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"Souls" Reviews/Comments [ 12 ]
 Reviewed By: Sora and Tai forever [MediaMiner Member]  On: December 28, 2002 00:15 CST
it's me Kairi again look what i found in the back of my old junk mail!i di not write this this is his he did send it cause i buged the crap out of him weel lets geat on with the story

The next day, Tai woke up to the smell of eggs and sausage. He smiled at the
thought that he just got his multi-tasker the other day, but was still
puzzled about the laugh that he heard.

'Just forget it Tai.' He thought. 'That couldn't have been Sora. Taskers
don't laugh.' Tai got up and saw Sora dressed in blue slacks, with a yellow
shirt, and an apron covering it.

Now, for those of you who don't know what a Tasker is, it's short for "Multi
tasking robot." It's a robot that can do anything and they were recently
created and while they have artifical intelligence, they can't laugh, cry,
sing, play sports, etc. Before the taskers, there were individual robots
created for specific things and mainly used by the government and powerful
companies. Now, the robots didn't put any humans out of a job like people
feared. They were just used for tasks that humans can't do. Military units
would send their bots to a town that suffered through a nuclear explosion at
the local power plant to investagate. If a fire got to be too much, the fire
department would call for the fire bots to put it out. However, with the
introduction of these golem wonders called Taskers, and the fact that they'll
do anything for anyone, the robots became available to the public for those
that can afford them. Tai has been saving up for months and months and he
got the Tasker he wanted. However, last night should have been a sign to Tai
that Sora may possibly be more than what she seems.

"Good morning Tai." Sora said. "How do you feel?"

"I feel great. How about you?" Tai said. 'Why am I asking?' He thought.
'Tasker's can't feel bad or…'

"I feel great." Sora said.

'…Great?!' Tai finished his thought shocked.

"Um… that's good Sora." Tai said.

"We're out of milk, so I'll pour some orange juce." Sora said.

"That's ok Sora." Tai said. "I'll go to the store and get some right now.
Its right next to the apartment building." Tai was about to leave…

"Um, Tai, shouldn't you put something on first?" Sora said as Tai looked
down and saw that he was still in boxers. Tai just looked at her and blushed
and Sora just smiled.

"Uh… right." Tai said as he left to change. After he changed into his blue
shirt, brown shorts, sneakers, and goggles, Tai left.

"Hurry back, the eggs are almost done." Sora said.


A few minutes later, after breakfast, Tai got was getting out a soccer ball.

"Sora, I'm going to practice soccer in the park." Tai said. "Can you clean
up around here. Cathrene's supposed to be back tomarrow night." Tai said.

"Um… sure Tai… but…" Sora said.

"But what?" Tai asked.

"Well, last night, while you were asleep, I saw an enocore of last week's
soccer game and I thought it looked like fun, so I was wondering if I could
join you." She said.

'WHAT?! This keeps getting weirder and weirder. But… I could use an
opponet.' Tai thought.

"Ok, not a problem." Tai said.

"GREAT! I'll get the equipment." Sora said happily as they left.

'I better tell the company about this soon.' Tai thought.


It was a typical beautiful day in the park. The birds were singing, the bees
were buzzing, and the children were playing. People were running and some
couples were even kissing and Tai was looking for an empty spot.

"There. That's perfect." Tai said. "Sora, do you know how to play soccer?"
Tai asked.

"Its in my memory banks Tai." Sora said. "I'm ready when ever you are."

"Lets get started." Tai said as he put up the cones for his goal and the
cones for Sora's goal. "First to ten wins, ok?"

"Got it." Sora said. Tai ran towards Sora's goal, but Sora ran towards the
ball fast. Tai went left, Sora went left. Tai went right, and Sora went
right. Sora was successfully blocking Tai's effort to score a goal.

'She's good.' Tai thought. 'But that's because she's a machine and can
calculate where I'm going or something.' But while Tai was distracted, Sora
stole the ball and kicked it through Tai's cones a bit hard as it rolled into
a pair of bushes.

"Sorry." Sora said.

"It's ok. I'll get it." Tai said. Tai went to the bushes to get the ball,
but then, he heard…

"TAI!" A voice said.

"What… CATHRINE?!" Tai said shocked. What shocked him even more was next to
her was…


"Calm down Tai." Matt said.

"I came home early and Matt welcomed me." Cathrine said just as Sora
entered. Sora's data then read…

'Possibilty of truth: 10%.'

"Um… Tai?" Sora said.

"Not now Sora." Tai said. "That sounds be…" Tai then saw a smudge of
Cathrine's lipstick on Matt's shirt. "AND HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN THE LIPSTICK?!"

"WHA?! Um… uh…" Was all Matt can say.

"Tai…" Cathrine said.

"DON'T START! WE'RE THROUGH!" Tai shouted. Cathrine, in response, got
really angry.

statement got Sora mad and she…


…Hit Cathrine right smack in the jaw. Matt grabbed her as she fell to the
ground, but Tai and Sora left.


Tai and Sora came home and Tai was heartbroken.

"She never loved me. I was just a thrill." Tai said.

"Tai…" Sora said. "I'm here for you." Sora said.

"Thanks Sora, but I would like to be alone for the moment." Tai said as he
went to his bedroom and shut the door. Sora just looked in aw and left the
apartment to think about the day's events.


Sora was walking around downtown Obadaiba, when she passed a noodle cart with
two goggle wearing guys standing by it. One of them was John, while the
other was wearing a WW II style bomer jacket with flames and brown shorts and
grey, square goggles.

"You've improved your business a little John." The one wearing the square
goggles said.

"Thanks Davis. By the way, did you stop by Tai's? He got his Tasker
yesterday." John said.

"Really? I'll check it out sometime." Davis then noticed Sora. "Hey, who's

"That's Tai's Tasker, Sora." John said. "Tai must have sent her out. HEY
SORA!" John yelled.

"Hmmm…?" Sora said as she looked and saw the two.

"Right, you weren't activiated when Matt and I saw you. I'm Tai's friend
John and this is my boss and friend, Davis." John said.

"Hello." Davis said.

"Oh hi." Sora said sadly.

"Hey John, are Taskers supposed to be sad?" Davis asked.

"Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" John said. "Ask some other time. Anything the
matter?" John asked.

"Well…" Sora said as she went over the events.


"That jerk." John said. "And that bitch. When I get my hands on him, I'll…

"Easy John." Davis said. "Save some for me."

"I want to help Tai, but I don't know what to do. Every time I say or do
something, Tai looks at me funny." Sora said.

"Well, you know that you're a Tasker, right?" John said.

"Right, but…" Sora said.

"Well, I think you're a one of a kind Tasker." John said.

"John's right. You should be there for Tai and be your self." Davis said.
"Tai right now needs a friend to help him, and frankly, we can't think of
anyone better."

"Thank you. This helped a little. I think I'll go back home." Sora said as
she left.

"Hmmmmmmmmm… Me thinks this Tasker is more than she appears." Davis said.

"Couldn't agree more." John said. "So, you're looking for someone to watch
the soccer tornument with?" John asked.

"Yeah." Davis said.

"Well, I know this guy named Ken…"


"Tai, I'm back." Sora said.

"Sora." Tai said. He tried to hide the fact that he was crying, but…

"Oh, Tai." Sora saw through the façade right away. The two just hugged each
other and didn't let go for the rest of the night.
 Reviewed By: seadragon1012  On: November 14, 2002 15:48 CST
Good frist chapter! wright more!!!
 Reviewed By: Kairi  On: November 07, 2002 19:49 CST
if u wanna know more i think i still have it he sent me the 2 part!!!(But i did bug the crap out of him!hehe)If u have an e-mail a dress i will send it 2 u
er this is my name on my name on media miner Sora and Tai forever
 Reviewed By: Kuroi Doragon [MediaMiner Member]  On: August 23, 2002 10:03 CDT
Originality/Creativity: 10 of 10
sounds good I'd like to see more before I judge it as a good read or not.
 Reviewed By: GameGirl [MediaMiner Member]  On: June 04, 2002 16:27 CDT
Hey this is new. Nice story. Speaking of robots, I built mine! :) Go read the chapter. It's up.
 Reviewed By: Mimi, Myself, & Iz. [MediaMiner Member]  On: May 16, 2002 10:28 CDT
Overall Rating: 10 of 10
Interesting story. I can't wait for the next part. Of course you did warn me of what the next chapter will have involving a certain character, so I definately can't wait! Nice work!

~ Jodi S.
 Reviewed By: Kaden Z Fukuyama [MediaMiner Member]  On: May 04, 2002 21:51 CDT
Style of Writing: 10 of 10
Spelling & Grammar: 7 of 10
Originality/Creativity: 10 of 10
Enjoyment Factor: 10 of 10
Overall Rating: 10 of 10
Kaden: great fic *rubs hands together* oooo I'm gonna enjoy MiSTing this.

Jen: Me too!

Dai: me three!
 Reviewed By: Kakaroto  On: May 02, 2002 21:43 CDT
Style of Writing: 10 of 10
Spelling & Grammar: 10 of 10
Originality/Creativity: 10 of 10
Enjoyment Factor: 10 of 10
Overall Rating: 10 of 10
One word, man. One word: AWWWWWWWESSSSSSOOOOOOMMMMME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Reviewed By: Pyrokinatic  On: April 29, 2002 22:25 CDT
umm... i dunno what to say.... its umm well sci-fi i guess..... but still, uh... geeze... first time ever i cant think of anything oddball to put in a reveiw oh well, keep it up i guess
 Reviewed By: R80  On: April 29, 2002 22:21 CDT
Nice beginning. I'd like to see more, though I hope this isn't a lemon fic. I just read Darkstar's latest one. *Shudders*
 Reviewed By: YamaiTaitosdaughter [MediaMiner Member]  On: April 28, 2002 13:17 CDT
cool... lol... wanna see what happens next if it will have a next part
 Reviewed By: Silva Noir [MediaMiner Member]  On: April 28, 2002 13:05 CDT
Originality/Creativity: 10 of 10
Overall Rating: 9 of 10
so far, so good.

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