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Title: Full Moon [ Anime/Manga :: Full Moon Wo Sagashite ] By: YumeKuroi
Uploaded On: Mar 10 14:49:10 2006
Charcters: Meroko Ui, Mitsuki, Takuto Kira
Description: ^^ my first try at drawing a full moon fanart. ^^" c&c highly welcome. ^.^
Image Properties: 837x1282 470.41 kb
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Title: Sketch of Chibi Takuto [ Anime/Manga :: Full Moon Wo Sagashite ] By: Artzangel
Uploaded On: Feb 8 23:21:39 2004
Charcters: Takuto Kira
Description: Chibi Takuto!! YAY um... Very sketchy ink only Takuto to boot. I have no clue why Mediaminer.org took Eto mistake as a character I wrote ETO Mistake as the title and listed the characters in the comments oh well anyways I hope you like his cuteness even th read more
Image Properties: 656x480 58.55 kb
Title: Takuto and Izumi [ Anime/Manga :: Full Moon Wo Sagashite ] By: Artzangel
Uploaded On: Jan 21 16:55:35 2004
Charcters: Izumi Rio, Takuto Kira
Description: Hand drawn and Computerly coloreds (yes I am writing like that on purpose) Takuto and Izumi from Full Moon Wo Sagashite YAY!! sorry if it's crap It was only one of those one hour long ones ~_~;; so it's slightly ok to me but I hope all you Full Moon wo sag read more
Image Properties: 880x660 189.75 kb
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