me posted when another chapter goes up
 Title: I dont like it
Reviewed By: peachangle [MediaMiner Member]  On: December 02, 2006 22:48 CST
Style of Writing: 6 of 10
Spelling & Grammar: 6 of 10
Originality/Creativity: 4 of 10
Enjoyment Factor: 1 of 10
Overall Rating: 1 of 10
Typically, characters most commonly labeled as "Mary Sues" are set apart from others in the story by their unique and exceptional skills and traits. Mary Sues almost always are physically attractive, and their appearance may include unusual hair or eye colors. They commonly have exotic names, pets, or often magical possessions, often simply to increase their perceived specialness compared to the other characters. They may also come from a race or species which is uncommon or unknown in the story's setting, or be a hybrid of two species. Most Mary Sues have more and better skills than the other characters, often more considerably advanced than what would be expected of their age group in canon or the real world. They are usually presented as highly moral, sometimes sacrificing their lives or happiness for the sake of other characters, even when this Western viewpoint would be uncommon for the setting of the story.--from wikipedia.com Im sorry but I hate this story! It has a mery sue chracter in it, and I hate those.
 Title: -clapping-
Reviewed By: funnibunni [MediaMiner Member]  On: June 22, 2006 22:49 CDT
Style of Writing: 10 of 10
Spelling & Grammar: 9 of 10
Originality/Creativity: 9 of 10
Enjoyment Factor: 10 of 10
Overall Rating: 10 of 10
that was rather fun to read...i like reading fun stuff ^_^ you did great ya? yea! -claps- t'would be nice if you continued...

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