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Title: What Gai, Asuma and Ebisu saw... [ Anime/Manga :: Naruto ] By: Silver_kitten
Uploaded On: Apr 17 16:04:42 2004
Charcters: Iruka, Kakashi
Description: Ummm.....you can't call this hentai! Cause seriously, you can't! You can't! But I would rate this PG13, not for little kids, kind of. Yeah, well, one day, Gai, Asuma and Ebisu decided to go bird watching and what they ended up seeing... Gai: Kakashi... Ebi read more
Image Properties: 500x1000 181.93 kb
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Title: SasuNaru Forever [ Anime/Manga :: Naruto ] By: Silver_kitten
Uploaded On: Apr 17 16:00:34 2004
Charcters: Naruto, Sasuke, Sasuke Uchiha
Description: Well, I decided to put up my all so lovely SasuNaru pic cause I love this couple oh so much! You guys like? Review me ne?
Image Properties: 500x1000 219.17 kb
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