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Title: Another Kiba!! [ Anime/Manga :: Wolf's Rain. ] By: Angelfromwithin
Uploaded On: Dec 20 7:49:10 2004
Charcters: Kiba
Description: This was the first Kiba that I ever drew! I know it looks funny, but oh well...::Laughs:: It looks like Kiba is saying: "Do I look fat to you?"!! =^.^= I just loved this pose and had to draw it myself! Please review!
Image Properties: 959x1600 115.45 kb
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Title: Kiba [ Anime/Manga :: Wolf's Rain. ] By: Angelfromwithin
Uploaded On: Oct 6 16:56:47 2004
Charcters: Kiba
Description: Here's a picture of our dearest Kiba that I just drew up one day! This is the second picture of Kiba that I drew!! I just found this pose that just seemed to be the second most used pose, and had to just draw it myself! Please tell me what you think!
Image Properties: 1275x1755 187.73 kb
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