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Title: Orphan Heads [ Anime/Manga :: Sorcerer Stabber Orphen ] By: ShuShu
Uploaded On: Jun 23 22:28:04 2005
Charcters: Orphen
Description: thought I"d add this to the Orphan fan art ^ ^. as always done with coloured pencils, copics and PSP7. reviews are wonderful, even if you just want to say hi, but any suggestions with it would be greatly appreciated. ohh almost forgot, yah these images all read more
Image Properties: 638x483 63.93 kb
Title: Vincent [ Computer/Video Game :: Final Fantasy Series ] By: ShuShu
Uploaded On: Jun 7 18:58:46 2005
Charcters: Vincent Valentine
Description: woohoo tis vincent from FF7. colored with markers and colored pencil, then I Played around with the brush in PSP ^ ^. I can't remember if this was a cover of a doujinshi or just a pic I found...-_-. ahh well. review purdy please ^ ^
Image Properties: 799x1079 130.12 kb
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Title: Dark! [ Anime/Manga :: D. N. Angel ] By: ShuShu
Uploaded On: Jan 23 22:05:33 2005
Charcters: Dark Mousy
Description: hellooo first time ever posting art on the web ^ ^ soo uhh hmmmm. done with colored pencils and ink and from a picture( origonal pose copyright to yuriku sugisake, ~ ^). this is actually a tiny part of another drawing which I'm currently working on; the or read more
Image Properties: 566x701 133.23 kb
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