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Title: first child, Last angel... [ Anime/Manga :: Neon Genesis Evangelion ] By: solo-angel
Uploaded On: May 5 8:08:42 2005
Charcters: Rei Ayanami
Description: trapped in NERV, bound to its future with the bandages of her wounds...the first child.. Rei ayanami, 10 hours in photoshop, also i think i should add i DONT have a graphics tablet, so its all done with a mouse ¬_¬
Image Properties: 862x736 82.82 kb
Title: legato [ Anime/Manga :: Trigun ] By: solo-angel
Uploaded On: Nov 9 17:21:07 2004
Charcters: Legato Bluesummers
Description: Legato, suggested by kawaii_neko_bakura. go see her fics, they cool. cheers for the help, i had no clue about legato before this...and no thanks to google, for thier lame search on legato... markers real size A3
Image Properties: 877x1135 152.07 kb
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Title: Raenef [ Anime/Manga :: Demon Diary ] By: solo-angel
Uploaded On: Nov 9 12:39:35 2004
Charcters: Raenef
Description: Sat out in the snow with his small fire burning, he stares into the snowflakes and up at Eclipse. such simplisity yet such pleasure within it. done with ink and markers, then the background added in photostudio.
Image Properties: 626x859 99.44 kb
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Title: Kai full grown blader [ Anime/Manga :: Beyblade ] By: solo-angel
Uploaded On: Oct 18 9:41:14 2004
Charcters: Kai
Description: Kai aged 20ish, i had fun drawing this. im going through a beyblade fad since i started listening to my ost about a month back. lol.
Image Properties: 592x802 110.79 kb
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Title: Dream [ Computer/Video Game :: Final Fantasy Series ] By: solo-angel
Uploaded On: Oct 17 7:17:20 2004
Charcters: Tidus, Yuna
Description: from the dream cutscene in ffx-2, coloring done in a photoshop wanna-be program :(
Image Properties: 1000x750 158.04 kb
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