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Title: AST . Cye [ Anime/Manga :: Ronin Warriors ] By: Zpan Sven
Uploaded On: Sep 30 16:13:56 2012
Charcters: Cye
Description: The female version of Cye as she appears in my AU fanfiction "The American Samurai Troopers". She's feminine and some would call her delicate; her passion is the sea and unlike her male counterpart, has no qualms about eating seafood...
Image Properties: 1089x1359 470.28 kb
Title: Draco [ Computer/Video Game :: Castlevania ] By: Zpan Sven
Uploaded On: Sep 30 16:07:35 2012
Description: A character sheet I did of the OC Draco that shows up in my fanfiction "Castlevania: Heir of Darkness" When Reinhardt and Henry battle against the forces of Dracula the second time around, they meet the mysterious stranger called Draco. Is the warrior frie read more
Image Properties: 1217x1609 266.54 kb