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Title: Nothing, I Guess... [ TV Series/Movie :: Transformers ] By: Hurricane Islandheart
Uploaded On: Dec 22 10:53:41 2011
Description: Mirage and Thundercracker, toward the beginning of their relationship in my fic, "'Til All are One." (No, this chapter is not yet online. The first chapter of the fic is here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/290120/chapters/464130 ) My ficverse is inspire read more
Image Properties: 653x523 321.35 kb
Title: Hurricane Islandheart - Decora [ Miscellaneous :: Gaia Online ] By: Hurricane Islandheart
Uploaded On: Dec 22 10:50:36 2011
Description: It was time to once again update my avi art for Gaia Online. I'm about to start my yearly "random gift art" in honor of Xmas, and I usually start by doing one of myself. This is a headshot from my "decora" themed avatar. I left the rose out of the mouth to read more
Image Properties: 784x571 427.11 kb