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Title: Jocelyn Rocks [ Anime/Manga :: n/a ] By: Hardcover
Uploaded On: May 2 20:54:47 2011
Description: This is my third attempt to draw Jocelyn from my story How Jocelyn Got Her Muse On, and the second one I completed. Of them I think it's the best, so I'm posting this one. It's supposed to look like an album cover. This marks my first attempt at inking com read more
Image Properties: 597x737 100.84 kb
Title: Zippy Zipperdale 1 Hardcover [ Miscellaneous :: n/a ] By: Hardcover
Uploaded On: Sep 19 23:43:58 2009
Description: The central character from my Zippy Zipperdale stories.
Image Properties: 579x785 89.19 kb
Title: Vampire Schoolgirl [ Miscellaneous :: n/a ] By: Hardcover
Uploaded On: Sep 9 13:32:58 2009
Description: An unnamed vampire school girl I drew using pen and ink, Adobe Photoshop and Manga Studio Debuet. Doesn't hide the fact that my art suck.
Image Properties: 645x912 119.18 kb