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"Evil and Good verses School" Reviews/Comments [ 13 ]
 Reviewed By: AngelOfBlades [MediaMiner Member]  On: January 31, 2004 21:27 CST
oh, sorry, i forgot a couple of things. Jasupin also has Silver rimmed rectanguler glasses. He also has Priest Greevus (record of lodess war: COTHK) becuase greevus can heal.
 Reviewed By: AngelOfBlades [MediaMiner Member]  On: January 27, 2004 18:45 CST
If i can still join, then here are my stats Name: Jasupin Hakaisha Nickname: Jasupin Age: 23 Apperence: Short black hair, Sleeveless black robe with no belt and gold trim, Black Goku-style pants and shoes Personality: Emotionless, Logical, Merciless, Precise Good/Evil: Evil Profession: Assassin Skills: Black Magic Weapons: Magic Rod Partner(s): Hiei (YYH) and Black Swordsmen Guts (Berserk) Hope im not to late!
 Reviewed By: Marina Yuy  On: January 16, 2003 12:17 CST
I haven't really had time to write with college and work but I will make sure to include you guyz and thanks for joining!!

Heero: Weirdo...
Marina: *Zaps Heero with a lightning bolt!*
 Reviewed By: MattBoudet  On: December 21, 2002 05:17 CST
Name: Matt Boudet
Nickname: Lightning
Good or Evil: Good
Partner(s): Spike Spiegel(Cowboy Bebop)
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Information: Has short blonde hair thats spiked. Has hazil eyes. Excells in Math, Science and History wich makes him a very dangerous opponent. Is buff, but hides it. Elemental power is Lightning, thats were he gets his nickname. He has 6 brothers: Dragon, Fire, Water, Wind, Dark, and Earth. When he is angry or upset he can cause mass destruction with his lightning powers. Is very calm and doesn't get worked up. Is an excelent fighter. Is half oni(demon). Sword holds the jigoku ki(Hell Spirit. Also has a bow, is an excelent marks man!
I hope this will do! ^-^
 Reviewed By: MaujinVader [MediaMiner Member]  On: December 18, 2002 20:32 CST
my other partners are going to be miroku from inu-yasha, jango fett from star wars(opps already said that), gaffgarion from final fantasy tactics, and good ol maujin buu from dragonball z(the good fat buu) only he's evil under my control not babidi
 Reviewed By: MaujinVader [MediaMiner Member]  On: December 18, 2002 20:26 CST
ok for good or evil and am going to be evil!!!

it's too boring being good, evil is the way to go and besides jango fett is my partner

(incase you don't know who he is he's a bounty hunter from star wars episode 2, just incase you didn't know)

i'm ready to be bad, see ya!
 Reviewed By: MaujinVader [MediaMiner Member]  On: December 18, 2002 20:21 CST
i hope it isn't late to join.........

Name: Sharp

Age: 20

Hair: dark black going to my neck

Body Description: 6ft 3in, thin, very musclular, long black jacket going down to my ankles, deep green shirt, dark blue jeans, hazil green eyes

personalety: drago is sort of a bully towards the people he dosen't like, every girl he meets seems to have a crush on him so he's well sadly a ladies man. to his friends he is one of the nicest and most loyal friend. he always carries a sword and has the ability to use sith lightning(the blue lightning from star wars)

partner: jango fett
 Reviewed By: HolyGuy_666 [MediaMiner Member]  On: October 21, 2002 19:15 CDT
yea is it to late to join? if not my name is Sean Vincent Wells. iam 14 i have a small but dextorus build and messy brown hair. partner Zack from FF7 and or Claire frome RE. persanilty: weird.
 Reviewed By: SailorChibiLugia [MediaMiner Member]  On: September 25, 2002 18:05 CDT
You're welcome! *big, big, grin*
 Reviewed By: Marina Yuy [MediaMiner Member]  On: September 25, 2002 14:23 CDT
Thanks for jioning!! I'll try my very best at writing this fik! BOOYOOKAA!!!!! ~_~
 Reviewed By: SailorChibiLugia [MediaMiner Member]  On: September 19, 2002 17:58 CDT
Oh! and Yoshima is partners with Orphen, Cleo, and Magnus (I think that's how you spell it) from Orphen! Oh! and Sephy too! ^_^ Chibi Kuri is partners with Volcan and his brother...(I forgot Volcan's bro's name)
 Reviewed By: SailorChibiLugia [MediaMiner Member]  On: September 19, 2002 17:55 CDT
Name: Kurisutaru Shiruba
Nickname: Kuri
Good or Evil: Good
Partner(s): Yoshima (made up), Kagome(Inu-Yasha), and Cloud (FF7)
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Information: Brown haired, brown eyed asian girl who just LOVES any cute guy. She's really bad at all subjects except for Reading, Writing, and Math. She is a multibreed who is part Orange Fox demon, Dog demon, goddess, Saiyan, and Human. She also wears rectangular oval glasses.

Name: Yoshimaru Hotarue
Nickname: Yoshima
Good or Evil: Good
Partner(s): Rufus Shinra(FF7), Reno(FF7), Elena(FF7), Kagome(Inu-Yasha) and Kuri
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Information: Also a girl with brown hair and brown eyes. One of Kuri's best friends. She's mostly human but is a little bit part goddess.

Name: Chibi Kuri
Nickname: CK
Partners: Chibi Cloud, Chibi Sephiroth, Chibi Dante, Vincent Valentine(FF7), Fiore(Sailor Moon), Pereru(Sailor Moon), Rini/mini Moon/Chibi moon(Sailor Moon), and Sephiroth(FF7)
Good or Evil: Both
Age: Real age: 200 Fake: 8
Gender: Female
Information: Ex-SOLDIER Girl. Brown hair and brown eyes like her mother, Kuri. She likes to wear stuff that are sivler and black. Her role model is the great sephiroth. She loves Sephiroth and would do anything for him, even risk her life for him. She usually likes to cause chaos and trouble, but also has a good heart. She doesn't know her mother, yet, in our present time(her timeline is the future) and lives with her adoption family, Chibi Cloud, Chibi Sephiroth, and Sephirothina. Her boyfriend is a short silver haired, blue eyed boy who is part devil. His name is Chibi Dante.

(P.S. Chibi Cloud and Chibi Seph are the sons of the real sephiroth and real cloud...They want to be like them someday, but they just act like normal little kids...^_^ Sephirothina is..well...Look her up on Yahoo! Shes a person on Yahoo! Chat..>.>....And Chibi Dante? Hes like the real dante from devil may cry.....except hes in love with Chibi Kuri..and so is Chibi Kuri....^_^ "Im only happy when youre happy, CK.." ^___^ Oh! And Chibi Seph is both evil and good...and Cloud too!)
 Reviewed By: Kaori [MediaMiner Member]  On: September 13, 2002 22:01 CDT
Name: Kaori

Age: 19 years

Eye color: Dark brown

Body type: Thin and muscular

Hair: black and falls past my shoulders

Personality: full-time lunatic, closet pyromaniac

Partner: Duo Maxwell

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