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Title: Todd's New Pants [ TV Series/Movie :: X-Men Evolution ] By: TGP
Uploaded On: Sep 17 13:51:07 2009
Description: Todd is my favorite character in the series. I drew him when a friend noticed I didn't have any doodles of him in my gallery XD
Image Properties: 700x500 329.24 kb
Title: Tinkerbell's Falling Grace [ Books/Stories/Comics :: Peter Pan ] By: TGP
Uploaded On: Sep 17 13:48:52 2009
Description: This is a scene from a Peter Pan fanfic I've been writing off and on. It's not happy. Tinkerbell's new design was purposely very, very different than how she appears in Pater Pan.
Image Properties: 700x1500 209.55 kb
Title: Prince of the Saiya-jins [ Anime/Manga :: Dragon Ball/Z/GT ] By: TGP
Uploaded On: Sep 17 13:44:38 2009
Charcters: Vegeta
Description: I got the urge to doodle Bejita and this is how he came up. XD I like it.
Image Properties: 600x1000 133.15 kb
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Title: Little Sheik [ Computer/Video Game :: The Legend of Zelda ] By: TGP
Uploaded On: Sep 17 13:41:43 2009
Charcters: Sheik
Description: I was toying with the idea of comic-ing the first chapter of my fanfic, A Ruby Surrounded by Sapphires, but I ended up nexing the project. This was Sheik's 11-year-old design. I put him in blue because honestly, I can't see him in many other colors.
Image Properties: 500x700 70.95 kb