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Title: Operation: Chillout Time [ TV Series/Movie :: Transformers ] By: Kora Krystle Young
Uploaded On: Sep 16 17:34:02 2010
Description: Drawing I did of Transformers G1 Soundwave for a friend.... I think it's pretty good.
Image Properties: 701x375 32.67 kb
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Title: Butterfly .:For Baku:. [ Anime/Manga :: SD Gundam ] By: Kora Krystle Young
Uploaded On: Aug 23 21:00:41 2009
Description: I kinda drew this as a tribute to one of my favourite characters, Bakunetsumaru the Blazing Samurai. The "poem" I used is actually part of the lyrics to "Butterfly" by Smile.DK. The first version was kinda crappy so I re-did it, added a few butterflies, an read more
Image Properties: 480x640 46.08 kb